Thursday, March 30, 2006


Hour One 6pm to 7pm

1. Hello To All The $ Out There/Theme (1:38)
2. Ledge Intro(1:06)
3. Velvet Underground-All Tomorrow's Parties(5:56)
4. The Smiths-How Soon Is Now?(6:47)
5. Sleater Kinney-Rollercoster(4:53)
6. Teh Big Sigh-In The Middle Of The .....(3:00)
7. Dirtbombs-Gotta Give It Up(3:54)
8. Lengendary Stardust Cowboy-Dynamite(2:27)
9. Cleveland Bound Death Sentence
10. Replacements-Within Your Reach(4:22)
11. AC/DC-It's A Long Way To The Top(If You Want To Rock An dRoll)(5:12)

Hour Two 7pm t o 8pm

1. Morrissey-I Will See You In The Far Off Places
2. The Who-I Can See For Miles(4:06)
3. Wilco-I'm The Man Who Loves You(3:59)
4. Little Richard- The Girl Can't Help It(2:33)
5. Brian Jonestown Massacre-Servo(3:20)
6. Deerhoof-Milkman(4:22)
7. Jim Carroll Band-People Who Died(4:59)
8. Arcesia-White Panther(2:33)
9. John Cale-Perfect(3:20)
10. Greg Dulli-Cigaretts(3:32)
11. Elmore James-Rollin' and Tumblin'(2:27)
12. Gary Newman-Cars(3:46)

Hour Three 8pm to 9pm
Shuffle Function Radio Roulette

1. Jimmy Castor Bunch-Bertha Butt Boogie Part One
2. Lobo-A Simple Man
3. Unknown-Mary Had A Little Lamb
4. Ronnie Dove-One Kiss For Old Time's Sake
5. Kenny Loggins-This Is It
6. Merle Haggard-I Think I'll Just Stay Here And Drink
7. Disco Tex And The Sex-O-lets-Get Dancin'

Hour Four 9pm to 10pm

1. The Stooges-Tv Eye(4:17)
2. Elliot Smith-Needle in the Hay(4:15)
3. Decemberists-16 Military Wives(4:52)
4. Gustav Temple And The Blades-Pudding And Pies(2:36)
5. Ben Folds-In Between Days(2:51)
6. Stereolab-Free Design(3:45)
7. Robyn Hitchcock-Balloon Man(3:28)
8. Negativeland-Piece Of Pie
9. Pixies-Debaser(2:51)

Hour Five 10pm to 11pm

1. The Ramones-Let's Dance(1:52)
2. A + D-Deceptafreakon(3:07)
3. Adam And The Ants-Stand And Deliver(3:32)
4. Aerosmith-Sweet Emotion(4:37)
5. The Smiths-Cemetary Gates
6. The Clash-Rudie Can't Fail(3:25)
7. LCD Soundsystem-Give It Up(3:53)
8. Leaving Trains-Dumb As A Crayon(5:39)
9. Sam Champion-Company Dance(3:58)
10. Television-Friction(4:43)
11. Talking Heads-Once In A Lifetime(4:18)
12. Rolling Stones-Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Heartbreaker(3:25)

Hour Six 11pm to 12am

1.Lou Rawls-Season Of The Witch(5:48)
2. Cramps-Goo Goo Muck(3:02)
3. X Ray Spex-Oh! Bondage Up Yours(2:47)
4. Ravonettes-Love In A Trashcan(2:54)
5. Dramatics-Get Up And Down(3:07)
6. TMBG-Cyclops Rocks(2:40)
7. The Michelle Gun Elephant-Satanic Boom Boom Head(2:49)
8. Dizzy Gillespie And His Orchestra-Mantika(3:05)
9. BJ Snowden-Falling In And Out Of Love(3:24)
10. Black Sabbath-Chilldren Of The Grave(5:13)
11. 3rd Bardo-5 Years Ahead Of My Time(2:12)
12. William Shatner-Rocket Man(4:10)

Hour Seven 12am to 1 am
Rythmaplex Project

1. 1,000,000 Kisses
2. Once
3. Let Me In
4. Semi-Legit
5. No More
6. Coming On Too Strong?
7. CNN
8. Jam
9. Let's Go

Hour Eight 1am-2am

1) Velvet Underground-Sister Ray(17:34)
2) Shadow Men On A Shadowy Planet-Big Baby(2:59)
3) Bauhaus-Bela Lugosi's Dead(9:34)
4) Brother Theodore-House by the Cemetery radio spot(1:34)
5) Sonic Youth w/Lydia Lunch-Death Valley 69(5:06)
6) Nico-The End:Live in Tokyo 1986(9:17)

Hour Nine 2am-3am

1) Down in a Mirror
2) God Came Between Us
3) You Wake Up Dead Men
4) Van Ness Mission
5) Depression
6) You Painted Your Teeth
7) Nancy Sings
8) I See The Open Door
9) Crack A Smile
10) The Fly
11) Lavendar

Hour 10 3am-4am

1) Iron Butterfly-In-A-Gada-Da-Vida (THE LONG VERSION)
2) Beulah-A Good Man Is easy To Kill(4:13)
3) Stark Effect-Bunny Rabbits, Satan, Cheese and Milk(2:18)
4) Quintron-Place Unknown(3:30)
5) Root Boy Slim-Boogie 'til You Puke(3:26)
6) Bob Summers & Mike Curb-The Call Girl(1:01)
7) Cramps-TV Set(3:11)
8) Guided By Voices-Gold Star for Robot Boy(1:54)
9) Watson-The Damage When You Leave(3:00)
10) Stereo Total-Prens Moi (Take Me)(2:41)
11) Elvis Presley-Mystery Train

