Friday, December 30, 2005


Hey everyone! Hope you had an excellent holiday season. It was particularly draining around this neck of the woods. Between the show, prepping a bunch of cool new KMSU stuff for 2006, working our actual "pay the bills" gigs, and holiday prep for families and what not, we are completely exhausted. Nothing that a buttload of sleep and a wild New Years Eve shouldn't take care of, but still...

Anyway, sorry for the lack of updates on the blog. Between all the previously mentioned, my wedding to plan, my bride to murder, and Guilder to blame for it... I'm swamped. So, as an act of good faith, here are a bunch of special links for special people... like you!

Also, I hope you caught the Princess Bride reference in the last part. I don't advocate murder, passing the buck, and particularly marriage. STAY IN SCHOOL, KIDS!

Sure, we all love Laverne and Shirley, but what would they look like if they were members of Kiss? Now we can all sleep better at night, because the answer is at KISS your face! Finally, we can see what our favorite celebrities would look like if they were members of the Kiss Army. My favorites are the ones that have so many people that the artist actually has to use the make-up of later members of the group, as well as early prototype make up. I'm talking about The Brady Bunch, kids, so check them out!

The Beatles used to show their appreciation for their fan club members by sending them an annual Christmas flexidisc filled with Season's Greetings and tomfoolery. Most are filled with the expected Beatles hi-jinx, but the most interesting ones are from 1966 and 1967, when they created full on radio style productions. Also, look for an appearance of Tiny Tim in one of the later ones. I forget which one. Full cover art and recordings are found here.

Oh, the glorious days of photocopied show flyers! I still have a few from the scene here in Mankato, but the folks at shavedneck have assembled an interesting collection of flyers from Arizona and L.A. X and The Germs on the same night. Wow.


I have no idea what all that "all y'all" business is about, but I do know a thing or two about Pia Zadora! I know that I don't get her, and I know that her first film appearance was Santa Claus Conquers The Martians. The movie is wonderful because is just sucks so bad. It does, however, have a kick ass theme song. Also, it is available to download at After you are done with this little gem, nose around the website for other treasures like their vast collection of industrial and educational short films. Duck and Cover, anyone? Also, dig this film...

What's not to love about Peter Lorre? You don't need to answer. I think he's always a blast to watch, though. Here's the classic german film M, available at your leisure. Don't even get Aleister Scrimm started on this film.

No, I will not quit wasting your time! Wasting time is what the internet is all about! Having said that, I have to say that anything with zombies and George Romero involved in it is not a waste of time. Case in point: Night Of The Living Dead. You haven't seen this yet? You living under a rock or something? I don't want to hear all this crap about slow moving zombies not being scary or anything. Jeez. Does everything have to be high speed with a Nu Metal soundtrack?
And yeah, you can pick this up for a buck just about anywhere that sells really cheap Public Domain DVDs. Still... Uh... this one is in Flash.

Here's an honest to goodness article about the man who invented album covers. Somebody had to do it, I guess. Let us all bow before him and then curse the shrivelled cd booklet!

The Replacements are gods. Don't even question it. Here's video proof from the Twin Tone website. Damn... were they ever that young? Were any of us? I mean, other than you guys that really are young. Obviously I'm not referring to you.

If you answered yes to the above question then you have no idea who Klaus Kinski is. Klaus is a little on the intense side. By "a little" I mean "a lot". ubuweb has a bunch of mp3s of Klaus in full on Klaus rant mode. They are in German, but you'll get the idea even if you don't speak the language. Check out the first one from his "Jesus" lectures, where he presented himself as the Messiah. After you are done you should really rent Werner Herzog's documentary "My Best Fiend: Klaus Kinski". How anybody could work with this guy is beyond me. One of my favorite scenes in this film is when Herzog is talking about how he was seriously considering having Kinski killed because he just couldn't take him anymore.

We love The Office around these parts. If you have seen it then you understand. If you haven't seen it you really should. Quite possibly the most hilarious and realistic depiction of a work environment ever. The only current TV show that makes me laugh this hard is Arrested Development. Ricky Gervais is brilliant, and now he has a podcast available though The Guardian Website. Proof Pod-sitive (sorry) that he is one of the funniest men walking.

