Saturday, December 30, 2006


Your guess is as good as mine regarding where 2006 went. I know it isn't behind the sofa.

Thank you to everyone out there that listens and supports KMSU. You guys are KMSU, and without your belief in what we do we simply could not exist. Hopefully 2007 will see the station receiving that fabled new transmitter we've been hearing so much about, as well as the installation of a boss new tower. All this spells CASH, and hopefully you'll give generously throughout the coming year.

Kudos to all of you that braved last Thursday night's airing of Robin Kahn's a capella version of Jesus Christ Superstar. Apologies to Maverick Slim who had to follow that up, but saved us all by paying tribute to the legendary James Brown.

If the pain of the Robin Kahn show wasn't enough for you, here's a link to a site where you can download the entire recording for your own listening "enjoyment". Perfect for a New Year's Eve of self loathing, or a particularly sadistic family road trip.


The files are hosted by UbuWeb. Nose around their site and you'll find all sorts of wonderful stuff that will blow your mind.

Also, did you hear the the initial high bid for The Velvet Underground acetate was a hoax? Some jerk thought it would be hilarious to run the price up. I'm sure they received coal in their stocking this year. Anyway, the disc was put up again and we didn't hear about it until towards the end of the second run. Instead of the initial $155,000 dollars it went for $22,000. Someone got one hell of a deal.

Thanks again for all your wonderful support, Music Geeks! Have a safe and wonderful new year!


Tuesday, December 26, 2006


DECEMBER 4, 2006 (605)
1. Yo La Tengo - shaker
2. Sonic Youth - Kim's chords
3. Bloodfeathers - cat can coo too
4. The Winks - slumber party let's go
5. Bonnie Prince Billy - cursed sleep
6. Velvet Underground - venus in furs
7. Brian Jonestown massacre - you better love me before I'm gone
8. Jerry Lee Lewis - high school confidential
9. Roy Orbison and The Teen Kings - go go go
10. Carl Perkins - honey don't
11. Million Dollar Quartet - down by the riverside
12. Elvis Presley - that's allright
13. Manhattan Loves Suicides - skulls
14. The Go Betweens - bye bye pride
15. Frank Zappa - sofa #2
16. Pelle Carlberg - musikbyran makes me wanna smoke crack
17. The Cure - close to me
18. The Feelies - everybody's got something to hide (except for me and my monkey)
19. Velvet Underground - european son

DECEMBER 5, 2006 (606) Day Sponsor: Tim W. idea: comedy
First hour all Firesign Theater
1. the further adventures of Nick danger
2. the golden hind
3. shoes for industry!
4. army training film
5. 40 great unclaimed melodies
6. forward into the past
7. beat the reaper!
Second hour is all National Lampoon
1. intro outer limits
2. Lemmings (side one) Woodshuck Festival Of Peace Love And Death
3. Michael O'Donoghue - what if Ed Sullivan were tortured
4. evil Santa
5. Flash bazbo space explorer: chapter 219
6. Lemmings (side two) Woodshuck Festival Of Peace Love And Death

DECEMBER 6, 2006 (607)
1. The Ventures - jingle bell rock
2. Nick Lowe - I love the sound of breaking glass
3. The Headcoatees - you say that you love me
4. LCD Soundsystem - disco infiltrator
5. The Incredible Moses Leroy - fuzzy
6. From Bubblegum To Sky - 24 hours in your deep blue jeans
7. Low Frequency In Stereo - 21
8. Sonic Youth - Reena
9. Devo - wer'e throgh being cool
10. El Vez - feliz navidad
11. Pixies - winterlong
12. Flaming Lips - the W.A.N.D.
13. Reverend Glen Armstrong - even Squeaky Fromme loves Christmas
14. Motorhead - ace of spades
15. Southern Death Cult - fat man
16. Rolling Stones - sympathy for the devil
17. Joy Division - transmission
18. Rufus Thomas - do the funky penguin pt 1
19. Tom Waits - lie to me
20. Camera Obscura - if looks could kill
21. Husker Du - you can live at home now

DECEMBER 7, 2006 (608)
1. Miles Davis - blue xmas to whom it may concern
2. Fuzztones - ward 81
3. Gram Central Station - the jam
4. The Beatles - leave my kitten alone (stereo)
5. Tom Waits - sea of love
6. Primal Scream - country girl
7. The Little Ones - lovers who uncover
8. Daniel Johnston - go
9. Tom waits - cold water
10. Peter, Bjorn and John - young folks
11. Ed Shepp - the Christmas story
12. Replacements w/Tom Waits - date to church
13. REplacements - like a rolling pin
14. Temptations - I know I'm losing you
15. Tom Waits - take the long way home
16. The Morning After Girls - always mine
17. Little Walter - my babe
18. BandAid - do they know it's christmas?
19. Tom Waits - down down down
20. Three Peas In A Pod - going out of my head

DECEMBER 8, 2006 (609) please assume stereo unless otherwise noted
1. Beatles - old brown shoe
2. The Band - it makes no difference
3. Cuided By Voices - window of my world
4. Beatles - rain
5. Of Montreal - forecast fascist future
6. John Lennon - oh Yoko
7. Damien Jurado - Denton, Tx
8. Ryan Adams - when stars go blue
9. Willie Nelson - $1,000 wedding
10. Beatles - you've got to hide your love away
11. Beatles - good morning good morning
12. John Lennon - happy Xmas (war is over)
13. Beatles - dear Prudence
14. The La's - there she goes
15. John Lennon - nobody told me
16. George harrison - all things must pass
17. Daniel Johnston - the Beatles
18. Beatles - yer blues
19. Sammy Davis, Jr. - spinning wheel
20. Beatles - I am the walrus
21. Bob Dylan - jokerman
22. Beatles - day in the life

Friday, December 08, 2006

Legendary Addresses and Nights to Remember

Happy Holidays Radio Listeners!!

If you would like to spread some of the holiday cheer around, we know of a Cowboy who would love to hear from you. Last year The Legendary Stardust Cowboy told us that the holidays were a difficult time for him, and that the best he could hope to do was to get a turkey sandwhich at the nearby 7-11. That made us very sad, and because The Ledge has done so much in the past to help us with our show, and because his music means the world to us, we ask that you include him in your holiday card mailing list. You can send your greetings to the following address:

The Legendary Stardust Cowboy
Norman Odam
P.O. Box 36305
San Jose, Ca.

We appreciate your assistance in making this special Cowboy's holiday a lot less gloomy and a whole lot brighter!!! If you would like a reply, it wouldn't hurt to include a self addressed stamped envelope. Last year some folks received Star Trek religious paraphanelia with their thank you replys - you never know what The Ledge has up his sleeve!!


THURSDAY DECEMBER 21st at 6 p.m.

It has been five years since we began celebrating Christmas with our Shuffle Function Wishlist Show, and this year we will be revisiting the ghosts of our past with a best of show. If you are unfamiliar with the wishlist concept, it is really pretty simple. Music Geeks like yourself share with us some amazing music related stories that never fail to make us wish that we were there as well. We play their story related music as well. It is an hour of radio that will give you the shivers, make you gasp, and laugh aloud, so don't miss it!!!


Thursday December 28th at 6 p.m.

We have a tradition of wrapping up the Shuffle Function year with artists other radio hosts would never dream of playing on the radio, and this year is no different. For your listening pleasure (or pain), we bring you the Jesus Christ Superstar Soundtrack, sung in it's entirety, accapela, by Robin Kahn. She is not what you'd call a "strong singer", and has also done entire albums by Patti Smith (Horses) and Carole King (Tapestry).
Programmers note: you might want to hold back eating any supper until Gary comes on at 7 p.m., at which point Gary will be sure to say "What have you done to my listening audience Shuffle Function!!???"

Friday, December 01, 2006


Wow! I remember reading about this in Rolling Stone ages ago, and now the opportunity is here for the most hardcore Velvet Underground fans to own one of the rarest and most important recordings in existance! THE ONLY KNOWN COPY OF AN ACETATE FOR THE VELVET UNDERGROUND AND NICO IS FOR SALE ON EBAY!

With only seven days left , the bidding is up to almost $22,000. The guy who found this record in a crate at a rummage sale paid around a buck for it. This is the lottery ticket of record purchases.

The Ebay page lists all the ways the tracks are different from the released Verve version. I can't help but think that the stupidly wealthy person that picks this up will put it out somehow. At least I hope they will.

Anyway, I'll take this or a tie.


UPDATE: At ten p.m. on 12/03, with five days left in the bidding, the amount is up to $105,400! Boy, you guys must REALLY want me to have this for Christmas!


NOVEMBER 27, 2006 (600)
1. Elvis Presley - blue christmas
2. Lady hawk - the dugout
3. New Standards - new pollution
4. Legendary Stardust Cowboy - who's knockin' on my door?
5. Society Of Rockets - oh, sing transformer
6. Rolling Stones - monkey man
7. Hockey Night - for guys eyes only
8. Heather Noel - santa came on a nuclear missle
9. Shout Out Louds - 100 degree
10. Big D Irwin and Little Eva - I wish you a merry christmas
11. Tom Waits - the return of Jackie and Judy
12. Television - see no evil
13. Lou Rawls - mama told me not to come
14. Petra Haden - our love was
15. Redd Kross - mary christmas
16. Viva Voce - the devil himself
17. Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass - taste of honey
18. - sanctuary's over

NOVEMBER 28, 1006 (601)
1. Englebert Humperdink - after the lovin'
2. The Akward Stage - so stupid so smart
3. Jaymay - gray or blue
4. Bob Dorough - three is a magic number
5. The Low Frequency In Stereo - big city lights
6. Siouxsie and The Banshees - spellbound
7. The Manhattan Love Suicides - indian summer
8. The Clash - the right profile
9. Sam Champion - company dance
10. Paul Butterfield Blues Band - one more heartache
11. Bob Dylan - stuck inside Mobile with the Memphis blues again
12. Andy Griffith - mama guitar
13. Devo - mongoloid
14. Elliot Smith - needle in the hay (t-shirt request)
15. Tori Amos - god (t-shirt request)
16. The Stooges - raw power
17. Tenacious D - kickapoo (t-shirt request)
18. Flamming Lips - w.a.n.d. (t-shirt request)
19. Sammy Davis, Jr. - spinning wheel

NOVEMBER 29, 2006 (602)
1. Darlene Love - baby please come home
2. James Iha and Kazu Makino - Bonnie and Clyde
3. Marlena Shaw - California soul
4. Scrabble - seen a song
5. Nina Simone - ain't got no, I got life (groovemaster remix)
6. New Order - ceremony
7. Legendary Stardust Cowboy - standing in a trashcan thinking about you
8. My Latest Novel - sister seeker, sister soul
9. George Harrison - all things must pass
10. George harrison - blow away
11. The Beatles w/Tiny Tim - 1968 Christmas greeting
12. The Damned - new rose
13. The Only Ones - another girl another planet
14. Home For The DEaf - cave in on you/european jewel (incomplete)
15. Joy Zipper - held the hand
16. Sonic Youth - santa doesn't cop out on dope
17. John Cale - woman