Hour 11 4am-5am

1) Bobby Womack-Across 110th Street(3:47)
2) Shaft Trailer(:58)
3) Isaac Hayes-Theme from Shaft(3:14)
4) Sly & The Family Stone-Family Affair
5) San Francisco T.K.O.'s-Herm
6) Shuggie Otis-Strawberry Letter 23(3:56)
7) Rufus Thomas-Do The Funky Chicken(3:14)
8) Bernice Hayes-Cool Strut(2:52)
9) Otis & Carla-Tramp(2:57)
10) Staple Singers-Respect Yourself(3:32)
11) 100% Pure Poison-Windy C(5:25)
12) Dramatics-What You See, Is What You Get(3:32)
13) James Brown-Get Up, Get Into It and Get Involved(7:04)

Hour twelve 5am to 6am

1. Ween- Someday
2. Bill Boyce-Hooters Galore(2:17)
3. New Creation-Sodom And Gamorra(2:45)
3. Wizzo(Chris Palestis)Don't You Want Me/I Love Rock And Roll(6:35)
4. Jimmie Mitchell-Eres Tu3:41)
5. Dr. Michael Dean The Singing Hypnotist (intro) And All Of Me(3:25)
6. 3 Peas In A Pod-Going Out Of My Head(4:35)
7. Margie Pet-I Feel Good(1:58)
8.Chris-Crazy Crazy(2:43)
9. Richard Craig Hackey-God's Back Hand(2:27)
10. Unknown-Bohemian Rhapsody(5:32)
11. Ken Bower-I Will Survive(3:49)

Hour thirteen 6am to 7am

1. The Plimsouls- A Million Miles Away
2. The Fuzztones-1-2-5
3. The Mops-San Franciscan Night
4. Smokey Robinson & The Miracles-Tears Of A Clown
5. Claudine Longet-I Think It's Gonna Rain Today
6. R.E.M.-Hyena
7. The Headcoats-Girl From '62
8. Legendary Stardust Cowboy-I Walk A Hot Wind
9. Kinks- The End Of The Day
10. Think-Once You Understand

Hour Fourteen 7am to 8am

**Alex the Wonderboy sings the theme from The Shuffle Fnction Morning Show

Jones Soda Company "Wine List"

Brussels Sprout Soda
Wild Herb Stuffing Soda
Pumpkin Pie Soda
Turkey and Gravy Soda
Cranberry Soda

Vinyl Hour
1. Tom Wilson-All American Boy
2. Libido Boys-S.O.S.
3. Tom Waits-Don't Go Into The Barn
4. Starland Vocal Band-Afternoon Delight
5. Nancy Sinatra-These Boots Are Made For Walking
6. Lou Reed -The Power Of Positive Drinking
7. Richard Harris-Macarthur Park
8. Boomtown Rats-I Don't Like Mondays
9. Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band-E-Street Shuffle

Hour Fifteen 8am to 9am

Vinyl Hour
1. XTC-Funk Papa Roll
2. The Beatles-Old Brown Shoe (played twice)
3. Velvet Undergroung-Head Held High
4. Talking Heads-This Must Be The Place(Naive Melody)
5. Echo And The Bunnymen-My Kingdom
6. Johnny Cash-When The Man Comes Around
7. Rolling Stones-Stray Cat Blues

Hour Sixteen 9am to 10am

Shy Boy Tim and Shelley with Matt of True Punks.

1. Beatles-It's All Too Much(6:23)
2. Beatifics-Almost Something There(3:35)
3. From Bubblegum To Sky-24 Hours In Your Deep Blue Jeans(3:35)
4. Jackson Five-ABC(2:57)
5. Robert Pollard-Dancing Girls and Dancing Men(2:37)
6. Half Japanese-1,000,000 Kisses(1:52)
7. Camper Van Beethoven-Take The Skin Heads Bowling(2:29)
8. Andew Gold-Lonely Boy(3:55)
9. Herb Alpert-This Guys In Love With You(3:57)
10. Pavement-Gold Soundz(2:38)
11. They Might Be Giants-The Guitar(Lion Sleeps Tonight)(3:49)
12. The New Standards-Love Is In The Law

Hour Seventeen 10am to 11 am

1. Saturday Looks Good To Me-Lift Me Up(2:44)
2. Imperial Teen-Ivanka(3:15)
3. Paul Westerberg-Make Your Own Kind Of Music(3:23)
4. John Cale-Perfect
5. Velvet Underground-Foggy Notion(6:46)
6. Wilco-Heavy Metal Drummer(3:07)
7. X-See How You Are(3:48)
8. West Indian Girl-What Are You Afraid Of?(5:06)
9. Undertones-Teenage Kicks(2:24)
10. Creation-Making Time(2:55)
11. Buddy Holly-EveryDay(2:06)

Hour Eighteen 11am to 12pm

1. Blanket Music-Cats Corp(4:25)
2. Grant Hart-Now That You Know Me(3:55)
3. Jocelyne-La La La La(3:00)
4. Quantic Soul Orchestra-Pushin' On(3:16)
5. Rolling Stones-Sway(3:50)
6. Flying Burrito Brothers-Do Right Man(3:54)
7. Friends Like These-Karen(3:14)
8. Frank Black-If It Takes All Night(3:17)
9. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah-Over And Over Agian(Lost And Found)(3:06)
10. Shins-Pressed In A Book(2:52)
11. Sparklehorse-Someday I'll Treat You Good(3:39)
12. The Cure-Just Like Heaven(3:30)

Hour Nineteen 12pm to 1pm
Shuffle Function Radio Roulette

1.Guy Mitchell-Singing The Blues
2. Steve Forbet-Romeo's Tune
3. Genesis-Abacab
4. The Spinners-Working My Way Back To You
5. Toni Camilla's Bazooka-Dynomite
6. Eric Carmen-Never Gonna Fall In Love
7. Hollies-Stop in In The Name Of Love
8. Elton John-Honky Cat