Well, these ought to keep everyone busy well into 2006. Thanks to everyone for being so great and supporting KMSU in 2005. Let's make the coming year the music-geekiest in history!


Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Having given up any hopes of a music career of his own, Jim Stewart convinced his sister Estelle Axton to join him in the music business. The year was 1960. Together they pooled their resources and bought the building at 926 E. McLemore Avenue, an old movie theater in the heart of Memphis. Combining their two last names, STAX Records was born, and music history was never the same. Before closing their doors in 1975, musicians the likes of Otis Redding, Booker T and The MGs, The Staple Singers, Sam and Dave, Isaac Hayes, Rufus and Carla Thomas, The Bar-Kays, Wilson Pickett, Albert King, The Mar-Keys, David Porter, Johnnie Taylor, Eddie Floyd, and William Bell all graced the STAX studios, just to name a few.

Thirty years ago this Monday, December 19th, STAX was forced to close their doors forever. The studio may be gone, but the music and message of STAX never will be. Join Tim and I as we celebrate all things STAX this Monday, from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. Chuck D, of Public Enemy, says "Increasingly as we head into a soul-less millennium, all of the soul from the past rings out louder and heavier." After immersing myself into the stories and music of STAX, I couldn't agree with him anymore. Throughout the day on Monday, I guarantee that you'll find yourself dancing with Rufus Thomas one minute, finding religion with The Emotions the next, protesting social injustices with The Staple Singers after that, and ending it all by simply having your socks knocked off at the genius of Isaac Hayes. It is going to be a heck of a ride, and I ask that you tune in and celebrate STAX with us on Monday, December 19th from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Thanks - Shelley


While talking with the Legendary Stardust Cowboy on Monday, Tim happened to ask The Ledge what his plans were for the holidays. "Just another turkey sandwhich at the old 7-11 for me" was his response. That just doesn't sit right with Tim and I. Here is a man who has contributed much of his life to his music, and has received lots of hard knocks and heart aches in return. He deserves much more than this, and so we are pleased to announce that "Ledge Drive 2005" is now officially under way.
Last year we asked you to send your holiday cheer The Ledge's way - and many of you responded. His drummer was so overwhelmed with disbelief that he put all of your cards and letters into a scrapbook. We know how much this meant to The Ledge, he has told us numerous times that he feels "energized" when he hears from us Minnesotans, and this year we ask that you continue with this special Shuffle Function "Ledge Drive" tradition.
Please send your well wishes and Holiday Greetings to The Legendary Stardust Cowboy at the following address:

Norman Odam
P.O. Box 36305
San Jose, Ca.

If it is easier for you, there is also a card (made with love by Shuffle Function artisans) that you can sign at the station. You can't miss it, it's covered with cowboys. We apologize for this late notice, but don't let it stop you!!! The Ledge simply loves to hear feedback from his fans, and he won't be keeping score. If you have any questions, just drop us an e-mail or call us at the station at 507 - 389 - 5678 or 1-800 - 456 - 7810.

*******If you should happen to know of a lonely bugle that is in need of a home, boy have we got one. The Ledge has been without a bugle for a number of years, and has recently been trying to round one up. We would love to help him out with that. Drop us an e-mail or call us if you can help us out. Picture this: The Legendary Stardust Cowboy playing his song "Paralyzed" on your bugle!!! It doesn't get much better than that.