NOVEMBER 30, 2006 (603)
1. David Bowie and Bing Crosby - little drummer boy/peace on earth
2. Sugar - believe what your'e saying
3. Blessed Light - suzanne sunshine
4. Robert Pollard - serious bird woman (I love you)
5. Tom Waits - first kiss
6. Flaming Groovies - shake some action
7. The Cramps - new kind of kick
8. Stiff Little Fingers - suspect device
9. The Mountain Goats - half dead
10. Negativeland - favorite things
11. Johnny Cash - witchita lineman
12. Cat Power - crossbone style
13. Handsome Family - drunk by noon
14. and The Micronauts - birdies bouncing off windows
15. XTC - mayor of simpleton
16. Petra Haden - I can see for miles
17. Velvet Underground - what goes on
18. Paul Westerberg - good day

DECEMBER 1, 2006 (604)
1. Polyphonic Spree - happy christmas/war is over
2. Terry Reid - speak now or forever hold your peace
3. The Clean Prophets - more than enough
4. The Raveonettes - love in a trashcan
5. Go Home Production - christmas in Boston
6. Go Home Production - jet lady joe
7. Go HOme Productions - a slim mcshady
8. Robin Kahn - it's too late
9. Graham Coxon - standing on my own again
10. Stereolab - the free design
11. Go Home Production - ray of gob
12. Regina Spektor - on the radio
13. Iggy Pop - lust for life
14. Sonic Youth - the diamond sea
15. Lou Rawls - you've made me so very happy
16. The Virtues - lighten' up
17. The Walkmen - all hands and the cook
18. Matthew Celebrity Pixies - levitate me
19. Gnarls Barkley - the last time
20. Tiny Tim - rudolph the red nosed reindeer

Monday, November 27, 2006


NOVEMBER 20, 2006 (595)
1. They Might Be Giants - exquisite dead guy
2. Wilco - spiders (kidsmoke)
3. Mala Jube - pate filo
4. Junior Mance - don't cha hear me callin' to ya?
5. The Bar-Kays - son of shaft
6. From Bubblegum To Sky - the gurls and shoo bee doo wop
7. Jasper James and The Jet Set - this house
8. Josef K - heads watch
9. LCD Soundsystem - tribulations
10. Depeche Mode - never let me down again
11. Tom Waits - first kiss
12. Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band - my old boogie
13. Oasis - cigarettes and alcohol
14. Beck - nausea
15. U2 - mysterious ways
16. Pixies - dig for fire
17. Flying Burritto Brothers - wild horses

NOVEMBER 21, 2006 (596)
1. Amelia - voodoo doll
2. Pony Up - dance for me
3. Belle And Sebastian - stars of track and field
4. Pixies - debaser (live at the Paradise Theatre)
5. Dead Boy and The Elephantmen - misadventures of dope
6. Harry Merry - rock n roll postman
7. Love Is All - felt tip
8. Unknown - up up and away
9. Blue Cheer - summertime blues
10. The Haunted - 1.2.5.
11. Neil Young and Crazy Horse - down by the river
12. Fiery Furnaces - single again
13. Frank Sinatra - one for my baby
14. Baby Shambles - monkey casino
15. Bang Gang - find what you get
16. Elvis Costello - 13 steps lead down
17. Larry Storch - I'm walkin'

NOVEMBER 22, 2006 (597)
1. The Beatles - yer blues (stereo)
2. Guided By Voices - everybody thinks I'm a raincloud when I'm not looking
3. Secret Machines - alone, jealous and stoned
4. Lemonheads - Poughkeepsie
5. Sereena mannish - drain cosmetics
6. Sparklehorse - don't take my sunshine away
7. The Tallest - sunny beach
8. Tullycraft - secretly Minnesotan
9. Yo La Tengo - sugarcube
10. The Beatles - cry baby cry (stereo)
11. Talking Heads - found a job
12. B52's - song for a future generation
13. Beat Happening - otherside
14. Bikini Kill - rebel girl
15. Camper Van Beethoven - Jack Ruby
16. Kelley Stoltz - ever thought of coming back
17. Robyn Hitchcock and The Venus 3 - underground sun
18. Paul Westerberg - first glimmer

NOVEMBER 23, 2006 (598)
hour one:
Shuffle Function Radio Roulette from the October 28th 6pm show that aired
hour two:
Shuffle Function radio Roulette (the second unaired show, released from the Shuffle Function vaults for your Thanksgiving listening pleasure)

NOVEMBER 24, 2006 (599)
In honor of Nick Drake's death day, and the busiest shopping day of the year, we bring you only the music of Nick Drake today. Enjoy, and chill out as well!!
1. time of no reply
2. at the chime of a city clock
3. day is done
4. rider on the wheel
5. things behind the sun
6. may fair
7. one of these things first
8. place to be
9. black eyed dog
10. fruit tree
11. northern sky
12. pink moon
13. hazy Jane pt. 2
14. river man
15. fly
16. three hours
17. fruit tree
18. man in a shed
19. made to love magic
20. parasite
21. tow the line
22. saturday sun

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Have a great Thanksgiving, everybody! We won't be live on Thursday a.m., but we have some special programming all lined up. You remember how this past October we recorded two Shuffle Function Radio Roulettes because the first attempt was so brutal? You remember how the second attempt was also brutal, so we flipped a coin to figure out which show to unleash? Well, we're presenting both sides of the coin on Thursday! The aired show will be on at six a.m., followed by the unaired show at 7 a.m. Listen to our desperate attempts to stay enthusiastic during the second show, and you'll know what beaten radio folks sound like.

Also, Saturday is the 32nd anniversary of Nick Drake's death, so to honor him and to ease us into the psychotic shopping frenzy we're playing only Nick Drake Friday morning. You can't go wrong with anything by the man, but send your favorites to and we'll try and get them into the playlist.

Have a terrific holiday! Remember to drive and eat safely.


Friday, November 17, 2006


NOVEMBER 13, 2006 (590)
Jeremiah is the Day Sponsor, with songs for peace
1. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - get ready for love
2. Sly and The Family Stone - stand
3. The Staple Singers - we gotta get ourselves together
4. The Band - I shall be released
5. Bob Dylan - a hard rains gonna fall
6. World Party - is it like today?
7. Daniel Johnston - life in vain
8. The Five Stairsteps - ohh child
9. XTC - dear god
10. Rolling Stones - street fighting man
11. The New Standards - love is the law
12. Husker Du - turn on the news
13. Public Enemy - fight the power
14. Jack Palance - a little bitty tear
15. Johnny Cash - man in black
16. Flying Burritto Brothers - uncle John
17. Creedence Clearwater Revival - fortunate son
18. Sly and The Family Stone - everyday people
19. Marvin gaye - mercy mercy mercy (the ecology)
20. Leonard Cohen - hallelujah
21. Bob Dylan - blowing in the wind
22. Staples Singers - respect yourself
23. Elvis Costello - what's so funny about peace love and understanding

November 14, 2006 (591)
1. The Dramatics - whatcha see is what you get
2. Yo La Tengo - mr. tough
3. A.C. Newman - on the table
4. The Incomparables Marching Band - carry on my wayward son
5. Tom Waits - long way home
6. Frida Hyvonen - come another night
7. The Low Frequency In Stereo - 21
8. The Young Fresh Fellows - barky's spiritual store
9. Saturday Looks Good To Me - all over town
10. The Greenhornes - shelter of your arms
11. Josef K - heads watch
12. Graham Coxon - you and I
13. The Incomparables Marching Band - suffragette city
14. The Who - fragments
15. New York Dolls - personality crisis
16. Earth Wind and Fire - in the stone
17. The Incomparables Marching Band- all right now
18. Tenacious D - kickapoo
19. Black Sabath - faeries wear boots
20. Casper and The Cookies - Syd from Central park
21. The Only Ones - another girl another planet
22. Fields - Isabel
23. Dora Hall and Friends - rock medley

NOVEMBER 15, 2006 (592)
1. Nick Lowe - and so it goes
2. John Cale - reading my mind
3. Michael Yonkers - kill the enemy
4. Beach Boys - sail on sailor
5. Catfish haven - crazy for leaving
6. John Rolston - I believe in ghosts
7. Beulah - a good man is easy to kill
8. Matthew Friedeberger - Pennylvania Rock Oil Company resignation letter
9. Replacements - I will dare
10. The Who - I'm one
11. Of Montreal - wraith pinned to the mist (and other games)
12. Squeeze - pulling mussels from a shell
13. The Horrors - death at the chapel
14. Pink Floyd - Arnold Layne
15. Daniel Smith and Sufjan Stevens - worried shoes
16. Jandek - Nancy sings
17. The New Creation - soddon and gammorah
18. Johnny Cash - when the man comes around

NOVEMBER 16, 2006 (593)
1. David Bowie - changes
2. Mates Of State - invitation inn
3. Love Is Laughter - dirty love
4. R Stevie Moore - Cathy Cline
5. Magnetic Fields - I'm the luckiest guy in the Lower East Side
6. Maximo park - apply some pressure
7. Elvis Costello and The Attractions - radio radio
8. Puffy Ami Yumi - call me what you want (if you like rock n roll)
9. Supergrass - in it for the money
10. Komeda - frolic
11. Prince - delirious
12. Rolling Stones - rocks off
13. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - pangea
14. Pavement - summer babe (winter version)
15. Sonic Youth - kool thing
16. Joy Zipper - held the hand
17. Beck - novacane
18. Built To Spill - goin' against your mind
19. legendary Stardust Cowboy - relaxation
20. The Low Frequency In Stereo - bahamas

NOVEMBER 17, 2006 (594)
1. Electric Prunes - I had too much to dream last night
2. Robyn Hitchcock and The Venus 3 - adventure rocket ship
3. Bruce Springsteen - born to run
4. Hold Steady - stuck between stations
5. White Stripes - dead leaves and the dirty ground
6. Ray Charles - mess around
7. Animal Collective - did you see the words?
8. Husker Du - eight miles high
9. Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - Peter's dream
10. Heller Mason - packing my bags
11. The Makeup - they live by night
12. The Flaming Lips - anyway, anyhow, anywhere
13. Emperor X - edgeless
14. Tenacious D - history
15. Midnight Movies - patient eye
16. The Specials - ghost town
17. John Cale - dead or alive
18. Lou Reed - the power of positive drinking
19. The Heartaches - t.c.f.s.
20. Happy Mondays - 24 hour party people
21. Ken Defeudis - desperado
22. Sex Pistols - no fun

