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Grind-Fu Cinema presents


Kurt Thomas in


Chuck Norris in

Saturday, September 29th @ 7:00 p.m.
Wiecking 220 Auditorium
Minnesota State University, Mankato
415 Malin St, Mankato, MN


Made possible through funding from the Minnesota State Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund

Last month Grind-Fu Cinema fulfilled the movie loving dreams of Shelley, who has always wanted to show Being There on the big screen.  In September it's Shyboy Tim's chance to make his movie nerd dreams come alive!  Are the movies good?  NO.  Are they great to watch because of that? HECK YEAH!  Grind-Fu Cinema is delivering a roundhouse kick of bizarre cinematic excitement this September with a double feature of low quality masterpieces from Cannon Films.  Get excited!

"It was almost like a bowel movement. You make a movie, it comes out, you flush it, and you move on to another one."

That's how someone once described how Cannon films were produced.    For two decades they churned out movies of questionable quality and laughed all the way to the bank.  Chuck Norris and Jean Claude Van Damme were two of the stars that built their careers on big piles of money shelled out by Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus, a couple of  Israeli brothers with a love of cinema.  Actually, they were the lucky ones.  Many of the actors in Cannon films were just as likely to have their careers end with the films they starred in for the company.

The Cannon business model was based on buying bottom of  the barrel scripts and turning them into movies, and their business model was good.  The films, not so much.  It's not like they didn't completely care about what they put out, but rather that they just loved making movies more than paying attention to quality.  The entire saga is detailed in the amazing documentary "Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films".  It's a pretty amazing story.


Now that you know the insanity behind Cannon Films, let's see the movies!

Gymkata (1985)
Directed by Robert Clouse

Twelve years before he directed Gymkata, Robert Clouse directed Enter the Dragon.  Honestly, who did he have to anger to end up on that career track?  Enter the Dragon is a bonafide classic, but Gymkata is... well, it's a kind of classic.  It's a classic of the gymnastics based martial arts film genre, but it's also the ONLY gymnastics based martial arts film.  This is not a strong movie, like so many Grind-Fu Cinema films before it, but it's crazy fun to watch the trainwreck on the big screen.

Gymkata stars Olympic gymnastics gold medalist Kurt Thomas as an American gymnast sent by the U.S. government to compete in a deadly martial arts competition in the fictional nation of Parmistan.  One would think that they would have wanted to send an actual... you know... martial arts expert, but whatever.  The winner of the competition gets to live and they also get one wish, and the government wants him to win so he can use the wish for their own purposes.  What follows is 90 minutes of bad acting, a convoluted story, and a whole bunch of gymnastics.  "When gymnastics and Karate are fused, the combustion becomes an explosion, and a new kid of martial arts superhero is born!"  GYMKATA!

Gymkata has a miserable 17% score on Rotten Tomatoes, and IMDB gives it a mere 4.3 stars out of ten.  Having said that, it received the most votes in a contest by Warner Home Video to determine which obscure film should receive a home video release, so clearly it's a fan favorite.  Shyboy Tim stands by it, no matter what Shelley says.  YOU BE THE JUDGE.

This film will NEVER be selected for preservation as a culturally significant film by the Library of Congress.

Listen to this episode of 'the How Did This Get Made?' podcast where they dissect Gymkata.  This is a fun podcast for movie geeks, and they cheerfully sink their teeth into this very special film.  "Gymkata.  It's like Hunger Games meets The Room."

Invasion U.S.A. (1985)
Directed by Joseph Zito

This poster tells you everything you need to know.  Chuck Norris two fisting Uzis?  SELL ME MY TICKET NOW!  Chuck was Cannon Films' biggest star throughout the 80s, roundhouse kicking his way to massive box office profits in their low budget films.  Invasion U.S.A. was the first in a six film deal that he had established with the studio, and it really kicks things off with a bang.  Does it matter what it's about?  Probably not.  Fighting and explosions and dead bad guys.  We're all winners!

