Friday, April 28, 2006


APRIL 24, 2006 (448)
1. David Bowie - rebel rebel
2. Human Television - ten minutes
3. Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs - it's all over now, baby blue
4. R Crumb and The Cheap Suit Serenaders - singing in the bathtub
5. Bruce Springsteen - jacob's ladder
6. The M's - plan of the man
7. Bridge Club - graveyard wop
8. Look Down - zack morris phone
9. The Kinks - everybody's gonna be happy
10. Michael Stipe - l'hotel
11. Serge Gainsbourg and Brigette Bardot
12. New York Dolls - personality crisis
13. Charlie Feathers - tear it up
14. Wolfmother - apple tree
15. The Beatles - bad boy
16. The Ruttles - cheese and onions
17. Daniel Johnston - my life is starting over again
18. The Concretes - chosen one
19. From Bubblegum To Sky - some kind of fantastic
20. Kelly Stoltz - little lords
21. Harvey Sid Fisher - taurus
22. Little killers - she don't love me
23. Sound Team - orange bird

APRIL 25, 2006 (449)
1. John Cale - dead or alive
2. Little Richard - land of 1,000 dances
3. Public Enemy - fight the power
4. Shout Out Louds - shut your eyes
5. Shooby Taylor - over the rainbow
6. daniel Johnston - go
7. English Beat - whine and grind, stand down margaret
8. The Channel - personalized
9. Yo La Tengo - don't worry kyoko mummy's only looking for her hand in the snow
10. Fraudots - a go see
11. Shadows Of Knight - shake 66
12. Guitar Wolf - roaring blood
13. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - dudley
14. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - get ready for love
15. Jandek - nancy sings
16. Yo La Tengo - route 66
17. Flaming Lips - the sound of failure
18. Neil Young - after the goldrush
19. Harvey Sid Fisher - aries
20. The Spectors - rhubarb ruby
21. Soft Boys - have a heart betty (I'm not fireproof) (#2)
22. Yo La Tengo - mencino/raindrops are falling on my head

APRIL 26, 2006 (450)
1. Sleater Kinney - oh!
2. Blank Tapes - I tell myself again and again
3. Todd Bowie - karmaphobe
4. XTC - mayor of simpleton
5. Black Rebel Motorcycle - steal a ride
6. Yo La Tengo w/Daniel Johnston - speeding motorcycle
7. White Stripes - we are gonna be friends
8. Lou Reed - satelite of love
9. Bauhaus - st vitus dance
10. They Might Be Giants - dead
11. The Walkmen - louisiana
12. Public Enemy - they call me flavor
13. Stark Effect - bunny rabbits, satan, cheese and milk
14. Sarena Manesh - drain cosmetics
15. Smiths - the boy with the thorn in his side
16. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - gold lion
17. Cornershop - sleep on the left side
18. Silver Jews - I'm getting back into getting back into you
19. Apostle of Hustle featuring The Huskys - 24 robbers
20. Eagles Of Death Metal - cherry cola
21. YMCK - magical 8 bit tour

APRIL 27, 2006 (451)
1. Legendary Stardust Cowboy - radar
2. Paul Westerberg - crackle and drag
3. Sonic Youth - I know there's an answer
4. Chuck Berry - sweet little rock and roll
5. Allman Brothers - midnight rider
6. Guided By Voices - gold star for robot boy
7. Gabe Cahill - new
8. Lonnie Hewitt and The Little Sisters and Company - yeah yeah cha cha
9. Little Killers - she don't love me
10. Velvet Underground - I'm waiting for my man
11. Bar-kays - Soul Finger
12. My Bloody Valentine - sometimes
13. Jimmi Hendrix - voodoo child
14. Yoko Ono - death of samantha
15. R.E.M. - gardening at night
16. Simon Joyner - judas blues
17. Charlie Parker featuring Miles Davis - moose the mooche (quantic remix)
18. Thurston The Rockner - max goes to high school
19. M Ward, Connor Obersst and Jim James - girl from the north country
20. Red Shadow Economic Rock and Roll band - understanding marx
21. Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs - the kids are alright
22. Harry Nilson - jump into the fire
23. Chipmunks - please please me

