Saturday, October 21, 2017


Tonight you get to strut your Halloween costume stuff at Grind-Fu Cinema! I re-post this epic bloody DIY fake blood post every year, and for good reason. It's the best! I know that I will be rocking some fake blood tonight, so feel free to join me!


Arguably the best blood maker in the business has to be H.G. Lewis, the "Godfather of Gore". Last year's final Grind-Fu Cinema we were pleased to present his Blood Trilogy, which illustrated the work of the master. Shyboy Tim could definitely add more to this conversation, but he has mentioned on the air before that H.G. Lewis actually got a patent on his fake blood formula. That is how good it was. If you watch one of his films, let's say Blood Feast, you can see that he had plenty of opportunities to hone is blood making techniques.

I too have had a chance to work with a very cheap and affordable fake blood formula on a regular basis. Many of you know that my real job that supports my radio habit is that of a baker. I make lots and lots and lots of cake, and that is how I discovered this fake blood masterpiece. Drum roll is


ohhhhhhhhhh - doesn't it look cute? All red and tasty chocolatey? Why it's adorable!!!!



Step 1) Buy some Red Velvet Cake Mix. Thanks to films like 'Steel Magnolias', it is not difficult to find on the shelves at your grocery store.

Step 2) Grab a bowl.

Step 3) Add a few cups of mix to the bowl.

Step 4) Add water.

Step 5) Whisk together. If it appears to be "runny", simply add more mix until you
find the right bllod like consistency you seek.

Step 6) It is ready to apply. It will look kinda rusty in color initially, but as
the air hits it, it will become crimsony bloody beautiful.

Step 7) have responsible fun with this!!


Friday, October 20, 2017


Today marks the 50th anniversary of the most famous Bigfoot footage in history.  On this day in 1967, Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin went into the woods along Bluff Creek in Northern California.  When they returned they had an incredible story and sixty seconds of film that is completely responsible for keeping the Bigfoot story alive and well for five decades.

The first place I ever saw the footage was on In Search Of..., the legendary TV show hosted by Leonard Nimoy.  Each week it would feature some unexplained mystery, and it fueled the imaginations of millions of viewers.  If you were to ask fans of the show for their top five episodes, I can guarantee you that every single one would include the Bigfoot episode, and a big part of that is because it includes the Patterson-Gimlin footage.

Here's the legendary clip isolated, followed by a fascinating stabilized version of it that removes all the camera shake.

On the surface it's just some super cool cryptozoological footage, but if you really mine the interwebs you'll find all kinds of over-analysis.  Some think it proves that Bigfoot is a shape shifter, while others find evidence that it depicts a female Bigfoot.  Then of course there are those that debunk it and try to tell the true story of the film.  None of this takes away the magic of the footage.  If anything, it enhances the aura of the film.  Fake or not, it fuels the imagination and generates discussion.  That's pretty cool.


Thursday, October 19, 2017


Last night I woke up at one o'clock in the morning and couldn't go back to sleep. I grabbed my phone and started looking at my Facebook feed and came across a ghost video that I watched. Naturally that lead to another video and another. These kind of youtube wormholes are perfect for the middle of an October night. So have a look at these today if you must, but I heartily recommend you wait until it is dark outside. We don't have much of a moon right now, and so it gets very, very dark outside.


Wednesday, October 18, 2017


It might be difficult to imagine just how omnipresent and successful Michael Jackson's Thriller album was when it came out if you've only grown up in a world where he was a scandal ridden sideshow attraction.  There was literally NOTHING bigger in the world of entertainment - maybe even THE WORLD - than Jackson and that album.  Within one year of its 1982 release, Thriller became the biggest selling album of all time.  35 years later, it's still the biggest.  66 MILLION COPIES SOLD, and the first record to be certified platinum THIRTY THREE TIMES OVER.  It's a friggin' monster, I tell you!  Which is why it's completely appropriate to write about it for Halloween, but mostly because it is kind of linked to one of our Grind-Fu movies.

Michael Jackson had come to dominate the world of music videos, and he was constantly looking to one up himself with direction and choreography.  He had already released videos for Billie Jean and Beat It, and now he was looking to surpass them with something even bigger.  The obvious answer was to move from a traditional music video into the world of film.  With Thriller being the next single it seemed obvious to make that film a Horror movie, and at the time the biggest Horror movie in the world was An American Werewolf In London, directed by John Landis.  That film set a new standard for incredible special effects, and naturally this meant that Michael Jackson took that as a challenge.  This music video had to not only surpass everything that had been done in music videos, but it also had to surpass anything seen in Horror special effects.

