Wednesday, April 20, 2005

SHUFFLE FUNCTION PLAYLISTS for April 11 - 15th, 2005

APRIL 11, 2005 (182)
1. Marvin gaye - got to give it up, pt. 1
2. Negativeland - announcement
3. They Might Be Giants - clap your hands
4. The Numbers - drunk with pain
5. Kaiser Chiefs - na na na na naa
6. Of Montreal - forecast fascist future
7. Pixies - No. 13, baby
8. Grandmaster Flash - white lines
9. Suckadelic - supervillan fanfare
10. Rolling Stones - neighbors
11. Olivia Tremor Control - silverbug
12. Del The Funky HomoSapien - mister dobalina
13. Stark Effect - epples and beneenies
14. The Who - baba O'riley
15. Little Milton - we're gonna make it
16. New Constitution - aeroplane
17. P:ano - covered wagons
18. John Doe - hwy 5
19. Spoon - I turn my camera on
20. B52's - songs for a future generation
21. Bunky - baba
APRIL 12, 2005 (183)
1. INXS - this time
2. Architecture in Helsinki - wishbone
3. Starsailor - hot buritto #2
4. Fleshtones - rights
5. Max Tundra -lysene
6. B.J. Snowden - he's the guy that I want
7. Lou Reed - what's good
8. Derrick and the Dominoes - bellbottom blues
9. The Screens - honey
10. Madness - night boat to cairo
11. Bruce Springsteen - born to run
12. Band of Bees - punchbag
13. Tiny Tim - highway to hell
14. DC3 - theme from an imaginary western
15. School of Rock - school of rock
16. Van halen - I'm on fire
17. Kaiser Chiefs - I predict a riot
APRIL 13, 2005 (184)
1. Andrew Gold - lonely boy
2. Ben Folds - narcolepsy
3. Dishes - ran out
4. Johnny Rivers - slow dancin(swayin' to the music) it was a dare!!!
5. Cass McCombs - tourist woman
6. Rolling Stones - brown sugar
7. P.I.L. - public image
8. Slim Whitman - tumbling tumbleweeds
9. Wings - band on the run
10. Flamin' Groovies - shake some action
11. Low - when I go deaf
12. Spoon - sister jack
13. David Bowie - tvc15
14. Jarvis Humby - we say yeah
15. From Bubblegum to Sky - the girls and the shooby doo wop
16. Bingo Gazingo - michael jackson
17. KC and the Sunshine band - that's the way (I like it)
18. Tiny Tim - highway to hell
19. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffitti - lules lose the jewels
APRIL 14, 2005 (185)
1. Jamie Redfern - good morning starshine
2. Joy Division - transmission
3. Jesus and Mary Chain - just like honey
4. Loretta Lynn - portland, oregon
5. Sugar - if I can't change your mind
6. Clyde Federal - behold
7. Devo - the day my baby gave me a suprise
8. LCD Soundsystem - loosing my edge
9. The Legendary Stardust Cowboy - space oddity
10. Kris Kristofferson - sunday morning comin' down
11. Howlin' Wolf - 300 pounds of joy
12. Elvis Costello - pump it up
13. The Decemberists - the sporting life
14. John Doe - hwy 5
15. Vaselines - you think you're a man
16. They Might Be Giants - pet name
17. Mr Rogers - beautiful day in the neighborhood
18. Pixies - velouria
19. Wildman Fischer - monkeys vs donkeys
20. Billy Schuh and The Foundary - dancing lights/slow machines
21. Rythmaplex project - let's go!
22. Nouvelle Vague - I melt with you
APRIL 15, 2005 (186)
1. Beach Boys - good vibrations
2. Pilot - magic
3. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - there she goes my beautiful world
4. Buffalo Springfield - for what it's worth
5. Shout Out Louds - very loud
6. Lou Reed - so alone
7. Simon and Garfunkel - keep the customer satisfied
8. Pretendo - mc hot chef
9. Jonathan Richman - not so much to be loved as to love
10. Legendary Stardust Cowboy - hot tub teddie
11. Go Home Productions - uptight killer
12. Harry Nilson = jump into the fire
13. The Screens - flourescent
14. Marvelows - I do
15. MC% - ramblin rose
16. Sex Pistols - no fun
17. The Replacements - left of the dial