APRIL 28, 2006 (452)
1. Elvis Presley - wearing that loved on look
2. The Fall - youwanner
3. Louis the XIV - finding out true love is blind
4. Wire - outdoor miner
5. Art Brut - formed a band
6. Jens Lekman - a sweet summers night on hammer hill
7. Futureheads - the city is here for you to use
8. Richard Hell and The Voidoids - blank generation
9. X-Ray Specs - oh bondage! up yours!
10. Buddy Holly - everyday
11. The Raveonettes - sleepwalking
12. The Stranglers - (get a) grip (on yourself)
13. The Rakes - strasbourg
14. The damned - neat neat neat
15. Helvatia - beelzebub
16. Laura Viers - secret someones
17. Bauhaus - telegram sam
18. Sonic Youth - mariah carey and the arthur doyle handcream
19. Style Council - my ever changing moods
20. They Might Be Giants - pet name
21. Pixies - here comes your man

Monday, April 24, 2006


I've been upset all weekend about the impending end of Season Six of Gilmore Girls and the departure of the Palladinos, the creators and voice of the show. How can the show possibly retain its magic without them? They've done something like seventy five percent of the episodes, and now they are splitting due to contract hassles. There was likely only one more season of the show to go, too. How can I take it if the last season just sucks?

Anyway, to make myself happy I was nosing around on You Tube and discovered actual video footage of THE LEGENDARY STARDUST COWBOY LIVE! Our hero, live at the release party for his CD Tokyo, performing PARALYZED! Hell yes.

There's a few minutes of his opening act, Saturn V, before hand. They're good, but The Ledge is a force of nature, man. He launches into that song with evangelical fury.

All I can think is "how can we get this guy in Mankato?" Seriously, how can we do it? He wants to come here, because we - meaning Shuffle Function and fellow music geeks - have been so good to him. His band said they'd come out, too. We need a plan, dammit. Do you have a plan? Send it to us at!


Friday, April 21, 2006


APRIL 17, 2006 (443)
Beatles White Album in stereo and mono
1. Beatles - back in the U.S.S.R. (stereo)
2. Beatles - everybody's got something to hide except for me and my monkey (stereo)
3. Beatles - don't pass me by (stereo)
4. Beatles - savoy truffle (stereo)
5. Beatles - obla di obla da (stereo)
6. Beatles - yer blues (stereo)
7. Beatles - while my guitar gently weeps (stereo)
8. Beatles - helter skelter (stereo)
9. Beatles - black bird (stereo)
10. Beatles - honey pie ( stereo)
11. Beatles - back in the U.S.S.R. (mono)
12. Beatles - everybodys got something to hide except for me and my monkey (mono)
13. Beatles - don't pass me by (mono)
14. Beatles - savoy truffle (mono)
15. Beatles - obla di obla da (mono)
16. Beatles - helter skelter (mono)
17. Beatles - while my guitar gently weeps (mono)
18. Beatles - yer blues (mono)
19. Beatles - black bird (mono)
20. Beatles - honey pie (mono)

APRIL 18, 2006 (444)
1. Hot Chip - I can't wake up
2. Twilight Singers - 40 dollars
3. Dan Melchoir - babe I love you
4. Loose Fur - pretty sparks
5. Bumblebeez - pony ride
6. Aloha - your eyes
7. The Beatifics - happy to be sad
8. Persephone's Bees - nice day
9. Devotchka - venus in furs
10. Twilight Singers - underneath the waves
11. Fiery Furnaces - whistle rhapsody
12. Mia Doi Todd - what if we do (the nobody remix)
13. Massive Attack - live with me
14. Bridge Club - parsec
15. Wolfmother - love train
16. The rakes - strassbourg
17. Look Down - we've got the same number
18. Tom Verlaine - shing a ling