Saturday, November 11, 2006


NOVEMBER 6, 2006 (585)
1. Gary Numan - down in the park
2. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - over and over again (lost and found)
3. Nouvelle vague - a forest
4. E.L.O. - mister bluesky
5.The Beatles - old brown shoe
6. Twilight Singers - live with me
7. Afghan Whigs - gentlemen
8. Isaac Hayes - theme from Shaft
9. The Beatles - paperback writer
10. XTC - wonderland
11. Sam Phillips - when I fall
12. Claudine Longet - I think it's going to rain today
13. The Beatles - in my life
14. Light FM - stormtroopers
15. Oasis - aquiesce
16. Public Image Limited - careering
17. Pere Ubu - Caroleen
18. Awek - if you win (it's because I let you)
19. Joy Division - digital

NOVEMBER 7, 2006 (586)
1. RX - white lines
2. Nick Drake - pink moon
3. The Fruitbats - legs of bees
4. Divine Comedy - Arthur C Clark's mysterious world
5. Mott The Hoople - all the young dudes
6. Ted Nugent - stranglehold
7. Deep Purple - highway star
8. Brady Bunch - time to change
9. The Low Frequency In Stereo - axes
10. The Channel - depersonalized
11. and the micronauts - birdies bouncing off windows
12. Nick Drake - tow the line
13. Evolution Control Committee - rocked by rape
14. Camera Obscura - if looks could kill
15. The Specials - monkeyman
16. Husker Du - charity, chastity, prudence and hope

NOVEMBER 8, 2006 (587)
1. LCD Soundsystem - give it up
2. The Postmarks - goodbye
3. The Swimming Pools - I fall in love 100 times a day
4. They Might Be Giants - I should be allowed to think
5. Someone Still LOves You Boris Yeltsin - I am warm and powerful
6. Foundry Field Recordings - holding the pilots/holding the facts
7. Devo - that's good
8. Bob Mould - missing you
10. Pere Ubu - I hear they smnoke the barbeque
11. Wilco - ashes of American flags
12. Scritti Politti - spank bloc bologna
13. The Jayhawks - take me with you (when you go)
14. Pelle Carlberg - a tasteless offer
15. Wreckless Eric - whole wide world
16. New Pornographers - electric version
17. The Shins - pressed in a book
18. Tom Waits - sea of love
19. Spiritualized - she kissed me (and it felt like a hit)
20. The Ramones - bonzo goes to Bitburg

NOVEMBER 9, 2006 (588)
1. Lou Rawls - feeling all right
2. The beatles - don't let me down
3. The Format - she doesn't get it
4. The English Beat - wine and grind (stand down Margaret)
5. Foghat - slowride (8 minute LP version)
6. The Curtains - the thousandth face
7. Deerhoof - scream team
8. Wall Of Voodoo - mexican radio
9. Traffic - the low spark of high heeled boys
10. 100 % Pure Poison - windy C
11. Jandek - god came between us
12. Nick Drake - pink moon
13. Jerry Lee Lewis - sixty minute man
14. Irving - l.o.v.e.
15. Rush - closer to the heart
16. Doris Lujan - for you are my junky

NOVEMBER 10, 2006 (589)
1. Velvet Underground - all tomorrow's parties
2. Luna - speedbumps
3. Smog - let me see the colts
4. Iron Butterfly - in a gadda da vida (LP)
5. Tom Waits - lie to me
6. Jens Lekman - black cab
7. Elvis Presley - suspicious minds
8. The Zombies - this will be our year
9. The Akward Stage - we're going for a ride
10. Ben Folds - in between days
11. Hasil Adkins - chicken walk
12. The Hold Steady - massive nights
13. Hot Chip - over and over
14. Husker Du - could you be the one
15. Belle and Sebastian - Jonathan David
16. The Adolescents - everyday

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I hope everyone got out there and voted today. If you haven't and you need to know what your polling place is in Minnesota, click here and find out.

O.k., once again YouTube comes through for us. BEHOLD! THE FIRST SIX MINUTES OF TENACIOUS D IN THE PICK OF DESTINY! You're a better person than me if you can wait until November 22nd. WARNING! SWEARS A PLENTY! NOT FOR WUSSES!

Also, for the masochists in the bunch, Little Man comes out on DVD today. Please, if you are looking for something to use as a cry for help, don't use the purchase of Little Man as that cry. You'll only drive people away.


Monday, November 06, 2006


DON'T FORGET! If you don't vote, then I don't want to hear you complain.



OCTOBER 30, 2006 (580)
1. Bonzo Dog band - monster mash
2. Black Sabath - black sabath
3. N.A.H.P.I. - do they know it's Halloween?
4. Peter, Bjorn And John - young folks
5. David Bowie - scary monsters
6. The Horrors - Jack the ripper
7. Bow Wow Wow - I want candy
8. Blue Oyster Cult - don't fear the reaper
9. The Specials - ghost town
10. Roky Erickson and The Aliens - creature with the atomic brain
11. Judson Fountain - Halloween night
12. The Abominable Surfmen - monster surfer
13. Laibach - sympathy for the devil
14. The Band - chest fever
15. The Beatles - helter skelter
16. The Suburbs - rattle my bones

HALLOWEEN OCTOBER 31, 2006 (581)
1. The Cramps - t.v. set
2. Lux Interior's Purple Knif Show (side 3)
3. The Cramps - I was a teenage werewolf
4. The Cramps - surfin' dead
5. Lux Interior's Purpl e Knif Show (side 1)
6. The Cramps - strychnine
7. The Cramps - human fly
8. Lux Interior's Purple Knif Show (side 2)
9. The Cramps - papa satan sang Louie
10. The Sonics - the witch
11. Boris Karloff and Friends - ha ha ha / bride of Frankenstein
12. Lux Interior's Purple Knif Show (side 4)
13. The Cramps - she said
14. Peter Pan Singers - theme to Casper The Friendly Ghost
15. Donovan - season of the witch
16. The Fuzztones - ward 81

NOVEMBER 1, 2006 (582)
1. Tom Waits - lie to me
2. Golden bear - golden bear revival stomp
3. The Rapture - house of jealous lovers
4. The Specials - concrete jungle
5. Talking Heads - girlfriend is better
6. Islands - rough gem
7. Go Home Productions - remix of the Stooges T.V. Eye
8. Joy Division - she's lost control
9. Tom Waits - never let go
10. The Beatles - I've got a feeling
11. Of Montreal - wraith pinned to the mist (and other games)
12. Nirvana - dive
13. Foundry Field recordings - battle brigades pt 2
14. The Replacements - send a message to the boys
15. Harvey Danger - cream and bastards rise
16. Pete Townsend - rough boys
17. Social Distortion - another state of mind
18. Ramones - pinhead
19. Sonic Youth - beat on the brat

NOVEMBER 2, 2006 (583)
1. Robert Pollard - the right time
2. West Indian Girl - what are you afraid of?
3. Flaming Lips - yeah yeah yeah song
4. Lou Reed - what's good
5. Danielson - cast it at the setting sail
6. Pink Mountaintops - cold criminal
7. Legendary Stardust Cowboy - I love my bed
8. Mountain Goats - half dead
9. Half Japanese - said and done
10. Wire - outdoor miner
11. Viva Voce - from the devil himself
12. Brothers and Sisters - one night
13. The Shaggs - Shaggs own thing
14. Jeffrey and Jack Lewis - posters
15. Damien Jurado - Denton, Tx
16. Ryan Adams - firecracker
17. M Ward - to go home
18. Sonic Youth - tunic (for Karen C.)
19 Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass - close to you

NOVEMBER 3, 2006 (584)
1. Dragstrip - don't fear the reaper
2. Monster Movie - vanishing act
3. David Bowie - sound and vision
4. Mission Of Burma - 1,001 pleasant dreams
5. Black Haze Express - won't nobody listen?
6. Beth Orton - Carmella (FOUR TET REMIX)
7. Radio Dept. - I don't like it like this
8. Jane's Addiction - Jane says
9. Public Enemy - my name is Flavor
10. LCD Soundsystem - I'm loosing my edge
11. Miho Hatori - sweet samsara pt 2
12. Spoon - I can see the dude
13. Morrissey - how soon is now?
14. Citizens Here And Abroad - stranger
15. Nick Drake - northern sky


OCTOBER 23, 2006 (575)
1. The Beach Boys - wouldn't it be nice
2. The Awkward Stage - the morons are winning
3. Siouxsie And The Banshees - dazzle
4. Lush - outdoor miner
5. Golden Smog - 5/22/02
6. Trip Shakespeare - today you move
7. Paul Houghton - barnacle
8. Gang Of Four - natural's not in it
9. Flaming Lips - race for the prize
10. Weezer - Buddy Holly
11. Buddy Holly - Peggy Sue
12. Bob Dylan - Queen jane approximately
13. Ben Folds - learn to live with what you are
14. Bright Eyes - devil town
15. Beat Happening - indian summer
16. Kelley Stlotz - ever thought of coming back
17. Sonic Youth - Reena
18. Bonnie "Prince" Billy - cursed sleep
19. The Kinks - everybody's gonna be happy
20. Elvis Presley - wearin' that loved on look
21. Bo Diddley - you can't judge a book by it's cover

OCTOBER 24, 2006 (576)
1. The Cool Ghoul - you can't ghoul me
2. Peter, Bjorn and John - objects of my affection
3. R.E.M. - crush with eyeliner
4. AC/DC - rocker
5. Walkmen - loop de loop
6. Cut Chemist - wht's the altitude?
7. Adam Ant - kings of the wild frontier
8. David Bowie - I took a trip on a Gemini Spacecraft
9. Damien JUrado - Denton, Tx
10. Bauhaus - Bela Lugousi's dead
11. Fionna Apple - extraordinary machine
12. Rolling Stones - before they make me run
13. The Horrors - death at the chapel
14. Griswell - someone walked over my grave
16. Willie Nelson - hallelujah

OCTOBER 25, 2006 (577)
1. Ryan Adams - to be young (is to be sad is to be high)
2. They Might Be Giants - first kiss
3. Buddy Holly - not fade away
4. Daniel Johnston - life in vain
5. The Shaggs - it's Halloween
6. David Bowie - John, I'm only dancing
7. Gregory Dee and The Avantees - olds mo Williams
8. The Stooges - no fun
9. The Faces - stay away
10. 13th Floor Elevators - your'e gonna miss me
11. The Cure - boys don't cry
12. The Akward Stage - we're going for a ride
13. The Las - there she goes
14. Talking Heads - cross eyed and painless
15. Beck - girl
16. The Dramatics - what you see is what you get
17. Love Is All - motorboat
18. Pixies - here comes your man
19. The Undertones - teenage kicks
20. Joy Division - transmission