Hour Twenty 1pm to 2pm

1. Joy Division-Love Will Tear Us Apart(3:23)
2. Husker Du-Back From Somewhere(2:15)
3. David Bowie-I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spacecraft(4:01)
4. Daniel Johnston-Life In Vain(3:23)
5. Marianne Faithful-Desparanto(4:19)
6. Leonard Cohen-Waiting For The Miracle(7:38)
7. Led Zeppelin-Misty Mountain Hop(4:40)
8. Emperor X-Edged Less(4:21)
9. Hold Steady-Little Hood Rat(3:52)
10. Fiery Furnaces-Single Again(3:56)

Hour Twentyone 2pm tp 3pm

1. Lawrence Welk/Foghat-Slowride(3:59)
2. Faux Jean-G A-Go-Go(2:44)
3. Generation X-Kiss Me Deadly(4:24)
4. Replacements-I Will Dare(3:17)
5. Matthew Sweet-Girlfriend(3:38)
6. Komeda-B.L.O.S.S.O.M.(3:32)
7. Nirvana-Molly's Lips(1:49)
8. Clash-Radio Clash(4:11)
9. Prince-Pop Life(3:41)
10. Red Shadow Economic R&R Band-Understanding Marx(2:29)

Hour TwentyTwo 3pm to 4pm

1. Only Ones-Another Girl, Another Planet3:00)
2. Spinal Tap-Give Me Some Money(2:25)
3. The Who-A Quick One(While He's away)(7:31)
4. Go Home Productions-Slim McShady(3:34)
5. Beatles-Leave My Kitten Alone(2:51)
6. Noonday Underground-London(3:06)
7. Nick Lowe-Cruel To Be Kind(3:24)
8. P.I.L.-Public Image(2:58)
9. Partridge Family-Somebody Wants To Love You(2:33)
10. Pink Floyd-See Emily Play(2:52)
11. Soft Boys-Tonight(3:41)
12. Written In The Sand-UFO Disaster(4:35)

Shy Boy Tim and Shelley still going strong after 22 and a half hours on the air!!!! Your Pledges keep them going. Thanks to all who have pledged so far and if you haven't you know who you are!

Hour Twentythree 4pm to 5pm

1. Dandy Warhols-Dandy Warhol's TV Theme(3:18)
2. Frank Black-666(3:03)
3. Johnny Cash- I've Been Everywhere(3:13)
4. Shooby Taylor-Stout Hearted Men(2:43)
5. Sonics-Money(1:56)
6. Free Design-2002 A Hit Song(2:38)
7. Danielson Familie-Potty Mouth(3:33)
8. Weezer- Hash Pipe(3:05)
9. Joy Division-No Love Lost(3:43)
10. Jerry Lee Lewis-High School Confidential(2:28)
11. James Brown-Get Up, Get In To It, Get Involved(7:04)
12. Public Enemy-You Gonna Get Yours(4:03)

Hour Twentyfour 5pm to 6 pm

1. The Pugs - Mari in Love (5:08)
2. Happy Mondays - 24 Hour Party People (4:35)
3. LCD Soundsystem - Disco Infiltrator (4:20)
4. Rolling Stones - Jumping Jack Flash (Live) (3:13)
5. Pixies - Debaser (2:34)
6. Modern Lovers - Road Runner (4:03)
7. Legendary Stardust Cowboy - New Jersey Turnpike (3:34)
8. Stumpus Maximus and The Good Old Boys - PLease Release Me (3:29)
9. Elvis Costello - What's So Funny About Peace Love And Understanding (3:45)

{The End}

Marathon Swag

Back by popular demand, the Music Geek tee returns! This time around it is black type on a white ring tee. The rings are black, mind you. All sizes available. Including 2XL for the 'Husky' listeners! We also have a limited number of the X-Ray Specs design from the last drive available. Stay tuned to Shuffle Function to claim your swag!! Dig!


The Shuffle Function 24 Hour Marathon is less than 12 hours away. Here's some stuff to hold you until then...

William Shatner - Rocket Man
William Shatner - Taxi
William Shatner rips on Trekkies
William Shatner Se7en Parody

Thanks to everybody for all your donations during the first two days of the pledge drive. The pledging has been fast and furious, and right now there are only FOUR Program Directors For A Day left! These may not even last the first hour of the marathon, so pledge soon!


It is because of your financial support that KMSU is able to continue providing independent programming by volunteers to really believe in radio and what they do. If you haven't yet donated, please consider doing so. We can do payment plans, you can be billed, you can use a credit card, or you could even stop in and make your payment at the station. Every donation makes a difference, be it ten dollars or one hundred dollars.

Thanks for your time and all you do.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


The Pledge Drive starts WEDNESDAY! That's tomorrow, in real time talk. Music has been prepped, guests have been contacted, writing hands have been conditioned. All in the name of Independent Public Radio, mind you.

Click HERE for the complete line-up & times for the Shuffle Function 24 Hour Pledge Drive A-Go-Go IV: The Voyage Home!

So let's talk swag. What would a pledge drive be without swag? More to the point, what the hell is swag? Swag is what you get as a thank-you for making a generous donation to KMSU. There are many different kinds of swag available, all at different donation levels, and it is all pretty cool.


First and foremost, the first 100 people to pledge $50 or more will receive, at no extra charge, the amazing Shuffle Function Do-It-Yourself Vampire Kit! It is as cool as it sounds, so don't delay!

FINDERS KEEPERS 2 - Yet another batch of insufferable sounds, hand crafted by Shuffle Function artisans. A CD designed for a person like... you! Weird recordings by weird people for weird people. But wait, there's more! THERE'S A GOLDEN TICKET! Once lucky person will find a $25 gift certificate for Tune Town that has been randomly inserted in one of the Finders Keepers 2 cases. Role the dice and take your chances, big shooter.

