Friday, September 30, 2005

SHUFFLE FUNCTION PLAYLIST for Sept 26 - 30, 2005

SEPTEMBER 26, 2005 (300)
1. Rolling Stones - no expectations
2. Black Lipstick - shallow
3. Casual Dots - mama's gonna bake us a cake
4. Half Japanese - secret
5. Yo La Tengo - big day coming
6. Talking Heads - this must be the place (naive melody)
7. The Knitters - dry river
8. Rising Storm - baby please don't go
9. U2 - vertigo
10. The Beatles - tomorrow never knows
11. Shooby Taylor - somewhere over the rainbow
12. Ben Folds Five - alice childress
13. Chris Stamey Experience - venus
14. The Bats - mir
15. British Sea Power - victorian ice
16. The Replacements - left of the dial
17. Friends Like These - karen
18. The Who - I can't explain
19. Judy Henske and Jerry Yester - snowblind
20. Charles Douglas - statecraft
21. Velvet Underground - cool it down
SEPTEMBER 27, 2005 (301)
1. Brave New World - train kept a rollin
2. Giant Drag - yflmd
3. The Clash - pressure drop
4. Carly Simon - nobody does it better
5. Bob Dylan - sally gal
6. An Angle - change the world
7. George Harrison - what is life
8. Television - friction
9. Todd Bowie - karmaphobe
10. Fiery Furnaces - norweigan wood
11. Ted Leo - I'm looking through you
12. Magic Numbers - the mule
13. David Bowie - scary monsters and super creeps
14. Joe Meek - not sleeping too well lately
15. The Fall - youwannher
16. R.E.M. - superman
17. Laura Viers - secret someones
18. Velvet Underground - I found a reason
19. Sammy Davis Jr. - shaft
SEPTEMBER 28, 2005 (302)
1. David Bowie - life on mars
2. The Strokes - is this it
3. Elmore James - rollin and tumblin
4. Fleshtones - communication breakdown
5. Devo - gut feeling
6. Windsor For The Derby - praise
7. West Indian Girl - what are you afraid of?
8. Buckwheat Zydeco - in the summertime
9. Ween - tastes good on the bun
10. Paul Lamb - whoopin'
11. Calvin Johnson - rabbit blood
12. Velvet Underground - white light / white heat
13. Violent Femmes - american music
14. Devandra Banhart - long haired child
15. Nico - these days
16. Nouvelle Vague - love will tear us apart
17. Rolling Stones - sympathy for the devil
18. Bob Dylan - leopard skin pillbox hat
19. Unknown - I sing about blue
SEPTEMBER 29, 2005 (303)
1. Bobby Lewis - tossin and turnin
2. Bruce Springsteen - badlands
3. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - all tomorrow's parties
4. Nancy Sinatra - it ain't me babe
5. Ween - someday
6. Nada Surf - in the mirror
7. Stiff Little Fingers - alternative ulster
8. Chuck Berry - 30 days
9. Koko Taylor - wang dang doodle
10. Soft Boys - I wanna destroy you
11. Bob Dylan - maggie's farm
12. Deerhoof - longtime capsule
13. Jerry Lee Lewis - breathless
14. Go Home Productions - a slim mcshady
15. New Order - krafty
16. Replacements - I will dare
17. The Monkees - listen to the band
18. Belle and Sebastian - me and the major
19. R.E.M. - can't get there from here
SEPTEMBER 30, 2005 (303)
MACARTHUR PARK day, all covers of this great song in honor of Richard Harris's birthday!!!
1. Jimmy Webb
2. The Assembled Multitude
3. Frank Sinatra
4. Chet Atkins
5. Hybrid Kids
6. Hugo Montenegro
7. Beggar's Opera
8. Donna Summers
9. Waylon Jennings
10. Templeton Twins
11. Sammy Davis, Jr.
12. Percy Faith Orchestra
13. Ukele Orchestra of Great Britain
14. Richard Harris

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Shuffle Function: Turning Dreams Into Reality!!!