OCTOBER 26, 2006 (578)
1. John Lennon - you can't catch me
2. Jerry Lee Lewis w/Little Richard - saw her standing there
3. Graham Coxon - you never let me down before
4. Rolling Stones - let it bleed
5. Built To Spill - you were right
6. The Smiths - how soon is now?
7. XTC - senses working overtime
8. Thee Headcoats - by the hairs of my chinny chin chin
9. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - red right hand
10. Alan Singly and Pants Machine - I don't know where to start
11. Bis Markie - just a friend
12. Robyn Hitchcock and The Egyptians - madonna of the wasps
13. The Bird and The Bee - again and again
14. Negativeland - downloading
15. Susan Christie - I love onions
16. Ten Years After - I'd love to change the world

OCTOBER 27, 2006 (579)
1. Wilco - I can't stand it
2. Beth Orton - Carmella (FOUR TET REMIX)
3. Frida Hyvonen - come another night
4. Robert Pollard - tommorow will not be another day
5. The Curtains - tornado traveller's fear
6. R.E.M. - bittersweet me
7. Sammy Davis Jr. - spinning wheel
8. Jerry Lee Lewis w/Jimmy page - rock n roll
9. Led Zeppelin - dancing days
10. Jefferey and Jack Lewis - posters
11. Ben Folds Five - uncle walter
12. Hot Chip - and I was a boy from school
13. A.C. Newman - battle for straight time
14. Twilight Singers - they ride
15. Rolling Stones - street fighting man
16. Flying Burritto Brothers - sin city
17. Sparklehorse - ghost in the sky
18. Boyskout - everybody knew
19. Friends Like These - Karen
20. Sammy Davis Jr. - spinning wheel


OCTOBER 16, 2006 (571)
1. Ramones - Blitzkreig bop
2. Desmond Dekker - Israelites
3. Sparklehorse - some sweet day
4. Fried Chicken - funky dj
5. Richard Hell and The Voidoids - blank generation
6. Twilight Singers - 40 dollars
7. David Bowie - look back in anger
8. H.G. Lewis - suburban roulette
9. Elvis Costello - (I don't want to go to) Chelsea
10. New Standards - love is the law
11. Beck - soldier Jane
12. Talking Heads - love >building on fire
13. Shooby Taylor - folsom prison blues
14. Go Home Productions - a slim McShady
15. Television - see no evil
16. Hold Steady - stuck between stations
17. Guided By Voices - teenage F.B.I.
18. The Clash - Rudie can't fail
19. They Might Be Giants - ana ang

OCTOBER 17, 2006 (572)
1. The Feelies - let's go
2. Built To Spill - liar
3. Jimmy Reed - ain't that lovin' you babe?
4. Holly Golightly - your love is mine
5. Jim Noir - tell me what to do
6. Quintron - place unknown
7. Jennifer Gentle - I do dream you
8. From Bubblegum To Sky - 24 hours in your deep blue jeans
9. Paul Houghton - barnacle
10. Tom Waits - misery is the river of the world
11. Velvet Underground - black angel death song
12. The Sonics - psycho
13. Jerry Yester and Judy henske - raider
14. Pogues - when the ship comes in
15. Belle and Sebastian - Jonathan David
16. Of Montreal - wraith pinned to the mist (and other games)
17. Blanket Music - cat corps
18. Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs - warmth of the sun
19. The Minders - don't you step

OCTOBER 18, 2006 (573)
1. Velvet Underground - I'm waiting for the man
2. Glen Rile - wolf gal
3. Irving - l.ov.e.
4. Soft Boys - only the stones remain
5. Spinal Tap - hell hole
6. Rolling Stones - stary cat blues
7. Gingerbread Patriots - a story of people
8. X - beyonf and back
9. John Lee Hooker - boom boom boom
10. Red Shadow and The Economic Rock And Roll Band - understanding Marx
11. Paul Westerberg - I belong
12. Tom Waits - the piano has been drinking (not me)
13. Tom Waits - the earth died screaming
14. Elvis Costello - radio radio
15. Beck - nausea
16. John Lennon - crippled inside
17. Some Girls poor man's you
18. Bonzo Dog Band - my brother makes noises for the talkies

OCTOBER 19, 2006 (573)
1. Sugar - your favorite thing
2. Frank Stokes - I got mine
3. Johnny Cash - if you could read my mind
4. World Party - way down now
5. Band Of Bees - punch bag
6. Harry Nilsson - jump in the fire
7. Sleater Kinney - rollercoaster
8. Joy Division - love will tear us apart
9. Yo La Tengo w/Daniel Johnston - speeding motorcycle
10. Elf Power - feel a whole lot better
11. The Replacements - I will dare
12. The Replacements - I will dare
13. T Rex - jeepster
14. Black Velvet Flag - institutionalized
15. Black Flag - rise above
16. Proppelerheads - history repeating

OCTOBER 20, 2006 (574) Shuffle Function's shameless strong arm pledge drive show!!
thank you RADIO HEROES who stopped the crap and pledged to KMSU to boot!!
1. Michael Seimblo - maniac
2. Barry Manilow - even now
3. Paul Anka - having my baby
4. Paul McCartneyand Stevie Wonder - ebony and ivory
5. Dionne Warwick - heartbreaker
6. Jim Nabors - youare the sunshine of my life
7. Stooges - I wanna be your dog
8. Manhattan Transfer - boy from New York City
9. The Spectors - oh how to do now
10. Michael McDonald and Patti Labelle - on my own
11. Ramones - rockaway beach
12. VonBondies - lack of communication
13. Melissa manchester - don't cry outloud
14. Replacements - color me impressed
15. Tom Waits - ol' 55
16. Guided By Voices - glad girls
17. Devo - turn around
18. The Beatles - you never give me any money
19. Debbie Boone - you light up my life
20. Public Image Limited - public image
21. De-T-roit - keg party tonight
22. Pixies - debaser
23. Peter Allen - when I go to Rio
24. The Clash - police on my back
25. Motorhead - it's a long way to the top if youwant to rock n roll


OCTOBER 9, 2006 (566)
1. Elf Power - all the world is waiting
2. Big Star - september gurls
3. Robert Pollard - tomorrow will not be another day
4. The Beatifics - this year's Jessica
5. Neon Nights - jive talking
6. Pere Ubu - texas overture
7. Iggy Pop and The Stooges - shake appeal
8. John Lennon - aisumasen (I'm sorry)
9. Jimmy Castor Bunch - dracula pt 2
10. The Hold Steady - massive nights
11. Matthew Sweet - I've been waiting
12. Saturday Looks Good To Me - all over town
13. Paul Westerberg - first glimmer
14. Elton John - your song
15. The Beatles - sexy Sadie
16. Yo La Tengo - big day coming
17. Myracle Bras - she's everything
18. Modern Lovers - road runner

OCTOBER 10, 2006 (567)
1. Bull and The Matador - funky judge
2. Strays - peach acid
3. Quiet Ones - the girl with the dark hair
4. The detergents - Igor's cellar
5. Architecture In Helsinki - do the whirlwind
6. Gary Numan - cars
7. The Zanies - the mad scientist
8. Boyskout - everybody knew
9. Junior Senior - shake your coconuts
10. Shadows Of Knight - gloria
11. N.A.H.P.I. - do they know it's Halloween?
12. Peter, Bjorn and John - young folks
13. King Crimson - 21st century scizoid man
14. Legendary Stardust Cowboy - my underwear froze to the clothesline
15. Roky Erickson - bloody hammer
16. Primal Scream - 99th floor
17. Beatles - happiness is a warm gun
18. Beck - strange apparition
19. Sly and The Family Stone - if you want me to stay
20. Rolling Stones - jumpin' Jack flash

OCTOBER 11, 2006 (568)
1. The Dramatics - get up and get down
2. Incredible Moses Leroy - fuzzy
3. Laura Viers - secret someones
4. Robert Pollard - accidental Texas who
5. Unknown - the cheese eating fool with a hole in my head
6. Shorty and Them - Jack the ripper
7. Bonnie "Prince" Billy - cursed sleep
8. Unknown - I sing about blue
9. Paul Westerberg - love you in the fall
10. X Ray Specs - oh bondage up yours!
11. The Hold Steady - party pit
12. Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass - this guys in love with you
13. The dandy Warhols - cool as Kim Deal
14. Pixies - debaser
15. Ben Kweller - I need you back
16. Talking Heads - naive melody (this must be the place)
17. Unknown - rock and roll suicide

OCTOBER 12, 2006 (569)
1. Lucious Jackson - city song
2. Dirty Pretty Things - deadwood
3. Bob Mould - see a little light
4. Miho Hatori - barracuda
5. Joy Division - warsaw
6. Jay Bird Coleman - I'm gonna cross the river Jordan one of these days
7. The Greenhorns - pattern skies
8. Redwalls - it's allright
9. Daniel Johnston - I saw her standing there
10. Guitar Wolf - Fujiyama attack
11. Paul Westerberg - wild as I want to be (Replacements version)
12. Husker Du - celebrated summer
13. The Black Pope - I'm a human radio station
14. Robin Kahn - gloria
15. The Remains - don't look back
16. Jeff Tweedy - crack a smile
17. Charley Patton - high water everywhere
18. Bjork - it's oh so quiet
19. Jom Carroll - people who died
20. Subsonics - electricity

1. John Check and the Wisconsin Dutchmen - Old Style polka
2. Frankie Yankovic - just because
3. The Novotny Brothers Band - Montgomery, Mn.
4. Ambrose Kodet (live) - saddlehorse polka
5. Ambrose Kodet (live) - the grass is green
6. Roger Passer - dance little bird
7. Benie Goudish - kiss me I'm polish polka
8. Marv Nissel and his Band - save the last dance for me
9. The World's Most dangerous Polka band - yes sir that's my baby
10. Polka Padre - peanuts polka
11. Frankie Yankovich - too fat polka
12. Dave Ross (live) - open up your heart
13. Rotondi - polka changed my life today
14. Myron Floren - disco accordian
15. Frankie Yankovich - who stole the kishka?
16. Stan Karda and Friends - laughing polka
17. The Chimielski Brothers - E.I.O. polka
18. Dave Ross (live) - just because
19. Frankie Yankovich - whoop dee doo
20. Ambrose Kodet (kive) - New Ulm polka
21. Dad and The Brown Boys - proud mary
22. World's Most Dangerous Polka Band - in heaven there is no beer
23. Dick Rodgers - no beer today polka
24. Ambrose Kodet (live) - tinker polka
25. Those Darn Accordians - we're an accordian band
26. Frankie Yankovich - dance dance dance


OCTOBER 2, 2006 (561)
1. Mark Carroll - idiot world
2. Catfish Haven - I don't worry
3. Nobody and The Mystic Chords Of Memory - when the end meets the beginning
4. The Clash - go straight to hell
5. Daniel Johnston - Casper the friendly ghost
6. Boat - lanterns and laughing ladies
7. Strays - let down girls
8. Syd Barrett - wined and dined
9. David Bowie - fame
10. Robert Pollard - join the eagles
11. Beck - strange apparition
12. Rolling Stones - live with me
13. Pixies - gigantic
14. Broadcast - illumination
15. British Sea Power - please stand up
16. Morning After Girls - always mine
17. Bonnie "Prince" Billy - lay and love
18. Sonic Youth - Reena
19. Paul Westerberg - dyslexic heart

