Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Hey gang! Here's the low-down on the parades that KMSU will have a float in. We would really love it if you would join us on the parade route, throwing out candy and basically being awesome! You guys are KMSU, so to truly represent the station we want you to be a part of it!

July 4th - The St. Peter 4th of July Parade
Line up starts at 9:30 a.m., the parade starts at 10.
We're #74 in the parade, meeting at Flandrau and Washington Ave.
Last year we had a blast, and it went really fast. BE THERE!

July 8th - The North Mankato Fun Days Parade
Line up at 10:30, parade at 11
We're #84 in the parade, meeting along Webster.
We've never done this one before, so let's kick out the jams and make our presence known!

Wear your KMSU or MSU swag and join us for hot parade action! It really is a ton of fun. Drop us an e-mail at for more information.

See you then!

Sunday, June 25, 2006


If you are interested in entering the Shuffle Function 5 Year Anniversary Contest, the clock is ticking. All entries are due July 1st. One lucky participant will win themselves a Program Director For The Day, where they can control the musical destiny of Southern Minnesota, Northern iowa, and THE WORLD!!! How do you win? In the most creative way you know how, let us know why KMSU is so important to you. Maybe this means writing a song, ice sculpture, crops circles, latchook rugs - it's completely up to you. The sky's the limit (although please don't break any laws). Send you entries to :

Shuffle Function c/o KMSU
205 A.F.B.
MSU Mankato
Mankato, Mn 56001

You can also drop off your entries at the station, or call us if it might involve a field trip of some kind. Everyone who enters will win something, and someone will win a Program Director For the Day!!!
Good Luck !!!


SHUFFLE FUNCTION PLAYLIST for June 19 - 23, 2006

JUNE 19, 2006 (488)
1. Teenage fanclub - everything flows
2. Sugar - your favorite thing
3. Sonic Youth - reena
4. Wire - ex-lion tamer
5. Gustav Temple and The Blades - puddings and pies
6. Greenhornes w/Holly Golightly - there is an end
7. White Stripes - we are going to be friends
8. Nico - these days
9. Nick Drake - hazy jane II
10. Jenny lewis and The watson Twins - rise up with fists!!
11. Guided By Voices - the best of Jill Hives
12. Frank Black - Johnny Barleycorn
13. Nick Cave and Warren Ellis - clean hands dirty hands
14. Whiskeybiscuit - sant Anna River delta blues
15. Supergrass - sun hits the sky
16. Quicksilver Messenger service - dino's song
17. Michael Yonkers Band - kill the enemy
18. Mission Of Burma - that's when I reach for my revolver
19. The Cramps - new kind of kick
20. The Trashmen - surfin' bird
21. Black Velvet Flag - institutionalized
22. Firehose - honey please


1. Tom Waits - everything goes to hell
2. Tom Waits - what's he building in there
3. Jandek - message to the clerk
4. Screamin' Jay Hawkins - heart attack on vine
5. Damon, Naomi, Batoh and Kurihara - it's all over now baby blue
6. Magnapop - thirteen
7. X - the once over
8. Ween - don't get 2 close to my fantasy
9. The Selector - missing words
10. My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - do you fear (for your child)
11. Rolling Stones - emotional rescue
12. John Muir - the moon men
13. Leonard Cohen - the partisan
14. Stereolab - spec voice
15. Cadallaca - two beers later
16. Pixies - all over the world
17. Velvet Underground - jesus
18. Mama and Papas - glad to be unhappy
19. Made In Mexico - farewell myth
20. Janis Joplin - what good can drinkin' do?
21. Yo La Tengo - this summer
22. Dressy bessy - never been to california
23. Cagney and Lacee - lovin' you
24. Boards Of Canada - one very important thought
25. Big Star - my life is right
26. Tycoon Tosh - country house (do you want a horse riding?)