Invasion U.S.A. features Chuck Norris saving America from terrorists that arrive via boat in Florida to take trucks all over the country and do evil.  At the time this was an insane concept, because America was still pretty naive about terrorism.  Times certainly have changed.  At least then we had the dream of Chuck Norris, a one man war on terror, to save us.

Invasion U.S.A. was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, which worked out exceptionally well for a couple of sequences in the film.  A neighborhood in the city was scheduled to be bulldozed to make room for an airport runway, so the filmmakers were able to blow up the entire thing for a terrorist attack sequence.  Likewise, they were also allowed to destroy part of a shopping mall that was due to be remodeled. It made the film seem bigger budget than it was, but at the end of the day it was still a Cannon Film.  There was simply no way to avoid that.

Roger Ebert gave Invasion U.S.A. a generous 1 1/2 stars out of four, saying "Invasion U.S.A. is a brain damaged, idiotic thriller, not even bad enough to be laughable."  Vincent Canby in the The New York Times wrote "The Action scenes make so little sense that by the time the film moves from Miami to Atlanta, where the last ditch of this particular World War III is fought, the enemy troops outnumber the United States Army, the National Guard, and native Atlantans.  Heaven help us."  To these reviews Shyboy Tim says "One man's trash is another man's treasure!"

Invasion U.S.A. won the 1985 Academy Award for absolutely nothing, but it won our action loving hearts.  That much is true.

Join us for this incredible FREE double feature action fest on Saturday, September 29th!  It's in Wiecking 220 Auditorium on the campus of Minnesota State University Mankato.  Bring snacks, sodas, sweaters (because the air conditioning can really rock), super cool friends, and smiles!  For more information, drop us an e-mail at

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Friday, August 17, 2018


Next week Shyboy Tim is on vacation, so don't bother contacting him.  He's shutting himself off from the world.  To prep for the week, Shuffle Function has pre-recorded five new shows that will be running from August 20th through the 24th.  They're a lot of fun, so we hope you guys enjoy them!  Even though the show won't be live, we hope that you'll still text 507-389-5678 and get Mancamp some treats.  Each day is a new treat, so check the following schedule and see how you'll be making him happy!

Monday, August 20th - Isaac Hayes' birthday!
Mancamp treat:  Hot buttered pancakes!

Isaac Hayes was one of a multitude of geniuses to spring out of Memphis, and especially out of the Stax Records studios.  He had a hand in writing countless hits for the label, as well as becoming an amazing solo artist.  On Monday the 20th we'll cover all the facets of his long career, as well as nerd out in general.  PLUS, we'll be playing the entire Hot Buttered Soul album in the seven o'clock hour, so don't sleep too late!

Tuesday, August 21st - Joe Strummer's birthday!
Mancamp's treat:  Karl's Disco Weiners & Beans

Joe Strummer fronted the only band that matters (sez Lester Bangs) and on Tuesday the 20th he's the only rock icon that matters (sez DJ 28).  Nothing but Joe Strummer and the Clash all morning long!  To make sure we hit all the bases, we asked Joel Hansen (aka DJ 28), the biggest Joe Strummer fan we know, to give us a list of the big guns that we should make a point of playing, so it will be extra Strummer-y this morning.  Thanks a ton, Joel!

Wednesday, August 22nd - Soundalike Records!
Mancamp treat: Generic Nacho Chips

Records have always been a spendy habit.  Back in the day, if you couldn't afford to get an album by your favorite artist, you might be able to find their hits on a Ktel collection of top songs of the day.  Sometimes, if you weren't paying attention, you might accidentally pick up a hit compilation that is known as a soundalike.  These records were usually budget priced, and they would feature tops hits of the day, but they never had the original recordings on them.  The band would be a collection of anonymous session musicians, often working under names like Kings Road or P.K. & The Sound Explosion, and they'd record covers of the songs that could then be issued on cut rate compilations.  Sometimes the recordings could be great, and virtually dead on reproductions of the originals.  Othertimes they would be terrible, or worse yet they'd be mediocre.  Whatever the outcome, they were always a bit off, and that's part of the reason we're obsessed with them.  Tune in for three hours of the good, the bad, and the ugly soundalike records on the 22nd!