Hey - what are you doing on Friday?
Richard Harris represents a number of different things to different people. To some he was King Arthur in Camelot, or perhaps a man called "Horse". More recently, to the kids, he is Dumbledore from the Harry Potter movies. Then again, maybe you could never tell him apart from any of the other actors with a British accent who loved to booze it up. But to me Richard Harris has been one thing and one thing only, the man who sang MacArthur's Park. This Saturday is his birthday, and Shuffle Function will be celebrating on Friday with TWO HOURS OF MACARTHUR'S PARK COVERS!!!!!
I am unable to explain my obsession with this song, or rather my attempts end up sounding like William Shatner speaking Esperanto, ridiculous and nonsensical. I can tell you this though - I have always wanted to play this song on the radio, and co-hosting Shuffle Function has allowed me the opportunity to do so. Sometime after the morning show started, it became our habit to sing along with Mr. Harris whenever MacArthur's Park was requested. This Friday will be no exception.
If this too has always been your dream - singing along with a couple of music geeks to the finest song ever made, MacArthur's Park - then be sure to join us at KMSU this Friday (Sept. 30th) at 7:40ish for the grand finale. We will end that day with Richard Harris's version, and we hope it will be a sing along that will rock the roof off of the station!!! So grab your musical instrument of choice, your singing voice and 5 to 10 of your closest friends and neighbors and head up to the KMSU studio this Friday morning. We're thinking we will have a birthday cake (melting in the rain? I don't think so but I won't make any promises) available as well. A little sugar rush always helps the singing voice.
So we hope to see you on Friday, email us or give us a call at the station if you have any questions. I've got to go now , I have MacArthur's Park songs to compile!!!