Step one was to hire John Landis to surpass his own successful film.  At the time, major film directors didn't direct music videos.  It wasn't viewed as real art.  This was certain to be a different project, however, and Landis was intrigued.  Effects legend Rick Baker, who also did the transformation effects for An American Werewolf In London, was brought on to bring the same high standard in production to the project.  Jackson wouldn't settle for anything less than the best on the project.

Landis wrote the script for a 14 minute short film, which featured a film within a film.  Jackson and his date are watching a werewolf movie featuring... well, them.  He turns into a werewolf, and the effects are just as dazzling as they were in An American Werewolf In London.  Jackson and his date leave the theater because she's scared, and that's when the music video begins.  As if it isn't enough that you have the biggest entertainer in the world dancing and singing, you also get him transforming into a zombie, and leading an army of dancing zombies.  The zombies attack Jackson's date, and then SPOILER it's revealed that it was all a dream.  OR WAS IT?  So you get a movie within a movie, and then the whole thing is revealed to be a dream.  Anyway...

The video was a sensation.  MTV played it at the top of every hour for a while because it was viewed as an important work of art.  It was around this time that they started crediting the video directors, and the medium was instantly held in a much higher regard.  Thriller is routinely hailed as the best video of all time, and it's hard to argue otherwise.  It was just as ambitious and exciting as you would expect from Michael Jackson, and it is still regarded as a standard to live up to in the genre.

FYI, this video in no way endorses Michael Jackson believing in the occult.


Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Grind-Fu Cinema


Saturday, October 21st @ 7:00 p.m.
Wiecking 220 Auditorium
Minnesota State University, Mankato


As heartbreaking as it is to say that this is the last Grind-Fu Cinema for the year (we return in the Spring) it's also very exciting to announce it, because the final Grind-Fu is always an all-out celebration of everything that is weird and wonderful about movies and Halloween!  We get two crazy movies and fill your stomachs with crazy gruesome cake, and it's all for free!  This year we've selected two bucket list movies that are finally available to screen.  Let's get into it!

Return of the Living Dead (1985)
Directed by Dan O'Bannon

We have literally been wanting to show Return of the Living Dead since the dawn of Grind-Fu Cinema.  There are lots of great movies that we want to show, but an unfortunate number of them aren't available to license for screenings.  This was one of those movies until this year, when it suddenly showed up on the lists we draw from, so it took about two seconds to decide whether or not we should show it.  It's so good, you guys!

There must have been something in the air during the Summer of 1985, because George Romero put out Day of the Dead, his first zombie movie in seven years, in June, and Return of the Living Dead came out two months later.  ROTL isn't just any zombie movie, though.  First off, the story was created by Rudy Ricci, John Russo, and Russell Streiner.  Russo and Streiner both had a hand in the production of the original Night of the Living Dead, the movie that invented the modern zombie film.  Second, the screenplay was written by Dan O'Bannon, who also directed the film.  O'Bannon not only came up with the story for the original Alien film, but he conceived the legendary chest bursting scene from the movie.  His genre chops are solid.

Return of the Living Dead is fun and horrifying, and the soundtrack is killer.  It's also VERY funny, and it pokes fun of many traditional zombie film conventions.  The movie also features fast moving zombies, which strays from the original slow movers that Russo and Streiner employed in the original Night of the Living Dead.

FUN FACT:  When Russo and George Romero parted ways in 1968, Russo retained the right to use "Living Dead" in future projects.  This is why George Romero never used those words again with his zombie films.

An American Werewolf In London (1981)
Directed by John Landis

Much like Return of the Living Dead, An American Werewolf In London takes your traditional werewolf film and turns it upside down.  Director John Landis, who also wrote the screenplay, had built his comedy chops on films like Animal House and Blues Brothers, and he definitely brought the laughs to this movie.  The laughs and scares create a terrific tension in the movie, and the end result is a lot of fun.

While the script and performances are great, it could be argued that the biggest star in the film is the special effects.  Effects legend Rick Baker created a sensation with his work depicting the Werewolf transformation scene.  Today this would all be handled with CGI, but Baker worked with real prosthetics and props to turn actor David Naughton into a wolf, right down the hairs and whiskers growing out of his face.  Nothing this elaborate had been done before in a horror movie, and it set a new bar for what would be expected from special effects.