Thursday, August 23rd - Keith Moon's birthday!
Mancamp's treat:  Moon Pies

Keith Moon is the greatest drummer ever, and don't try to convince us otherwise!  He was an impulsive and emotional drummer, and it made whatever he played on that much more dynamic.  One thursday the 23rd we'll be celecbrating his birthday by playing lots of music from The Who, as well as tracks from his wildly eccentric (and only) solo album Two Sides of the Moon.  Seriously, this Two Sides of the Moon record... it's a trip. You won't believe your ears.

Friday, August 24th - Special guests!
Mancamp's treat: Mike and Ikes

Joe Tougas and Ann Rosenquist Fee

Dave Perron and Carl Nordmeier

Friday the 24th is gonna be a fun show.  In the first hour we'll be joined by Joe Tougas (host of The Way Out) and Ann Rosenquist Fee (Executive Director of the Art Center of St Peter), and in the second hour we'll be joined by Dave Perron and Carl Nordmeier (hosts of Free Form Freakout) for a couple of getting-to-know-you hours of radio!  We asked them all to do these three things:

  1. Play a song from the first record you ever bought.
  2. Play a song from your favorite record of all time.
  3. Play a song that you would have hated at age 16 but love now, or play a song that you're ashamed to admit you like.

The end result was a show with a lot of great discussion where we learned a lot about our guests, and maybe a little bit... about ourselves!  In the third hour we actually do learn a little bit about ourselves, when we tackle these three topics on our own.  It's a very fun show, and we hope you enjoy it!

We'll return to normal Shuffle Function programming on Monday, August 27th.  See you then!

Thursday, August 09, 2018

A Horrible Book. Please Don't Read Ritual By David Pinner. No This Is Not An Attempt At Reverse Psychology

     When my friends Eve and Joel heard that I'd fallen and broken my back they came to visit me with a pile of books in tow. Broken backs mean lots of down time and as an avid reader I was excited to see what they'd brought. There was one title in particular that they told me to start with, Ritual by David Pinner. Why should I start with this one? Because they told me it was the worst book they'd ever read. Actually only Eve had succeeded in finishing it, Joel gave up after the first page. So like a moth attracted to the flame I tore into this book. I was determined to finish it. My resolve was strong. I got as far as the top of the third page before it got ridiculous. I thought to myself "Don't give up, keep going.". Ten pages later I was disgusted again, and again, and again. I turned over the top of each page that I came across that made me want to toss the book aside. There are a lot of ear marked pages, as you can see in the photo below.

     I want to share those infuriating incompetent passages with you all, but first let me give you a brief history of this book, because really it doesn't deserve a detailed one. The film The Wicker Man was loosely inspired by Pinner's Ritual. How a creative impulse ever arose from reading this ridiculous book I will never understand. The only inspiration I received was how best to possibly destroy it so that nobody else ever have to suffer through it's laborious plot line. The best way I came up with involved digging deep holes and fire but I didn't really work out any details. Essentially this book follows an English policeman hot on the trail of black magic, murder and witchcraft in a remote village. I can't stand this policeman. There is nothing to like about him, and every villager that he encounters from priest to day laborers to children treat him like a hand me down t-shirt with holes and body odor stains under the arm pits. Do you think I am being harsh? I am not being harsh enough. Was the author intending this? No. Pinner can't even begin to have put that kind of thought and effort into his characters. UGHHH. It makes me angry to even have to go into this much detail about this waste of space book!

     I am going to share with you a collection of the crap sentences that pushed me over the edge. I know that without context some of the excruciating pain I felt may be lost on you, but I also know that there really is no context when it comes to this book. There is the "story", then the detectives incessant diatribe regarding the clues he was uncovering, and the simple sex crazed villagers and their ancient ritual tendencies. The majority of the offensive verses involve the sex craved pagan villagers as you will see. So okay, here we go. This is verbatim by the way, so any awkward language is just as is.

