Monday, July 31, 2006






JULY 24, 2006 (513)
1. Brian Jonestown Massacre - servo
2. John Cale - for a ride
3. John Lennon - nobody told me
4. Camera Obscura - if looks could kill
5. R.E.M. - don't go back to rockville
6. Vailhalen - tiny frequencies
7. The Spectors - gotta sow my wild oats
8. Soft Boys - Sandra's having her brain out
9. Jannie Jones and The lash - house of the ju ju queen
10. Erase Errata - cruising
11. Ken Bower - I will survive
12. Perla Batala and Julie Christenson - anthem
13. Baby Shambles - monkey casino
14. Some Girls - hooray for L.A.
15. Matthew Sweet - wer'e the same
16. Dick dale - let's go tripping
17. Figurines - the wonder
18. Latvian Radio - happiness above a hardwood floor
19. Paul Westerberg - dice behind your shades
20. Soul Asylum - all is well
21. Joan Jett - bad reputation

JULY 25, 2006 (514)
1. Sonic Youth - kool thing
2. Devo - gates of steel
3. Polysics - I my me mine
4. The Husbands - sha la la daniel
5. Dimstars - tonoght is coming on
6. Mission Of Burma - academy fight song
7. Foundry Field Recordings - buried beneath the winter frames
8. Bob Dylan - most of the time
9. Bonnie "Prince" Billy - cursed sleep
10. Hockey Night - get real
11. Sonic Youth - candle
12. Everything Absent Or Distorted (A Love Story) - it's this way
13. The Ramones - beat on the brat
14. The Handsome family - drunk by noon
15. Joy Division - warsaw
16. Nobody and The Mystic Chords Of Memory - when the end meets the beginning
17. The Adolescents - everyday
18. Sonic Youth - teenage riot
19. Brisa Roche - dial me up
20. The Eastern Stars - secret #
21. The George Garabedian Players and The Awful Trumpet of Harry Arms - spanish flea

JULY 26, 2006 (515)
1. Beastie Boys - hey ladies
2. Rolling Stones - monkey man
3. Built To Spill - conventional wisdom
4. Helvatia - viva the decline
5. Rolling Stones - out of time
6. Guided By Voices - hardcore u.f.o.'s
7. The Concretes - fiction
8. Buzzcocks - ever fallen in love
9. Earth Wind And Fire - mighty mighty
10. Rolling Stones - spider and the fly
11. Rolling Stones - jigsaw puzzle
12. Ben Folds - lost in the supermarket
13. Fraudots - a go see
14. Fiery Furnaces - crystal clear
15. William Shatner - spleen
16. Rolling Stones - 2,000 light years from home
17. Charles Wright and the Watts 103 Street Rythym band - express yourself
18. Devo - peek a boo
19. Stark Effect - bunny rabbits, satan, cheese and milk
20. Rolling Stones - when the whip comes down

JULY 27, 2006 (516)
1. Wilco - I am trying to break your heart
2. Magic Numbers - love me like you
3. LCD Soundsystem - give it up
4. Wire - sand in my joints
5. David Bowie - John, I'm only dancing
6. Flaming Lips - anyway, anyhow, anywhere
7. Louis XIV - finding out true love is blind
8. Some Girls - is this what I've been waiting for?
9. Robbie Hills Family Affair - I just want to be (like myself)
10. Shuggie Otis - inspiration information
11. Judy Henske and Jerry Yester - raider
12. The Light Footwork - the art of everyday communication, pt. 1
13. The Beatles - and your bird can sing
14. Elvis Costello and The Attractions - watching the detectives
15. Sonic Youth - rats
16. Chris Stamey Experience - venus
17. Pink Mountaintops - cold criminal
18. Prince - delirious

JULY 28, 2006 (517)
1. Boomtown Rats - I don't like Mondays
2. Lori - grandstand
3. Mark Carrol - idiot world
4. Jonathan Richman - lonely little thrift store
5. Old Haunts - into a new room
6. Dirtbombs - got to give it up
7. Spinto Band - crack the whip
8. Sam Phillips - when I fall
9. Keith Richards - I could have stood you up
10. The Who - my generation
11. Jandek - I know the times
12. Delgados - everybody come down
13. Jim Flaherty's caravan - real gone daddy
14. Stephen malkmus - baby come on
15. E.L.O. - mr blue sky
16. Verve - bittersweet symphony
17. The New Standards - all the young dudes
18. T Rex - 20th century boy
19. Sonic Youth - beat on the brat