Thanks you guys -


Tuesday, December 13, 2005


DECEMBER 2, 2005 (348)
1. John Linell - montana
2. Snmnmnm - if you didn't get me anything before, why did you get me anything for christmas?
3. Blondie - hangin' on the telephone
4. Dressy Bessy - hello hello
5. Little Richard - get down with it
6. John Cale - heartbreak hotel
7. Frank Zappa - plastic people
8. Black Angels - winter 68'
9. The Kinks - you really got me
10. Booker T and The MG's - jingle bells
11. Little Richard - long tall sally
12. Howlin' Wolf - 300 pounds of joy
13. John Cale - perfect
14. Lovely Feathers - pope john paul
15. The Ruttles - doubleback alley
16. The Pixies - winterlong
17. John Cale - paris 1919
18. Million Dollar Quartet - down by the riverside
19. David Byrne - u be jesus
20. National lampoon - evil santa
21. Munkey Juice - cold cold days
22. Muddy Waters - the blues had a baby and they named it rock n roll
23. unknown - I sing about blue
24. CCR - good golly miss molly
DECEMBER 6, 2005 (349)
1. New Order - let's go (nothing for me)
2. Andrew Gold - lonely boy
3. The Sterns - ruby in paradise
4. Spoon - I turn my camera on
5. The Pugs - mari in love
6. The Rentals - friends of p
7. The casual Dots - mama's gonna make us a cake
8. Marianne faithful - desperanto
9. Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - it wasn't the same somehow
10. Quintron - love is like a blob
11. R.E.M. - can't get there from here
12. The High Strung - anything goes
13. Replacements - seen your video
14. Hockey Night - for guys eyes only
15. Stephen Malkmus - the hook
16. Pixies - la la love you baby
17. Dora Hall - satisfaction
18. Roy Orbison - go! go! go!
19. X - johnny hit and run paulene
20. James Chance - contort yourself
21. Rufuf Thomas - itch and scratch pt 1
22. The Kinks - everybody's gonna be happy
23. Modern Lovers - she cracked
24. Pixies - into the white
25. Dry Ice - mary is alone
DECEMBER 7, 2005 (350)
1. Nico - these days
2. Lifter Puller - to live and let die
3. Tom waits - warm beer, cold women
4. The La's - there she goes
5. The Spectors - rhubarb ruby
6. Ken Nordine - olive
7. Guided By Voices - echoes myron
8. Tom Waits - jockey full of bourbon
9. R.E.M. - perfect circle
10. Frank Black and The Catholics - blackrider
11. Sleater-Kinney - rollercoaster
12. Elvis Costello and The Attractions - pump it up
13. Tom Waits - I don't want to grow up
14. Arlo - nerf bear bonanza
15. The Breeders - cannonball
16. Florence Foster Jenkins - biassy
17. Tom Waits - house where nobody lives
18. Redd Blood Cells - we're gonna be friends
19. B.C. Camplight - couldn't you tell
20. Dandy warhols - minnasoter
21. Tom Waits - nobody
22. Tom Waits - ol' 55
23. Tom Waits - innocent when you dream (78)
24. Otis Redding - (sitting on) the dock of the bay
25. Booker T and The MG's - hip hug-her
26. Tom Waits - kentucky avenue
DECEMBER 8, 2005 (351)
This day marked the tragic 25th Anniversary of John Lennon's death. In tribute to the man, and his music Tim and I spun records most of the day, including for the first time ever a live Shuffle Function from 6 to 7 pm. The following is the complete playlist of the day. We want to once again thank everyone for your requests and your stories, and a special thanks to Gully for all of us his support.
1. Beatles - because
2. John Lennon - instant karma
3. Beatles - 1 after 909 (1962 version)
4. Beatles - this boy
5. John Lennon - I'm losing you
6. John Lennon - imagine (rehearsal)
7. Beatles - I am the walrus
8. John Lennon - new york city
9. Beatles - hey bulldog
10. Beatles - lucy in the sky with diamonds
11. John Lennon - number nine dream
12. Beatles - mr. moonlight
13. John Lennon - stand by me
14. Beatles - rain
15. John Lennon w/ Yoko and the Mothers of Invention - well baby please don't go
16. Beatles - bad boy
17. Beatles - dear prudence
18. John Lennon - beautiful boy
19. Beatles - rock n roll music
20. Beatles - don't let me down