Also, you'll never hear to Creedence Clearwater Revival the same way again.

So we have two amazing movies for you.  What else could we throw into the mix?  HOW ABOUT AN INCREDIBLE CAKE!  For the last several years we've asked amazing cake artist Amber Rahe to come up with some elaborate and creepy cakes for the October Grind-Fu Cinema, and every year she one ups herself with something delicious and gruesome.  Her Grind-Fu work has gotten her international acclaim, and it has even been featured on Cake Wrecks!  Here are some examples of what she has done for us in the past...

The cake that she made for last year's double feature of The Witch and The Blair Witch Project was the one that LITERALLY took the cake.  Shyboy Tim shot a short film of its creation, and the entire process is fascinating.  What will she come up with this year?  If it's half as cool as this Black Phillip cake it'll be incredible!

Once again, you get two amazing movies, plus cake, FOR FREE on Saturday, October 21st!  Bring your friends, bring snacks, DRESS IN COSTUMES (encouraged but not required) and join us for a really fun night of movies.  It's the final Grind-Fu of the year, so don't miss out!  Drop us an e-mail at if you have any questions.

I'm the new boy in town!  Where can I go?


You may remember that a few years back I participated in a Bigfoot expedition in Northern Minnesota. I met a great group of Bigfoot enthusiasts, and learned quite a bit from some really experienced members. After the expedition we dedicated a show to talking about my trip north, but there was one story that I did not share and I think now is as good a time as any. My first night in the woods I was teamed up with a long time Bigfoot hunter with years and years of Bigfoot hunting under his belt. We were tasked with walking down a long trail that ended above a ravine, where we were to remain for awhile and just blend into the darkness and listen for any activity. Naturally we started talking about Bigfoot and our beliefs. My friend felt much the same way as I did. We both want to believe, but until we are staring a Bigfoot down directly in front of us, we were skeptics. But it turns out that my companion had already had a number of very close calls.

I won't share all of his close encounters, but there was one of them that left me rattled, and you will see why. He began telling me of the closest brush with a Bigfoot that he'd ever had. A friend of his asked him to help out with an area where there had been some activity and so he packed up his gear and drove out to help. The first day out in the woods was a rainy cold affair. The woods were very quiet, but the rain was pouring down and even though it was mid afternoon it was grey and cloudy. There was little to no activity to be heard or seen, even with the animals you'd expect to come across in the woods, squirrels, deer, birds, etc. They were thinking of packing up for the day, and so my friend went off on a trail by himself to pick up a trail camera they'd left earlier in the day. It was not long after that when he heard the sound of steps behind him. He twirled around quickly and saw a brief glimpse of a large fury shoulder and head moving off into the treeline behind him. He ran to follow, but whatever was there was long gone, moving quickly through the woods. He noted the height of the creature he saw, easily over seven feet tall. Now to many people this sighting would be enough to make you believe you'd just seen a Bigfoot. But to my friend it wasn't enough. As I said, he wanted to stare one down in full view, and this encounter was close but not close enough. 

After he shared this story with me, I felt like I had to bring something to the table. I have never seen anything like he had, but the year before I did come across something suspicious in a park when I was out hiking. It was the only Bigfoot story I had, and so I started telling him about it. It wasn't much of a story - I had simply been walking on a trail of gravel and come across a number of large footprints that followed along the trail briefly before heading into the woods. I'd say there were approximately 8 prints total. The thing is they were so real looking that I just assumed someone was pulling a prank. The park I was in was not a busy one, in fact it was on private property that ran alongside a small city park. At the time I thought there is no way that a Bigfoot could be in these woods, and that the footprints were a hoax. I told my friend all of this, and he listened intently. He asked me where the park was, and I told him. He was quiet for awhile, and even though it was dark, I could tell that he was thinking about my response. He then let out a little laugh and said, "You won't believe this, but that is the very park I was in when I had the encounter I just shared with you." I was dumbfounded. What were the odds! We began comparing notes, and sure enough it was the same location! It dawned on me that perhaps the footprints I'd seen were not a hoax at all, but the real deal. Fortunately, I was carrying my camera around with me all that weekend, and I snapped a photo of my foot next to one of the footprints in the pathway I'd seen. I have never shared this photo to the public before, so it is making it's debut right now.