JUNE 21, 2006 (490)
1. Wire - outdoor miner
2. Daniel Johnston - the beatles
3. The Boy Least Likely To - be gentle with me
4. Minus 5 - got you
5. Pere Ubu - I hear they smike the barbeque
6. Stereototal - automatic music
7. Matthew Sweet - since I've been waiting
8. Ween - spirit of 76'
9. Joe jackson - happy loving couples
10. The Kinks - apeman
11. Robert Pollard - dancing girls and dancing men
12. Pavement - summer babe
13. Patsy Cline - back in baby's arms
14. Blank Tapes - I tell myself again and again
15. Ladyhawk - the dugout
16. Beck - Debra
17. Frank Black and The catholics - velvety
18. Band Of Bees - these are the ghosts
19. David Byrne and Brian Eno - help me somebody
20. The kinks - waterloo sunset
21. The Jam - that's entertainment
22. Happy Mondays - 24 hour party people
23. Elizabeth harper - trouble in the palace

JUNE 22, 2006 (491)
1. Ron Wood - I can feel the fire
2. The Format - time bomb
3. Nick Lowe - heart of the city
4. Television - see no evil
5. Danielson - kids pushing kids
6. Ramones - the KKK took my baby away
7. Malcolm MacLaren and The World's Supreme Team - buffalo gals
8. The Husbands - monster party
9. Figurines - the wonder
10. Brian Jonestown Massacre - swallowtail
11. Lampshade - good day sunshine
12. Beatles - it's all too much
13. Sonic Youth - jams run
14. Jarvis Cocker and Kid Loco - I just came to tell you that I'm going
15. Regina Spektor - better
16. White Stripes - ball and bisquit
17. Shadows Of Knight - shake 66
18. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - miles away
19. Frank Black w/ Al Franken - atlantis

JUNE 23, 2006 (492)
1. The Shaggs - Shaggs own thing
2. Cleaners From Venus - Julie Profumo
3. Hold Steady - your little hood rat friend
4. Luna - thank you for sending me an angel
5. Tom Waits - ol' 55
6. Curtis Mayfield - superfly
7. Rudy ray Moore - Dolemite radio spot #1
8. William Bell - Eloise (hang on in there)
9. Puffy Ami Yumi - call me what you like (if you like rock n roll)
10. Pixies - bam thwok
11. Saturday Looks Good To Me - lift me up
12. The Specials w/ Rico - message to Rudy
13. Elvis Costello and The Attractions - I don't want to (go to Chelsea)
14. Sly and The Family Stone - family affair
15. Velvet Underground - stephanie says
16. Holly Golightly - your life is mine
17. XTC - life begins at the hop
18. The Smiths - William it was really nothing
19. Talking Heads - girls want to be with the boys
20. Le Tigre - on the verge
21. Breeders - divine hammer
22. Puffi Ami Yumi - teen titans theme (Polysics cr-06 remix)
23. The Cure - boys don't cry
24. Gene Marshall - Jimmy Carter says yes

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Shuffle Function Music Geek shirts have been making the national and international scene as of late. HERE'S PROOF!

The Ram crossing Abbey Road.

Alex The Wonderboy and Phil The Bruiser at Bonnaroo.

Send us your photos of you and your Music Geek shirt in fabulous and exotic locations, and we'll post them on the blog!

The week of July 4th KMSU will be in two parades: The St. Peter 4th of July parade, and The North Mankato Fun Days parade (Saturday July 8th). Since you guys ARE KMSU, we'd love to have you hang out on the float (aka FLATBED) and walk the parade routes with us! We did this last year and a bunch of folks showed up to throw candy and show their support for independent radio. We don't have the meeting locations for the parade line-up, but we'll find out and get them on the blog. Wear any KMSU swag you may have to show the folks the station they should be listening to if they aren't! E-mail us with any questions you may have.

ALSO... The deadline for the 5th Anniversary "Win A Program Director For A Day" contest is rapidly approaching! Click here for all the info you'll need.