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Hey Mankato area Music Geeks! If you are a regular listener of the show, or a particularly sleepless listener of the 24 Pledge Drive a-Go Go, you'll have heard us play the mysterious Jandek. When Shelley and I go on and on about Jandek, it tends to be long winded and filled with speculation, but all things Jandekian are speculative and we tend to be long winded anyway.

Jandek is definitely not the kind of music you'll find at Best Buy or Target. If you are bold and adventurous enough to hunt him down and explore whatever the heck he's about, there's now a place you can find him. I was just over at Tune Town in Mankato and they just received a nice little stack of Jandek CDs, just begging to be discovered. They also have the DVD of Jandek's first live performance, which is pretty riveting. Also, because Tune Town is helpful like this, I saw that some of the CDs had stickers on them to help you with your decision. Believe me, this is a good thing when it comes to Jandek.

Heads up!



From the desk of Dullard Fawning:

These are the grab bags that Shyboy Tim and Shelley have assembled for the 2nd anniversary of the Shuffle Function Morning Show. They've put a lot of heart and soul into them, and I think they pretty accurately reflect the spirit of the show. Each one was personally assembled by Shuffle Function artisans, from materials hand picked by Shyboy Tim and Shelley, and they are all up for grabs come Monday, July 31st.

Scroll down to the preceding entry to find out how to win one of them. I know Shelley and Tim wouldn't give away anything that they didn't think is worthy of their listeners, so set aside any doubts. It'll be worth the public humiliation, I assure you.

Also, don't forget the Pop Music Pajama Party season starts this coming Thursday with the annual covers show. I've heard some of the stuff so far, and it sounds pretty good. The music is good, at the very least.

If you have any questions about anything, please don't hesitate to contact Shyboy and Shelley at


Sunday, July 23, 2006


The Shuffle Function Morning Show is nearly two years old. It seems like only yesterday that our between song banter consisted entirely of "I can't believe I'm up this early" and "who on earth gets up this early" and "where's my coffee" and "we need more coffee". I'm not saying our topics of discussion are any better now. I'm just saying we've diversified.

Anyway, we're marking the second anniversary of the morning show on Monday, July 31st. For the show we're only going to be playing track two off of CDs and LPs, so if you have a request it has to be the second track. No track ones or track threes. Just track twos. Loophole: If you are requesting something off of an LP, you can request track two off of either side A or side B. This one's for you, vinyl fiends.

Also, we are giving away stuff as a thank you for all your amazing support for our show and the station. We have assembled four amazing colossal gift bags, filled to the brim with nothing you truly truly need, but plenty of stuff you'll want. How do you win? Read on.

We'll be giving away one gift bag every half hour. All you have to do is be the first person to call when prompted and sing the whole morning show theme live on the air. No biggy. We did this last year and it was a complete disaster, so this year it will probably be twice as good! The numbers, in case you miss them, are 507-389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810. Brush up on the lyrics, listen to your vinyl of the morning show theme, or simply download and study the theme by following THIS LINK.

We will also be announcing the winner of the Program Director For A Day contest. Will it be you?







JULY 17, 2006 (508)
1. Jeff Tweedy - crack a smile
2. Ben Folds - losing Lisa
3. Sweet Trip - chocolate matters
4. Sugar - your favorite thing
5. Spinto Band - Japan is an island
6. Style Council - my ever changing moods
7. The Sterns - this will only hurt for a minute
8. The Soft Boys - underwater moonlight
9. Tears For Fears - change
10. XTC - season cycle
11. Of Montreal - wraith pinned to the mist (and other games)
12. Radio 4 - this is not a test
13. Wire - heartbeat
14. The Year Of - Stephen Hawking
15. Thurston The Rockner - monster of Vicksville
16. Sonic Youth - Reena
17. T Bone Burnett - zombieland
18. The Twilight Singers - 40 dollars
19. Built To Spill - liar
20. B52's - topaz
21. Tullycraft - girl about town