I wear size 8 in men's shoes. You can clearly see the toes at the top of the print, and back by the yellow leaf, that is the ball of the heel bone. It's a very big footprint - if I had to guesstimate I would say it is about 20 inches long. I will never reveal the location of this photograph, so don't ask. Initially I took this photo as a kind of joke, in fact I showed it to my friends and family calling it "my Bigfoot photo" very tongue and check. But after hearing my friends story and knowing it was in the exact same location it has definitely changed my perception. I have not been back to this park since taking the photo, but if I return I will definitely keep my eyes and ears open.

Monday, October 16, 2017


One of the reason I love Halloween is because it's the one day that most of America lets go of their uptight nature and revels in the ghoulish and the gruesome.  People don't think twice about dolling up their four year old in a Jason mask and a bloody machette, because it's fun!  It's great seeing your neighbors going all out with dummy grave stones in their yard and cobwebs in the windows.  And of course there's the candy.  But I also love it when people get creative with their food.  A great example of this is the cake that Grind-Fu Cinema presents for the final Grind-Fu of the year.  Amber, our cake artist, goes INSANE and make masterpieces that are as grotesque as they are delicious.  Here are some past examples:

Every year she goes all out and they're masterpieces.  Grind-Fu Cinema is the best time, and it's completely FREE!  The final one of the year is this Saturday, so don't miss out!

One thing we've never had for the movie nights is a gruesome Grind-Fu pizza, though. The perfect food matched with the perfect movie night?  Forget it!  It's almost too much to dream about!  As of this year these two perfect things have not been matched up, but it's something to shoot for.  I just saw this video that illustrates the perfect way to introduce pizza into the Grind-Fu mix.  PIZZA SKULLS!

They're delicious, there's disturbing, and they would be perfect for Grind-Fu Cinema.  Someday?  Maybe?


Sunday, October 15, 2017


When a radio signal or a TV feed is hijacked it is called Broadcast Signal Intrusion. A number of these intrusions have occurred over the years, and at the end of last month one of the most notorious intrusions reappeared on the scene in California. If you are a fan of conspiracy theories, the supernatural, monsters or the strange and unusual, then you have probably heard of Coast To Coast A.M. with host Art Bell. It's a radio show that features interviews and call-ins and makes for some pretty amazing overnight radio listening. In 1997 a man claiming to be an ex-employee of Area 51 called into Coast To Coast with some incredulous claims. He was obviously upset and claimed that he didn't have much time to talk because his call would soon be triangulated and they would find him. The caller went on to explain that the aliens at Area 51 were actually inter-dimensional beings who were here to do us harm. As the call continues he gets more and more anxious, almost hyperventilating. He says the government is aware of the circumstances but refuse to move our populations to safe places. Things get to a fevered pitch, and then suddenly the radio transmission drops for unknown reasons. The signal has been hijacked. Naturally this leads many to believe that the caller was perhaps saying too much and the powers that be pulled the plug so to speak on the Coast To Coast A.M. radio signal. It was dead air until the back up generators kicked in. You can hear the entire event below.


One year later a man claiming to be the "Area 51 Caller" checked in with Art Bell again and claimed that what he said was all a hoax. The fact that the transmitter and radio signal went down was not a part of the hoax he said, and that the dead air actually gave him the "heebie jeebies' too. Many think the second call was not legit - the voices aren't the same in each call. Either way you cannot  deny the fact that the radio signal was blocked when the caller was actively talking about a government/alien conspiracy.

On Spetember 22nd last month in Southern California television programming was interrupted by an Emergency Alert. After the frightening siren alarm you can hear a recording of the frantic Coast To Coast A.M. caller you heard in the video above. Officials point to faulty radio station testing their alarm signals, but that doesn't explain the odd message from a call-in show made over two decades earlier. Below is a recording of the incident.

Can you imagine hearing something like this coming from your TV or radio? The last example I am going to share with you occurred in Montana in 2013. It is an emergency broadcast that uses language found almost directly from the film Night Of The Living Dead. The mastermind behind this hoax was caught. How many people do you think believed this message was legitimate? What would you do if you heard this? Fingers crossed that we don't have to ever find out!


P.S. Let's hope you never hear this come over your radio airwaves late some night!