45 RPM VINYL: THE SHUFFLE FUNCTION MORNING SHOW THEME b/w THE RHYTHMAPLEX PROJECT - Who else cares enough to produce their swag on glorious black vinyl? Well, other than them. Yep, it's us!

JANDEK CDs - Corwood Industries (Jandek's label) was kind enough to send us 25 CDs to use as pledge premiums. Jandek: Enigma, recluse, public radio supporter. Your choice from six different titles. Don't just ponder Jandek, dive right into Jandek.

K TEL CD COMPS - Lisa, the owner and operator of, has donated 25 K Tel compact discs to lure your hard earned cash from your wallets and into ours. We've got country, early rock, novelty songs, gospel, more country, and even a few more novelty songs. These will be distributed RANDOMLY, using a complicated system designed by us. Yes, we draw numbers out of a hat. Pretty crafty, huh?

SHUFFLE FUNCTION T-SHIRTS - Back by popular demand, the Music Geek tee returns! This time around it is black type on a white ring tee. The rings are black, mind you. All sizes available. We also have a limited number of the X Ray Specs design from the last drive available. Hey, we may even have your size left, tubby! Stay tuned to this blog for pics of the shirts.

CHEAP BASTARD COMBO - We bundle two things together and pass the savings on to you, our beloved listeners! You get a Shuffle Function t-shirt and your choice of any of the previously mentioned CDs, while supplies last. A penny saved is a penny earned, which can then be donated to your favorite independent radio station, KMSU.

$100 LEVEL

There's also a bunch of other cool premiums that the station is offering, including the Live At The World Cafe CD ($60), the KMSU travel mug ($60), as well as a great three DVD set put out by Shout Factory called The Dick Cavett Show: Rock Icons, which is available at the $100 level. This set has appearances and performances by folks like David Bowie, Janis Joplin, Paul Simon, George Harrison, Sly & The Family Stone, and more. It's a pretty cool set.

Thanks for your time and your generosity.

Monday, March 27, 2006


The Shuffle Function 24 Hour Pledge Drive A-Go-Go is mere days away. We're all a flutter with anticipation. Then again, it may just be the caffeine that is causing the flutter. I should probably see a doctor about that.

Anyway, it'll be a good time. Once again, the marathon starts March 30th @ six p.m. and ends 24 hours later @ six p.m. on the 31st. No sleep (because sleep is for commercial radio), lots of caffeine and good tunes, and desperate pleading for your hard earned cash to keep us alive and kicking.

Thanks in advance for being so generous.

Stay tuned to this blog for a big ol' list of premiums, as well as other random crap that we deem blog worthy.

For us 24 Hours with no sleep is no walk in the park, but compared to what Glen Jones of the godlike WFMU in East Orange, NJ did, it's like stubbing your toe. Glen stayed on the air for ONE HUNDRED HOURS during their pledge drive! That's dedication. Follow the link and you can hear the full marathon archived. I'd suggest diving right into the last few hours. It's pretty brutal.

But hey! Look back over here! Our marathon is pretty exciting too, you know!


Friday, March 24, 2006


Hey, if you've been having trouble picking up our signal lately, it is because the KMSU transmitter is one sick puppy. It should be in better condition this weekend and ready for the upcoming pledge drive. Remember the transmitter during the drive, because they are absurdly costly to replace (think small house costly) and without it we cannot exist. Seriously, without your pledges things like this could end freeform radio in Southern Minnesota.

We don't want to be a fondly remembered used-to-be station, guys.

Speaking of pledge drives, the 24 Hour Marathon is officially under a week away, so stay tuned for updates, swag, and other neat stuff. Also, don't forget that Chan Poling, once of the legendary Suburbs now of The New Standards, will be joining Gully in the studio on Wednesday the 29th to help kick off the pledge drive. This is incredibly exciting, as a bunch of the folks around the station grew up adoring The Suburbs, and the new CD by The New Standards is pretty exceptional. Pick up your copy today!



MARCH 20, 2006 (423)
1. Madness - one step beyond
2. Seventeen Evergreen - sufferbus
3. A.M. Syndicate - obe they trembling preacher
4. Arlo - nerf bear bonanza
5. Field Mice - sensitive
6. Air - playground
7. Islands - don't call me whitney bobby
8. Bo Diddley - you can't judge a book by looking at it's cover
9. Mellowdrone - whatever the deal
10. Elvis Costello and The Attractions - accidents will happen
11. Seth kaufman - get your love stole
12. Fleshtones - american beat 84
13. Raconteurs - store bought bones
15. Clash - police on my back
16. Giant Drag - kevin is gay
17. New Standards - love is the law
18. Bobby Womack - across 110th street
19. Harry merry - all right rebecca
20. Fleshtones - communication breakdown
21. My Morning jacket - anytime
22. Deerhoof - twin killers
23. David Bowie - life on mars?
24. Titania - outdoor miner
25. Cat Power - cross bones style

MARCH 21, 2006 (424)
1. Pink Mountaintops - cold criminals
2. Why? - rubber traits
3. Sonic Youth - teenage riot
4. Calvin Johnson - rabbit blood
5. New Satndards - new pollution
6. LCD Soundsystem - disco infiltrator
7. Talking Heads - thank you for sending me an angel
8. Measles Mumos Rubella - algorythym of desire
9. Pere Ubu - heart of darkness
10. The Amps - tipp city
11. Brady Bunch - time to change
12. Robert pollard - U.S. mustard company
13. Rolling Stones - jigsaw puzzle
14. The Decemberists - 16 military wives
15. The Minus Five - twilight distillery
16. Tarkio - helena won't get stoned
17. Talking Heads - psycho killer
18. Morning After Girls - always mine
19. Frank Black - headache
20. The Destroyed - a window
21. The BeeGees - nights of broadway