JULY 18, 2006 (509)
1. The Velvet Underground w/Nico - all tomorrow's parties
2. The Who - seeker
3. Alta May - sometimes
4. The Raveonettes - beat city
5. Nico - janitor of lunacy
6. Butch Walker and The Let's Go Out Tonights - hot girls in hot moods
7. Black ANgels - black grease
8. Go Home Productions - velvet sugar
9. Matthew Celebrity Pixies - levitate me
10. Nico - the end
11. Dirtbombs - the sharpest claw
12. Dandy Warhols - cool as Kim Deal
13. Be Your Own Pet - october first account
14. Lou Reed - I love you Suzanne
15. The Replacements - message to the boys
16. Think - once you understand
17. Nico - heroes

JULY 19, 2006 (510)
1. Todd Bowie - karmaphobe
2. The Flaming Lips - free radicals
3. Sondre lerche - modern nature
4. Bjork - there's more to life than this
5. Applied Communications - it bothers me it bothers you
6. YMCK - magical 8 bit tour
7. Hot Chip - over and over
8. Guitar Wolf - I love you okay
9. AC/DC - it's a long way to the top (if you want to rock n roll)
10. The Cure - let's go to bed
11. The High Strung - anything goes
12. Belle and Sebastian - lazy line painter Jane
13. Bloc Party - she's hearing voices
14. The beakers - fig. 21
15. Guided By Voices - cut out witch
16. KOmeda - catcher
17. Fiery Furnaces - nevers
18. B.C. Camplight - couldn't you tell
19. Nouvelle vague - just can't get enough
20. Acid House Kings - 7 days
21. The Cribs - you were always the one
22. Supergrass - going out

JULY 20, 2006 (511)
1. Dick Kent - 5 foot 91/2" tall
2. Dick Kent - Gretchen's new dish
3. English Beat - mirror in the bathroom
4. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - gold lion
5. Crystal Migraine - glass candy and the shattered theater
6. Velocity Girl - pop loser
7. Greenhornes - pattern skies
8. The Epsilons - snap crackle pop
9. Beatles - some other guy
10. Madness - one step beyond
11. Tokey Tones - love done me no good
12. Beulah - a good man is easy to kill
13. Written In The Sand - u.f.o. disaster
14. Neil Young - southern man
15. Jens lekman - Julie
16. The Donnas - let's go manno
17. Iggy and The Stooges - shake appeal
18. Eagles Of Death Metal - shasta beat
19. Nilsson - jump in the fire
20. Sex Pistols - god save the queen
21. Thrills - deck chairs and cigarettes

JULY 21, 2006 (512)
1. Johnny Cash - god's gonna cut you down
2. Carla Thomas - something good (is going to happen to you)
3. Zero 7 - futures
4. The French Kicks - so far we are
5. Donovan - sunny goode street
6. Tom waits - time
7. Garnett Mims - as long as I have you
8. Kraftwerk - man machine
9. Dondero High School Acapella Choir and Pop Concert Instruments - easy lover
10. Wolfmother - apple tree
11. Tilly and The Wall - rainbows in the dark
12. The Fall - youwanner
13. Yo La Tengo - route 66
14. Tom Verlaine - shingaling
15. The happies - wahaka
16. Pretty Girls Make Graves - the number
17. The Envelpopes - sister in love
18. Beta band - dry the rain
19. Bill Patton - she loves you
20. Thom Yorke - the clock
21. Yo La Tengo - the summer

Thursday, July 20, 2006


As we all know by now, either because you are a fan of GG or because I won't shut up about it, big changes are afoot in Stars Hollow. Fall 2006 will see a change in personel for Gilmore Girls, as well as its network.

Fall brings the introduction of CW, the hybrid network composed of the best of WB and UPN. One cool thing about this change is that Tuesday nights will now feature Gilmore Girls followed by Veronica Mars, a show that I dug early in its first season but didn't keep up with. I doubt that the network change will have any impact on content or quality of show. It's the other change that I'm worried about.