21. Beatles - day in the life
22. Beatles - christmas message 1965
23. George Harrison - all those years ago
24. Beatles - everybody's got something to hide (except for me and my monkey)
25. John Lennon and The Plastic Ono Band - give me somne truth
26. Paul Westerberg - nowhere man
27. John Lennon - tight as
28. Beatles - dizzy miss lizzy
29. Plastic Ono band - blue suede shoes
30. John Lennon - watching the wheels
31. Beatles - glass onion
32. Posies - I'm looking through you
33. Beatles - leave my kitten alone
34. Beatles - julia
35. Beatles - I'm only sleeping
36. Beatles - I want you, she's so heavy
37. John Lennon - crippled inside
38. John Lennon - woman
39. Beatles - you know my name, look up the number
40. John Lennon - merry christmas (war is over)
41. John Lennon - nobody told me there'd be days like these
42. John Lennon and the Elton John Band w/Muscle Shoals Horns - I saw her standing there
43. " " " - whatever gets you through the night
44. Beatles - mr. postman
45. John Lennon - power to the people
46. Beatles - help
47. Beatles - good morning good morning
48. Beatles - helter skelter
49. John Lennon - steel and glass
50. The Quarrymen - that'll be the day
51. Beatles - strawberry fields
52. Beatles - I'll cry instead
53. Beatles - christmas message 1966
54. Beatles Medley - rip it up/shake rattle and roll/blue suede shoes
55. Beatles - don't let me down (Matt's mystery record)
56. The Dirty Mac - yer blues
57. John Lennon - I'm stepping out
58. Beatles - you've got to hide your love away
59. Beatles - ballad of john and yoko
60. Beatles - getting better
61. John Lennon - aisu asuam (I'm sorry)
62. David Bowie - fame
63. Beatles - yes it is
64. John Lennon - how do you sleep
65. Beatles - money
66. Beatles - can't buy me love
67. Beatles - baby you're a rich man
68. Beatles - all you need is love
69. Beatles - paperback writer
70. Beatles - revolution
71. Beatles - while my guitar gently weeps
72. John Lennon - mind games
73. Beatles - you'll be mine
74. Beatles - some other guy
75. John Lennon - oh yoko
76. Beatles - red sails in the sunset
77. Beatles - come together
78. John Lennon - look at me
79. Beatles - sexy sadie
80. Beatles - twist and shout
81. Beatles - free as a bird
82. Tony Sheridan w/ The Beatles - my bonnie
83. Beatles - obla di obla da
84. Beatles - slow down
85. Beatles - don't pass me buy
86. Beatles - ticket to ride
87. John Lennon - jealous guy
88. Beatles - strawberry fields (demo)
89. Beatles - tomorrow never knows
90. Beatles - hard days night (instro)
91. Yoko Ono - walking on thin ice
92. Beatles - in my life
93. John Lennon - whatever gets you through the night
94. Beatles - dizzy miss lizzy
95. John lennon - stand by me
96. Beatles - julia
97. Beatles - bad boy
98. Beatles - cry baby cry
99. John Lennon - cold turkey
100. Beatles - I am the walrus
101. John Lennon - isolation
102. Beatles - twist and shout
103. Beatles - run for your life
104. Beatles - a day in the life
DECEMBER 9, 2005 (352)
1. Ben Folds - not the same
2. Wilco - handshake drugs
3. Super Furry Animals - (rings) around the world
4. The Doves - black and white town
5. Art Brut - my little brother
6. Gang Of Four - I found that essence rare
7. LCD Soundsystem - give it up
8. Stereotypes - emily
9. Bell Orchestre - les lumieres pt 2
10. Laura Viers - secret someones
11. The darkness - girlfriend
12. Quintron - god of thunder
13. Brian Jonestown Massacre - satellite
14. Wolf parade - shine a light
15. Bikini Kill - rebel girl
16. The Stooges - I wanna be your dog
17. The Dirtbombs - stuck under my shoe
18. Replacements - I will dare
19. The Cure - in between days
20. The Rosebuds - kicks in the school yard
21. Half Japanese - movin' on up
22. Holiday - she's not the person you think you know
23. Devin davis - moon over shark city
24. Imperial - suki
25. Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players - eggs