Friday, September 23, 2005

SHUFFLE FUNCTION PLAYLIST for Sept. 19 - 23, 2005

SEPTEMBER 19, 2005 (295)
talk like a pirate day!!!
1. Adam Ant - stand and deliver
2. The Sterns - exit stategy
3. The Spectors - rhubarb ruby
4. Gram Parsons - $1,000 dollar wedding
5. Troubled Hubble - the do, the build, the house
6. B52's - hero worship
7. Nada Surf - concrete bed
8. Stephen Malkmus - the hook
9. X - burning house of love
10. David Bowie - queen bitch
11. Beach Boys - sloop john b
12. Roaring 60's - we love the pirates
13. Joe Strummer and Johnny Cash - redemption song
14. Keith Richards - take it so hard
15. LCD Soundsystem - loosing my edge
16. Replacements - red red wine
17. Beatles - octopus's garden
18. Kinks - lola
19. Flying Burritto Brothers - hot burritto #2
20. Leaving Trains - dumb as a crayon
21. KC and The Sunshine Band - shake shake shake your booty
22. They Might Be Giants - down to the bottom of the sea
23. Velvet Underground - the ocean
SEPTEMBER 20, 2005 (296)
1. Afghan Whigs - uptown again
2. The Stooges - no fun
3. Devo - were through being cool
4. Frank Black - sing for joy
5. John Doe - hwy 5
6. The Smiths - stop me if you think that you've heard this one before
7. They Might Be Giants - in the middle in the middle in the middle
8. Bunky - funny like the moon
9. Jimmy Reed - I ain't got you
10. The Feelies - everybody's got something to hide (except me and my monkey)
11. 5,6,7,8's - I'm blue
12. Harvey Danger - cream and bastards rise
13. Blanket Music - press conference
14. Olivia Tremor Control - silver bug
15. Deerhoof - scream team
16. Old Time Relijiun - los angeles
17. The beakers - figure 21
18. Brian Jonestown Massacre - not if you were the last dandy
19. New York Dolls - personality crisis
20. Dandy Warhols - down like disco
21. Mike Williamson with the Ron Peterson trio
22. Guided BY Voices - buzzards and dreadful crows
SEPTEMBER 21, 2005 (297)
1. Laura Viers - black gold blues
2. Dave Alvin - hwy 61 revisited
3. Led Zeppelin - traveling riverside blues
4. Leonard Cohen - closing time
5. Scrabble - senna song
6. Amen Corner - expressway to your heart
7. Joan Jett - pretty vacant
8. Johnny Cash and Nick Cave - cindy
9. Wedding Present - red shoes by the drugstore
10. Leonard Cohen - everybody knows
11. Joe Meek - globetrotter
12. Gene Vincent - temptation baby
13. Band Of Bees - punchbag
14. Husker Du - she's a woman and now he's a man
15. Modern Lovers - she cracked
16. Bob Dylan - baby let me follow you down
17. INXS - this time
18. Devo - freedom of choice
19. Muddy Waters - blues had a baby and they named it rock n roll
20. Richard Swift - as I go
21. Ben Hall - dream baby
SEPTEMBER 22, 2005 (298)
1. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - get ready for love
2. Saturday Looks Good To Me - lift me up
3. Supergrass - kick in the teeth
4. Happy Mondays - step on
5. My Bloody Valentine - lose my breath
6. The Smiths - the queen is dead
7. Johnny Cash - five feet high and rising (in german)
8. Loretta Lynn - portland, oregon
9. Subsonics - electricity
10. Devo - satisfaction
11. Old Time Relijiun - king of nothing
12. Quintron - place unknown
13. When Girls Collide - talk to me
14. Jonathan Richman - vampire girl
15. Pastor John Rydgren - music to watch girls by
16. Deerhoof - o'malley, former underdog
17. Stereolab - noise of carpet
18. Sleater-Kinney - rollercoaster
19. Hillstomp - shake it
20. White Stripes - the denial twist
21. Ann Cole - I've got nothing working
22. Greg Dulli - so tight
23. Paul Westerberg - make your own kind of music
24. Wilburn Brothers - trouble back in town
25. David Brent - freelove freeway
SEPTEMBER 23, 2005 (299)
1. MC5 - shakin' street
2. Emporer X - edgeless
3. Diggable Planets - rebirth of slick
4. Bruce Springsteen - badlands
5. Iggy Pop - nightclubbing
6. Her Space Holiday - a match made in texas
7. Humphrey Lyttleton - bad penny blues
8. Bruce Springsteen - adan raised a caine
9. Ray Charles - mess around
10. The Smiths - panic
11. Oasis - my generation
12. Gary Strivent - something
13. Dead Kennedys - let's lynch the landlord
14. Louie Louie - the touchey
15. The Magic Numbers - long legs
16. Teen Anthem - I hate oasis and the beatles
17. M - pop music
18. Pere Ubu - birdies
19. The Spectors - oh, how to do now
20. Dressy Bessy - she like it
21. Leonard Nimoy - everybodys talkin'