APRIL 19, 2006 (445)
1. David Bowie - ziggy stardust
2. Noisettes - iwe
3. Radio City w/Bajka - the hop
4. Generation X - kiss me deadly
5. Beat Happening - pajama party in a haunted house
6. Giant Drag - kevin is gay
7. New Standards - all the young dudes
8. Dios (Malos) - later skater
9. Bob Mould - wishing well
10. Briaan Jonestown Massacre - oh lord
11. The Who - won't get fooled again
12. B52's - planet claire
13. Devo - peek a boo
14. The Barbarians - moulty
15. The Cramps - goo goo muck
16. Keith Richards - you don't move me
17. Pixies - wave of mutilation (UK surf)
18. Stooges - no fun
19. Beastie Boys - 3 mc's +1 DJ

APRIL 20, 2006 (446)
1. Band Of Bees - punchbag
2. Morrissey - in the future when all is well
3. Paul Westerberg - we may be the ones
4. Stephen Malkmus - mama
5. Flaming Lips - yeah yeah yeah song
6. Pastor John Rudgren - rinky dink
7. Little Killers - don't leave me
8. Television Personalities - my dark places
9. Blanket Music - kiss
10. A Certain Ratio - all night party
11. Bedroom Walls - kathy is in her bedroom
12. Tom Waits - blind love
13. Wolfmother - witchcraft
14. Mudhoney - I saw the light
15. FlinFlon - cardigan (encore)
16. Rose Melberg - irene
17. We Are Telephones - division day
18. Norfolk and Western - watch teh day slowly fade
19. Saturday Looks Good To Me - if you ask
20. The Who - I'm a boy
21. Wolfmother - joker and the thief
22. Dr. Dog - the world may never know
23. The Sterns - second chance

APRIL 21, 2006 (447)
1. Black Box Recorder - child psychology
2. Brian Jonestown Massacre - swallowtail
3. Cure - in between days
4. Sonics - strychnine
5. Beatles - paperback writer
6. The Replacements - left of the dial
7. Iggy Pop - passenger
8. Demolition Doll Rods - little piece of leather
9. Porch Ghouls - fujiyama attack
10. John Lennon - beautiful boy
11. Iggy Pop - nightclubbing
12. Cure - a forest
13. Led Zeppelin - battle of evermore
14. The Cramps - papa satan sang louie
15. White Stripes - girl you have no faith in medicine
16. John Cale - turn the lights on
17. Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs - cinnamon girl
18. The Clash - jennie jones
19. Yo La Tengo - my little corner of the world

Sunday, April 16, 2006


APRIL 10, 2006 (438)
1. Low - when I go deaf
2. Frank Black - honeycomb
3. Handsome Family - moving furniture around
4. Cat Power - willy
5. New Satndards - love is the law
6. Michael Daniel Baez - you may be right
7. Ben Folds - landed
8. Nick drake - hazy jane II
9. Great lakes Swimmers - see you on the moon
10. T Rex - 20th century boy
11. Trip Shakespeare - bonnieville
12. XTC - senses working overtime
13. Robert pollard - dancing girls and dancing men
14. The Apostle Of Hustle w/ The Huskys - 24 robbers
15. Deerhoof - o'malley former underdog
16. danielson - cast it all at the setting sail
17. Sparks - metaphors
18. Velvet Underground - all tomorrow's parties

APRIL 11, 2006 (439)
1. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - there she goes my beautiful world
2. Vague Angels - just blow don quixote blow!
3. Roky Erickson - I have always been here before
4. Fiery Furnaces - single again
5. Terry Reid - speak now or forever hold your peace
6. Kings of Leon - the bucket
7. Little Richard - slipin and slidin
8. Calvin Johnson - rabbit blood
9. New Pornographers - sing me spanish techno
10. Go! Team - bottle rocket
11. Maximo Park - graffitti
12. Animal Collective - did you see the words
13. Daniel Johnston - life in vain
14. Yo La Tengo - big day coming
15. Stark Effect - bunny rabbits satan chees and milk
16. Suburbs - music for boys
17. Monkees - mary mary
18. Jens Lekman - black cab
19. Tom Waits - walking spanish
20. Pink Mountaintops - cold criminals
21. Built To Spill - conventional wisdom