OCTOBER 3, 2006 (562)
1. Tenacious D - the pick of destiny
2. Dressy Bessy - this may hurt (a little)
3. The Lemonheads - december
4. Ben Folds - Zach and Sara
5. Bjork - Isobel
6. The Hold Steady - stuck between stations
7. The Jesus and Mary Chain - just like honey
8. Jonathan Richman - vampire girl
9. The Swimming Pools - I fall in love 100 times a day
10. Tenacious D - the pick of destiny
11. Portastatic - sour shores
12. New Order - bizarre love triangle
13. Viva Voce - from the devil himself
14. Pere Ubu - Caroleen
15. Yo La Tengo - the race is on again
16. Califone - pink and sour
17. The Hold Steady - party pit
18. The Police - every little thing she does is magic

OCTOBER 4, 2006 (563)
1. Boomtown Rats - she's so modern
2. The Shaggs - it's Halloween
3. Emperor X - edgeless
4. Sonic Youth - ca plane por moi
5. The Legendary Stardust Cowboy - slide rule
6. Groovy Ghoulies - ghouly garden
7. Tiny Tim and The Brave New Combo - stairway to heaven
8. Robyn Hitchcock and The Venus 3 - underground sun
9. Stereolab - vodiak
10. Hold Steady - massive nights
11. Judson Fountain - the castle of Lo Seng
12. The Smiths - ask
13. Glenn Campbell - rhinestone cowboy
14. Sparklehorse - don't take my sunshine away
15. The Bonzo Dog Band - the birdie stripped bare by bachelors
16. The beatles - dear Prudence
17. Robin Kahn - natural woman

OCTOBER 5, 2006 (564)
1. Munkey Juice - cold cold days
2. Supergrass - going out
3. Medeski Scoffield martin and Wood - Little Walter rides again
4. Elmore James - shake your money maker
5. M Ward - to go home
6. Beth Orton - carmella (Four Tet Remix)
7. Johnny Cash - god's gonna cut you down
8. Kelley Stoltz - little lords
9. Wilco - nothing'severgonnastandinmywayagain
10. Incredible Bongo Band - apache
11. Pure Essence - 3rd rock
12. The Osmonds - crazy horses
13. The Replacements - skyway
14. David Bowie - life on mars
15. The Band - don't do it (baby don't you do it)
16. Flying Burritto Brothers - do right woman
17. Cat Power - crossbones style
18. The Minders - don't you stop

OCTOBER 6, 2006 (565)
1. Shirley Ellis - the real nitty gritty
2. Talking Heads - psycho killer
3. Yo La Tengo - big day coming
4. Robert Pollard - tomorrow will not be another day
5. Mandrake - vampire's ball
6. Wayne County and The Electric Chairs - thunder
7. Gingerbread Patriots - a story of people
8. Bobby Womak - across 110th street
9. Abominable Snowmen- monster surfer
10. The Village Green - wrap your love around me
11. The Replacements - satellite
12. Buck Owens - it's a monster's holiday
13. Husker Du - something I learned today
14. John Cale - perfect
15. Dondero Accapella High School Choir - renegade
16. Super Furry Animals - the horn
17. The Cramps - surfin' dead
18. Nick Lowe - cruel to be kind
19. Sammy Davis Jr. - keep your eye on the sparrow
20. Hockey Night - for guys eyes only
21. Tarantula Ghoul and the Gravediggers - graveyard rock
22. R Harlan Smith and Chris Nelsen - stolen moments
23. Starsailor - hot burritto #2


SEPTEMBER 25, 2006 (556)
1. Daniel Johnston - life in vain
2. Darkel - at the end of the sky
3. Beatifics - this year's Jessica (again)
4. The Zombies - this will be our year
5. Takka Takka - cocoa on the corner
6. Jonathan Richman - not so much to be loved as to love
7. Magnetic Fields - luckiest guy on the lower east side
8. The Pixies - monkey gone to heaven
9. Robyn Hitchcock and The Venus 3 - underground sun
10. Kings Of Leon - the bucket
11. MC5 - I can only give you everything
12. Thee headcoatees - say that you love me
13. Frank Black and The Catholics - six sixty six
14. Lemonheads - poughkeepsie
15. Some Girls - is this what I've been waiting for?
16. Sebadoh - Kath
17. Langely School Music Project - desperado
18. Yo La Tengo - bean bag chair
19. Sparklehorse - don't take my sunshine away
20. Elf Power - all the world is waiting
21. Nick Drake - river man
22. Half Japanese - said and done

SEPTEMBER 26, 2006 (557)
1. JOhn cale - dead or alive
2. The New Lou Reeds - Michael Jones
3. Lou Reed - temporary thing
4. Citizens Here and Abroad - stranger
5. B.J. Snowden - in Canada
6. Rolling Stones - 2000 light years from home
7. XTC - I'm the man who murdered love
8. Mark Kennis - heart of the heartland
9. Jerry Lee Lewis w/Jimmy Page - rock n roll
10. Guitar Wolf - cannana fever
11. Pink Floyd - interstellar overdrive
12. Broken Social Scene - major label debut (fast)
13. unknown - bohemian rhapsody
14. The Band - chest fever
15. Elvis Costello and The Attractions - I can't stand up for falling down
16. Written In The Sand - u.f.o. disaster

SEPTEMBER 27, 2006 (558)
1. Laura Viers - secret someones
2. Mystery Jets - you can't fool me Dennis
3. Garnett Mims - as long as I have you
4. DJ Shadow - this time (I'm gonna try it my way)
5. The Whigs - violet furs
6. Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros - coma girl
7. Pete Townsend - let my love open the door
8. Beck - strange apparition
9. Frank Black w/Al Franken - atlantis
10. Franz Gall - daddy da da
11. Rolling Stones - tumbling dice
12. Los Hombres - let it all hang out
13. The Henchmen - accusatory
14. Elvis Presley - do the clam
15. Shuggie Otis - strawberry letter 23
16. They Might Be Giants - Istanbul (not Constantinople)
17. Beck - think I'm in love
18. Blanket Music - cat corps
19. The Beach Boys - god only knows
20. Paul Westerberg - love you in the fall

SEPTEMBER 28, 2006 (559)
1. The Beatles - getting better
2. Fruitbats - legs of bees
3. Headlights - lines
4. Afghan Whigs - Mr. Superlove
5. Beat Happening - pajama party in a haunted hive
6. White Stripes - dead leaves and the dirty ground
7. Husker Du - these important years
8. Oneida - the mystic
9. Siouxsie And The Banshees - Hong Kong Garden
10. Sareena Maneesh - saphire eyes
11. Harry Merry - ya, well whatever
12. Alan Singley and The Pants machine - bruises'
13. The Ramones - Sheena is a punk rocker
14. The Who - I can't reach you
15. Magnolia Electric Co. - talk to me devil, again
16. Bobby Lewis - tossin' and turnin'
17. Ken Defudis - desperado
18. Stiff Little Fingers - suspect device
19. Bob Dylan - political world
20. Fiery Furnaces - crystal clear
21. New Order - love will tear us apart

SEPTEMBER 29, 2006 (560)
1. Hot Chip - I can't wake up
2. Mission Of Burma - 1,001 pleasant dreams
3. Rodeo Carbuerator - Bonnie
4. The Cramps - human fly
5. Blue Skies For Black Hearts - here comes the rain
6. Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs - cinnamon girl
7. Blondie - sunday girl
8. Boy Least Likely To - be gentle with me
9. The Buzzcocks - what do I get?
10. Robert Pollard - supernatural car lover
11. Brady Bunch - american pie
12. Jerry Lee Lewis - great balls of fire
13. Link Wray - run chicken run
14. Sonics - you've got your head on backwards
15. Devo - uncontrollable urge
16. The Creation - makin' time
17. Lou Reeds - vicious
18. Jerry Lee Lewis - whole lotta shiakin goin on
19. Robert Pollard - Rhoda Rhoda
20. Wire - three girl rhumba
21. Television Personalities - my dark places
22. The Replacements - dose of thunder
23. Camper Van Beethoven - take the skinheads bowling
24. Wolf Mother - apple tree

Sunday, November 05, 2006


SEPTEMBER 18, 2006 (551)
1. The Clash - radio clash
2. The Replacements - color me impressed
3. Band Of Bees - these are the ghosts
4. Kaiser Chiefs - I predict a riot
5. The Rivingtons - mama ow mow mow
6. The Lovetones - mantra
7. T Bone Burnett - seven times hotter than fire
8. Air - playground love
9. AC/DC - dirty deeds done dirt cheap
10. Doris - beat maker
11. Jimmie Hendrix - voodoo child (slight return)
12. Van Halen - running with the devil
13. Swamp Thing - beatiful communitsts
14. Nouvelle vague - heart of glass
15. Charles Douglas - statecraft
16. Santo and Johnny - sleepwalk
17. Of Montreal - writh pinned to the mist (and other games)
18. Talking Heads - cities

1. The waterboys - fisherman blues
2. Nico - little sister
3. Bonnie "Prince" Billy - cursed sleep
4. The Beach Boys - sloop John B
5. Akron family - one spring morning
6. Johnny Cash w/June Carter Cash - it ain't me babe
7. Soft Boys - underwater moonlight
8. Flying Burritto Brothers - tonight the bottle let me down
9. Lou Reed - leave her johnny
10. Thomas Dolby - Europa and the pirate twins
11. The Beach Boys - sail on sailor
12. Tom Waits - hoist that rag
13. Please Step Out Of The Vehicle - I could move
14. Frank Black and The Catholics - black rider
15. Snakes Say Hiss - talk
16. David Thomas - what do you do with a drunken sailor?
17. Stephen malkmus - the hook
18. Devo - the day my baby gave me a big suprise
19. Led Zeppelin - moby dick
20. Concrete Blonde - the ship song
21. Rolling Stones - happy
22. Gordon Lightfoot - the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

September 20, 2006 (553)
1. David Bowie - diamond dogs
2. Black Helicopter - head of steam
3. Irving - turn of the century
4. The Ruttles - cheese and onions
5. Sly and The family Stone - if you want me to stay
6. Gene Marshall - all you need is a fertile mind
7. Tom waits - walking spanish
8. Beastie Boys - hey ladies
9. Beulah - as good man is easy to kill
10. Creedence Clearwater Revival - born on the bayou
11. The Replacements - message to the boys
12. Paul Westerberg - good day
13. Spoon - the way we get by
14. From Bubblegum to Sky - some kind of fantastic
15. Black Grape - get higher
16. Bonnie "Prince" Billy - lay and love
17. Ramones - needles and pins
18. Fiel Garvey - the palace lights
19. Dios (malos) - later skater