Thursday, December 08, 2005


Thanks to everybody that called and e-mailed your requests and shared stories about John on our day long Lennon tribute Thursday. It was a long and exhausting day, but it was a dream for me and I hope you enjoyed it. Right now I'm too exhausted to dwell on it, but you'll likely hear more thanks from me on the show. You guys consistently make everything worthwhile.

Stay tuned for an entry on Shelley's upcoming day sponsor tribute to Stax Records.

Thanks again for everything!


Friday, December 02, 2005


Look! Shuffle Function has gone international! This is Philip. Philip is a long time pal of the show. Hero. Computer Wizard. Vangelis Fan. He's also doing his part to spread the Music Geek gospel around the world. Got any super groovy photos of you wearing your Shuffle Function t-shirt in exotic locals? E-mail them to and we'll make sure your statement is acknowledged!

December 8th, 1980 was a dark day for music fans. I remember exactly where I was when I heard John Lennon was killed. I had only just begun my Beatles obsession when it happened, and his death kicked it into overdrive. Morbid, I suppose, but I know I wasn't the only one that this happened to. I mean, Double Fantasy was only a lackluster seller in the weeks preceding his death and after he was gone it sold six million copies.

I was eleven at the time and a budding music geek. I began scouring flea markets for Beatles vinyl, which of course had become overpriced after that day. There was an antique show at the Madison East Mall, back when they actually had stores there. One of the tables had some old 45s and in the stack there were a couple by The Beatles. I think I paid a buck a piece for them. One was Yellow Submarine bw Eleanor Rigby, which was cool because as a kid I'd watched the film Yellow Submarine on television and had loved the song. The other single was the mystery to me. I hadn't heard either song before then, so I had no idea what to expect.

I dropped the needle on Paperback Writer and I was stopped in my tracks. No exaggeration. I remember standing in the living room of my childhood home literally stunned by the sounds I was hearing. From the a capella intro to the fuzzed out guitar (played by McCartney, I'd later find out) to that wonderful wonderful bass line, I was sold. It was all over for me. I remember actually exclaiming to my family "this is the sound I've been looking for!" When the song ended I flipped it and Rain started. A killer drum intro, more great guitar, and amazing bass (how sweet the sound).

This was the moment. I'm not kidding. If you dig through my record collection, or listen to stuff I play on the show, you'll find a pretty common thread from that moment to today. It wasn't until just recently that I realized I've been chasing that moment ever since, and that I've unconsciously been steering towards similar sounds.

This was also the moment that my priorities in life shifted. I spent all my cash building up my record collection. I picked up all the Beatles vinyl I could find, both U.S. and U.K. releases. I got a job at a record store and subsidized my habit with a low paying job that offered a discount on my addiction. I panicked when Capital announced it was discontinuing the U.S. editions of Beatles albums and only releasing the U.K. ones, so I ordered all the ones I didn't have to fill the holes before it was too late.

To this day I still carry the news clipping announcing the initial CD release of the first four Beatles albums in my wallet.

My name is Shyboy Tim and I have a problem.

Lessee... At some point this post became and autobiography. The real point of it is to announce that on December 8th I'm realizing a life long dream and devoting an entire day of radio programming to The Beatles, and more specifically John Lennon. Shelley and I will be up at the station starting at six a.m. and spinning tunes until 7 p.m. that night. Personally, I needed to mark the 25th Anniversary of John's death by doing something like this. The show is my main creative outlet, and I wanted to use it to express my grief and my respect and my total and complete fandom.

We'll be breaking for BBC News at 9 a.m., then again from 3 to 6 p.m. for World Cafe, but otherwise it'll be Shuffle Function live playing loads of Beatles and Lennon songs. It will undoubtedly be a long and exhausting day, but it will mean a lot to me and I hope it will mean a lot to you guys, too. I'm hoping that you'll help me out by calling and e-mailing your requests to us as the day goes on. I'll have everything I've scrounged up during my music geek career, and I've called in favors to fill any holes in the collection. Hopefully I won't get stumped on requests, but if I am I'll try and find something that'll fit the bill.

Anyway, Thursday, December 8th from six a.m. to seven p.m. Good tunes.