APRIL 12, 2006 (440)
1. Sugar - favorite thing
2. Spectors - out of order
3. Sonic Youth - my friend goo
4. Witch - seer
5. Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass - flowers on the wall
6. Johnny Cash - get rythym
7. Devo - through being cool
8. LCD Soundsystem - loosing my edge
9. Smiths - what she said
10. Breeders - london song
11. Cramps - tear it up
12. Count Five - psycotic reaction
13. Quintron - place unknown
14. Strokes - someday
15. Patsy Cline - back in baby's arms
16. Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs - and your bird can sing
17. david and The Citizens - summer is no man's land
18. Rythmaplex Project - as jad fair
19. Black Angels - bloodhounds on my trail
20. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - turn into
21. The Who - substitute
22. Grant hart - now that you know me
23. Le Tigre - TKO
24. Emperor X - edgeless
25. Envelopes - glue

APRIL 13, 2006 (441)
1. Beatles - dizzy miss lizzie (mono)
2. Joy Division - she's lost control
3. Wolf parade - grounds for divorce
4. American Princes - this is the year
5. John Cale - heartbreak hotel
6. Young and Sexy - conventional lullabies
7. R.E.M. - maps and legends
8. Little Richard - brown sugar
9. Beatles - ticket to ride (mono)
10. The Czars - pain
11. Roky Erickson - bloody hammer
12. Ms John Soda - scan the ways
13. Beatles - the word (mono)
14. Jimmy Cliff - many rivers to cross
15. Clash - lightning strikes not once but twice
16. Beatles - norweigan wood (this bird has flown) (mono)
17. Figurines - I remember
18. Guided By Voices - I'll replace you with machines
19. Unknown - bohemian rhapsody

APRIL 14, 2006 (442)
1. Sonic Youth - teenage riot
2. Pete Yorn - strange condition
3. Weezer - buddy holly
4. Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players - european boys
5. The Rosebuds - boys who love girls
6. They Might Be Giants - violin
7. Flin Flon - cardigan
8. Joy Division - transmission
9. Yo La Tengo - sugar cube
10. Wannadies - because
11. Husker Du - celebrated summer
12. Firehose - honey, please
13. Flaming Lips - sound of failure
14. Legendary Stardust Cowboy - I love my bed
15. Exene and The Original Sinners - ghost on the highway
16. Jim White - the wound that never heals
17. Bob Dylan - positively 4th street
18. The Concretes - fiction
19. Ben Kweller - commerce, tx.
20. R.E.M. - try not to breathe
21. Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - it just wasn't the same somehow


APRIL 3, 2006 (433)
1. Raconteurs - store bought bones
2. Iggy Pop - I'm bored
3. Eagles Of Death Metal - cherry cola
4. Grant Hart - all of my senses
5. Troubled Hubble - the do the build the house
6. Paul Westerberg - it takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train to cry
7. Busters - bust out
8. Guillemotts - who left the lights off baby
9. White Stripes - my doorbell
10. Paul Ferrera - strangers in the night
11. Evolution Control Committee - rocked by rape
12. Fuzztones - ward 81
13. Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs - care of cell 44
14. Loose Fur - the ruling class
15. The New Constitution - aeroplane
16. Rolling Stones - happy
17. Devo - turnaround
18. Aretha Franklin - respect
19. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - our time
20. Eilert pilarm - jailhouse rock

APRIL 4, 2006 (434)
1. R.E.M. - driver 8
2. New Standards - love is the law
3. Morrissey - in the future when all's well
4. Magic Numbers - mornings eleven
5. Bobby Joe Carter and Michael Fobes - doe a deer
6. XTC - respectable street
7. They Might Be Giants - anna ng
8. Television Personalities - my dark places
9. Rythmaplex Project - let's go!
10. Pink Mountaintops - cold criminals
11. Morrissey - the youngest was the most loved
12. Libido Boyz - powertrip
13. Polysics - mr. psycho psycho
14. Ken Bower - I will survive
15. Flaming Lips - free radicals
16. The Concretes - chosen one
17. Bob Dylan and The Band - this wheels on fire
18. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - phenomena
19. Husker Du - your'e a soldier
20. Ken Defeudis - desperado
21. Mates Of State - punchlines