"She sobbed her way into the kitchen where Mrs. Spark was making strawberry jam. And she was being assisted by her eldest daughter, Anna, who was twenty-three, sexual and loving it."

"Her curved breasts were tense with concentration."

"Then he pulled her hair back and practically ate her alive. The children and the Inspector were impressed. Such sexual gallantry! The prologue to rape! It was certainly very good entertainment in the middle of the afternoon. Anytime really."

"She moved towards the village, allowing her hips to continue the conversation."

"Like a Rolls-Royce wind screen wiper, her words removed the laughter from the windows of their faces. Fear was thrust into their skulls."

"The Inspector held the door open as the competitors for strangeness left. He noticed Mrs. Spark's silence. She was re-thinking Sunday morning over again. The Inspector watched her. She was one of those women who have no delta of calm. She was all ice storms and thunder mountains. A rose, to her, was not a natural sculpture in silence, but a beautiful terror on fire."

"At Bristol University, she had already achieved a reputation as a sex scientist. In her first year she had gone through the men like an enema."

"David listened with his groin. Nothing moved in her room. He felt himself drawn towards the wall. He refused to be magnetized. He knew her hot body demanded through the stale mortar. He knew."

"I'm sorry Mr. Cready, I forgot incest. I understand it's as common as fish and chips in back-water villages. Though, I must admit I have't seen a fish and chips shop yet! But I can smell incest!"

"On a midnight, if I'm desperate, I might condescend to have you. But as things stand, you're a nymphomaniac and I'm a policeman. I have a job to do and it isn't you!"

"He was looking forward to making that lovely titty lady tonight. She had boobs like a wet dream. And he was going to stroll through the various positions of the Perfumed Garden. He prayed that Hanlin would not be so foolish as to ring him during "Knees Up Mother Brown"."

"The murderer grinned. David grinned back. Death has arrived. He was frightened but slightly relieved. No more shaving or lust."

"A dark blood clot tightened over the wound. His shoulder burned and froze. The ache beat it's persistent side-drum. He looked a real hobo who'd been thoroughly beaten up by Advanced Technology."

                                      Alright - that's enough. I cry Uncle for all of you!

     For every example I shared just know that there are five more just like it waiting in the wings. Your best bet is to just steer clear of this book all together. By the end we learn that all of the satanic witchy murders are likely to have been executed by the good detective. But who cares?! I for one don't. I will cleanse my literary palate with a good book. Tonight I won't try to stifle the nausea of Ritual. My thanks to Eve and Joel for sharing this title with me. It is always good to see just how bad things can get so that when something good comes around we can appreciate it even more. Before I go promise me that you will stay the hell away from this book. Promise? Okay, good.



Thursday, August 16th, is the anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley.   Elvis' death was the first big "where were you when you heard" moment of my life.  I was only seven, but I was already a big fan because of my obsession with Dad's 'Jailhouse Rock' 45.  I played that thing relentlessly, and it became part of my music geek foundation.  Dad and I went to the old Goldfines store in Mankato I picked up a copy of Elvis Gold that I still have in my collection.  The memories run deep for me.

Anyway, August 16th was a rough day for millions of people, and it continues to be.  That's why we pay tribute to Elvis every year on this day, and we ask you to send us your requests.  Elvis is one of those artists that has a zillion albums and singles, and folks love the deep cuts as much as the hits, so give us a head's up with your choices.  It might take us a bit to track them down, and we want to do right by you and The King!

Thanks in advance, and thanks for being the best listeners EVER!


Shuffle Function's annual
Thursday, August 16th, 2018
6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.
KMSU 89.7 fm/KMSK 91.3 fm/

Wednesday, August 01, 2018



We love Ledge, and we know you guys to, too.  He's been a part of the Shuffle Function and KMSU family for as long as we've been doing the show, and we like to make sure he knows that folks out here are thinking about him.  His birthday is coming up on September 5th, and for years now we've been holding a card shower to make sure his mailbox is filled with well wishes.  Ledge is turning 71 on September 5th, so we're starting the shower now to make sure that all the cards have enough time to reach him.