MARCH 22, 2006 (425)
1. Pete Townsend - rough boys
2. 18th day Of May - sir casey jones
3. Guillemots - trains to brazil
4. Elvis Costello - baby plays around
5. Frank Black w/Al Franken - atlantis
6. Diggable planets - rebirth of slick
7. Go Go Airheart - so good
8. Lou Riegert and The Troops - gary's tune
9. James Brown - get up get into it get involved
10. Michael O'Donoghue - what if Ed Sullivan were tortured?
11. Sid Vicious - my way
12. Police - nothings achieveing
13. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - gold lion
14. Claudine Longet - god only knows
15. Klark kent - don't care
16. New Standards - only love can break your heart
17. T Rex - ride a white swan
18. William Shatner - rocket man
19. William Shatner - I can't get behind taht
20. Eagles Of Death Metal - shasta beat
21. Iron Butterfly - in a gada da vida
22. Nico - heroes
MARCH 23, 2006 (426)
1. Beat Happening - the other side
2. The Slickers - johnny too bad
3. Danielson - two sitting ducks
4. Art Brut - my little brother
5. Public Enemy - they call me flavor
6. The Smiths - unloveable
7. Kenny Hollywood - magic star
8. Shonen Knife - top of the world
9. Black Angels - sniper at the gates of heaven
10. Mr Airplane Man - ask for water
11. Built To Spill - liar
12. World Party - ship of fools
13. Screaming Lord Sutch and The savages - roberta
14. John Lennon - beautiful boy
15. New Standards - I will dare
16. Johnny Cash - when a man comes around
17. Laura Viers - secret someones
18. Brief Candles - cold north
19. The Greenhornes w/Holly Golightly - there is an end
20. Jimmy Miller and The Barbeques - sizzlin' hot

MARCH 24, 2006 (427)
1. Legendary Stardust Cowboy - slide rule
2. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - honey bear
3. Kasabian - cutt off
4. Nick Drake - northern sky
5. Sadies - why be so curious pt 3
6. Kinks - david watts
7. P:ano - covered wagon
8. Wendell Harrison - farewell to welfare pt 1
9. Roky Erickson - I have always been here before
10. National Eye - juno 3
11. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - cheated heart
12. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - dudley
13. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - turn into
14. Bob Dylan - hard rain gonna fall
15. New Standards - all the young dudes
16. Suburbs - waiting
17. Friends Like These - karen
18. Lou Reed - hanging around
19. John Cale - paris 1919


MARCH 13, 2006 (418)
1. They Might Be Giants - New York City
2. Hotel Lights - a.m. slow golden hit
3. Flying Buritto Brothers - hot burrito #2
4. Big Star - september gurls
5. Gordon Lightfoot - wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
6. Built to Spill - conventional wisdom
7. Low - everybody's song
8. Dressy Bessy - stop foolin'
9. Trip Shakespeare - bonnieville
10. Belle and Sebastian - to be myself completely
11. Neil Young - helpless
12. Pere Ubu - heaven
13. pavement - gold soundz
14. The Boy Least Likely To - be gentle with me
15. Stereo Total - automatic music
16. Violent Femmes - blister in the sun
17. The Beatles - got to get you into my life
18. Soft Boys - underwater moonlight
19. Supergrass - tonight
20. Envelopes - sister in love
21. John Cale - perfect
22. Kinks - all day and all of the night

MARCH 14, 2006 (419)
1. Cream - badge
2. Aluminum Babe - not too easy to forget
3. El Riot - do it right
4. Pere Ubu - non alignment pact
5. Grand National - boner
6. Jimmie Hendrix - are you experienced?
7. Von Bondies - lack of communication
8. Mason Proper - 100 years
9. P.I.L. - public image
10. Iggy and The Stooges - no fun
11. Beatles - dear prudence
12. Mates Of State - for the actor
13. Jane's Addiction - been caught stealing
14. Robert Pollard - 50 year old baby
15. B.J. Snowden - falling in and out of love
16. Legendary Stardust Cowboy - I walk a hot wind
17. Attractive - mother tongues
18. Of Montreal - requiem for o.m.m.2
19. Ramones - KKK took my baby away
20. Stereolab - the free design
21. The Liter - action woman
22. My Bloody Valentine - sometimes

MARCH 15, 2006 (420)
1. Witch - seer
2. Television Personalities - my dark places
3. The Feelies - fa ce la
4. Television - see no evil
5. Hank Williams III - satan is real/straight to hell Medley
6. Exene and the Original Sinners - ghost on the highway
7. The Cramps - garbage man
8. Black rebel Motorcycle Club - steal a ride
9. Lyres - I wanna help you ann
10. Bloc Party - banquet
11. Black Angels - black grease
12. Loose Fur - hey chicken
13. Bunky - baba
14. Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass - close to you
15. Crystal Skulls - outgoing behavior
16. Jaqueline Perez - go home
17. Twilight Singers - bonnie bray
18. Jayhawks - take me with you (when you go)
19. Talking Heads - road to nowhere
20. Elvis Costello - what's so funny about peace love and understanding
21. Flaming Groovies - shake some action
22. The Dondero High School Symphony band and Acapella Choir - fox on the run/ sunshine of your love

MARCH 16, 2006 (421)
1. Marianne Faithfull - desperanto
2. Losing Streaks - I'm leaving here
3. Keith Moon - don't worry baby
4. Dead Kennedys - moon over marin
5. Bob Dylan - hwy 61 (revisited)
6. Duke Spirit - stubborn stitches
7. Archie Bronson Outfit - kangaroo heart
8. Jonathan Richman - lonely little thrift store
9. Louey Louey - the touchey
10. The Sterns - this will only hurt for a minute
11. Joy Division - warsaw
12. Daniel Johnston - life in vain
13. Kelley Stlotz - wave goodbye
14. The Who - Abnemia city in the sky
15. Crystal Skulls - outgoing behavior
16. Free Design - 2002 a hit song
17. Neil Young - down by the river
18. Nick Drake - pink moon
19. New Order - krafty
20. The Smiths - this charmong man
21. Third bardo - 5 years ahead of my time