Shuffle Function Playlists for April 4 - 7th

April 4, 2005 (178)
1. The Clash - complete control
2. Guitar Wolf - jet beer
3. LCD Soundsystem - loosing my edge
4. Rythmaplex Project - lets go!
5. Munkey Juice - cold cold days
6. Von Bondies - lack of communication
7. Unknown - carry on my wayward son
8. Heavy Blinkers - gentle strength
9. Ben Folds - in between days
10. British Sea Power - victorian ice
11. Roky Erickson and the Aliens - don't shake me lucifer
12. Brady Bunch - candy (sugar shoppe0
13. Cleveland Deathbound Sentence - love american style
14. The Hives - die, alright!
15. Rythmaplex project - let's go!
16. Pere Ubu - final solution
17. Go Home Productions - annie rush
18. Guitar Wolf - roaring blood
19. The Trashmen - surfin' bird
April 5, 2005 (179)
1. Beatifics - happy to be sad
2. Adolescents - every day
3. Ariel Pink's haunted Graffitti - for kate I wait
4. The Stereos - stereo freeze
5. The Operators - fire away
6. A.C. Newman - on the table
7. The Db's - black and white
8. Division of Laura Lee - loveless
9. Afghan Whigs - debonaire
10. M.O.T.O. - dance dance dance to the radio
11. R.E.M. - nightswimming
12. Mark Mallman - who's gonna save you now?
13. Joe Meek - telstar demo
14. Camper Van Beethoven - pictures of matchstickmen
15. Nirvana - jesus doesn't want me for a sunbeam
16. Dinosaur Jr. - little furry things
17. Hot Hot Heat - middle of nowhere
18. Nirvana - verse chorus verse
19. White Stripes - we are gonna be friends
20. Suburbs - love is the law
April 6, 2005 (180)
1. Spinal Tap - gimme some money
2. Husker Du - divide and conquer
3. Charles Douglas - statecraft
4. Susan Christie - I love onions
5. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - deanna
6. They Might Be Giants and kids - particle man
7. Bob Marley and the Wailers - simmer down
8. Masters of the Hemisphere - better things
9. Golliwogs - fight fire
10. Frank Black and the Catholics - if it takes all night
11. Pixies - monkey gone to heaven
12. Beakers - 4 steps to a cultural revolution
13. Dambuilders - shrine
14. Fuzztones - ward 81
15. The Beatles - tomorrow never knows
16. Simon and Garfunkel - only living boy in New York
17. Roy Milton - hop skip and jump
April 7, 2005 (181)
1. They Might Be Giants - how can I sing like a girl?
2. The ramones - rockaway beach
3. The Chancellors - little latin lupilu
4. The Raveonettes - beat city
5. British Sea Power - victorian ice
6. Beck - girl
7. XTC - mayor of simpleton
8. Beatles - old brown shoes
9. Beat happening - pine box derby
10. Wanda jackson - hard headed woman
11. Spearmint - the beautiful things
12. The Clash - clampdown
13. Jandek - birthday
14. Yo La Tengo - sugar cube
15. Rolling Stones - I just want to make love to you
16. Tom Waits - jockey full of bourbon
17. Think - once you understand
18. The Stooges - gimme danger
19. Sonic Youth - silver rocket
20. The Watchers - blik'em
21. Kaiser Chiefs - I predict a riot
22. Teenage fanclub with Jad fair - my life is starting over again
23. David Brebt - free love on the free love freeway
April 8th = well into the 24 hour Pledge Drive A-Go-Go
look for the entire playlist coming soon to a blog near you

