Thursday, May 05, 2016

I'd Take Awhile

I learned yesterday that there are Smiths fans and then THERE ARE SMITHS FANS. Chris Gethard and Thomas Lennon definitely fall into the latter category and I realize that I must fall into the first. I have never been great at remembering song titles, who played on what, and have even spent most of my adult life mispronouncing album covers (i.e. Hateful Of Hollow). If I were to enter into this conversation I know that I would end up just getting "hit in the face" by Thomas Lennon, who throws that threat around willy-nilly at all the Smiths haters, and I love The Smiths!

Chris Gethard sporting one of two Smiths tattoos - the other is a tattoo of Morrissey's actual signature!
 I don't find myself angry at them for being bigger geeks than I am. It actually inspired me to include some more Smiths into my life as soon as I can. Which sent me down a bit of a Smiths you tube wormhole yesterday. But before you fall down the same path as I did, you have to watch this clip. I think even if you can't stand The Smiths, you will still get a kick out of how uber-geeky these two get with each other. It's adorable!

And this is where the wormhole started. First I watched the clip that Thomas Lennon mentions of Morrissey at the Hollywood Bowl. Lennon states he was unable to attend this show because he had been asked to do stand-up for a cancer fund-raiser. He mentions this regret because this is the show where Morrissey breaks down on stage sobbing during Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want. I put their conversation on hold, googled it immediately and found myself crying along with Morrissey!

Oh - Tim just informed me I had the wrong clip - here is the clip that Thomas Lennon referenced.


 Another moment requiring a google search came at the mention of the Live At The Hacienda shows, perhaps the earliest recordings of The Smiths live out there. Gethard and Lennon use such sacred language in reference to the Hacienda recordings that I was expecting to hear something on par with Jerry Lee Lewis at The Star Club or The Beatles in Hamburg. So I had to see for myself. And yeah, they aren't lying! Other than my jaw dropping reaction to seeing Morrissey hit those falsetto notes is the utter ease at Johnny Marr's guitar playing. He looks like he could do it in his sleep if push came to shove.

It just got worse from here on out - I have never looked up you tube clips as much as I did yesterday. Here are some more finds -Frankly Mr. Shankly with horns! Thomas Lennon has a copy of this (along with 5 other lucky ducks)!

I love the stories behind the impossible guitar riff from This Charming Man too.

An article by Chuck Klosterman on The Smiths? I used to love him but can't stand him as of recently, but I will bite on this. Here is a link to Viva! Morrissey by Chuck Klosterman.

What they refer to as their favorite Morrissey song, this is a cover of Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself by The Killers.

And the bookend song to Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself, according to Thomas Lennon (and I will not argue with him) You Know I Couldn't Last.

The Smiths song Thomas Lennon was asked to whistle on for a cover project, that he'd never heard of before is I Keep Mine Hidden from Louder Than Bombs.

Here is Janice Whaley do the a-capella version of The Boy With A Thorn In His Side, that Chris Gethard highly reccomended.

I also found many videos of the man that Thomas Lennon believes to know more about Morrissey than maybe even Morrissey, Jose Maldonado. His cover band Sweet and Tender Hooligans will be playing on Morrissey's birthday out west, if you happen to be heading that direction at the end of the month.

I have never heard of Jose Maldonado, but after watching this clip below I will try to catch his radio show!

They say it like it's common knowledge, but I had never heard of the Strangeways Prison Riot until yesterday. Watch this clip and you will never have to admit your ignorance again.

The best Smiths song comitted to vinyl, in Chris Gethard's opinion is below, I Know It's Over from their album Rank.

For Thomas Lennon, his favorite is The Smith's tune I Want The One I Can't Have. Fun fact - Lennon's twitter account states you can find him "Behind A Disused Railway Line".

The song that made Johnny Marr cry the first time he heard Morrissey's lyrics, Death Of A Disco Dancer.

The saddest moment of the entire conversation comes when Thomas Lennon describes a show he attended in which he left I little too early. I don't want to give any spoilers to The Grey here, so you should watch it for yourself. It starts at about 43 minutes in. I will say this though - the look these two exchange with each other when they realize what was missed is the saddest acknowledgement of despair I have ever witnessed. To be honest I tear up watching this.

Well that's it. If you listen to the show, you know that I have deemed a number of songs to be "45 minutes or longer", which means they are painfully brief to me. I deem this conversation on The Smiths needs to be two hours or longer! Maybe someday it will. If reading this or watching their conversation leads you down a wormhole, please feel free to share with me where you ended up. I'd love to hear from you.