Friday, September 16, 2005


SEPTEMBER 12, 2005 (290)
1. Ben Folds Five - narcolepsy
2. Terry Reid - speak now or forever hold your peace
3. The Noel Gilpin Emporium - will you miss me when I'm dead
4. The Monkees - (I'm not your) stepping stone
5. Johnny Cash - ring of fire
6. Taj Mahal - ain't that a lot of love
7. Her Space Holiday - forever and a day
8. Dim Stars - the night is coming soon
9. Free Design - (2002) a hit song
10. The Legendary Satrdust Cowboy - radar
11. The Knitters - burning house of love
12. The Rolling Stones - sway
13. Greg Dulli - cigarettes
14. Jandek - crack a smile
15. Jeff Tweedy - crack a smile
16. Rush - red barachetta
17. Langley Schools Music Project - space oddity
18. XTC - making plans for nigel
19. Johnny Cash - guess things happen that way
20. Ben Folds Five - best imitation of myself
SEPTEMBER 13, 2005 (291)
1. The Shins - know your onion
2. The Cribs - hey scenesters!
3. Guided By Voices - we've got airplanes
4. Los Temperanos - me atropaste
5. Magic Numbers - morning 11
6. Johnny Cash - 13
7. Alaska! - kiss you
8. Sonic Youth - beat on the brat
9. Yo La Tengo - sugarcube
10. John Cale - fear is a man's best friend
11. Jimmy Scott - sycamore trees
12. David Bowie - I took a trip on a gemini spacecraft
13. The Brakes - all night disco party
14. Grant Lee Phillips - smile
15. Iggy Pop and Debbie Harry - will did you ever?
16. Spinal Tap - rainy day sun
17. Joy Division - transmission
18. Bee Gees - lonely days
SEPTEMBER 14, 2005 (292)
1. Sweet Trip - chocolate matter
2. Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - a normal suburban lifestyle is nearly impossible when you've fallen in love with an international spy
3. Wolf Parade - you are a runner and I am my father's son
4. Ben Kweller - I need you back
5. Bob Mould - best thing
6. Hockey Night - for guy's eyes only
7. Maximo Park - kiss you better
8. John Cale - you know more than I know
9. Belle and Sebastian - lazy line painter jane
10. Viva Voce - alive with pleasure
11. Big Star - thirteen
12. Supergrass - going out
13. The Monkees - mary mary
14. Spoon - sister jack
15. Dressy Bessy - stop foolin'
16. Jandek - naked in the afternoon
17. Half Japanese - movin on up
18. Michael Yonkers - kill the enemy
19. The Clash - police on my back
20. Devo - the day my baby gave me a big suprise
21. Lashes - death by mixtape
22. Ramones - bonzo goes to bitburg
SEPTEMBER 15, 2005 (293)
1. Steve Martin - king tut
2. Her Space Holiday - forever and a day
3. Afghan Whigs - mr. superlove
4. Sonic Youth - I know there's an answer
5. Rolling Stones - (doo doo doo doo doo) heartbreaker
6. Lou Reed and The Roughnecks - you're driving me insane
7. Warren Zevon w/Bruce Springsteen - disorder in the house of love
8. The Capes - wound tightly
9. The Soft Boys - rock n roll toilet
10. Iggy and The Stooges - 1969
11. The Four Wheels - cold 45
12. The Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain - smells like teen spirit
13. U.F.O. - too hot to handle
14. Buzzcocks - what do I get?
15. John Lee Hooker - boom boom boom
16. Red Shadow and The Economic Rock N Roll Band - anything good
17. Louis Taylor - till the morning light (pop song)
18. Whale - hobo humpin slobo babe
19. Bob Dylan and The Band - ballad of a thin man
20. Belle and Sebastian - if feeling sinister
SEPTEMBER 16, 2005 (294)
1. Roy Orbison - in dreams
2. They Might Be Giants - till my head falls off
3. Servotron - red robot refund (the ballad of rs-d4)
4. James Kochalka Superstar - monkey vs robot
5. Jello Biafra and The Melvins - enchanted thoughtfist
6. T Rex - 20th century boy
7. The Cherry Valence - my little piece of the pie
8. Tommy Roe - jam up and jelly tight
9. The Fall - I can hear the grass grow
10. Dorothy (evetybody's mom) - hey look me over
11. Sonic Youth - kool thing
12. Vaselines - molly's lips
13. Deerhoof - chatterboxes
14. Deerhoof - twin killers
15. Deerhoof - running thoughts
16. Deerhoof - vivid cheek love song
17. Deerhoof - o'malley, former underdog
18. The Rolling Stones - rocks off
19. Terry Reid - rich kid blues
20. Al Dimeola, John Mclaughlin and Paco De Lucia - meditteranean sundance/ rio ancho
21. Daniel Johnston - casper the friendly ghost
22. Pixies - dig for fire

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Gang, Monday the 19th of September is national Talk Like A Pirate Day. We're going to attempt to keep the pirate thing going well past the point of annoying, and we'd like you all to join in. Go to and brush up on your pirate speak. This will be important, because we will only accept requests if you talk like a pirate. If you send a request via the internets, you must write it as though a pirate were writing it. Very simple. All non-pirate sounding requests will be DENIED!


Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Guys... guys guys guys... I'm so depressed. After three long months of reruns I was all set to watch the premiere of Gilmore Girls Season Six AND THE STUPID VCR DIDN'T TAPE IT!!!! I had to work the day job required to support my radio habit and the VCR didn't tape. I checked the stupid thing like five times. Unbelievable.