Enter David Rosenthal, new Gilmore Girls production head. The loss of The Palladinos was pretty major, as their voice is pretty much the Gilmore Voice. All I really know about him is that he was personally hired by The Palladinos, so he must be pretty good to meet their standards. Can he bring back my beloved show after the devastation of the season six finale? PROVE YOURSELF, ROSENTHAL!

Recently the networks had their big LA shindig to tout the fall programs, both new and old, and Gilmore Girls had a Q&A with Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, and Rosenthal. It sounds like it was a pretty good session, with a few insights into the coming season, but no spoilers.

Also, in case you were wondering:
SEASON SEVEN BEGINS SEPTEMBER 26TH. The day of reckoning is at hand.


Related links:
The new Gilmore Girls site
Story about the Gilmore Girls Q&A
Interview with David Rosenthal
Gnome, starring Lauren Graham

Monday, July 17, 2006


From the desk of Dullard Fawning:

Greetings, fellow Music Geeks! My name, as the heading implies, is Dullard Fawning. Shyboy Tim and Shelley wanted me to take a moment of my time to take a moment of your time and introduce myself.

I have recently been made a part of the Shuffle Function Team as show archivist and liason. Previous to this I had been working for Shyboy and Shelley as an unpaid intern, running errands and helping out around the office, but due to my self starting nature and attention to detail they decided to make me a full member of the team.

A little about me:

Favorite Color: Taupe
Favorite Book: The Not So Big House by Sarah Susanka
Favorite Saturday Night Music: Morrissey
Favorite Sunday Morning Music: Captain Beefheart
Favorite Movie: Brazil
Favorite Television Shows: In Search Of..., Gilmore Girls (because I have to)
Favorite Food: Saag Paneer
Turn Ons: Vanilla, Goth Girls, Heels, Haiku, Politics
Turn Offs: Swearing, Bumper Stickers, Jam Bands, Sweater Vests
Hobbies: Collecting Campaign Buttons, Pulp Novels

I'll be helping out with much of the day to day operations around here, and probably answering many of your e-mails, so if there is anything else you want to know about me or the show I am here to serve you!


Sunday, July 16, 2006


Wow, the time has really flown. It is already time for the 2006 round of Shuffle Function Pop Music Pajama Parties! For those of you not versed in Shuffle Function mythology, these shows are something we've done since our very first year. Originally we thought we would consider August a vacation month for the show and just do theme shows, picking artists that we love and devoting one Thursday night show to each of them over the course the month. We reasoned that it would be a piece of cake to choose favorite songs by our favorite musicians, and then we could do skits or something for the breaks.

The problem: It really sucks to try and limit your favorite musicians to 45 minutes of music, and we tend to want to be incredibly elaborate with our skits.

The result: These shows are anything but a vacation for us. We end up spending two months prepping for these things, picking music, editing the skits, and sweating bullets.

Now don't get me wrong, we LOVE working on anything for the show. We LOVE working way too hard on these things. It just figures that what we originally intended as a break for us turns into ten times what we ever envisioned.

Having said all that, the music this year is kick ass, and the skits are more elaborate than ever.


8/3 - The annual covers show!
The Clash - I Fought The Law
8/10 - Elvis Costello
Elvis Costello - I Don't Want To Go To Chelsea
8/17 - Guided By Voices
Guided By Voices - I Am A Scientist
8/24 - Public Enemy
Public Enemy - Fight The Power
8/31 - John Cale
John Cale - Venus In Furs

Check your schedules and plan accordingly. Please, don't ask us why we didn't play certain songs during these shows. You have no idea how hard each omission is for us to take!

Pop Music Pajama Parties happen every August Thursday at six p.m. on 89.7 fm, The Maverick!



If you're like me (and why wouldn't you be?), you are patiently waiting for the arrival of TENACIOUS D IN THE PICK OF DESTINY. This bloody film was supposed to land this past March, and it still hasn't shown up. JB apparently has stated that the end was crap and needed to be reshot, but I think THE D's crap is probably better than many band's gems. But finally...


Read the review and prepare to have your socks rocked off, my friends. I'll camp out longer for this than I did for The Phantom Menace, which is to say I would actually camp out for THE D film. Thank the maker that George Lucas doesn't have his pimping hands on THE D film. But I digress...

Since there still doesn't appear to be a release date for TDPOD, I thought I'd throw a few cool D related links in here to hold you over. ENJOY!