Shuffle Function Playlist for March 28 - April 1, 2005

March 28, 2005 (173)
1. Moussa Doumba - keleya
2. The Myracle Brahs - whisper softly
3. John Doe - hwy 5
4. A.C. Newman - battle for straight time
5. The Clash - spanish bombs
6. Devo - peek a boo
7. The Adverts - one chord wonders
8. Jandek - birthday
9. Hidden Cameras - doot doot plot
10. Nico - all tomorrow's parties
11. FFa Coffi Pawb - valium
12. DJ Spooky vs. Dave Lombardo - b side wins again
13. The Stooges - shake appeal
14. Light FM - stormtroopers
15. Ryan Adams - 1974
16. World Party - way down now
17. My Bloody Valentine - when you sleep
18. Chris Stamey Experience - shapes of things
19. The Sadies - transluscent sparrow
20. From Bubblegum To Sky - some kind of fantastic
21. Nick Cave and the bad Seeds - hiding all away
March 29, 2005 (174)
1. Rod Stewart - do you think I'm sexy?
2. Bunky - funny like the moon
3. Guided By Voices - we've got airplanes
4. The Decemberists - the infanta
5. Beat Happening - pajama party in a haunted house
6. P.I.L. - swan lake
7. Keith Richards - you win again
8. The Ramones - beat on the brat
9. The Who - baba o'riley
10. Lou Reed - all through the night
11. kaiser Chiefs - oh my god
12. Marianne Faithful - broken english
13. Mooney Suzuki - new york girls
14. Jandek - european jewel
15. Soft Boys - underwater moonlight
16. Television Personalities - part time punks
17. Fuzztones - action woman
18. The Legendary Stardust Cowboy - paralyzed
19. Leaving Trains - dumb as a crayon
March 30, 2005 (175)
1. Waxwings - steady as starlight
2. Pixies - bam thwok
3. Pink Mountaintops - tourist in your town
4. Curtis Mayfield - superfly
5. Beck - girl
6. Emperor X - edgeless
7. Polysics - nice
8. Bunky - baba
9. Jonathan Richman - party in the USA
10. Morissey - first of the gang to die
11. The Rockwells - breakout
12. Kris Kristofferson - blame it on the stones
13. Rolling Stones - respectable
14. Van Morrison - ring worm/you say france and I whistle/want a danish
15. Beatles - rain
16. Dinosaur Jr. - little furry things
17. Bloc Party - she's hearing voices
18. The Bravery - swollen summer
19. Eric Clapton and Dune Allman - mean old world
20. The Sadies - coming back
21. Birdie - open letter to jenny
March 31, 2005 (176)
1. The Band - don't do it
2. David Bowie - 1984
3. Raveonettes - love in a trashcan
4. WildMan Fischer - handy man
5. Husker Du - turn on the news
6. Fiery Furnaces - my dog was lost but now he's found
7. Stereolab - free design
8. Free Design - bubbles
9. Lou Reed - kill your sons
10. The Gunshys - two cent facts
11. Eilert Pilarm - jailhouse rock
12. Ben Folds Five - video killed the radio star
13. Yo La Tengo - big day coming
14. 18th Day Of May - sir casey jones
15. Pixies - here comes your man
16. Debbie reynolds - tammy
17. Judson Fountain - granny sing no more
18. Steely dan - hey ninteen
19. World party - ship of fools
20. Syd barret - no good trying
21. AC/DC - rocker
1. Spyro Gyro - morning dance
2. Shenna Easton - morning train
3. Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder - ebony and ivory
4. Michael McDonald and Patti Labelle - on my own
5. Charlie Dore - pilot of the airwaves
6. Arthur's theme
7. sailing
8. ride like the wind
9. Gordon Lightfoot - sundown
10. Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton - islands in the stream
11. Al Stewart - year of the cat
12. Zamfir - chariots of fire
13. Maria Muldaur - midnight at the oasis
14. Jim Croce - time in a bottle
15. looks like we made it
16. even now
17. mandy
in honor of Bass Wolf, R.I.P.
18. Guitar Wolf - summertime blues
19. Guitar Wolf - jet generation


Updates and such coming soon. Hold on.