Friday, June 16, 2006

SOME REALLY BAD NEWS with a reminder

Hey everybody,
As you may have heard us mention on the show, Lisa's (formerly known as the K-Tel Chic) website for is no longer with us. In fact, if you go to you will now only find an explanatory letter as to why Lisa did what she did. It is an all around ugly situation, and our hearts go out to Lisa. For years and years, she has done nothing but promote K-Tel records and help to connect music geeks around the world. Her website was indespensable to us as radio show hosts, and the content was simply amazing. And now it is all gone, and she is going to sell off her record collection (gasp). We are heart broken. Lisa has always participated in what we'll call SHUFFLE FUNCTION RADIO ROULETTE, and has helped out immensly during our KMSU pledge drives as well. She is near and dear to us, and that is why we want to send a care package her way - something to cheer her up and let her know that we are thinking about her. If you would like to contribute to Lisa's care package, feel free to drop off a card or letter at the station, e-mail us your message (which we will print off and include), or send it to the station at:
Shuffle Function c/o KMSU
205 Alumni Foundation Bldg.
MSU Mankato
Mankato, Mn. 56001

Please call if you have any questions, or send us an email at



JUNE 12, 2006 (483)
1. Barry Manilow - looks like we made it
2. Faces - stay with me
3. R.E.M. - toys in the attic
4. Compass - never live forever
5. Dios (malos) - later skater
6. Carry Nations - find it
7. Jonathan Richman - when I dance
8. They Might Be Giants - man, it's so loud in here
9. Air - the word hurricane
10. Maritime - we don't think we know
11. The Beatles - tomorrow never knows (stereo)
12. The Replacements - message to the boys
13. The Replacements - pool and dive
14. The Go - summer's gonna be my girl
15. Old Haunts - into a new room
16. John Linnell - montana
17. Carry Nations - sweet talkin' candy man
18. Apollo Up! - walking the plank
19. Sonic Youth - turquoise boy
20. Deerhoof - scream team
21. Hot Chip - over and over
22. Guided By Voices - cut out witch
23. Love Is All - talk talk talk talk

JUNE 13, 2006 (484)
1. Talking Heads - found a job
2. Bedroom walls - kathy in her bedroom
3. Mark mallman - who's gonna save you now?
4. Black Angels - black grease
5. Dandy Warhols - boys better
6. Foundry Field recordings - battle brigades part II
7. Pixies - dig for fire
8. New Order - love vigilantes
9. Quantic Soul Orchestra - pushin' on
10. Elvis Costello and Allen Toussaint - who's gonna help a brother get further?
11. R.E.M. - world leader pretend
12. Magnetic Fields - the sun goes down and the world goes dancing
13. PSAPP - tricycle
14. Brian Jonestown Massacre - (you better love me) before I'm gone
15. Boy Girl Boy Girl - freak accident
16. Public Image Ltd. - public image
17. Stereolab - the noise of carpet
18. Bikini Kill - rebel girl
19. Epsilons - evil robots
20. A.C. Newman - on the table
21. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - steal a ride
22. George Garabedian Players and the Awful Trumpet Of Harry Arms - spanish flea

JUNE 14, 2006 (485) Doctor Psychaccoustics is the program director for the day!!!

1. The C A Quintet - underground music
2. Circus 2000 - you aren't listening
3. Open Mind - magic potion
4. Bent Wind - sussex drive
5. 13th Floor Elevators - rollercoaster
6. The Growing Concern - at the edge of time
7. Sky Saxon and The Seeds - rolling machine
8. Kak - lemonade kid
9. West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - shifting sands
10. Krystyl - valley of life
11. T2 - in circles
12. Nektar - oops (the unidentified flying abstract)
13. Nektar - fidgety queen
14. Armageodon - buzzard
15. Three Man Army - butter queen
16. Bodkin - plastic man
17. KIngdom - seven fathoms deep
18. Man - 7171-551