Hey, I don't suppose you taped it and can float a desperate guy a copy for a few days? If so, please e-mail me at I would be completely grateful and could probably scrounge up some mix cds or something as a thank you.



UPDATE: Thanks to Mary for taking pity on me and loaning me her personal copy of the Season Six premiere. You are my hero. Prepare to be showered in gratitude.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Shuffle Function Playlist for Sept 5 - 9, 2005

SEPTEMBER 5, 2005 (285)
Labor Day rebroadcasts of the Pop Music Pajama Parties
1. The Covers Show
2. Guitar Wolf Show
3. The Band Show
4. Joy Division Show
SEPTEMBER 6, 2005 (286)
1. Bob Mould - any more time between
2. The Brakes - I can't stand to stand beside you
3. Bo Diddley - another sugar baby
4. Rolling Stones - look what the cat dragged in
5. The Stereotypes - no left overs
6. Siouxsie and The Banshees - dazzle
7. Franz Ferdinand - do you want to
8. The Spectors - when the girl of your dreams
9. B.J. Snowden - new brunswick
10. The Cribs - the new fellas
11. The Soft Boys - underwater moonlight
12. Eux Autres - le project citron
13. Old Time Relijion - your mama used to dance
14. The Sonics - You've got your head on backwards
15. The Stooges - tv eye
16. The Rolling Stones - rough justice
17. Hasil Adkins - she said
18. Subsonics - electricity
19. The Argonauts - ten feet tall
20. B.J. Snowden - from the chapel to the court room
21. The 88 - battle scar
22. The Cure - boys don't cry
SEPTEMBER 7, 2005 (287)
1. Rolling Stones - little t and a
2. Dandy Warhols - down like disco
3. Modern Lovers - modern world
4. The Jam - beat surrender
5. Flotation Toy Warning - happy 13
6. Led Snooplin - drop i like it's a whole lotta hot
7. Nico - janitor of lunary
8. General Elektriks - time to undress
9. Marvelos - I do
10. Fiona Apple - o'sailor
11. Grantchester Meadow - candlelight
12. New Pornographers - queen cinema
13. The Catch - between friends
14. Syd Barrett - baby lemonade
15. John Cale - paris 1919
16. Rolling Stone - midnight rambler
17. XTC - earn enough for us
18. Beck - girl
19. Mic IN Track - ice cream man
SEPTEMBER 8, 2005 (288)
1. Super Furry Animals - the horn
2. Talking Heads - the good thing
3. Of Montreal - wraith pinned to the mist and other games
4. Whiskey Biscuit - santa ana river delta blues
5. The Who - my generation (live at Leeds)
6. Joe Meek - telstar demo
7. Windsor The Derby - praise
8. The Fall - I can hear the grass grow
9. The Knitters - in this house that I call home
10. Lori - daredevil lover
11. James Kochalka Superstar - copenhagen china box
12. Stereolab - french disco
13. Stephen Merritt - one april day
14. Harvey Danger - cream and bastards rise
15. The Buzzcocks - ever fallen in love (with someone you shouldn't have)
16. Oranger - crooked in the weird catacombs
17. Acid House Kings - 7 days
SEPTEMBER 9, 2005 (289)
1. Husker Du - celebrated summer
2. The Raveonettes - beat city
3. British Sea Power - please stand up
4. Quiet Melon - early roller machine 444
5. Duplex - yr mama
6. Lou Rawls - you've made me so very happy
7. Ozzy Osbourne - crazy train
8. Rocky Erickson and The Aliens - bloody hammer
9. Otis Redding - try a little tenderness
10. Unamed artists - I'm dressing myself
11. The Beatles - paperback writer
12. Fiery Furnaces - I wish I was single again
13. William Shatner and Henry Rollins - I can't get behind that
14. Sex Pistols - submission
15. Devo - girl u want
16. Enoch Light - working in a coalmine
17. Group Sounds - 1,000 phone calls
18. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - there she goes my beautiful world
19. Led Zeppelin - communication breakdown
20. Spinal Tap - tonight I'm gonna rock you tonight
21. Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger and The Trinity - this wheels on fire