In case you can't read the address above (on an actual plate that he threw into the crowd when he rocked Mankato (see picture above)), here it is in HUGE text:



P.O. BOX 730742

SAN JOSE, CA  95173

If you have a bunch of extra cards laying around, maybe have your family or co-workers sign them!  Ledge loves hand drawn cards from kids, too, so get the young ones in your life to work!  Also, don't forget to put stars all over the envelope, and if you're feeling adventurous you can include a self addressed stamped envelope. We can't promise that you will receive anything in return, but it doesn't hurt to try.

GIFT IDEA:  We're not suggesting that you get Ledge a gift, but we had an idea that we want to throw your way.  Ledge just got a brand new car, and he LOVES this thing.  We thought it would be fun to send him bumper stickers that he could doll up the back of it with!  He's not opposed to putting them on a car, so this would be a great way to wish him well, as well as celebrate his new vehicle!


Feel free to share this post on your facebook page or pass it along to other music geeks in your life. The more cards that arrive in The Legendary Stardust's Cowboy's mailbox the better. Hearing from his fans always makes him happy, so you'll really make his day.

Thanks Music Geeks!

Let's make The Ledge's 71st birthday a day he will remember forever!

Sunday, July 29, 2018


Grind-Fu Cinema presents



Saturday, August 18th @ seven p.m.
Wiecking 220 Auditorium
415 Malin St, Mankato, MN


Made possible through funding from the Minnesota State Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund

We've been struggling like crazy to not reveal the August Grind-Fu Cinema, and now that we can we're not gonna shut up about it!  These two movies were made decades ago, and yet they're somehow even more relevant today than ever.  One of them has been on Shelley's bucket list since the beginning of Grind-Fu Cinema, and the second is the perfect match for it.  It's like watching a prophecy unfold.  Shall we talk about the movies?  Let's!

Being There (1979)
Directed by Hal Ashby

Peter Sellers had a long and illustrious career, but one can make a case that his final film role was his greatest.  He was nominated for Best Actor at the Academy Awards, and he won Best Actor at the Golden Globes, for his portrayal of Chance Gardner in Being There.  Chance is a simple minded gardener that has lived and worked on the estate of a wealthy gentleman in Washington, D.C.  Everything he knows in life was learned from gardening and TV.  When his employer dies, Chance is out on the street and aimless.

Through an accident, Chance is taken in by a wealthy industrialist and his wife.  The industrialist is charmed by discussions with Chance, who can only relate to people by talking about gardening.  His gardening statements, however, are mistaken as wise political metaphors, and he becomes a sensation in Washington, eventually even meeting the President.  Soon all of Washington is under his spell.

Being There was directed by the legendary Hal Ashby, who also helmed Harold and Maude, The Last Detail, Shampoo, and even the Rolling Stones concert film Let's Spend The Night Together. The film also starts Shirley MacLaine and the great Jack Warden, and was written by Jerzy Kosinksi, who also wrote the book that Being There was based on.  It's impossible to not be charmed by Seller's portrayal of Chance, and we really think you'll be taken with this film.

Roger Ebert gave Being There four out of four stars and said "There's an exhilaration in seeing artists at the very top of their form: It almost doesn't matter what the art form is, if they're pushing their limits and going for broke and it's working.  We can sense their joy of achievement - and even more so if the project in question is a risky, off-the-wall idea that could just as easily have ended disastrously.  Hal Ashby's Being There is a movie that inspires those feelings."

Being There was selected for preservation as a culturally significant film by the Library of Congress in 2015.

A Face in the Crowd (1957)
Directed by Elia Kazan

Andy Griffith is the ultimate good guy when he's playing the sheriff of Mayberry, but he's terrifying as hell as the charismatic everyman in A Face in the Crowd.  Griffith plays Larry Rhodes, a smooth talking drunk in an Arkansas jail that is put on the radio by a show host looking for voices of real America.  Rhodes' appearance proves wildly popular, and people begin to see him as the voice of the common man.  His success grows, as does his ego, and soon he's using his charisma to fleece the public and gain political influence.  When will his quest for power end?  In the halls of government?  You'd be horrified if someone like this really ended up in government. 