APRIL 5, 2006 (435)
1. Elvis Costello - this town
2. Envelopes - I don't like it
3. Belle and Sebastian - lazy line painter jane
4. Humphrey littleton - bad penny blues
5. Nirvana - territrial pissing
6. Beastie Boys - sure shot
7. vaselines - son of a gun
8. 88 - hide another mistake
9/ Eric Donaldon - cherry oh baby
10. Parliament - silent boatman
11. Broken Social Scene - major label debut (fast)
12. Gary Strivent - something
13. Howlin' Wolf - rock
14. Suburbs - cows
15. Go Home Productions - shannon stone
16. Replacements - color me impressed
17. AC/DC - it's a long way to the top (if you want to rock and roll)

APRIL 6, 2006 (436) Frank Black's Birthday
1. Velouria - velouria
2. Beatles - tomorrow never knows
3. Massive Attack - live with me
4. William Bell - you don't miss your water
5. Frank Black - los angeles
6. Frank Black - headache
7. Hot Chip - I can't wake up
8. Mia Doi Todd - norwegian wood
9. Frank Black - man in black
10. Frank Black and The Catholics - I want rock and roll
11. Built To Spill - liar
12. Frank Black and The Catholics - six-sixty-six
13. Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs - the kids are allright
14. Pretty Girls make Graves - the number
15. Frank Black and The Catholics - if it takes all night
16.Frank Black and The Catholics - the black rider
17. Deadboy and The Elephant men - blood music
18. Frank Black and The Catholics - nadine
19. Beatles - tomorrow never knows (mark 1, take 1)
20. Pixies - debaser

APRIL 7, 2006 (437)
All Vinyl Pledge Drive Friday
1. Preston Epps - bongo rock
2. They Might Be Giants - Istanbul (not Constantinople) remix
3. Agent orange - fire in the rain
4. Patti Smith - gloria
5. The Instigators - full circle
6. The Smiths - headmaster ritual
7. Ramones - bonzo goes to bitburg
8. Hank Williams - move it on over
9. Ms. Miller - catch a falling star
10. Jimmy Reed - ain't that lovin you babe
11. Simon and Garfunkle- only living boy in new york city
12. Florence Foster Jenkins - biassy
13. Clash - I fought the law
14. Richard Hell and The Voidoids - blank generation


MARCH 27, 2006 (428)
1. Buck Owens - dang me
2. The Headcoatees - roadrunner
3. Joy Division - no love lost
4. The Pandoras - I want him
5. Isabel Campbell and Mark Lanagan - ramblin' man
6. Black Angels - bloodhounds on my trail
7. Lifter Puller - to live and die in LBI
8. The Beatles - taxman
9. Go Home Productions - rapyure riders
10. Velvet Underground - pale blue eyes
11. Buck Owens - your tender loving care
12. The Concretes - chosen one
13. New Standards - song 2
14. Elizabeth Harper - trouble in the palace
15. Rufus Thomas - push and pull part 1 and 2
16. public Enemey - pump the music pump the sound
17. Carla Thomas - b.a.b.y.
18. Buck Owens - (it's a) monster holiday
19. Loretta Lynn - portland, oregon
20. Devendra Banhart - long haired child
21. Built To Spill - liar