Monday, May 02, 2016


Is it that time already?  It seems like only yesterday that you guys elected The Heavy Blinkers' Something Clean and True to be your Smash Hit Song of the Summer for 2015!  How about a victory lap for The Heavy Blinkers?

What song would you like as your 2016 Smash Hit Song of the Summer?  We're taking your submissions RIGHT NOW!  We've already received a bunch of fantastic suggestions from KMSU listeners, which is very exciting, and we're looking forward to hearing from you.  Send us your picks for songs you think should be up for SMSOTS2016 and we'll give them a listen.  By the end of May we'll have the pile narrowed down to the final few, and then you guys can vote for the one you think best fits the title of Smash Hit Song of the Summer.

Remember, this election is very serious and should be taken way more seriously than reason would suggest.  There's at least a 50% chance that the winning title will play a pivotal role in the 2016 Presidential Election.  Choose wisely, radio heroes.  The fate of civilization is riding on this.

Send your suggestions to, or text them to 507-389-5678.  Call us during the morning show at 507-389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810.  Just let us know what you think has a shot.  We hope you guys have as much fun with this as we do!

Here are some previous SHSOTS title holders, just in case you're wondering what has qualified for this exalted position in years past.









Friday, April 29, 2016


A very kind and generous soul has posted an audience recording of Prince's final live performance.  The show in Atlanta was part of his Piano & A Microphone tour that was making its way around the world.  Every review I read of these shows was triumphant, so it's a real treat to finally get to hear the man performing such an intimate show.

Please keep in mind that this is an audience recording, so sometimes the crowd is too loud and Prince is too submerged in echo, but it's an important record of a historic show.  Don't wait too long to listen to it, though, as it surely won't last long online.  It's only a matter of time until all the amazing clips that have been flooding the internet are taken down, and that's okay.  It's how Prince would have wanted it.



Late last night we found out that Philip Kives (Keev-is), founder of K-tel, passed away at age 87.  Kives built a multi-million dollar company by selling people gadgets that they didn't know they needed to own, and he is also credited with creating the very first infomercial.  His greatest creation, however, was the K-tel compilation record.  They would often feature 20+ hits of the day on them, and you could pick them up at a low low price at your local record store, super market, wherever records were sold.  The covers would often scream "AS SEEN ON TV", and their TV ads would also scream at you via the classic voice of Bob Washington.

Long time listeners of Shuffle Function are well acquainted with K-tel compilations via our Shuffle Function Radio Roulette game.  Years ago we were trying to think of something unique to do for Halloween, because playing Halloween songs has been done to death.  It occurred to us that there is nothing more terrifying to us than giving up control of our playlist, so we created Radio Roulette, a game that takes the playlist away from us and gives control to destiny.  We numbered Shelley's K-tel records, then throw a corresponding number into an actual magic hat.  We then draw a from the hat to select the record, flip a coin to determine the side, and then roll dice to determine the track we play.  It's completely random, completely risky, and completely fun.

This morning we sent Philip Kives off with a 400+ record salute.  The ENTIRE K-tel collection was wheeled into the studio, and Shelley went through and picked some of the choicest cuts for airplay.  We go on and on about how rough and bad the songs can get when we're playing Radio Roulette, but there's also a ton of great songs to choose from when you're not confined to the randomness of it all.  It was a very fun show to do, and you guys gave us some great requests to track down.

Thanks to everyone for participating this morning, and thanks to Lisa (our favorite Coloradan) for being so helpful.  It was through a mutual love of K-tel records that we met Lisa about 15 years ago, and she's been a great friend to us and to KMSU ever since, so don't ever let anyone bad mouth K-tel records!

Guse was preaching to the choir when he requested Fantastic, by Jack Kass!

This is the record that Fantastic is on.  BUY IT IF YOU SEE IT!

Thursday, April 28, 2016


On April 23rd, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band performed Purple Rain to start their show that night in Brooklyn, NY.  It was a touching performance by an artist that Prince really admired, and I imagine there wasn't a dry eye in the house.  I'm tearing up right now just listening to it!  Too many emotions lately.

The video of this performance has been making the rounds ever since it happened, and now Springsteen has made it available as a free download.  ACT FAST, as it will only be free through April 28th.  After that you'l have to pay for the show, which probably wouldn't be that bad a thing to do.  Click here to download!