Saturday, September 03, 2005


Lately we've been getting a rash of spam showing up in the comments portion of the blog post. Please be assured that any comments being deleted by "the adminstrators" are not legitimate listener comments. They are, in fact, trying to sell herbal enhancements or some other lame spam type thing. Apologies for this sort of thing. We're dealing with them as they come up. If the problems persist we may have to eliminate anonymous posting of comments, which just means you'll need to either e-mail us at or register with blogger to comment.

We just heard from B.J. Snowden and we're trying to set up a time to interview her and find out about her experience on national TV. We'll keep you posted.

With communications being chaotic in the gulf comes the loss of contact with loved ones and friends. For a while Fats Domino was missing, but now he's been located. We've just found out that Alex Chilton (The Box Tops, Big Star, namesake of Replacements song, producer of The Cramps, etc.) is missing. He has a home in the part of New Orleans that was flooded when the levee broke, and before that he was refusing to leave town.

This doesn't mean the worst has happened. It just means he could be in a situation that countless others are in. No home and no way to contact others. The fact that he's Alex Chilton doesn't make his situation any more critical or urgent than the other folks that are in need at this moment. He's just being mentioned because of the high music geek factor. Keep him and everyone in your thoughts right now.

Incidentally, that blurb thing about the show that we had to write for the station pamphlet? You guys get major credit in it as "the bottomless resources of the music geek community". Seriously, the show and KMSU are nothing with out your support. We'd be idiots to not give you the kind of recognition you deserve.

Thanks for everything!



I hope everybody got to see B.J. Snowden on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Friday night. She was wonderful, and I can't stress that enough. We've been playing her music on the show for years, so to see her performing live for the first time was sort of overwhelming and emotional, particularly with it being such vast exposure. If you dig B.J.'s music as much as we do, head on over to and find out more about her. She has her music for sale there, as well as t-shirts. I wear mine with pride.

This coming Labor Day Shuffle Function will not be live. We will, however, be airing all four of our 2005 Pop Music Pajama Parties. The first two will air from six to eight, then a BBC Break, then the last two will air from nine to eleven. This will give the nighttime listeners a chance to catch any they missed, and the a.m. listeners a chance to hear Shuffle Function at its most self indulgent.

After the Pop Music Pajama Parties you are going to want to stay tuned for an amazing four hour Johnny Cash radio documentary put out in conjunction with the new boxed set that was just released.

Labor Day. Also, The Legendary Stardust Cowboy's birthday.

Who knew it was such a kick ass day for music?


Friday, September 02, 2005

Get Yr Late Night T.V. On

Hey everybody -
We have some important news to pass along - B.J. Snowden just called to tell us that she will be on the Jimmy Kimmel show tonight (Friday Septeber 2) at 11 pm on ABC. She is one of our favorite musicians, long time listeners might recall our second anniversary show that we did with her. She loves Canada, and her family, and after seeing her perform live tonight I promise that you will fall in love with her.
(sidenote: also on tonight's Jimmy Kimmel show - the fellas from Comedy Central's show Stella!!! And my friend David's favorite comic stylist, Sarah Silverman.)