MARCH 28, 2006 (429)
1. Charles Wright and The 103rd Street Rythym Band - express yourself
2. The Band - when I paint my masterpiece
3. Kelly Stoltz - birdies singing
4. Guided By Voices - huffman prarie flying field
5. Bob Mould - missing you
6. Lou Reed - kill your sons
7. Jackie Brown - one night
8. Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs - and your bird can sing
9. Ventures - walk don't run
10. Islands - volcanoes
11. Screens - 2$ haze
12. Faces - if loving you is wrong, I don't want to be right
13. John Cale - reading my mind
14. Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs - cinammon girl
15. New Standards - only love can break your heart
16. Daniel Johnston - go
17. Standells - riot on sunset strip
18. New Pornographers - high art local news
19. The Band - the weight
20. Camper van Beethoven - take the skinheads bowling
21. Elvis Costello - green shirt
22. Kenneth Hinney - night rider
23. Jeff Tweedy - crack a smile
24. Elvis Presley - mystery train

MARCH 29, 2006 (430)
1. They Might be Giants - don't lets start
2. Wilco - a shot in the arm
3. Of Montreal - wraith pinned to the mist (and other games)
4. Gary Strivent - something
5. Big Star - back of a car
6. Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs - the warmth of the sun
7. Crystal Skulls - outgoing behavior
8. New Standards - love is the law
9. Beatifics - this year's jessica
10. Stooges - search and destroy
11. LCD Soundsystem - loosing my edge
12. Ken Bower - I will survive
13. Nouvelle vagues - I melt with you
14. Cat Power - cross
15. Robert Pollard - dancing girls and dancing men
16. Chris Stamey Experience - shapes of things
17. Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs - alone again or
18. Headcoatees - road runner

MARCH 30, 2006 (431)
1. Paul Westerberg - make your own kind of music
2. Irving - death in the garden, blood on the flowers
3. Suburbs - baby heartbeat
4. Unknown - new york new york
5. Soft Boys - only the stones remain
6. British Seapower - victorian ice
7. Jonathan Richman - rock and roll drummer straight from the hospital
8. Castanets - a song is not the song of the world
9. David Bowie - DJ
10. Judson Fountain - captain hale
11. Clash - straight to hell
12. Ken Defeudis - desperado
13. Go Home Productions - a slim mcshady
14. Frank Black w/Al Franken - atlantis
15. Ramones - I wanna be sedated
16. Velvet Underground - afterhours

Saturday, April 15, 2006


All hail world travelers April and Nate! Here's April at the edge of Loch Ness revealing Nessie's listening habits. He/She must be listening online at

So, if you saw my last post then you know that it is possible to get the correct mono mixes for the two offending Beatles CDs in the latest round of releases. As a collector, I have to wonder if this now means that the new incorrect discs will go on to be more valuable due to the fact that future pressings of the discs will contain the correct mono mixes. I swear, you can't win as a collector. Me, I'm gonna trade the discs in and get the right ones, but what are you gonna do?

We have a couple of weeks worth of playlists to get up on the blog, and I swear it'll happen sometime soon. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.



If you have been listening to the show this week, then you know that I'm horrified by the latest release of American versions of Beatles albums on CD. The big selling point for me was that these CDs not only have the common stereo mixes of the songs, but the long unavailable mono mixes are also on the same discs. The draw here is that often times there are differences between the two mixes that make for fascinating listening.

The thing is, I've found that the mono mixes on these discs are not the original mono mixes, but simply the stereo versions mixed into mono. This is very annoying.

The rage and hurt and confusion and betrayal has been profound for me, as a fan and collector. So profound, in fact, that this Monday I'm going to get some satisfaction by playing for you the confirmed and often very different mono and stereo mixes of songs from the White Album.

The White Album is my favorite Beatles album of all time. I listen to it regularly, I still find it a revelation. The interesting thing about it is that the mono versions of many of the songs on it are often very different, at least to the trained ear. Different vocals, sound effects, drums, guitar solos, etc., than can be found on the commonly known stereo versions Some songs are missing some of these things all together. While the casual listener might not pick up on these differences immediately, the obsessive (Me) may find the listening experience akin to hearing the album for the first time.

What I'm going to do is play the stereo versions of the many of the tracks from six to seven a.m., then follow up with the mono versions from seven to eight. Should be highly geeky and annoying, so I hope you'll listen.