NOVEMBER 28, 2005 (343)
1. Elvis - santa claus is back in town
2. The Cribs - hey scensters
3. Johnny Thunders - chinese rocks
4. Brian Jonestown Massacre - not if you were the last dandy on earth
5. Diddley Squat - tiger lily
6. Troy Hess - christmas on the moon
7. Luscious Jackson - city song
8. Motion Sick - driving in England
9. The Clash - guns of brixton
10. Durondo - didn't I
11. XTC - senses working overtime
12. Rolling Stones - let it rock
13. Rolling Stones - miss you
14. Redd Kross - merry christmas
15. Justin Hines and The Dominoes - rub up push up
16. My Morning Jacket - anytime
17. Iggy and The Stooges - search and destroy
18. Low - when I go deaf
19. Yo La Tengo - shaker
20. Broadcast - black cat
21. Handsome Family - so much wine
22. The Sadies - translucent sparrow
NOVEMBER 29, 2005 (344)
1. They Might Be Giants - new york city
2. The Maybellines - come on
3. B52's - song for a future generation
4. The Paragons - the tide is high
5. Wilco - jesus, etc.
6. The Beatles - while my guitar gently weeps
7. American Holidays - lightning souls
8. Tiny Tim - rock around the clock
9. LCD Soundsystem - give it up
10. Awek - if you win (that's because I let you)
11. George Harrison - what is life?
12. Group Sounds - 1,000 phone calls
13. The Hold Steady - your little hood rat friend
14. Camper Van Beethoven - sweetheart
15. Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass - girl from impanema
16. The Beatles - old brown shoe
17. Rolling Stones - 2,000 light years from home
18. Morning After Girls - always mine
19. George Harrison - all thing must pass (demo)
NOVEMBER 30, 2005 (345)
1. Eux Autres - le project citron
2. Noonday Underground - london
3. John Wilkes Booze - bernadine
4. Ramblin Ambassadors - don't fear the reindeer
5. Larry Williams - dizzy miss lizzie
6. Death Cab For Cutie - christmas (baby please come home)
7. Go Home Productions - rapture riders
8. Blank Tapes - somebody new
9. Tiny Tim and The Brave Combo - stairway to heaven
10. Big D Irwin and Little Eva - I wish you a merry christmas
11. Beatles - norweigan wood
12. Free Design - my brother woody
13. Bob Dylan - seven days
14. Amii Stewart - knock on wood
15. Guitar Wolf - jet generation
16. Jonathan Richman - velvet underground
17. Waitresses - christmas wrapping
18. David Bowie - life on mars
19. Broken Social Scene - label debut
20. The Smiths - how soon is now?
DECEMBER 1, 2005 (346)
1. A.C. Newman - on the table
2. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - in this home on ice
3. Orange Alabaster Mushroom - your face is in my mind
4. The Cramps - human fly
5. Silver Jews - punks in the beerlight
6. The Rance Allen Group - lyin' on the truth
7. Sound Directions - dice game
8. Nous Non Plus - monokini
9. Bob Dylan - it's all over now, baby blue
10. Bob Mould - days of rain
11. Sloan - friendship
12. Joy Division - sister ray
13. Richard Hell and The Voidoids - love comes in spurts
14. Dead Milkmen - punk rock girl
15. Death From Above 1979 - blood on our hands
16. The Staple Singers - we've got to get ourselves together
17. Seventeen Evergreen - music is the wine
18. Supergrass - going out
19. Comet Gain - bored roar
20. The Greenhornes - it's not real
21. Giant Drag - kevin is gay
22. Johnny Cash - I still miss someone
23. Joy Division - she's lost control
DECEMBER 2, 2005 (347)
1. The Ramones - we want the airwaves
2. John Cale - in a flood
3. Velocity Girl - pop loser
4. The Who - I can't explain
5. Van Morrison - healing game
6. White Stripes - dead leaves and the dirty ground
7. Love As Laughter - idol worship
8. Prince - another lonely christmas
9. Cindy Mangsen - rudy's big adventure
10. The Backbeat Band - roadrunner
11. Red Shadow Rock n Roll Economic Band - understanding Marx
12. Judson Fountain - grabage can from thailand
13. Bobby Womak - across 110th street
14. The Impressions - people get ready
15. Replacements - I will dare
16. The Beatles - crying, waiting, hoping
17. Sun Volt - bandages and scars
18. Redd Kross - dancing queen
19. Andy Williams - it's the most wonderful time of the year
20. Atol Shah - be a toast popper
21. Elvis Presley - rock a hula baby