(photo lifted from aintitcoolnews)

Hell O'Clock News episode one
Hell O'Clock News episode two
Hell O'Clock News episode three
Director Liam Lynch has a meeting with THE PRODUCER
Tribute/System Of A Down cover, live in Sydney
TENACIOUS D... for the ladies.
SASQUATCH! (look for John C. Reilly as the big man)

Here's an added bonus for all you kids out there that haven't seen this treasure yet. In 1999 Ben Stiller produced and directed a pilot for Fox called Heat Vision and Jack, starring Jack Black as Jack and Owen Wilson as the voice of Heat Vision. The premise is that Jack was an astronaut that was exposed to inappropriate levels of solar energy during a space mission and became the world's smartest man. He's accompanied on their adventures by Heat Vision, a motorcycle that contains the personality of Jack's unemployed roommate. NASA wants them for experiments but they escaped. They are pursued by NASA operative, actor, and bad guy Ron Silver. And so on.

It was weird, hilarious, and too good for Fox, who promptly decided to not pick it up as a series. Luckily, everything stays alive on the internet. Thanks, youtube!


Well, this should kill the better part of an afternoon.



About a week late, but here's a coupla pictures from the Fun Days parade. Thanks to everyone that turned up to help with the candy throwing and whatnot, and to everyone that cheered us on along the parade route. KMSU listeners are the best!

The KMSU gang, patiently waiting for the parade to begin.

The Flatbed-O-Radio... IN ACTION!
(image courtesy of Shydad Charlie)

Thanks for all the support that you all give the station. There's a reason they call it PUBLIC radio, you know!


Friday, July 14, 2006


JULY 10, 2006 (503)
1. Rolling Stones - not fade away
2. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - hardest button to button
3. Be Your Own Pet - october first account
4. Vince taylor - brand new cadillac
5. Junior Murvin - police and thieves
6. Willie Williams - armagedeon times
7. Dondero High School A Capella Choir - paperback writer
8. British Sea Power - to get to sleep
9. Ben Folds Five - best imitation of myself
10. Redd Kross - lady in the front row
11. Velvet Underground - cool it down
12. Bob Dylan - mama you've been on my mind
13. Bruce Springsteen - thunder road
14. Alan Singly and Pants Machine - I don't know where to start
15. The Rapture - heaven
16. The Ramones - rockaway beach
17. Fiery Furnaces - single again
18. The Shaves - strolling after dark
19. Elvis Presley - that's allright
20. Go Home Productions - a slim mcshady
21. Fuzztones - ward 81
22. Coachwhips - witch
23. Johnny Cash - rose of my heart
24. Master Of The Hemisphere - better things
25. Futureheads - skip to the end


1. Collective Soul - simple
2. Rush - yyz
3. Robin Trower - day of the eagle
4. B52's - dry county
5. Talking Heads - naive melody (this must be the place)
6. Lenny Kravitz - rock n roll is dead
7. Big Head Todd And The Monsters - groove thing
8. Joe Bonamassa - so it's like that
9. Wet Willie - shame shame shame
10. KIng Crimson - elephant talk
11. INXS - the stairs
12. DJ Jazzy Jeff and The FResh Prince - summertime
13. Derek Trucks band - like anyone else
14. Allman Brothers - jammin' live at the State Fair
15. U2 w/Johnny Cash - the wanderer
16. Willie Nelson w/Johnny Lang - rainy day blue
17. Van Morrison - all work no play
18. Yes - heart of the sunrise

JULY 12, 2006 (505)
1. Rolling Stones - I just want to make love to you
2. Pink Floyd - shine on you crazy diamond
3. Von Bondies - lack of communication
4. David Bowie - see Emily play
5. Husker Du - terms of psychic warfare
6. David and The Citizens - grey coated morning
7. They Might Be Giants - violin
8. Soft Boys - vegetable man
9. Pink Floyd - wish you were here
10. Syd Barrett - here I go
11. Pink Floyd - lucifer sam
12. Syd Barrett - Bob Dylan blues
13. Syd Barrett - baby lemonade
14. Syd Barrett - if it's in you
15. Pink Floyd - bike
16. Syd Barrett - opel
17. Pink Floyd - see Emily Play
18. Syd Barrett - golden hair
19. Pink Floyd - jugband blues
20. Syd Barrett - dark globe