In the mean time, Capitol Records has apparently realized they have screwed a devoted fan base are are replacing the Rubber Soul and Beatles IV CDs that have the incorrect mixes on them:

Product Description
It has been brought to our attention that two of the discs in the original manufacturing run of The Capitol Albums, Vol. 2, namely Rubber Soul and Beatles VI, contain mono recordings which were not the original mixes of the mono masters intended to be included in this historic release. If you have purchased one of these box sets and are dissatisfied, Capitol/EMI are prepared to ensure your satisfaction by replacing the two affected discs within 60 days of purchase. To obtain replacement copies directly from EMI, you should do one of the following:

1. Call (800) 468-2362 and provide information on your purchase. You will be asked to return the Rubber Soul and Beatles VI discs in their jackets to EMI, and will receive replacement copies of the two CDs; or

2. Send your name, address, original dated receipt, the two CDs in their jackets, and a request for replacement copies to:
Director of Quality Assurance
EMI Music Distribution
Customer Fulfillment Operations
1 Capitol Way
Jacksonville, IL 62650-1095

If you were stung like me, then at least there is good news.

See you Monday!


Thursday, April 06, 2006


We're still plugging away at the fundraising thing, as I'm sure you've noticed. It's been a week since the 24 Hour Marathon, and listener Hannah went all out to make people aware of the wonderful little station that is KMSU and the marathon. Here are some photos:

Even the elusive Chupacabra takes time out from terrorizing livestock to be a Music Geek!

Hannah transformed her backpack into a walking billboard. You can't buy that kind of advertising!

When you give students dry erase markers...

... they go SHARKWEEK about Public Radio. Go figure.

Here's the Shuffle Function Three pondering the Golden Ratio.

Thanks for the cool images, Hannah, and thanks for pledging your support for independent radio!

If any of you guys haven't done your part to keep the unique type of broadcasting that KMSU provides alive and kicking on your radio dial, please do your part. Call 389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810 and throw a couple of bucks our way. There's swag, and you can find out all about it by scrolling down this page.

Friday we're gonna be worshipping the licorice pizza by spinning only vinyl. KMSU worships its vinyl, and you're not gonna find that kind of love for it on most commercial radio. Sickening, isn't it?


Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Almost there gang...

The word from Gully is that we only need about sixty people to pledge at $50 or greater and we will meet our goal and call the pledge drive a success, thereby saving us all from a few more days of pleading. That is brilliant news, and it is a testament to all of you and your commitment to unique and original radio. Thank you.

If you have already pledged you know how great it feels to have made a commitment to this kind of radio. It's more than a personal act, really. Pledging your support to your local independent radio station is an act of belief in the community.

Stay with me here, because I know I'm getting a little preachy at this point.

The truth is, your support for the station enables ALL OF US to have the kind of radio that loads of communities aren't that lucky to have. All the time we hear from people that have relocated from other parts of the country to Southern Minnesota, and they tell us that they've never heard radio like this before. This is coming from people that have lived in the sort of cities that you really would expect to have decent radio. Hoity toity cities filled with book learnin' and loose morals and all the other things that make life worth living.

You've been listening to us ask for your support for about a week now, and we've been moved by the responses we've had, not just financially but with your moral support as well. If you are one of the folks in our broadcast area that has been on the fence about helping out, then we'd like to urge you to cross that line and step up.

Call 389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810 and tell one of our volunteers that you would like to do your part to keep free form radio alive in your neck of the woods. There's swag, by the way.



Something not listed on the swag list is a cool package donated by Fury Industries, and we only have a couple left so you'll want to act fast. It contains the DVD Libido Boyz: A Family Album, which contains four fantastic archival performances from 1989-92 by the legendary Mankato punk band. You'll also get the Rhythmaplex Project Tim Did It DVD, which has videos created by local artist Kris Johnson for all the songs on their fantastic CD by the same name. Throw in a Fury Industries calendar and the Shuffle Function Morning Show 45 that the Rhythmaplex boys did the b-side on and you've got one heck of a deal at the $25 pledge level.