Grind-Fu Cinema presents




Saturday, May 21st @ 7:00 pm
Wiecking 220 Auditorium
Minnesota State University, Mankato


Oh my dear sweet lord... Could it be that this is the all time greatest Grind-Fu Cinema double bill?  Let's break it down:
  • Kurt Russell, sounding like John Wayne, taking on paranormal Chinese gods.
  • Peter Weller as a rock star test pilot neurosurgeon.
  • Jeff Goldblum dressed as an old time cowboy.
  • John Lithgow as a Mussolini-esque inter-dimensional overlord.
  • Crow T. Robot's girlfriend Kim Cattrall.
  • Director John Carpenter!
The list could go on and on, but it wouldn't even come close to describing the power and fury of the May Grind-Fu Cinema!  This is another bucket list double feature that you can see for FREE!

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai
Across the 8th Dimension! (1984)

This is a movie that was destined for cult status, because it's such an insane story!  Buckaroo Banzai is a physicist-neurosurgeon-test-pilot-rock-star, and he's the only person able to defend earth from a bizarre threat from the 8th dimension.  The threat is led by Dr. Lizardo, a scientist that has been possessed by a Red Lectroid alien since he was trapped in the 8th dimension decades earlier.  It's up to Banzai and his band/team The Hong Kong Cavaliers to save the earth from them.

It's all very weird and, as this description proves, it really needs to be seen to be believed.  Here are two visuals that really won't clear anything up, but they will give you a sense of how weird and funny this movie is.  First, the movie trailer:

And here's the end credit sequence.  Get a load of Goldblum!

Sadly, that promised sequel never happened.  Buckaroo Banzai buckaroo bombed at the box office.  It only earned back 6.3 million of the 17 million dollar budget.  Still, its quirky humor and story developed a strong following, and now it's adored by folks worldwide.  PLUS, YOU CAN SEE IT AT GRIND-FU ON MAY 21st!

Big Trouble In Little China (1986)

Is there ever a time when seeing Kurt Russell on screen isn't the best thing ever?  We'll wait for you to come up with an answer.

(time passes)

See? You couldn't come up with an example!  Even the goofy Disney movies are amazing!  More to the point, has there EVER been a time when a movie involving Kurt Russell and John Carpenter was anything less that awesome!  No need to answer.  There has never been a time.

Big Trouble In Little China is a hilarious and crazy action film starring Kurt Russell as Jack Burton, a truck driver that seems to have a knack for wandering into tight situations.  He's enlisted to help rescue a friend's girlfriend, who has been abducted by a crazy underworld sorcerer because her green eyes will release him from an ancient curse.  You know, every day stuff.

"They told him to go to hell, and that's just where he's going."

Big Trouble In Little China was also a box office flop, only earning about half of its 20 million dollar budget.  In the years since its release it has become a beloved cult classic, and it currently rates at
83% on Rotten Tomatoes.  You really need to see it, if for no other reason than to see if Jack Burton gets his questions answered.

HAVE WE MENTIONED LATELY THAT GRIND-FU CINEMA IS FREE?  It totally is, so fill that blank space on May 21st for a double feature that's gonna kick your butt's butt.  Bring your friends, bring some snacks, and get ready to live the cinematic dream!

I'm the new boy in town! Where can I go?

Made possible through funding from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Foundation

THE KMSU PLEDGE DRIVE IS OVER (or put down that Frank Stallone record, Carl)!

WOW!  Last night's record party was a blast, and you guys really knocked it out of the park!  At 9:45 Wednesday night KMSU was able to call off its pledge drive, and it was all because generous listeners like you took a moment to give generously to 89.7 The Maverick.  We're all so grateful up here, and you'll be hearing us express that gratitude for quite a while.  Honestly, you guys are the best.

Here are some photos from last night's party.  As you can tell, Carl loves Frank Stallone a little too much,and he also opened up a still sealed Count Floyd EP to share with the group!

Shelley, Supreme Ruler of Sound, and Dave from Free Form Freakout


Public Nuisance!  If you like The White Stripes, you'll love these guys!

Mo brought an Isley Brothers album and offered it as a premium!

Guse brought in a sweet Japanese album by The Ventures!


  1. Cramps - Tear It Up
  2. Dynamite - Tunnel to Heaven
  3. Public Nuisance - Love Is A Feeling
  4. Doris - I Wish I Knew
  5. The Lentils - A Theory of Drowning/The Bed Is the Killer
  6. Betsy Trotter - Poison
  7. Larry Kingston - Kamikaze Heart
  8. Isley Brothers - Hello, It's Me
  9. Hamilton (original broadway recording) - The Room Where It Happens
  10. Dead Moon - Dead Moon Night
  11. The Ventures - Eve of Destruction
  12. Gogol Bordello - Illumination
  13. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Mercy Seat
  14. Zucchero & Company w/ John Lee Hooker - I Lay Down
  15. Thou and The Body - Terrible Lie
  16. Heron Oblivian - Faro
  17. The Remains - Heart
  18. Count Floyd - The Gory Story of Duane and Debbie
  19. Redd Kross - Peach Kelli Pop
  20. Robert Ellis - Sing Along
  21. Paradise Lost - No Hope In Sight
  22. Sonny Knight & the Lakers - Day Tripper
  23. Outcasts - Long Tall Sally
  24. Frank Sinatra - Everybody's Twistin
  25. Tripticon - A Thousand Lies
  26. Lifetones - Goodside

Friggin' Frank Stallone...