Shuffle Function Playlist for Aug 29 - Sept 2, 2005

AUGUST 29, 2005 (281)
1. Sonic Youth - teenage riot
2. Velvet UNderground - what goes on
3. Lori - one zero zero
4. A Frames - death train
5. Charlie Feathers - stutterin' cindy
6. The Cramps - I can't hardly stand it
7. X - see how we are
8. Johnny Cash - jackson
9. Bob Dylan - talkin world war III blues
10. Sam Champion - company dance
11. Velvet Underground - rock n roll
12. Talking Heads - this must be the place (naive melody)
13. Santo and Johnny - summertime
14. Super Furry Animals - back on a roll
15. Velvet Underground - run run run
16. Public Image Ltd. - public image
17. New Pornographers - the jessica numbers
18. The Cure - a forest
19. Acid House Kings - 7 days
20. The Birds - leaving here
AUGUST 30, 2005 (282)
1. Bob Dylan - when I got troubles
2. Greg Dulli - cigarettes
3. Pernice Brothers - there goes the sun
4. Black Neil Diamond - I'm a believer
5. The Coral - she sings the morning
6. The Beatles - sexy sadie
7. The 13th Floor Elevators - slip inside this house
8. The Spectors - I fell in love
9. The Legendary Stardust Cowboy - new jersey turnpike
10. Sonics - louie louie
11. Hippocamp - god only knows
12. Fiery Furnaces - seven silver curses
13. Bob Dylan - ballad of a thin man
14. Rush - free will
15. Undertones - teenage kicks
16. Mindy Carson - my sweet watusi
17. Tom Waits - johannisburg, illinois
18. Johnny Cash - when a man comes around
19. Ben Hall - dream baby
AUGUST 31, 2005 (283) RICK + KRISTIN are Program Directors For A Day!!!
1. Simon and Garfunkel - wednesday morning 3 a.m.
2. Replacements - bastards of young
3. Replacements - skyway
4. Crosby Stills Nash and Young - helpless
5. Janis Joplin - mercedes benz
6. Ani Di Franco - do re mi
7. Harry Mclintock - big rock candy mountain
8. Demolition Doll Rods - big rock candy mountain
9. Jeff Buckley - last goodbye
10. Jeff Buckley - the sky is a landfill
11. Mercedes Sosa - maria maria
12. " " - gracia a lavida
13. " " - todo cambio
14. " " - solo le pido a dios
15. Keith Richards - struggle
16. Bob Dylan - tweedle dee tweedle dum
17. Luis Enrique Mejia Godoy - nicaraguita
18. " " - traditional folk song
19. Rolling Stones - spider and the fly
20. Crosby Stills Nash and Young - almost cut my hair
21. Gustavo Santaolalla - al otro lado del rio
SEPTEMBER 1, 2005 (284)
1. Linda and Richard Thompson - I wanna see the bright lights tonight
2. Heavy Blinkers - gentle strength
3. Paul Westerberg - whatever makes you happy
4. The Haunted - 1.2.5.
5. David Bowie - let's spend the night together
6. Frank Black - black rider
7. Neil Diamond - red red wine
8. Bob Mould - best thing
9. Television - friction
10. Otis Redding - shake
11. Beck - summergirl
12. Go Home Productions - god save madonna
13. Sonny Boy Williamson - fattening frogs for snakes
14. Harry Nillson - jump in the fire
15. LCD Soundsystem - I'm loosing my edge
16. Loudon Wainwright - doctor
17. Norweigan Rocky Horror Picture Show Theater Troupe - hot patootie
18. Reverend Horton Heat - big red rocket of love
19. Bee Gees - lights of broadway
20. National Lampoon Radio Hour - flash bazbo, space explorer
21. Big Star - life in white
22. Tom Waits - kentucky evenue
SEPTEMBER 2, 2005 (285)
1. The Pugs - mari in love
2. The Specials - rat race
3. The 101ers - letsagetabitarockin'
4. Music Explosion - little bit of soul
5. Four Volts - heartworm (ooh ooh song)
6. Greg Dulli - pussywillow
7. Stereotypes - emily
8. Thee Headcoatee - you say that you love me
9. The MC5 - ramblin rose
10. Public Enemy - bring the noise
11. Charles Wright and The 103rd St Rythym Band - express yourself
12. Legendary Stardust Cowboy - play my guitar
13. The Knitters - born to be wild
14. Stiff Little Fingers - suspect device
15. The Numbers - drunk with pain
16. Think - once you understand
17. New Order - age of consent
18. Sam Champion - company dance
19. Roxy Music - virginia plain
20. Frank Black - honeycomb
21. Jeff Tweedy - crack a smile
22. Giant Drag - kevin is gay
23. Rolling Stones - all down the line
24. Tralala - all fired up
25. Stumpus Maximus and The Good Ol Boys - release me

Thursday, September 01, 2005


...well, I forget what he said, but it was done with a fax.