Note that in the links section on the blog there's HAIKU THUGS. That'll be the blog where we post all of your awesome haiku requests and thuggery. Nothing on there yet, other than a howdy, but keep your eyes peeled for a deluge of 17 syllable posturing.

In the meantime, here's a couple of interesting sites:
WFMU's history of yelling Freebird at concerts
NWA's Straight Outta Compton with all the clean words cut out


Sunday, April 17, 2005



The season finale of Arrested Development has just ended and as usual it was insanely funny and warranted an immediate second viewing. It is pretty bittersweet, however, because Arrested Development is on Fox (aka The Network That Cancels Great Programming) so tonight's episode could potentially be the series finale. Sigh.

If you listen to the morning show you no doubt have heard us go on and on about our undying love for this show, as well as our undying outrage at the thought of it ceasing production. What can be done about it? We are only one radio show.

Here is a USA Today poll that asks you to chime in on what shows should be saved from cancelation. Select "keep" under Arrested Development. Gosh, you'd sure make a couple of radio hosts happy.

You can also write to and tell them that they are all on crack if they cancel this show.

Yeah, so that's my day. Oh, notice that I finally figured out the links part of blogspot, so to your right you'll see some links that we think are noteworthy. If you have any suggestions on things linkworthy, let us know.

One day left for the pledge drive. Kick out the jams!


Saturday, April 09, 2005


Thanks to everybody that pitched in and pledged during the 24 Hour Pledge Drive a-go-go. It ended on the third day of the pledge drive and you helped us surpass by leaps and bounds the amount that Shuffle Function collected DURING THE ENTIRE LAST PLEDGE DRIVE! Thanks a thousand times over. The drive is continuing through the 18th, I believe, so if you haven't contributed to keeping independent radio alive via KMSU, or you have been thinking it over, you still have some time to throw in. Radio like this isn't something you can easily find anymore, and with your assistance we can continue to provide it.

I'm trying to think of all the highlights and there are just too many. One that comes to mind references a post I made earlier on the blog when I was sick as a dog. I said in the post that the only thing that could cure me was to have my portrait drawn with Stevie Nicks. During the drive someone not only came up and pledged to the station, but they gave me a computer composite of my face inserted into a drawing of Stevie Nicks. Wow.

If you were listening at 10 a.m. on Friday the 8th you also would have heard Mankato Mayor Jeff Kagermeier in the studios reading a proclamation declaring April 8th, 2005, Shuffle Function day. We were even given the official proclamation mounted on a nice wood plaque. Honestly, how can you go wrong with a mayor that requests The Replacements? We also had a call later from someone who said they saw him around town wearing the MUSIC GEEK shirt the show is offering as a premium. Too cool.

The Rhythmaplex Project tore the roof off at midnight. I was running the boards, and it was so loud in the studio that I couldn't hear the mix clearly. If it sounded like crap it is all my fault, because they were great. They all had to get up and work their day jobs the next day, but they stayed and hung around until 2. Thanks to the Rhythmaplex Project! They are on the b-side of the Shuffle Function 45 vinyl release that is also a premium right now.

Shuffle Function Radio Roulette was a disaster on Thursday. The radio gods determined that we end up playing the absolute crappiest stuff that is on comp albums, so it pretty much knocked the wind out of our sails until the next day. When we did it again at noon Friday it turned out to be possibly the best Shuffle Function Radio Roulette we have ever had. The music was spot on and genius, so either the radio gods felt bad or Thursday was just a reminder that they both giveth and taketh away. In any case, Lisa was pretty ecstatic with the Friday songs. I mean, Pilot singing Magic? It is very very hard to go wrong when that one pops up. Big ass thanks to Lisa for once again making Shuffle Function Radio Roulette a fantastic and educational experience.