SEPTEMBER 21, 2006 (554)
1. The Cure - a forest
2. Pink Mountaintops - cold criminals
3. Hold Steady - your little hood rat friend
4. Flaming lips - the W.A.N.D.
5. The Hives - dead quote olympics
6. The B52's - private Idaho
7. Bjork - venus as a boy
8. The Light Footwork - pirate karate
9. Ben Folds Five - jackson cannery
10. Led Zeppelin - kashmir
11. Plimsouls - a million miles away
12. Cheap Trick - she's tight
13. Beck - nausea
14. Mission Of Burma - that's when I reach for my revolver
15. Aviette - everest / spy hunter
16. Mates Of State - fraud in the eighties
17. The Smiths - ask
18. Paul Westerberg - love you in the fall
19. Yo La Tengo - watch out for me Ronnie
20. The Ettes - dead and gone

SEPTEMBER 22, 2006 (555)
1. Lou Rawls - season of the witch
2. Tam - they're free
3. Grant Hart - all of my senses
4. Camera Obscura - come back Margaret
5. Sly And The Family Stone - family affair
6. Harvey Danger - cream and bastards rise
7. Teen Anthems - I hate Oasis and I hate The Beatles
8. Velvet Underground - all tomorrow's parties
9. The Tallest - sunny beach
10. Libido Boyz - barracuda
11. Pere Ubu - non alignment pact
12. Nick Lowe - heart of the city
13. Doors - peace frog
14. Please Step Out Of The Vehicle - I can move
15. Mar-Keys - surfer stomp
16. Dungen - panda
17. Propellerhead - intro
18. Tenacious D - tribute
19. Klaus Nomi - after the fall


SEPTEMBER 11, 2006 (546)
1. Nick Drake - hazy jane II
2. Songs To Wear Pants To - theme from Shuffle Function
3. Bonnie "Prince" Billy - cursed sleep
4. Afghan Whigs - my curse
5. Viva Voce - get your blood sucked out
6. Ben Folds Five - narcolepsy
7. Jay Bennett - fifth grade
8. Magic Numbers - love me like you
9. The Ettes - dead and gone
10. Black Lipstick - corporate happy hour
11. Rolling Stones - dead flowers
12. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - steal a ride
13. Brian Jonestown Massacre - servo
14. The Cure - six different ways
15. World Party - is it like today?
16. Trip Shakespeare - look at the moon
17. Ted Cassidy - the lurch
18. T Rex - jeepster
19. Elvis Costello and the Attractions - what's so funny about peace love and understanding?

SEPTEMBER 12, 2006 (547)
1. The Specials - ghost town
2. Comet gain - the fists in the pocket
3. Monster Movie - no one can know
4. The Wailers - out of our tree
5. Rush - limelight
6. Grant Hart - 2541
7. Dick dale and the Deltones - surf beat
8. The Legendary Stardust Cowboy - hot rodding in San Jose
9. Primal Scream - country girl
10. Johnny Cash - when the man comes around
11. Ben Folds Five - Julianne
12. Monkees - porpoise song
13. Talking Heads - naive melody (this must be the place)
14. The Clash - pressure drop
15. Public Image Limited - this is not a love song
16. Flying Burritto Brothers - tonight the bottle let me down
17. George "Thumper" Jones - rock it
18. Johnny Cash - don't take your guns to town

SEPTEMBER 13, 2006 (548)
1. David Bowie - anyway, anyhow, anywhere
2. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - get ready for love
3. Marianne faithful - desperanto
4. The New Creation - sodom and gamorrah
5. Omega Watts w/Othello - long ago
6. Porch Ghouls - fujiyama attack
7. Guitar Wolf - jet beer
8. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - our time
9. Aluminum babe - not 2 easy 2 forget
10. Iggy Pop - lust for life
11. Nico - fairest of the seasons
12. The Police - nothing achieving
13. John Lennon and The Plastic Ono band - blue suede shoes
14. Beck - nausea
15. The Who - a quick one while he's away
16. The OohLas - octopus
17. Paul Westerberg - make your own kind of music
18. The Cramps - goo goo muck
19. The Strokes - you only live once
20. Persephone's Bees - nice day
21. The Ramones - I wanna be sedated
22. Captain Beefheart - abba zabba
23. Red Shadow Rock and Roll Economic Band - understanding Marx

SEPTEMBER 14, 2006 (549)
1. Kelley Stoltz - ever thought of coming back
2. New Order - age of consent
3. Marianne Faithfull - my friends have
4. Pajo - we get along mostly
5. Mojave 3 - truck driving man
6. Pink Mountaintops - tourist in your town
7. Serena Manesh - drain cosmetics
8. The Raveonettes - attack of the ghost riders
9. Sonic Youth - reena
10. Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players - eggs
11. Yo La Tengo - pass the hatchet I thing I'm God Kind
12. Jeff Tweedy - crack a smile
13. The Ettes - alley cat
14. The Wannadies - because
15. Monkees - Mary mary
16. Butthole Surfers - who was in my room last night
17. The Whigs - o.k. allright
18. The OohLas - gone
19.The Pixies - Allison

SEPTEMBER 15, 2006 (550)
1. Ryan Adams - Sylvia Plath
2. Old Time Relijion - Los Angeles
3. Papercuts - mocking bird
4. Aviette - ruling planets
5. The Only Ones - another girl another planet
6. Modern Lovers - she cracked
7. Public Enemy - they call me flavor
8. Dean Carter - jailhouse rock
9. Muddy Waters - mannish boy
10. Primal Scream - nitty gritty
11. Pavement - gold soundz
12. Free Design - kites are fun
13. Black Angels - winter 68
14. Thee Tyde - do it again again
15. Dandy Warhols - down like disco
16. Faux Jean - nature
17. Big Star - don't lie to me
18. Rolling Stones - all down the line
19. John Cale - perfect
20. Sly and The Family Stone - I want to take you higher
21. Revelation Funk - is it me on our side?
22. Richard harris - McArthur's park

Saturday, October 28, 2006


Sorry for the lack of updates. Blogger is being an ass.


The pledge drive is over! Thanks to everybody that took the time to pledge. Every one of you made a difference. We don't know how the station did over all, but it doesn't look like we made our goal. This is disappointing, but hopefully we'll make up the lost ground during the Spring pledge drive.

Tuesday we're welcoming Trick-Or-Treaters to the station during the morning show, as we mark Halloween in Shuffle Function style. We'll both be all costumed up, because that is so effective on radio, and playing Lux Interior's Purple KNIF show. The Purple KNIF show features Lux playing his favorite records from his collection, with loads of sound effects and goofy radio antics. What you'll be hearing is him essentially playing the songs that madeThe Cramps. It's great stuff, so we hope you'll listen.

We'll have candy for anybody that swings through that morning, plus we'll be giving away four Shuffle Function Trick-Or-Treat bags on the air. We both love Halloween, so we tend to go overboard when we put stuff like this together. Be sure to listen for your chance to win one!

In the spirit of Halloween, here's a clip that I saw on Aint It Cool News of a Toronto stage production of Evil Dead: The Musical. ENJOY!


Friday, October 20, 2006


Thanks to everyone that called this morning to stop the madness. If you were one of the folks that wasn't up early enough, Shelley and I were playing some really terrible music until folks called and pledged to KMSU. We're talking You Light Up My Life here, people. It wasn't pretty, but we had to do it. Desperate times call for desperate measures. The drive ends on Monday, and KMSU is not even close to meeting its goal. The station relies on listeners for 30% of its operations budget, and donations are pretty light right now. Believe me, everyone up at the station knows how tight money is. Pledge drives are reminders for the KMSU staff that we are desperate and not beneath begging. Or playing Debbie Boone.

Please keep the generosity going. Call the station today or through the weekend and pledge your support. There's loads of swag, plus a few of the program directors for a day left at the 100 dollar level. You can also drop us and e-mail at and let us know you want to contribute. We'll fill out the paperwork and send you a bill. Super easy.

Thanks to everyone that has pledged your support. It means the world to us, and it boosts our confidence as the drive nears the end. If you haven't pledged, please don't hesitate to do so.



Wednesday, October 18, 2006


We're half way through the pledge drive now, so thanks for your patience and support. The station still has a long way to go to hit the goal. Please, if you are considering whether or not to make a donation, we'd like to encourage you to do so. We've heard from quite a few folks that are just joining KMSU for the first time, and many that have never contributed to public radio ever. THANK YOU! We love to hear that. Nobody knows how tedious pledge drives can be like the folks that have to do the pitching, but it is necessary so that we can keep the station on the air.

Also, the Program Directors For A Day are almost gone, so don't wait much longer if you've been mulling it over. This premium is a lot of fun, plus Shelley and I get to meet the folks that are out their supporting independent radio, and that means a lot to us.

The numbers are 389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810. Thanks.


Friday, October 13, 2006


Thanks to everyone that called this morning to support Polka 'Til You Puke III! Your pledges are greatly appreciated. If you are a listener to the show or KMSU and you haven't pledged, scroll down the page to check out the swag options, or visit to check out the station specific stuff. We rely on your donations to help keep this little independent station on the air, so please call and help the cause! You can also drop us an e-mail at with your pledge amount, name, and billing address, and we'll send you a bill.

The pledge calls have been kind of sparse so far compared to the last few drives, but it is still early. I'm not sure where we're at dollars wise right now, but we're a ways away from hitting last years amount. The drive runs until the 23rd, so you have plenty of time to think about how much you would like to donate. If you have any questions about anything station or pledge drive related, drop us a line. We'll do what we can to answer them.

Thanks for all your support, guys!


Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Shyboy Tim (pictured with chins, wearing the fall 2006 Shuffle Function t-shirt) discovers the wonders of the new KMSU water bottle, featuring ACTION LATCH technology!

Whether spinning vinyl, performing open heart surgery, or browsing the brand spankin' new releases at Tune Town, Shyboy Tim (wearing the brand spankin' new KMSU t-shirt) is ready for action, as is his KMSU water bottle with ACTION LATCH technology!

Get your own KMSU water bottle with ACTION LATCH technology! Pledge $100 and you can get your choice of KMSU or Shuffle Function t-shirt and the water bottle! You will be unstoppable!

Call 389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810 and pledge your support! Scroll down the page to see all the Shuffle Function premiums, or visit to see all the station premiums. Volunteers are standing by!


You guys really came through today with the pledges. It is pretty humbling to hear just how much you love this little station that could. Please keep up the good work! The drive goes on until October 23rd, ending with a day long auction. Check out for swag, and scroll down to the previous entry for the Shuffle Function swag.

507-389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810. CALL NOW!