Before I get into anything, I want to draw your attention to the Red Cross webpage. They are taking donations to aid in the relief efforts for the Hurricane Katrina recovery. It will be quite a while before life in the gulf returns to something resembling normalcy, and some areas like New Orleans may never resemble their former selves. That time your basement flooded seems pretty trivial at a time like this, doesn't it? Please consider donating to the relief effort. If you follow the news then you know that the situation is critical. If we come across any more information regarding needed assistance we'll post it.

I'm not sure how you follow something like that, so I guess times like these call for both action and distraction. How 'bout some links to stuff?

Gosh, it wouldn't hardly be a Shuffle Function blog post without some droning and ponderous meditation on Jandek. If you don't know about Jandek, then click on the link to your right and all your questions will be answered with more questions. If you are in the know then you know that he's playing his first ever live U.S. dates and just played in Austin at the Scottish Rite Masonic Theater. Click HERE to read a review from Austin. The reviews on the Jandek mailing list range from puzzled to ecstatic, but that's par for the course in Jandekland. Incidentally, if you are interested in joining a community filled with fans of Jandek, click HERE. The discussion is always interesting and sometimes so serious it is hilarious.

Tiki Bar TV is funny funny stuff. If you dig your booze and bartending mixed with short skits, then visit the Tiki Bar. Every month (almost) you get a new recipe for some strange and wonderful drink, accompanied by charming and apparently inebriated hosts. Their description of the show is as follows: "I am a show made by sophisticated misfits in someone's bachelor pad. An apartment turned into a bar; no need to ever leave. There is a strange van parked outside that I think is the FCC. We're not coming out without a fight." Remember, only freshly squeezed lime juice, never from a can, you f***ing savage.

If you like your films less than perfect, less than budgeted, or from the road less traveled, Exclamation Mark's B-movie Reviews is a nice place to stop. One of life's great pleasures (or at least one of my great pleasures) is finding someone with a profound appreciation of really weird stuff. Really weird movies. Really weird music. Someone that can discuss a film like Invasion Of The Blood Farmers like it is Citizen Kane. That is a good person. A person that you know will take the time to feed your cats when you are out of town because, well, obviously they have nothing better to do with their time.

Irwin Chusid's has his latest updates on the forthcoming Shooby Taylor CD. Shooby's songs have been a favorite around the Shuffle Function Conglomoplex since day one and we've been following his saga from anonymity, to discovery, to death, to life on CD the whole time. This part of the saga involves the retrieval of the actual master tapes from the late great Human Horn's son (complete with pictures) and runs right up to present. Currently, Absolutely Kosher is in the process of obtaining the rights to the songs that Shooby "scatted in tongues" over, which are owned by mom and pop labels (Chusid's words) like Sony, EMI, Universal, Warner, etc. It is proving to be time consuming, so the projected fall release has been pushed to Spring 2006. Hopefully. Anyway, you can see the tenative track listing on this post. If you are hungry for the Shooby that is already in circulation, go to for your fix.

The Sound Unseen film festival begins October 7th in the Twin Cities. This is an annual festival devoted to films, both fiction and non-fiction, that revolve around music. Every year the line up is stellar and you are bound to stumble across at least one documentary you've been reading about in the music geek rags for the past year. Some of the more notable events on this year's calendar include DJ Spooky's remix of D.W. Griffith's Birth of a nation; 930 F Street, a documentary about Washington DC's equivalent to First Avenue (this is also screening with a Mission of Burma doc); a remasted print of Born To Boogie, the T. Rex concert film; a director's cut of The Brian Epstein Story; The Myth, which is about Nick Cave and the sometimes intense level of fandom a celebrity of his nature can have; and my personal wanna-see, Derailroaded: Inside The Mind of Larry "Wild Man" Fischer.

Check out the schedule. There's a ton of great films for every taste.

That's it for now. Once again, please consider donating to The Red Cross relief efforts. We all need to pull together in times like these.