JUNE 15, 2006 (486)
1. The Concretes - fiction
2. World Party - ship of fools
3. Laura Viers - secret someones
4. Minus 5 - twillight distillery
5. Dukes of Stratosphere - what in the world
6. Sex Pistols - god save the queen
7. Vaselines - son of a gun
8. The Decemberists - 16 military wives
9. Violent Femmes - good feeling
10. Wire - three girl rhumba
11. Delta Five - mind your own business
12. Buzzcocks - what do I get?
13. Mission Of Burma - 1001 pleasant dreams
14. The fall - breaking all the rules
15. Dandy warhols - all the money or the simple life honey
16. Fiery Furnaces - whistle rhapsody
17. Kelley Stoltz - ever thought of coming back
18. Harry Nilsson - jump in the fire
19. Quintron and Miss Pussycat - love is like a blob
20. Devo - sloppy

JUNE 16, 2006 (487) Bruce (and his iPod set on the shuffle function) are the program directors for the day!!!

1. Curtis Mayfield - pusherman
2. Red Hot Chilli Peppers - real men kill coyotes
3. Paul Simon - 50 ways to leave your lover
4. Yardbirds - for your love
5. Led Zeppelin - when the levee breaks
6. Primus - the anti-pop
7. Pixies - wave of mutilation
8. Jurassic 5 - quality control
9. Fugazi - facet squared
10. Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood
11. Jane's Addiction - classic girl
12. NO/FX - idiot's are taking over
13. Soul Coughing - el oso
14. Tenacious D - wonderboy
15. Tool - jambi
16. Willie Nelson - whiskey river
17. White Stripes - seven nation army
18. Ween - gin and juice
19. Van Morrisson - spanish rose
20. System Of A Down - toxicity
21. Outface - April's brother
22. Beck - Debra


JUNE 5, 2006 (478)
1. Marshall Crenshaw - someday somewhere
2. Secret machines - alone, jealous and stoned
3. Rufus - tell me something good
4. Higgins - drop off
5. Paul McCartney and Wings - listen to what the man says
6. mystery unknown vinyl (Note-ables?)
7. Hot Chip - and I was a boy from school
8. Bee Gees - jive talkin'
9. Pink Floyd - see Emily play
10. Human Television - people talking
11. Mojave 3 - truck driving man
12. John Lennon - whatever gets you through the night
13. The Electric Soft parade - cold world
14. Jethro Tull - song for Jeffrey
15. WolfMother - witchcraft
16. mystery unknown vinyl (The Note-ables?)
17. Robert Pollard - the right thing
18. Tilly and The Wall - urgency
19. Greenhornes w/Holly Golightly - there is an end
20. PSAPP - tricycle
21. Elvis Presley - rock a hula baby

JUNE 6, 2006 (aka 6/6/6) (479)
our show of musical scapegoats in honor of the day

1. Iron Maiden - number of the beast
2. Robert Johnson - me and the devil blues
3. Jerry Lee Lewis - great balls of fire
4. Elvis Presley - heartbreak hotel
5. Little Richard - the girl can't help it
6. Alice Cooper - under my wheels
7. Judas Priest - breaking the law
8. Blue Oyster Cult - don't fear the reaper
9. Ozzy Osbourne - crazy train
10. The Kingsmen - louie, louie
11. Marilyn Manson - beautiful people
12. Michael Mills - stairway to heaven message
13. Del Nileppez - yawriats ot nevaeh
14. AC/DC - hells bells
15. Black sabbath - war pigs
16. Rolling Stones - sympathy for the devil