The all vinyl morning show was the absolute turning point. We were plugging in some stuff that neither Shelley or myself had heard in ages, we spun the Shuffle Function vinyl, and our state of mind became sharper. You guys also began pledging like crazy! We were able to throw in some Tune Town gift certificates (Tune Town is the only CD store in town. Oh, there are other places you can get CDs, but Tune Town is THE ONLY CD STORE IN TOWN!) and some tickets to a Minnesota Roller Girls bout. Thanks to Carl for Tune Town for the Gift Certificates and to Cruel Ella from the Minnesota Roller Girls for helping us out.

ULTIMATE THANKS to the Hub Coffeehouse Cafe for the steady stream of caffeinated rocket fuel and pastries that kept us and the Shuffle Function Wrecking Crew fueled during the long haul. They underwrite our morning show and are a locally owned and bloody fantastic cafe. I believe at one point I was singing Wind Beneath My Wings to Dennis from The Hub, but is is all very hazy at this point. They even let us put up a display up on their counter during the marathon displaying the swag we were offering. The Hub rules!

Big big thanks to The Shuffle Function Wrecking Crew for manning the phones and emotional support during the long haul. Thanks to David for driving all the way from Colorado just to hear the full In A Gadda Da Vida played on vinyl at three a.m., thanks to Carrie for playing a great game of hardball on the phones, thanks to Cindy for making food runs and helping out with all the projects that we threw her way, thanks to Reverend Dan for going above and beyond the call of duty and writing a haiku for every hour of the marathon and being there for most of it to read them, thanks to Maude and Dorothy for coming in and being a breath of fresh air on the phones Friday afternoon. Everyone was incredibly supportive and gave so generously. Big ass thanks to Gully, of course, for letting us perform such a grandly stupid gesture like staying up for 24 hours just to prove we love KMSU and independent radio so much, and for buying us the beer after the show. TO GULLY!

Most of all, thanks to all of the listeners that called in with their pledges and support. It means so much to the show and to the station that you were willing to give to the cause. We'll keep trying to make KMSU better and to provide you with the kind of programming you will not find anywhere else in Southern Minnesota. (cue Beaches soundtrack)

Once again, the pledge drive is still going on for the next week and a half, so I want to encourage you all to please help out if you are willing. We made great progress during the marathon, but we still have a long way to go to meet our goal. Beyond the Shuffle Function premiums there are KMSU stainless steel travel mugs, Live at the World Cafe CDs, still more CDs, and day sponsorships. If you can't afford to contribute at a premium level but still want to help out, we will absolutely accept whatever you can afford. We had 5 and 10 dollar pledges coming in through the whole drive, and they help just as much as any other pledge.

Wow. It is really overwhelming to consider all that happened, even after a half day's sleep. If we think of anything else we'll throw it on the blog. Once again, thanks for all you've done. KMSU has the best friggin' listeners, and together we can make great radio.


P.S.: We'll see about getting the full marathon playlist posted. It is very very long...

P.P.S: Here's a link to an article in the MSU reporter all about the marathon, featuring a photo of the previously mentioned on air talent.

Monday, April 04, 2005


In today's Mankato Free Press, as well as the current issue of Static, there is a nice write up about the show and the Pledge Drive a-go-go. Check it out! The Free Press also printed the intinerary for the marathon (April 7th, six p.m. through April 8th, six p.m.) so now you can cut it out and hang it on your fridge next to those expired coupons.

The Free Press also mentions SWAG! Here's what we have for Shuffle Function premiums:

Get yourself a limited edition 45 rpm single of "The Theme From Shuffle Function" by Songs To Wear Pants To backed with "Let's Go!" by one of our favorite Mankato bands The Rhythmaplex Project. Everybody needs to own at least one piece of vinyl, so why not make it this one? Did I mention that you will be supporting community driven radio? We're also throwing in a 1" Shuffle Function Music Geek pin and a show sticker.

But wait! There's more! Don't have a turntable? Shuffle Function has got your back. Everyone who pledges and gets the 45 is entered into a drawing to WIN A TURNTABLE! Who loves you, baby? KMSU, that's who!

We gave away the entire run to folks who pledged last time, and now we're offering an all new design! A glorious black T (for those of you who wear black because that's how you feel inside) with bold white lettering that says "MUSIC GEEK" across the chest. Let the whole world know that your taste in music is better than theirs with the glorious new shirt/fashion statement.