Directed by Elia Kazan, A Face in the Crowd is shockingly relevant for a film that's 61 years old.  It's more relevant than a Michael McDonald sample in a Warren G song.  That's pretty damn relevant.  You'll be horrified.  There's a reason Turner Classic Movies broadcast it on inauguration 2017.  

A Face in the Crowd was received with mixed reviews at the time of its release, but is now regarded as a classic.  In 2008 the Library of Congress selected it for preservation as a culturally significant film

Don't miss this amazing FREE double feature of full on classics on August 18th!  Bring your super friends, snacks, sodas, sweaters (because the air conditioning is exceptional) and SMILES!

I'm the new boy in town!  Where can I go?

Sunday, July 01, 2018


Grind-Fu Cinema presents

Real Genius
Top Secret!

Saturday, July 28th @ 7:00 p.m.
Wiecking 220 Auditorium
415 Malin St, Mankato, MN
Minnesota State University, Mankato


Made possible through funding from the Minnesota State Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund

Before the stories of difficult on-set behavior and Bison ranching... before the Mark Twain impersonating and homoerotic volleyball scenes... there was Val Kilmer the hot new star on the Hollywood scene.  That's the Val that Grind-Fu Cinema is celebrating on July 28th during our Val Kilmerpalooza!  See two funny as heck Val Kilmer movies FOR FREE in Wiecking 220 Auditorium.  What're we showing?  You'll be glad you asked.

Real Genius (1985)
Directed by Martha Coolidge

Val Kilmer plays Chris Knight, a brilliant student at Pacific Tech, who generally who takes having fun more seriously than his studies.  Pacific Tech is populated by eccentric geniuses who study hard and play harder, and they continually use their wits to game the system and prank each other.  Chris befriends freshman Mitch Taylor, and they're put on a team to figure out how to make a super powerful laser.  To Chris the project is simply a problem to solve, but to the Government it has deadly real world applications.

Real Genius is a hilarious comedy directed by Martha Coolidge, who directed Valley Girl, which you may have seen during our Grind-Fu Cinema last July.  Apprently July is now our designated Martha Coolidge month!  Real Genius also has Deborah Foreman, the star of Valley Girl, in a small role, so that's weird.  Anyway, Real Genius was Val Kilmer's second movie ever, and he already was showing off crazy talent and charisma.  Who woulda thunk that just ten years later he'd be playing Batman?

Roger Ebert gave Real Genius 3 1/2 out of four stars, so that's not too slouchy.  Richard Schickel in Time Magazine said Real Genius is "a smart, no-nonsense movie that may actually teach its prime audience a valuable lesson: the best retort to an intolerable situation is not necessarily a food fight.  Better results, and more fun, come from rubbing two brains together."  Words to live by.

After showing Val Kilmer's second movie we're showing his first movie!

Top Secret! (1984)
Directed by Zucker, Abrahams, Zucker

Jerry and David Zucker, and Jim Abrahams only had two film credits before Top Secret!: they wrote the screenplay to John Landis' Kentucky Fried Movie, and they wrote and directed Airplane!, which was a massive hit in 1980.  They built their career on broad sophomoric humor and sight gags, and the their style was widely embraced by American movie fans.  After parodying disaster movies with Airplane!, they decided to make Top Secret! a parody of both World War 2 spy movies and Elvis musicals.  Yeah.

This was Val Kilmer's first film, so the ZAZ team was taking a risk by putting him in a starring role, but he nails it with confidence.  The movie goers apparently weren't convinced, though, as Top Secret! was considered a bomb at the box office.  Even the film makers felt like it didn't have focus.  Don't try telling that to Weird Al Yankovic, though!  Top Secret! is Al's favorite movie of all time.  In a Vulture interview published in June of 2018, he goes into great detail about why he thinks it's one of the best movies ever made.  His fandom is so great that he even told Val Kilmer to his face that it's his favorite movie of all time.  Kilmer's response was "Really?  You're going to pick that one?"