Volunteers are still standing by to take your call. You can be billed, you can donate by credit card, you can make payments, too. If you'd rather just take care of the pledge via e-mail, write to us at with your name, address, phone number, and the amount you'd like to pledge and we'll take care of all the paperwork.



Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Wow. I'm such a geek.

The original word was that there wouldn't be a new Gilmore Girls until April 11th, but luckily Aint It Cool News is populated with fans of the show, so there was a heads up. Believe me, had I known I would have alerted you on the morning show. Please... no... but you must... you know that I would never intentionally NOT tell you, right? C'mon, it's me! Shyboy!

Anyway, if you are interested in a buttload of spoilers on the show, click HERE for details. I couldn't help myself, but that doesn't mean I want to drag you down with me.

Reward yourself with a new Gilmore Girls tonight for being such a great supporter of KMSU. What? You haven't pledged yet? Oh... you probably forgot the station phone number. Call 389-5678, or 1-800-456-7810. Glad I could be of assistance.


Monday, April 03, 2006


Well, Shelley and I survived the 24 Hour Pledge Drive A-Go-Go, and you guys are the biggest reason we made it. Not only did we match what we did in last year's marathon by ten a.m. Friday, but we surpassed that total by $3000! Unbelievable. It is humbling to see how much you love KMSU and how much you are willing to give to keep independent radio alive. A million thanks for your support and generosity. KMSU cannot exist without those things!

Big thanks goes to Carrie and Cindy, the two workhorses that comprise Team Sister. Their belief and encouragement means the world to us, and the fact that they both took 24 hours out of their own lives to work with us and take pledges is remarkable.

Thanks to The Rhythmaplex Project for playing at midnight and unleashing some fantastic new songs. They continue to get better and better every time we see them play. If you haven't already heard their CD Tim Did It, please do so. Music this uncompromising and original in your own backyard needs to be heard!

Alex The Wonderboy, your interpretation of the morning show theme was breathtaking and moving beyond words. May you never have to drink Jones Soda Holiday drinks again.

Big appreciation goes to Jr. High Students Ally and Sophie for volunteering to help take calls and take on any projects that Team Sister threw their way. Your work ethic gives us all hope. Oh, here come the waterworks...

Long distance thanks goes to Lisa for joining us for both rounds of K.R.R. and sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm regarding all things vinyl, and for contributing the great Compilation CDs. Get Ready for the Halloween show!

Thanks also to Corwood Industries for contributing a box of Jandek CDs to the drive, which unexpectedly became the hot pledge item. Amazing.

As always, Gully gets uber thanks for believing in the show and allowing us to commit such a grandly stupid gesture to get attention and pledges for KMSU.

There were so many people involved in this year's drive that I have no doubt we are forgetting people. The community that supports this station is incredibly generous, and it means the world to everyone at KMSU that you took time to cheer us on and make it all work.

We are about five days into the drive, and KMSU leaped out of the gate, but there is still a long long haul ahead. The drive ends on the 10th and we still need to raise about $6000 dollars to hit what we are shooting for. In addition to all the operating costs this money goes to, it is also needed to save up for a new and incredibly expensive transmitter to replace our current ailing one. The transmitter is what allows you to hear us during your busy day. It's sort of like the engine of a car. If the engine conks out you have two options: you can either replace the engine at the insanely high cost you would expect, or you have to abandon the car.

It's sort of the same with a radio station like KMSU. We're pretty DIY and Mom & Pop. Because we are Public Radio we cannot run advertising to generate funds for the station. We rely on grants, underwriting for businesses, and the generosity of our listeners.

Please, if you have not already contributed to the Spring Pledge Drive, consider helping the station financially. We have lots of different thank you gifts at various pledge levels, but you don't have to give at those levels. Every pledge makes a difference with a station like this. Five or ten dollars is just as significant as one hundred dollars. If you can afford to pledge more than the pledge amounts, we'd be even more grateful.


Thanks again to all the listeners that help out and keep this little station that could alive.


And Scooter Polanski, without your constant reminders that we did not come up to the station to F#@{ around, we surely would have done nothing but that. SALUD!