One of the most popular premiums from the last pledge drive. As thanks for pledging at this level, we would like to invite you to sit in during one of our morning shows (six to eight a.m. Monday through Friday) and play whatever you feel like. Shelley and I will just sit there talking too much and pressing buttons. During the last round of PD4AD we had music from all over the spectrum, and it turned out to be a blast. Hell, we'll also throw in a MUSIC GEEK shirt as icing on the cake. NOTE: WE ARE ONLY OFFERING 20 PROGRAM DIRECTOR PREMIUMS! If you snooze you lose, gang. Remember, no swears!

KMSU also has some cool CDs and other swag if none of this floats your boat. You'll also want to check out Minnesota Music Scene, Friday night at six p.m. immediately following the marathon for some pretty nice show specific swag. They have a limited number of month long passes to The What's Up Lounge, as well as passes to a barbecue with Motion City Soundtrack, who are playing April 20th @ the What's Up.

If these premiums don't prove to you that KMSU is radio for Music Geeks by Music Geeks, I just don't know what will.

For more information, please visit You can also pledge at the site. Be sure to specify that you want the money to go to KMSU!

KMSU pledge drive kicks off Wednesday the sixth @ six a.m. on Shuffle Function.

24 Hour Pledge Drive a-go-go runs from April 7th six p.m. to April 8th six p.m. The full schedule of events is here.

KMSU desperately needs your support. Together we make great radio.



That's right, kids. After 40 albums over nearly 30 years, Jandek is going to be playing his second ever live show. It is also the first one to ever be advertised in advance. The most comprehensive online Jandek site, simply titled "A Guide to Jandek", has a write up and links to the site of the festival he will be appearing at.

It's all very curious. After being a virtual ghost for all this time, why does Jandek decide to play two live shows in less than a year, and his first two live shows at that? Crazy. We'll talk more about this April 8th at two a.m. when we present "Jandek: Sounds of Insomnia" during the 24 hour pledge drive a-go-go, o.k.? Good.

Related: Jandek's latest CD cover features him standing on a street corner in England. It is the first time ever that Jandek has been shown at an identifiable location, and also the first to feature other people.


Friday, April 01, 2005


Billy, bassist for the godlike Japanese jet powered Rock and Roll titans Guitar Wolf, passed away. Here's the story as relayed on Pitchfork.

Guitar Wolf recently completed a U.S. tour and we have a listener that was fortunate enough to catch one of the last shows in New Orleans. Hopefully they will share some stories from it with the group. Shelley conducted an interview with the band a few weeks ago and we'll edit it up and hopefully have something to air in tribute.

Do yourself a favor and pick up some Guitar Wolf if you don't have any. They are a force of nature. For my money, Jet Generation is their best, but I also like UFO Romantic quite a bit. They also have an AMAZING film on DVD called Wild Zero that is a cross between Dawn of the Dead, Rock and Roll High School, and The Crying Game. No lie. In addition, there's an interesting compilation of videos, live clips, and interviews called Red Idol that is worth checking out.

A statement from Seiji (Guitar Wolf) can be found here.
The band's U.S. label has something on their page here.

On to other things...

Thanks for being such good sports about the April Fools joke we played this morning. We received many many angry calls and e-mails, so thanks! It is good to feel appreciated. For those of you who missed it, Shelley and I did a dummy broadcast claming to be "89.7 light... the safe f.m." and played a lot of really really really lame light radio stuff. I'd lie if I said I didn't actually enjoy some of it, but I'm a music geek and that gives me license. Come Monday "The Safe f.m." will be long dead.


Scroll down for reminders on the Pledge Drive a-go-go coming up in LESS THAN A WEEK. I'm freaking out. Your financial support is greatly appreciated. Remember the feelings of horror and loss you may have felt when you thought the eclectic programming on KMSU was replaced by the safe sounds of Christopher Cross when we ask for your support.