Just a quick reminder that this Friday the 13th is Polka Til You Puke! Two hours of Polka and pledging. It warms the soul or something.

A couple of additional non-station related Friday the 13th things:

Friday night at one a.m. Turner Classic Movies is turning the airwaves over to Rob Zombie, who will be hosting TCM Underground, a weekly celebration of B-movies. It kicks off with a double feature of Ed Wood's Bride Of The Monster and Plan 9 From Outer Space, and the following week features a RUSS MEYER double feature of 'Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!' and Mudhoney. Incredible films as far as the eye can see. Follow this link to the TCM press release, for the full schedule.

At 10 pm that night BBC America is premiering the new Steve Coogan (I'm Alan Partridge, 24 Hour Party People) series Saxondale. Steve plays a former roadie that packed it in when DJs replaced actual bands. The British reviews have been great, but then again they also like Little Britain, which I have yet to warm to. Still, Steve Coogan is pretty terrific, so i can't wait to see for myself.

Once again, pledge to KMSU and help keep independent radio alive in your own backyard.

507-389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fall Pledge Drive Swag-O-Rama

Pledge Drive time is in the air, and have we got the swag for you! If you have any questions concerning the following information, please don't hesitate to ask. You can call us at the station at (507) 389 - 5678, or 1-800-456-7810. Or if you prefer, email us at

Viva La Community Supported Radio!!!!!!

Fall 2006 Pledge Drive Premiums

$25 - A Capella-Lypse Now CD
The A Capella-lypse Now: Arrangements For Voice and Painkillers CD is yet another collection of insufferable sounds handcrafted by Shuffle Function artisans. This time the collection is a combination of spoken word and a capella performances that are awkward, uncomfortable, inappropriate, sad, and hilarious. Guaranteed to make you laugh, as well as clear the room when the party is over.

$50 - Shuffle Function or KMSU T-shirt

There are two brand new designs for fall 2006. The Shuffle Function shirt is a black tee with two color design that announces “I’m artsy fartsy, and I support community radio!” The KMSU shirt is on a white/black ring T and says much the same thing.

On demand, some past Shuffle Function t-shirt designs are still available. Ask Shyboy Tim and Shelley when you pledge for the specifics.

$65 - Rag and a Coaster Combo
Formerly known as the Cheap Bastard Combo, with this pledge level you will receive the brand new Shuffle Function t-shirt AND a copy of A Capella-lypse Now : Arrangements For Voice and Painkillers CD. A premium level especially suited for the savy shopper in you!!

$100 - Program Director For A Day
Limited to 20 per pledge drive, this popular premium allows the listener to program an entire Shuffle Function Morning Show for two hours one weekday morning. Shyboy Tim and Shelley will push buttons and talk too much, but the listener gets to control the musical destiny of Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa. They will also receive a Shuffle Function or KMSU t-shirt, their choice of A Capella-lypse Now CD or Shuffle Function Theme vinyl, as well as a CD copy of their show.

$100 - Day Sponsorship
For $100 a listener can sponsor an entire day of broadcasting on KMSU. This is a unique way to commemorate something significant: A person, birthday, anniversary, etc. In the past we've had people commemorate things like the passing of a loved one, the birthday of a favorite musician, and the fishing opener. The person pledging can help craft a special dedication to be read through the day, as well as select songs that they would like to hear.

$100 - T-shirt/KMSU Water Bottle combo
The listener can receive their choice of KMSU/Shuffle Function t-shirt and the new KMSU Water Bottle, with ACTION LATCH! The push button release on the KMSU Water Bottle demands attention and proudly announces “I’m thirsty, and ready for action!”

$100 - R. Crumb's Heroes of Blues, Jazz, & Country

This is a brand new hardcover 240 page collection of legendary comic book artist R. Crumb’s portraits of important and influential Blues, Jazz, & Country musicians. Beyond Crumb’s loving portraits of music icons, the book also contains a 21 track CD of songs by the musicians personaly chosen by the artist. The forward for the book is written by Terry Zwigoff, director of Crumb, Ghost World, and Art School Confidential.

From the publisher: Anyone who knows R. Crumb's work as an illustrator knows of his passion for music. And all those who collect his work prize the Heroes of the Blues, Early Jazz Greats, and Pioneers of Country Music trading card sets he created in the early to- mid-1980s. Now they are packaged together for the first time in book form, along with an exclusive 21-track CD of music selected and compiled by Crumb himself (featuring original recordings by Charley Patton, "Dock" Boggs, "Jelly Roll" Morton, and others). A bio of each musician is provided, along with a full-color original illustration by the cartoonist. A characteristically idiosyncratic tribute by an underground icon to the musical innovators who helped inspire him, R. Crumb's Heroes of Blues, Jazz & Country is a must-have collection for Crumb aficionados, comics fans, and music lovers alike.

All in all a pretty sweet bunch of swag. Please call KMSU and pledge your financial support to keep your favorite independent radio station alive and well. We'll accept any amount you are willing to contribute. You can put your pledge on a credit card, be billed, or make payments. You have options, people!

Call 507-389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810. Volunteers are standing by!

Thanks a ton for all your support, not just financially but also with all your encouragement and feedback. It means a lot to the whole station.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


October. The changing leaves, the costumes, the candy, the scary movies, the randomly determined playlists. I love this time of year. Yes, October means that it is once again time for the scariest possible way to celebrate Halloween:


Thursday, October 26th, and six p.m., we're hauling out Shelley's collection of old Ktel compilations and we're letting the radio gods determine our musical destiny! Thanks to long time associate and Shuffle Function family member Lisa, the collection has nearly doubled, and in very very terrifying ways. Radio Roulette has always been a minefield, but with Lisa's additions to the stockpile it has become potentially lethal.

How does Shuffle Function Radio Roulette work? Well, Shelley has numbered each of her made-for-tv compilations, and then placed those numbers in an actual magic hat. We then draw numbers to determine which LP we'll be playing. Then we flip a coin to determine side A or Side B, and roll a ten sided die from my magic bag of holding to determine the track to be played. It is completely vinyl, completely random, and completely fun. Here's some old Shuffle Function Radio Roulette playlists to give you an idea of what we're in for:

1. Duran Duran - hungry like the wolf
2. Olivia Newton John - if not for you
3. The Olympics - western movies
4. John Valente - anything you want
5. Jan and Dean - fun fun fun
6. Cheap Trick - I want you to want me
7. Doobie Brothers - long train running
8. Steve Forbert - romeo's tune
9. First Class - beach baby
10. Jerry Jeff Walker - up against the wall you red neck mother
11. Gerry Rafferty - baker street
12. Captain and Tenille - love will keep us together
13. Lobo - rings
14. Foriegner - blue morrning blue day
15. Jay Ferguson - thunder island
16. K.C. and The Sunshine Band - keep it comin, love
17. Culture Club - I'll tumble for you
18. Al Stewart - year of the cat

March 30th 2006
Hour Three 8pm to 9pm
Shuffle Function Radio Roulette

1. Jimmy Castor Bunch-Bertha Butt Boogie Part One
2. Lobo-A Simple Man
3. Unknown-Mary Had A Little Lamb
4. Ronnie Dove-One Kiss For Old Time's Sake
5. Kenny Loggins-This Is It
6. Merle Haggard-I Think I'll Just Stay Here And Drink
7. Disco Tex And The Sex-O-lets-Get Dancin'

Hour Nineteen 12pm to 1pm
Shuffle Function Radio Roulette

1.Guy Mitchell-Singing The Blues
2. Steve Forbert-Romeo's Tune
3. Genesis-Abacab
4. The Spinners-Working My Way Back To You
5. Toni Camilla's Bazooka-Dynomite
6. Eric Carmen-Never Gonna Fall In Love
7. Hollies-Stop in In The Name Of Love
8. Elton John-Honky Cat

As you can see, despite the fact that it is random, Steve Forbert came up twice. In a couple of other playlists from an earlier 24 Hour Marathon, we had The Laverne and Shirley Theme pop up twice. Completely unpredictable, but don't let that scare you!

Sadly, Lisa will not be joining us this year for the show. She's ditched Ktel, for reasons well documented, and moved on to a new venture: Radio station compilations. Her new website,, features collections put out by radio stations to promote their formats and DJs. Check it out, and maybe pick up some Radio Use Only swag! Here's a post she wrote on the Record Collector's Guild message board regarding the collection transfer.

Thursday, October 26th
Six p.m.
KMSU 89.7 fm
Listen online @

In other news, please don't forget that the KMSU Fall Pledge Drive is just days away. Stay tuned to this blog for a complete list of swag and the desperate pleading of DJs that adore what they do.


Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I am so pleased to announce the date of our third annual Shuffle Function Polka Till You Puke day!!! Get your Friday the 13th started right with two hours of whoope dee doo polka. From 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. Shyboy Tim and I will be spinning our polka albums and rolling out the barrell(s) all morning in honor of the KMSU Pledge Drive, and Octoberfest.

The usual suspects will be joining us. Ambrose, Dave, and proffessional polka fanatics The Luskeys will be in the studio, providing live polka music and lots of laughs. Honestly, nothing puts a smile on your face quicker than a good polka - if you don't believe me, tune in on the 13th!!!

We will be taking polka requests all morning (as well as your pledges of support), but feel free to email them to us early. Drop us a note at, and until then POLKA, POLKA, POLKA!!!

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Thanks to everyone that called in and requested songs in your best pirate voices last Tuesday. It was a very successful Talk Like A Pirate Day. I hope you used your pirate names with honor.

Cap'n Abigail and First Mate Ginny took the whole day even further by hitting the streets of Mankato in full on pirate garb. PROOF!

Here they are raiding the racks of the Good Ship Tune Town, and no doubt finding treasures galore.

In other news, Gilmroe Girls Season Seven starts Tuesday. We've been running through worst case scenarios on the show to try and prevent any shocks that may have resulted from the apocalypse that was the Season Six finale. Some of you guys have submitted some whoppers. Dark dark whoppers. Keep sending the worst case scenarios in! We'll get through this season, but only if we stick together! Send them to


Tuesday, September 19, 2006


World Traveler Kelly snagged this shot in Paris outside a home that Ernest Hemingway once lived in. Got any cool photos of your Shuffle Function shirt in exotic locations? E-mail them to us at and we'll post them.

Thanks Kelly!

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Hey! Cool! I just checked the TV guide listings for Tuesday the 26th, and channel 18 on Mankato's cable system is listed as CW. Phew. Does anybody know where to get a cheap VCR/DVD-R recorder?


Saturday, September 16, 2006


Wow! Time really flies. It seems like it was only 365 days ago that it was Talk Like A Pirate Day, and now here it is again! This Tuesday the 19th we'll be marking it in the most predictable of ways: by talking like a pirate. Here's the official page for Talk Like A Pirate day, where you can find out why on earth this day even exists, as well as links to things like pirate talk translators and glossaries that will help you with your pirate speak on this, the most pirate-y of days.