MARCH 17, 2006 (422)
1. Gang Of Four - natural's not in it
2. Devo - goin' under
3. The Envelopes - Isabelle and Leonard
4. Joe Jackson - is she really going out with him?
5. Whiskeybiscuit - santa ana river delta blues
6. Loose Fur - the ruling class
7. Ben Folds - annie waits
8. U2 - out of contraol
9. Casual Dots - mama's gonna bake us a cake
10. Dead Boys and Elephant men - blood music
11. Morrissey - irish blood english heart
12. The pogues - when the ship comes in
13. The ventures - (I can't get no ) satisfaction
14. Van Morrison - ring worm/you say france and I whistle/want a danish?
15. Mathew Sweet - girlfriend
16. Spiritualized - she kissed me (it felt like a hit)
17. The Boy Least Likely To - be gentle with me
18. The Sweet - little willy
19. Elvis Presley - do the clam
20. Muddy Waters - caledonia
21. Malcolm Yelvington and The Star Rythym Boys - drinkin' wine spo-dee-o-dee
22. Otis Redding and carla Thomas - lovey dovey
23. The Stereotypes - my new friend
24. Wannadies - because

Thursday, March 16, 2006

WINTER STORM OWEN BENNETT JONES... the reason that the KMSU Community Advisory Board Meeting for tonight has been postponed. Sorry about this, but the snow is making things entirely too hazardous. As awesome as KMSU is, it isn't worth risking your life over.

The meeting has been rescheduled for Thursday, March 23rd, seven p.m. I really hope you guys can make it. It'd be great to meet you, and we really want your input so we can make KMSU even better.

Drive safely!


Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Well gang, it looks like another winter storm may be hitting us tonight. This got us thinking: Why is it that tropical storms always get named but winter storms regularly get the shaft?


We put the call out to you to suggest names for the upcoming winter storm, and now we're putting the ideas here so we can address this thing properly.

The names are:

Winter Storm Sack Lunch
Winter Storm Hobo Camp
Winter Storm Henry Charles Carey, Economist

Now me, I like the idea of naming winter storms after economists. Shelley thinks that doing that only reminds us of the wintery economic climate, but why shouldn't blizzards be metaphors, dammit? Shelley throws her support behind Hobo Camp, due to the Strangers With Candy connection. Alex the Wonderboy called and suggested "Winter Storm Owen Bennett Jones", but then threw his vote behind Sack Lunch.

It is a three way tie.

Please send your vote to before six a.m. Thursday the 16th. Together we can liberate winter storms from weatherman neglect.


Friday, March 10, 2006


Now, as promised, here is the line-up for the Shuffle Function 24 Hour Pledge Drive a-Go-Go IV: The Voyage Home! You'll find the events, the times, and a few things to pass the time until the marathon begins on March 30th at six p.m.


March 30th, six p.m.: THE KICK OFF
The show begins and we'll feel the best we will feel for the next 24 hours. The only thing sustaining us will be caffeine, rock and roll, and your sweet sweet pledges to KMSU.

Shuffle Function Radio Roulette is one of our favorite things to do on the show. In fact, our annual Halloween round of Shuffle Function Radio Roulette has been deemed the Super Bowl of the Shuffle Function calendar year. Once again we will be joined by league commissioner Lisa, as we randomly step through the mine field that is As Seen On TV comps. This is all vinyl, all random, and all kick ass. The first round last year was the definition of cruel and unusual, so hopefully this year we won't have a relapse.

We have some Compilation specific premiums for the drive, including several Ktel CD comps. They are all pretty cool, and for you brave hearted souls we'll be using a random system to determine which comp you will get if you pledge for one of these bad boys.

They are one of the most exciting bands in town, and certainly our favorite, and they are gracing us with their presence for the third consecutive year. The Rhythmaplex Project rock the radiosphere between 12 a.m. and 1. Most likely blood will be shed. It has happened before.

Check out their CD, Tim Did It, which is available at Tune Town, aka The Shuffle Function Home Away From Home.

The Rhythmaplex Project - Part II

Oh, I wish Jandek was going to be live in the KMSU studios, but he won't be. If you have read that, then I'm sorry to have to disappoint you. What you will hear is an hour of some of the oddest music you will ever hear, and it is perfect for this time of night. You'll hear right away why we call it Sounds of Insomnia. Corwood industries was kind enough to send us a box of Jandek CDs to use as pledge drive premiums, so this would be a great time to pledge and begin the long, strange road to Jandek obsession.

Jandek On Corwood

Six a.m. to Nine a.m.: THE ALL VINYL MORNING SHOW
I love the sound of vinyl in the morning. It sounds like... great radio. We'll only be spinning sweet sweet vinyl for three hours. We also refer to this as "THE SECOND WIND" because it really gets us going. I'm sure we'll be hearing MacArthur Park at some point, as well as more hiss and pop than a snake in a popcorn factory.

A boom box with a turntable?

More wonderfully random radio, courtesy of old, beat up records, incredibly tired DJs, and Lisa . Have you pledged yet at this point? What is keeping you?

It is all about self preservation at this point. Not even caffeine is our savior. The only thing that will keep us going is the sound of the phones ringing with your pledge calls. Do you know the number? 507-389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810! USE YOUR MINUTES!

At some point during this big long line up we'll be playing the full length Sister Ray and In A Gadda Da Vida, so there's your Easter Egg heads up.