JUNE 7, 2006 (480)
1. Hot Chip - I can't wake up
2. Pink Mountaintops - cold criminals
3. The Foundry Field Recordings - buried beneath the winter frames
4. World Party - way down now
5. Billy Preston - (I can't get no) satisfaction
6. David Bowie - is there life on mars?
7. Smog - let me see the colts
8. Prince - pop life
9. Sloan - the good in everyone
10. Love Is All - talk talk talk talk
11. Half Japanese - said and done
12. Devo - that's good
13. Robin Hitchcock and The Egyptians - madonna of the wasps
14. Emperor X - edgeless
15. Sonic Youth - sleepin' around
16. Guided By Voices - back to the lake
17. The Jesus and Mary Chain - head on
18. Frank Black - if your poison gets you
19. The Walkmen - good for you good for me
20. Pere Ubu - cloud 149
21. Public Enemy - they call me flava
22. Chaka Demus and Pliers - don't be cruel
23. Prince - I could never take the place of your man
24. John Doe - hwy 5

JUNE 8, 2006 (481)
1. Billy Preston - will it go round in circles
2. Experimental Dental School - shake of the lambz tail
3. Elvis Costello and The Attractions - club land
4. Free Design - 2002: a hit song
5. Stereolab - get a shot of the refrigerator
6. Vague Angels - just blow Don Quixote blow
7. Suburbs - baby heartbeat
8. Magic Numbers - there is a light that never goes out
9. Rolling Stones w/ Billy Preston - with melody
10. Elevator Action - call me transistor
11. Jeff Tweedy - crack a smile
12. Judson Fountain - garbage can from Thailand
13. Salt - hung up
14. Dirty On Purpose - no radio
15. Futureheads - skip to the end
16. Legendary Stardust Cowboy - down in the wrecking yard
17. Barry and The Remains - why do I cry?
18. Husker Du - you can live at home

JUNE 9, 2006 (482) Curtis is the program director for the day!!!
his theme: relationships

1. Tom Jones - Delilah
2. Dixie Chicks - good bye Earl
3. Janis Figure - dirty
4. Felt - dirty girl
5. Fleetwood Mac - go your own way
6. Lucky Devils - she won't bend
7. Allison Krauss - baby now that I found you
8. L7 - freak magnet
9. The Faint - desperate guys
10. Michael McDonald - keep forgettin'
11. The Donnas - too bad about your girl
12. Carly Simon - your'e so vain
13. The Smiths - big mouth strikes again
14. Imogean Heap - good night and go
15. Trip Shakespeare - unlucky lady
16. The Blue Up - exhibitionist
17. Bright Eyes - lover I don't have to love
18. Dwight Yoakum - ain't that lonely yet
19. Missing Persons - mental hopscotch
20. Joan Jett and The Blackhearts - ac/dc
21. Maria Taylor - song beneath a song
22. Ladttron - he took her to a movie
23. Teagan and Sarah - I know I know I know
24. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - hidden track
25. Guitar Wolf - I love you o.k.

Monday, June 12, 2006


After years and years of waiting, watching my crummy VHS from Cinemax, Beyond The Valley of The Dolls is FINALLY receiving a U.S. DVD release. I absolutely adore this film. Great music, over the top flowery dialogue, very dated visuals, and loads of Russ Meyer women. This is the film that put Meyer off of the studio system forever. This is the last screenplay that ROGER EBERT wrote under his actual name. Watch this film and then try and figure out how a film critic is involved with this masterpiece of carnal cinematic weirdness. It's a rock and roll soap opera with dialogue like Shakespeare on acid. Z Man, I'm talking to you!

If you haven't seen a Russ Meyer film before, you probably should. Be warned: Some are little more than soft core porn. The good ones, however, are simply nuts. Mysogynistic and nuts. His most notorious film, "Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!", is probably his tamest and the best place to start. If you can find it, that is. Go-Go dancers in sports cars scamming and beating up men. Oscar material? No, but that's hardly the point of a Russ Meyer film.

The DVD has all sorts of cool extras, plus it has an Ebert commentary track, as well as a cast commentary. I can just imagine the stories these guys must have. Beyond The Valley of The Dolls was rated X back when X was all new and daring. Today it would likely be a naughty R.