Some ground rules: You must talk like a pirate if you are requesting a song, otherwise we will not be able to decipher your mysterious lubber speak. Also, if you send us at e-mail request at it will have to be written as if a pirate were writing it. Otherwise, again, you are taking up valuable time that could be otherwise spent speaking like a pirate.

Don't forget to call us so we can give you your official pirate name for the day. It should make all your business dealings pretty interesting, huh?

The station #s: 507-389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810. YAAAAAAAARGH!



The main reason that I never watch TV anymore is because I'm just too damn busy. I realized not long ago that I haven't even turned on my TV since the Season Six finale of Gilmore Girls, which is astonishing for a couch potato like me. There's just been too much radio work going on, I've become addicted to YouTube, and there are quite a few very cool internet shows that have been distracting me.

Some of my favorite internet programs:

The thing that makes Hope so hilarious is that she's just SO DAMN EMO. If you are serious about your emo, you may not care for this show. I, however, am not serious about my emo, therefore I laugh big ass belly laughs at Hope's emo-ness.

The Words Are Dying
Hiders and Seekers
True Self

This is a website that posts animations of how films really should have ended. My favorite so far is their newest, and it shows how the original Superman film should have ended. I can't figure out how to link directly to their films, and you'd need the DiVX codec and player to view them, so here are some YouTube links. Some suck in the quality department, quite frankly, but they are still hilarious.

Willy Wonka
The Blair Witch Project
Lord Of The Rings
Star Wars

This is one to watch if you are gearing up for the Tenacious D film like the gang at Shuffle Function is. Jack Black is believable in his undies and computer monitor headgear as a computer turned man, in this series that follows him and his human counterpart as they get into a series of sometimes hilarious situations. Only a few of these episodes are on YouTube, so follow the link to the original Computerman page to view all six episodes. And don't get your hopes up. Also, if you aren't a Jack Black fan you probably don't want to bother. Otherwise, GET READY TO LAUGH!

This is a lovingly brutal fictionalized history of Yacht Rock, that genre that exemplifies all that is smooth in music and usually features bands that have had their pictures taken on yachts. Super funny, and sadly no longer in production. Luckily we have ten episodes available to us. Perfect for ironic fans of Michael McDonald.


Well, I think this is all the distraction I can drum up for this round. Drop us a line at with any other internet shows that we may be missing out on, and we'll post them on the site (provided they don't suck).



The season premiere of Gilmore Girls season seven is less than two weeks away, and things are not all well in Shyboy Tim land. First, this season is likely the last, and it is helmed by someone other than a Palladino. Second, I went in to pay my cable bill several months in advance so I don't have to worry about it during the season, and the lady at the Charter desk said that she heard the new CW network WILL NOT BE ON THE MANKATO CABLE SYSTEM!

Yeah, I know!

So, I'm hoping she is on crack. The reason this may be incorrect is that it looks like the former WB affiliate that was broadcast in the area (KMWB 23) appears to be going CW. This, according to the CW website. Hopefully CW23 will be on channel 18 where the WB was. If not... well, no matter how the season turns out I'd still rather see it and be disappointed than not see it at all.

So... if you are a Gilmore Girls fan you may want to call your cable or satellite provider and find out what the deal is. It will really suck if Tuesday the 26th rolls around and there's just infomercials.

Also, Tuesday the 19th sees the release of Gilmore Season Six on DVD. Yes, you can now relive the glory of Sparks playing live on a Stars Hollow street corner AND see Lorelei's ultimate betrayal whenever you feel like it! SWEET!



I just looked back over the blog and it looks like it's been about a month since we last posted anything useless beyond the playlists. Apologies. It's been a madhouse around here, and even our assistant Dullard Fawning has been too tied up to help us beyond the norm.

State of the radio show:

About a month ago we were all set up to MC an open comedy mic thing at the Coffee Hag (where I'm enjoying a tasty mocha as I write) for the Old Town Street fest. Plugged it relentlessly on the show, etc. Anyway, there were signals crossed somewhere and there was a magician there instead. As a result, no MC duties for us. We're very sorry if anybody came down to check out the show, but I understand that the magician was very good, so hopefully that made up for it. We went down to check out the Rhythmaplex Project, who were playing at the Oleander stage, and they were brilliant as usually. Incidentally, they're going to be playing THIS FRIDAY THE 22nd at The What's Up, with the band Aviette. We've played some Aviette on the show and they sound very promising, so it should be a good show.

The night all the tornados hit the area, we were up at the Minnesota State Fair to check out The Magic Numbers/Sonic Youth/Flaming Lips at the Grandstand. There was a hideous rain storm that threatened to stop the show before it started, but luckily Wayne Coyne is a can do guy and convinced the fair folks to hang in there. Just before the original official start time hit, the rain broke and the sun came out and it turned into a pretty nice day. The downside was that The Magic Numbers' gear was flooded and they couldn't play a full set. The upsides are two fold, however. 1) Sonic Youth was amazing, and I would kill to see them play a full set where they are the headliner. 2) Flaming Lips was a blast. A big indulgent spectacle, and musically strong. They even let The Magic Numbers come out and play a few songs, so that was nice.

School is back in session at MSU, so the requests in the a.m. are coming in hard and heavy, which is great. Over the summer things tend to slow down a bit in that department, so all the new voices and enthusiasm are a much needed shot in the arm. Keep the great calls coming! The numbers are 507-389-5678 and 1-800-456-7810. You can also drop us a line at with anything you want to hear.

A couple of programming notes:

Melons left for Utah for a few months, so the Mothership Connection is off the station right now. The word is she'll be back in November, so hopefully she'll be back on the air and the late Saturday night lineup will be restored. Until then a couple of longtime KMSU supporters stepped in at the last minute to try and keep funk on the air. Tuesdae With An E and Papa T are tag teaming on Night Train And The Search For The Saturday Night Groove, which you can hear at ten, just before The Five Count. So far they've received some positive feedback, and if you'd like to drop them a line to say 'hi' you can do so at

There's also a new host on Minnesota Music Scene, which you can hear Fridays at six p.m. Edgar from The Rhythmaplex Project is the new voice, and if you are in a Minnesota band that needs to be heard, he'd love to hear your demo or CD. He's been toiling in bands long enough to know that it is tough to break into "the machine" and get your music heard, and he wants to do what he can to help. Drop him an e-mail at and let him know what you have, or you can just send your stuff to him at:

Minnesota Music Scene
c/o KMSU Radio
AF 205
Minnesota State University
Mankato, MN 56001

You can also give him a call during the show. Edgar really wants to help develop the local music scene, and you can be a part of it! As he likes to say about MN Music Scene: "this is your show".

In other news, Gully has been on vacation for the last two weeks and will be back this coming Monday. Welcome him back! The fall pledge drive is also coming up in October, so please be generous and throw your support towards your local independent radio station. We're looking at major expenses with a new broadcast tower, not to mention all the other insane costs that it takes to keep your radio home alive and kicking. Thanks in advance!

Sorry about the lack of updates. Things are getting back to normal, slowly but surely.



Hey, all. It's been a helluva long time since we've had just random stuff on the blog, but this is of the utmost urgency:


Here's a Quick Time Link! Of couse, it is laced with nasty language, so if you are sensitive or a wuss, please don't listen.

The Soundtrack: November 14th
The Film: NOVEMBER 17th! Begin the line-up now, D-ciples!

More to follow.


Monday, September 11, 2006


SEPTEMBER 5, 2006 (542)
1. Sonic Youth - candle
2. New Grenada - emergency brigade
3. Joe jackson - is she really going out with him?
4. XTC - senses working overtime
5. Pere Ubu - heaven
6. Frank Black - if your poison gets you
7. Persephone's Bees - nice day
8. Village Green - wrap your love around me
9. Joy Division - she's lost control
10. Electralane - two for joy
11. The Vaselines - son of a gun
12. Elvis Costello and The Attractions - pump it up
13. LCD Soundsystem - disco infiltrator
14. Beck - nausea
15. Lou Reed - perfect day
16. Black Sabath - war pigs
17. The Pixies - winterlong
18. Cannoise - born in Chicago

SEPTEMBER 6, 2006 (543)
1. AC/DC - dirty deeds done dirt cheap
2. Tullycraft - rumble with the gang debs
4. Ecstatic Sunshine - ramontana
5. Tom Tall - stack o records
6. Matthew Friedberger - holy ghost language school
7. Rose Melberg - Irene
8. Mark Mallman - who's gonna save you now?
9. Dave Thomas - drunken sailor
10. Pere Ubu - birdies
11. R.E.M. - fall on me
12. Stereolab - young lungs
13. Simon and Garfunkel - sounds of silence
14. Velvet Underground - I heard her call my name
15. Bob Dylan - like a rolling stone
16. Broadcast - illumination
17. Architecture In Helsinki - do the whirlwind
18. Modern Lovers - road runner
19. Camera Obscura - if looks could kill
20. Tom Wilson - all American boy

SEPTEMBER 7, 2006 (544)
1. Guided By Voices - huffman prarie flying field
2. Echo and The Bunnymen - the cutter
3. 13th Floor Elevators - slip inside this house
4. EEls - trouble with dreams
5. Jesus and The Mary Chain - just like honey
6. Buddy Holly - rave on
7. Raveonettes - here comes Mary
8. Amen Corner - expressway to your heart
9. Pretty Girls make Graves - the number
10. The Zombies - care of cell 44
11. Foghat - slowride
12. Yo La Tengo - the room got heavy
13. Benni Hemm Hemm - I could love you in a wheelchair baby
14. Buddy Holly - not fade away
15. The Whigs - can't hear you coming
16. Buddy Holly - everyday
17. The Adolescents - everyday
18. They Might Be Giants - New York City
19. Buddy Holly - well alright
20. American Holidays - lightning souls / here for good
21. Dressy Bessy - stop foolin'
22. Buddy Holly - oh boy

SEPTEMBER 8, 2006 (545)
1. Johnny Cash - hey porter
2. Bedroom Walls - Mandy
3. Nick Lowe - cruel to be kind
4. Mando Diao - god knows
5. Warren Zevon - disorder in the house
6. George Harrison - wah wah
7. Dirtbombs - got to give it up
8. Madness - one step beyond
9. Patsy Cline - walkin' after midnight
10. Go Home Productions - rapture riders
11. Jimmie Hendrix - foxy lady
12. The Replacements - we'll inherit the earth
13. Keith Moon - my generation
14. Keith Moon w/Ringo Starr - intro (outake)
15. Keith Moon - lies
16. Golden Bear - golden bear revival stomp
17. The Rapture - first gear
18. Friends Like These - Karen
19. Devin Davis - giant spiders
20. Razorlight - hold on
21. Bob Dylan - hwy 61 (revisited)
22. Pixies - debaser
23. The Stooges - TV eye