Tell your family, tell your friends, balance your check book, and plan accordingly. We desperately need your support to keep this wonderful station alive and kicking.

KMSU and its listeners. Together we make great radio.

SHUFFLE FUNCTION PLAYLIST for March 6 - 10, 2006

MARCH 6, 2006 (413)
1. Jack Wilde - sugar and spice
2. Guided By Voices - closets of henry
3. Mudhoney - I saw the light
4. Bob Dylan - political world
5. Girls With Attitude - a fun time is a great time
6. Guitar Wolf - jet beer
7. Jandek - birthday
8. The Spectors - oh how to do now
9. Joy Division - she's lost control
10. Fizzle Like A Flood - dance with the dozer
11. Jimmy Lloyd - rocket in my pocket
12. Kelly Stoltz - birdies singing
13. Pilot - magic
14. The Band - I shall be released
15. Iggy Pop - passenger
16. Styx - lorelei
17. Sparks - metaphor
18. Mocan Worker - bittersweet samba
19. David Bowie - growing up
20. Billy Bragg - saturday boy
21. Velvet Underground w/Nico - venus in furs
22. Camper Van Beethoven - take the skinheads bowling
23. M.O.T.O. - dance dance dance to the radio

March 7, 2006 (414)
1. Bob Mould - days of rain
2. Velvet Underground w/Nico - all tomorrow's parties
3. John Cale - outtathebag
4. Emperor X - edgeless
5. Light Footwork - coastlines are landmines
6. Ryan Adams - nobody girl
7. Kenny Rogers and The First Edition - just dropped in (to see what condtion my condition was in)
8. John Doe - hwy 5
9. Shadows Of Knight - shake 66
10. Witch - soul of fire
11. Count Five - psychotic reaction
12. Sonics - the witch
13. The Castanets - a song is not the song of the world
14. Bob Dylan - shooting star
15. Ween - freedom of 76'
16. Guillmots - trains to brazil
17. Of Montreal - writh pinned to the mist (and other games)
18. Quantic Soul Orchestra - pushin on
19. David and The Citizens - summer is no man's land

MARCH 8, 2006 (415)
1. Redd Kross - lady in the front row
2. Barrie - broken machine
3. Bobby and The Premiers - I got the feeling
4. Head Like A Kite - noisy at the circus
5. Cara Stewart - song of the burmese land
6. Soft Boys - only the stones remain
7. Calexico - latter to the bowie knife
8. Stereolab - interlock
9. Breeders - cannonball
10. Replacements - I will dare
11. Rythymaplex Project - as jad fair
12. George Harrison - apple scruff
13. Broken Social Scene - major label debut (fast)
14. Sound Team - the fastest man alive
15. Beatles - sexy sadie
16. Go Home productions - rapture riders
17. M.O.T.O. - dance dance dance to the radio
18. Joy Division - transmission
19. Alex The Wonderboy - magic bus
20. The Who - I can see for miles
21. Hold Steady - banging camp

MARCH 9, 2006 (416)
1. Robert Pollard - the right thing
2. High Strung - here it comes again
3. Wilco - spiders (kidsmoke)
4. Jonathan Richman - vampire girl
5. The Raveonettes - here comes mary
6. Thurston The Rockner - max goes to high school
7. X - soul kitchen
8. Daniel Johnston - impossible love
9. The Replacements - unsatisfied
10. The Rockwells - breakout
11. Lou Reed - busload of faith
12. Pixies - gouge away
13. Serge Gainsbourg and Bridgette Bardot - bonnie and clyde
14. Helio Sequence - satellite
15. Tarkio - helena won't get stoned
16. Saturday Looks Good To Me - all over town
17. R.E.M. - can't get there from here
18. Tom Waits - alice
19. Public Enemy - don't believe the hype
20. Lyn Collins w/The JB's - think (about it)
21. Unknown - carry on my wayward son

MARCH 10, 2006 (417)
1. Iggy Pop and Debbie Harry - well, did you ever
2. Figurines - the wonder
3. Ramones - judy is a punk
4. She Wants Revenge - I don't want to fall in love
5. Jess Conrad - the pullover
6. Waxwings - steady as starlight
7. Husker Du - friend you've got to fall
8. Robocop Krauss - you don't need a doctor
9. Monks - complication
10. The Spectors - oh how to do now
11. Oasis - my generation
12. Rolling Stones - give me shelter
13. Mancino - tina's little joy
14. Sufjan Stevens - they are night zombies!! they are neighbors!! they have come back from the dead!! ahhhh!!
15. Bruce McCollouch - doors fan
16. Doors - peace frog
17. Free Design - bubbles
18. Clash - white riot
19. Richard Harris - MacArthur Park
20. Redd Kross - blow you a kiss in the wind

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


This is huge, so I hope you guys will want to take part. KMSU is having a meeting of the community advisory board on Thursday, March 16th at seven p.m. This is a chance to meet folks involved with the station and make suggestions, offer opinions, and help steer the good ship KMSU into steady waters.

You are all invited to take part.

How many other stations actually ask its listeners to come in and help keep it healthy? How many really seem to care what you think? If it is a commercial station they will listen if your name is Johnny Shareholder or Jane Bigbucks, that's for sure.

KMSU is your public radio station, and this is your chance to come in and help make a difference. Even if you don't have some suggestions, you can turn up to show support for the station and help develop ideas that are presented. Maybe you have the ability to make some of these things become reality.

We are really excited that this is happening. Shelley and I love this station, and we hear from you guys all the time about how much the unique programming KMSU means to you. If you find that KMSU is a part of your daily lives, if you find that it gives you something that you cannot find elsewhere, then please consider attending this meeting.

You can make a difference.