The official BTVOTD site
Find It - The Carrie Nations
Roger Ebert's essay on BTVOTD
The Official Russ Meyer site
The Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls Tarot!

P.S.: Don't forget the 5 year anniversary contest!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Step Right Up and Win A Program Director For The Day

Hey there radio fans,

Scroll on down the blog, past the recent playlist, and find out all the details concerning Shuffle Function's 5 Year Anniversary Contest. As you do so, note the photos of all the current Program Directors For The Day(s), and picture yourself in their place!!


MAY 29, 2006 (473) Bronwyn is the Program Director For The Day

1. Garnett Mims - as long as I have you
2. The Clash - clampdown
3. LL Cool J - mamma said knock you out
4. The Sequence - funk you up
5. The Beatles - here comes the sun (stereo)
6. Suzie Quatro - stumblin in'
7. Beatles - a day in the life (stereo)
8. Bruce Springsteen - all that heaven will allow
9. John Lennon - beautiful boy (stereo)
10. Ike and Tina Turner - river deep, mountain high
11. Wilco - heavy metal drummer
12. Elvis Costello and The Attractions - everyday I write the book
13. Van Halen - Jamie's crying
14. Bruce Springsteen - trapped
15. Richard and Linda Thompson - I want to see the bright lights tonight
16. Prince - raspberry beret
17. Big Star - the india song
18. XTC - summer's cauldron / grass
19. Byrds - you ain't going nowhere
20. Kitty Wells - it wasn't god who made honky tonk
21. Dolly Parton - Jolene
22. Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash - jackson
23. Loretta Lynn - one's on the way
24. Old 97's - making love with you

MAY 30, 2006 (474) Alex The Wonder Boy is the Program Director For The Day

1. The Who - who are you?
2. Johnny Cash - give my love to rose
3. Kataklysm - crippled and broken
4. Charlie Feathers - that certain female
5. Rolling Stones - angie
6. Weill - lost in the stars
7. Michael Lee Rose - the homeless song
8. Lewis Taylor - stoned
9. Piero Picconi - traffic boom
10. Blue Velveeta - Katie left for Colorado
11. Bob Dylan - queen Jane approximately
12. Paolo Noel - quand le soleil dit bonjour aux montages
13. Tom Waits - circus
14. New Pornographers - three or four
15. White Stripes - 7 nation army
16. The Who - there's a doctor / go to the mirror, boy / Tommy can you hear me?
17. Matisyhu - beatbox
18. Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band - incident on 57th street
19. Josquin Des Prez - el grillo
20. David Bowie - space oddity
21. Bob Dylan - man in me

MAY 31, 2006 (475) Reese is the Program Director For The Day

1. Not Ready For Time Prime Players - speed
2. Debussy - pavane in e minor
3. Francessco Tarrego - recuerdos de la alhambra in a minor
4. Jeff Grocer - Julie's rainbow
5. Stevie Wonder - loves in need of love today
6. Scarlatti - sonata
7. Chuck Mangione - maui waui
8. Chattham Baroque - reel of tulloch
9. Carpenters - intermission
10. Brian Setzer Orchestra - dirty boogie
11. Big Nine Orchestra 1980 - Mancini Spectacular
12. James Taylor - mexico
13. Carpenters - I can dream can't I
14. Annie Lennox - the primitive
15. Carpenters - man smart woman smarter
16. Stevie Ray Vaughn - superstition
17. K.D. Lang - simple
18. K.D. Lang - love is like a cigarette
19. Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - over the rainbow

JUNE 1, 2006 (476) Tom and Chantill are the Program Directors For The day (as well as celebrating their ten year wedding anniversary AND Chantill's birthday!!!)