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


No, the world is not ending.  Hell is not freezing over.  Basically, this photo does not mean that suddenly Shuffle Function has become Grateful Dead fans.  We're just settling an old debt in a not-too-timely fashion.

Last Spring one of our favorite Dead Heads (we're talking' bout Stu, so you can dig it) made a generous pledge to KMSU on one condition.  He said that Shelley would have to wear a Grateful Dead shirt and put photographic evidence of it on the blog.  Naturally we said yes, since there is a long tradition at KMSU of selling out Shelley in Grateful Dead related ways just so we can support the station.

Thanks for taking it for the team, Shelley!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Dangerous Minds just had a great post about Prince's 2013 appearance on New Girl.  If you haven't seen the episode, they'll be rerunning it tonight on Fox at 8:00.  Prince is hilarious in the episode, so throw your mixed feelings about Zooey Deschanel aside and check it out.

The story of the episode is that Jess (Deschanel) and her friend CeeCee get invited to a party at Prince's house.  Her roommates spend much of the episode also trying to get in.  To make the party feel authentic, Prince sent the producers a playlist of songs that he would actually play at one of his parties.  You can hardly blame him for wanting make sure his taste in music was presented correctly, right?

The producers put together a Spotify playlist with the songs from his list.  It's solids stuff.  The Staples Singers, Shuggie Otis, Bootsy Collins... I could list them all, but maybe you should CLICK HERE to listen!

Wax Poetics is a great magazine to read if you want to learn more about jazz, funk, soul, hip hop... basically it's a great magazine to read to learn about MUSIC.  In 2012 they turned 10, and for their anniversary they devoted much of the issue to Prince.  The articles are great, and they really get into all aspects of his career, and the interviews with people that worked with him through his entire career.  It's a great read.

One thing that's pretty cool about Wax Poetics is that they create mix tapes for their issues that highlight the themes and musicians in the magazine.  The one for issue 50 is GREAT.  It's all Prince, with rare collaborations and lots of 80s Minneapolis sound.  There's also some incredible live Prince thrown in for good measure.  This is a hot mix, and you should probably listen to it immediately.  It's also NSFW!  We're talking classic old school, swearing, raunchy Prince.


KMSU is getting closer and closer to hitting the $35,000 goal we have for the Spring Pledge Drive!  As of 9:00 a.m. we have less than $500 to go to hit $32,000, and we'd love to hit that by noon!  Give us a call at 507-389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810 and pledge your support.  You can also go to and pledge online.  There's a lot of great swag available, so check it out and give us a call!

Tune in to 89.7 The Maverick for what will surely be an evening of profound music geekery!  A bunch of hosts are converging on the station and throwing a KMSU Record Party from six to ten p.m., and we hope you guys will tune in!  The playlists for KMSU Record Parties are always all over the place, and you're guaranteed to hear something you won't hear anywhere else on the radio dial.  Furthermore, we are hoping that you guys will hear something that will make you pick up that phone and pledge your support!

The pledge drive runs until Friday, but if we hit the total before then we'll stop it immediately.  Let's do just that!  Give us a call right now!

Monday, April 25, 2016



Gang, the Spring Pledge Drive starts THIS WEDNESDAY!  This is one of two times during the year where we come to you and ask for your generous support to help keep KMSU on the air.  We're hoping you'll take some time and make a donation to help us hit our $35,000 goal for the drive.  $35,000 is nothing to sneeze at, but we're true believers in the station and its place in the community.  With your generosity over the years we were able to finally get a new transmitter for the station, which is sending a strong signal across our broadcast area.  THANK YOU!  Your kindness means everything to us.  With that huge improvement we're continuing to send a strong signal throughout our broadcast area, and that wouldn't be the case without your help.  Now we need to continue building on that.

We've been able to keep building and growing KMSU over the years, and it's a completely different station from than Shuffle Function started up 15 years ago.  The schedule is evolving, and we've appreciated all the feedback you've given us about it.  KMSU needs to continue building and evolving to reach a diverse audience, and the funds raised during these pledge drives are going to help us in our mission to serve the community.