The specifics:
KMSU Community Advisory Board Meeting
When: Thursday, March 16th
Time: Seven p.m.
Where: Conference Room, AF 238, Alumni Foundation Building
Located directly across from KMSU on the second floor.

The Alumni Foundation Building is the building directly behind Chipotle's off Warren Street, right here in Mankato. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at, or give the station a call at 507-389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810.

Thanks for your continued support, and we hope to see you there!


Saturday, March 04, 2006


Contrary to what you might have read, Jandek will NOT be performing live during the Shuffle Function 24 Hour Pledge Drive A-Go-Go. From 2 a.m. to 3 a.m., we will be playing the music of Jandek. Shyboy Tim and I have aptly named this hour "The Sounds Of Insomnia". The key word here is WE. Jandek will be safe at home in his Texas bed, sleeping the night away, while we are up here spinning his cds and contemplating his music, his myth, and his guitar tuning methods. If you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to drop us an email or call us at the station.

COMING SOON - the entire agenda for the Shuffle Function 24 Hour Pledge Drive A-Go-Go IV: The Voyage Home!!!!

Friday, March 03, 2006


FEBRUARY 27, 2006 (408)
1. Wolf Parade - shine a light
2. Holly Golightly - laughing to keep from crying
3. Nick Drake - hazy jane II
4. Preston School Of Industry - the furnace sun
5. Pink Mountaintops - tourist in your town
6. Belle and Sebastian - to be myself completely
7. Beth Orton - heartlandandtruckstop
8. They Might Be Giants - meet james ensor
9. Prince - delerious
10. Seventeen Evergreen - sufferbus
11. R.E.M. - near wild heaven
12. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - over and over again (lost and found)
13. Kinks - sunny afternoon
14. The Midstates - issues today
15. Velvet Underground w/Nico - all tomorrow's parties
16. Built To Spill - strange
17. Raveonettes - attack of the ghost riders
18. His Name Is Alive - I thought I saw
19. P.I.L. - rise
20. David Bowie - hang on to yourself
21. Cass McCombs - tourist woman
22. 101ers - keys to your heart (v.2)
23. Olivia Tremor Control - california demise pt. 1

FEBRUARY 28, 2006 (409)
1. Ramones - sheena is a punk rocker
2. National Eye - juno3
3. The Jam - beat surrender
4. Anna Oxygen - fairy quest
5. Paul Westerberg - once around the weekend
6. Super Furry Animals - back on a roll
7. David and The Citizens - greycoated morning
8. The Specials - a message to rudy
9. Stereolab - vodiak
10. Sly and The Family Stone - family affair
11. Bruce Springsteen - spirits in the night
12. Evolution Control Comittee - rocked by rape
13. John Cale - perfect
14. Robert Pollard - dancing girls and dancing men
15. Radio City - the hop
16. DJ BC - can't you hear biz knockin'?
17. Thee Headcoats - by the hairs of my chinny chin chin
18. Dr John - mama roux
19. Light Footwork - pirate karate
20. Spinal Tap - stonehenge
21. Clifton Chenier - ay te te fee
22. Husker Du - diane

MARCH 1, 2006 (410)
1. Munkey Juice - cold cold days
2. Twilight Singers - teenage wristband
3. Rolling Stones - no expectations
4. Titania - outdoor miner
5. Ben Folds Five - narcolepsy
6. INXS - this time
7. Why? - rubber traits
8. LCD Soundsystem - disco infiltrator
9. Black Lipstick - corporate happy hour
10. Billy Squier - everybody wants you
11. Sparks - metaphor
12. B52's - song for a future generation
13. Acid House Kings - do what you wanna do
14. Meryn Caddell - the sweater
15. Bossanova - calvery
16. Jens Leckman - black cab
17. Bruce Springsteen - badlands
18. Isabell Campbell and Mark Lanegan - the black mountain
19. Lee Hazelwood and Ann Margaret - dark end of the street
20. The Little Willies - roly poly
21. Big Star - india song
22. Belle and Sebastian - act of the apostle

MARCH 2, 2006 (411)
1. Velvet Underground - I can't stand it
2. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - gold lions
3. The Spectors - out of order
4. Rod Stewart and P.P. Arnold - come home baby
5. The Capricorns - the sailor
6. Harry Merry - moody bus driver
7. Lou Reed - kill your sons
8. Wolf Mother - mind's eye
9. Dandy Warhols - cool as kim deal
10. The 88 - hide another mistake
11. Roughnecks - you're driving me insane
12. Neil Young - tonight's the night
13. Legendary Stardust Cowboy - cast iron apron
14. Seth Kaufman - get your love stole
15. Velvet Underground - I'm waiting for my man
16. Michael lee Rose - don't stop tryin'
17. The Kinks - big sky
18. Lou Reed - keep away
19. Laura Viers - black gold blues
20. Replacements - unsatisfied
21. Replacements - left of the dial
22. Replacements - another girl another planet

MARCH 3, 2006 (412)
1. Tiny Tim and The Brave Combo - stairway to heaven
2. Electralane - two for joy
3. Echo and The Bunnymen - the cutter
4. The Breeders - divine hammer
5. Sex Pistols - god save the queen
6. Luna - thank you for sending me an angel
7. Nouvelle vague - love will tear us apart
8. Cleaners From Venus - julie profumo
9. Art Brut - formed a band
10. Wire - three girl rhumba
11. TigerCity - time card
12. Frank Black - hang on to your ego
13. The Handsome Family - drunk by noon
14. The Nerves - hanging on the telephone
15. The Futureheads - hounds of love
16. Negativeland - piece of pie17. Calexico - cruel
18. Pink Mountaintops - cold criminals
19. Jandek - crack a smile
20. Pixies - debaser
21. The Ramones - bonzo goes to bitburg
22. The Beat - tears of a clown
23. Grandpaboy - hot un'
24. Generation X - king rocker