1. The Who - Tommy's holiday camp
2. The Breeders - no aloha
3. John Houston narrates The Hobbit - Bilbo is introduced to Gandalf
4. Hole - malibu
5. Nirvana - tourettes
6. Queensryche - I am I
7. Tragically Hip - nautical disaster
8. Johnny Cash - big river
9. Patsy Cline - back in baby's arms
10. Led Zeppelin - hot dog
11. Dread Zeppelin - immigrant song
12. Supertramp - breakfast in america
13. Talking Heads - big country
14. They Might Be Giants - mink car
15. Lyle Lanley and The Cast - monorail song
16. Public Enemy - night train
17. LL Cool J - the boomin' system
18. Beastie Boys - time to build
19. Neil Young - we r in control
20. Kraftwerk - the model
21. Devo - shrivel up
22. Dovetail Joint - beautiful
23. Liz Phair - phantasize
24. Julian Lennon - space
25. Aimee mann - lost in space
26. Dead Milkmen - I against osborne
27. ANGEL - under suspicion
28. Peter Gabriel - in your eyes

JUNE 2, 2006 (477)
1. Rolling Stones - under my thumb
2. Kaiser Chiefs - saturday night
3. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - there she goes my beautiful world
4. The Barbarians - are you a boy or are you a girl
5. Mudhoney - empty shells
6. Pete Townsend - somebody saved me / face dances
7. AC/DC - whole lotta Rosie
8. The Who - young man blues
9. Alice Cooper - school's out
10. Sonic Youth - Reena
11. Bo Diddley - funky fly
12. Eagles Of Death Metal - cherry cola
13. Elvis Costello and Allen Touissant - on your way down
14. Frank Black - if your poison gets you
15. Elf Power - an old familiar scene
16. Joy Division - no love lost
17. Chuck Berry - let it rock
18. Social Distortion
19. John Cale - perfect
20. Lou Reed - kill your sons

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Yes Virginia, You CAN Control The KMSU Airwaves


It's hard to believe, but Shuffle Function is five years old today. Why it seems like just yesterday I was saying my first word on the air, "ummmm". Shyboy Tim and I are celebrating this milestone the best way we know how, by offering you an opportunity to do what we have come to love - play radio. That's right, we are giving away a Program Director For The Day. One lucky winner will join us on the morning show where they will control the playlist and dictate the musical fate of Southern Minnesota, Northern Iowa and the WORLD ( !!!

Muster all of your original thought, flex the old imagination muscles and let loose the creative juice - and explain why it is that you love KMSU. We will judge which entry we like the best, and declare a winner. How do you show your KMSU love? Honestly, the sky is the limit here radio listeners. You can knock off a little one act play, write and perform a song, choreograph a dance, make a movie, latch hook a Shuffle Function rug, erect a sculpture, manage to get The Legendary Stardust Cowboy to Mankato, compose a haiku, teach the morning show theme to your marching band and march around the KMSU building all day - do whatever you think it takes to outwit other listeners.

As the Highlander movies have taught us, there can only be one [cue Queen]. One lucky participant will win the free Program Director For The Day, but EVERY ONE WHO ENTERS THE CONTEST WILL WIN SOMETHING. And not just any old something either, something tasty. All entries are due by the first of July, which will give you a month to come up with your solid gold idea and execute it. The winner of the Program Director For The Day will be announced on our Two Year Anniversary of the Morning Show, July 31st.

So there it is. May the best KMSU Music Geek win. By the way, if you happen to volunteer at the station, you are not able to enter. Sorry dudes, but you are already playing radio!! If you have any questions, call us at the station, or email us at Remember: if you are mulling over whether or not you should enter, just do it. If you are the only one, you automatically win. Think about that.

Mail your entries to:

Shuffle Function c/o KMSU
205 A.F.B.
MSU Mankato
Mankato, Mn. 56001

If your entries are too elaborate, or involve lots of people and cars and animals and plush toys and boats and Pez dispensers, get a hold of us and we will work something out you pretentious well on your way to winning bastard!!!

Good Luck - Shelley