Please take a moment and consider the place KMSU holds in your life.  If you listen to the station regularly, if you've found shows that you know and love, then you're probably a true believer, and you realize that what KMSU offers to you and the community can't be found anywhere else.  This kind of programming can only continue with the generous support of our listeners, and we hope you'll give us a call or pledge online to help us out.  Any amount makes a huge difference, but we have some great swag available at different pledge levels to hopefully nudge you towards making a contribution.  And now...



Mr. Specific strikes again with another DVD featuring his unique video forays into the fringes of society, and this one promises to be the creepiest yet!  Every Spring, just in time for pledge drive, a nondescript brown paper bag with an unmarked DVD arrives at the Shuffle Function office door.  Don't miss out on the 9th weird installment!


Last year's Spring shirt was the most popular we've ever had, so we turned to Kaitlin Baumann, the woman that created that popular design, to come up with something equally amazing.  She didn't let us down!  This year's shirt shows "Mancamp In the Morning".  Long time listeners know that Mancamp the Hamster is the little guy that runs our texting machine.  When a text comes in he hops on the hamster wheel, and that shoots your texts up to our computer.  It's all very complicated and we don't pretend to understand the technology, but he works like a maniac to keep things up and running.  Also, as you can see above, he's not a morning person.

Kaitlin dun good.  All the cool kids will be wearing the new shirt, so obviously that means you!  Available in S to 2XL.


Wear your KMSU pride right on your chest!  Get this shirt with the KMSU logo on your left pocket side!  It's on a gleaming white T that will surely get you welcome attention from all the cool kids.  Comes in S-XXL.  It also pairs nicely with...

$50 - KMSU HAT

For only $50 you can wear your KMSU pride dramatically on your noggin!  This hat features the KMSU logo across the front, and comes in Small/Medium and Large/Extra Large.  It's a nice classy grey, so it goes with casual togs or with that tux/gown you're gonna be wearing to the opera.  Fits on even the biggest head!

For the thrifty listener who wants to save a buck but score some sweet premiums!  You will receive the new Shuffle Function t-shirt PLUS the Crypt of Underground Neanthropic Television #9 DVD.  It doesn't take a math genius to see that this is one heck of a deal!

KMSU is one of the rare spots on the dial to carry World Cafe, and this CD collects some of the recent amazing in-studio performances from both old and new musical favorites!

The Cadillac of premiums, this allows you to join us during the morning show for two hours and control the playlist!  You bring your music collection and get to play DJ and we just push buttons and talk too much.  With this you also get the brand new Shuffle Function t-shirt, the new Crypt of Underground Neanthropic Television #9 DVD, and CD copy of your two hours of radio infamy to share with family and friends.


Sly & the Family Stone were trailblazers.  They were the first fully integrated and multi-gender rock band, and they were funky as hell.  Their influence spans decades.  Heck, they even made Miles Davis decide to go jazz rock fusion, ushering in an era of innovation with albums like Bitches Brew and On the Corner. You know you're something special when you inspire a jazz titan like Miles to completely change his sound.  Nice work, Sly & the Family Stone!

What you're getting on the 5 CDs that make up the Original Album Classics set is the first five albums by Sly & the Family, plus bonus tracks!  This is the music that brought virtually undiluted funk to a broad audience, and it provided the template for urban soul, funk & hip-hop.  Prince, Michael Jackson, George Clinton and scores of others were informed by their sound, and you can hear Sly's music sampled on countless hip hop recordings.  They're kind of a big deal.

You can get the Sly & the Family Stone Original Albums Collection when you pledge at the $100 level during the Spring Pledge Drive.  It's solid gold stuff, gang.  Don't go without it a minute longer.

Check out this raging performance they gave in 1969 at the Harlem Cultural Festival.  This is the sound of a band starting a fire.

"Don't hate the black.  Don't hate the white.  If you get bitten, just hate the bite."

You can sponsor an entire day of radio on KMSU with this premium.  Commemorate a birthday or anniversary, surprise the music geek in your life, treat the new graduate, or celebrate the music of your favorite musician!  These are just a few ways that you can use a KMSU Day Sponsorship.  A personalized message will also be read throughout the day so the whole world knows that you are a super cool person that supports independent radio!

There's the swag!  Drop us a line with questions, but most of all drop us a line with your support! Remember, the 2016 Pledge Drive THIS WEDNESDAY at six a.m.!  Give early and give often!  We are counting on you!

CALL 389-5678 OR  1-800-456-7810 AND MAKE YOUR PLEDGE, OR MAKE YOUR DONATION ONLINE!  (Don't forget to specify KMSU as your pledge recipient!)

Thanks for being the best listeners in the world!

CALL 507-389-5678 or
1-800-456-7810 to pledge!