Join Grind-Fu Cinema for Val Kilmerpalooza on Saturday, July 28th!  The admission is FREE, and everyone is welcome!  There's free parking in the back parking lot, and then enter through the back building entrance and look for the movie theater full of movie geeks!  Bring your friends, bring sodas and snacks, and get ready for a fun time at the movies!

I'm the new boy in town!  Where can I go?

Friday, June 29, 2018


Grind-Fu Cinema presents

Stanley Kubrick's 


Lana Turner in

Saturday, June 30th @ 7:00 p.m.
Wiecking 220 Auditorium
415 Malin Street, Mankato MN
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Made possible through funding from the Minnesota State Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund

It has been a while since Grind-Fu Cinema has featured some Film Noir masterpieces, so the June line up is all about righting wrongs.  Join us for another amazing FREE double feature of cinematic magic, featuring two high water marks of the genre.  It all goes down on Saturday, June 30th in Wiecking 220 Auditorium on the campus of Minnesota State University, Mankato, so consider your day planned.  Shall we begin?  Lets.

The Killing (1956)
Directed by Stanley Kubrick

Stanley Kubrick was only 28 years old when he directed The Killing, which is considered one of the greatest heist movies of all time.  Tight dialogue, riveting pacing, and brilliant direction, not to mention a gripping performance from Sterling Hayden, make this a must see for fans of classics, crime, and suspense.  Hearing Hayden deliver lines (written by troubled crime novelist Jim Thompson) like "You've got a great big dollar sign where most women have a heart" make it a real joy to watch, and his performance in the final moments of the film is simultaneously thrilling and heartbreaking.

Despite the fact that it bombed collossally at the box office, Kubrick felt it was his first fully mature directorial efford, and the movie has gone on to become a cult classic.  Roger Ebert added it to his list of "Great Films" in 2012, and Quentin Tarantino said it was a direct influence on Reservoir Dogs.  It rates 97 % fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, and it gets an 8 out of 10 on IMDB.  The Chicago Reader even said it was arguably Stanley Kubrick's most perfectly conceived and executed film, and this is Stanley freakin' Kubrick we're talking about.

"Individuality's a monster and it must be strangled in it's cradle to make our friends feel confident.  You know, I've often thought that the gangster and the artist are the same in the eyes of the masses.  They are admired and hero-worshipped, but there is always present an underlying wish to see them destroyed at the peak of the their glory."

The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946)
Directed by Tay Garnett

Lana Turner is smoldering as the Femme Fatale that plots murder with John Garfield's down on his luck hobo in this 1946 adaptation of James M. Cain's classic noir novel.  Before Cain's novel was even released, an outline was submitted by RKO to the Production Code Administration (a morals watchdog group) to see if it was fit to produce, and their response came back that it was "definitely unsuitable for motion picture production".  RKO abandoned their plans, but ultimately MGM stepped in and delivered this Film Noir classic, though its fears over the lurid subject matter ultimately delayed its production for TWELVE YEARS.  It was a definitely a different time.

Turner ranked her role in The Postman Always Rings Twice as her favorite, and the book's author was so impressed with her performance that he gave her a leatherbound edition of the book.  The film was a critical and box office success, and it's regarded as a classic Noir.  It's rated 95% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and received a 7.5 out of ten on IMDB.  Variety called the events in the film "uncompromisingly evil" and they meant it as a positive.  It's a chiller and a thriller!

See both of these amazing movies FOR FREE on Saturday, June 30th at Grind-Fu Cinema!  Bring your friends, snacks, and dress in layers (because the air conditioning can be relentless) and get ready for a fun night!  There's loads of parking behind the Wiecking building (415 Malin St in Mankato) so find a spot, walk through the back door of the building, and look for the big auditorium with amazing movies playing!

I'm the new boy in town! Where can I go?