JULY 13, 2006 (506)
1. Frank Black - ten percenter
2. Golden Smog - beautiful mind
3. Guided By Voices - girls of wild strawberries
4. Beatifics - this year's Jessica
5. Rykarda parasol - texas midnight radio
6. Morrissey -november spawned a monster
7. Sonic Youth - teenage riot
8. James Iha and Kazu Makino - the ballad of Bonnie and Clyde
8. The Emperors - karate
10. Cut Chemist - (my first) big break
11. The Routers - snap happy
12. The Stooges - no fun
13. Magic Numbers - mornings eleven
14. Golden Smog - 5/22/02
15. Tam - alien nation
16. New Standards - song 2
17. Brenda Joyce - to Elvis
18. Elvis Presley - blue suede shoes

JULY 14, 2006 (507)
today we feature the Dondero High School A Capella Choir and Pop Concert Instruments
of Royal Oak Michigan
1. carry on my wayward son (Kansas)
2. heartbreaker (Pat Benetar)
3. livin' thing (E.L.O.)
4. holiday (Weezer)
5. day tripper (Beatles)
6. pump it up (Elvis Costello and The Attractions)
7. easy lover (Phil Collins and Philip Bailey)
8. don't look back (Boston)
9. burning down the house (Talking Heads)
10. immigrant song (Led Zeppelin)
11. last night (Strokes)
12. shock the monkey (Peter Gabriel)
13. you're my best friend (Queen)
14. lonesome loser (Little River band)
15. sweet Jane (Cowboy Junkie's cover of The Velvets, complete with dialogue from Natural Born Killers)
16. lady (Styx)
17. cold as ice (Foriegner)
18. missing the war (Ben Folds Five)
19. aquarius/let the sun shine in (5th Dimension)


JULY 3, 2006 (498)
1. Hot Chip - when I was a boy from scholl
2. Afghan Whigs - uptown again
3. Hold Steady - hornets! hornets!
4. Black Lipstick - corporate happy hour
5. My Morning jacket - any time
6. Bunky - funny like the moon
7. Ben Kweller - commerce, tx.
8. Pink Mountain Tops - cold criminals
9. Holiday - she's not the person you think you know
10. Half Japanese - fire cracker
11. Sonic Youth - reena
12. Rolling Stones - no expectations
13. Brian Jonestown Massacre - not if you were the last dandy on earth
14. Higgins - difference
15. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - in this home on ice
16. Flaming Lips - yeah yeah yeah song
17. Echo and The Bunnymen - the killing moon
18. Rolling Stones - paint it black
19. Dirtbombs - chains of love
20. The Husbands - bar-b-q
21. Elf Power - somewhere down the river
22. Cat Power and Karen Elson - I love you (me either)

JULY 4, 2006 (499)
1. Devo - freedom of choice
2. Charles Mountain - fly over the city
3. Libido Boys - america
4. 100 % Pure Poison - windy c
5. Bedroom Walls - mandy
6. The Donkeys - try to get by
7. Squeeze - annie get your gun
8. Instigators - full circle
9. Be Your Own Pet - we will vacation/you can be my parasol
10. Kit Reem - don't be so holy poly on my souly
11. Neil Young - heart of gold
12. Go Home Productions - crazy little fool
13. Lou Reed - america
14. Victor Lundberg - an open letter to my son
15. Iggy and The Stooges - I wanna be your dog
16. Muddy waters - I just want to make love to you
17. Harvey danger - cream and bastards rise
18. Elvis Costello- the angels want to wear my red shoes
19. MashupsCO.Uk - sanctuary's over
20. Red Shadow Economic Rock N Roll Band - understanding marx
21. Lemmy, Slim Jim and danny B - we'll alright
22. 13th Floor Elevators - your'e gonna miss me
23. Husker Du - she's a woman and now your a man
24. Frank Black w/Al Franken - atlantis

JULY 5, 2006 (500)
1. The Hives - walk idiot walk
2. The Minutemen - corona
3. Thee Headcoats - girl from 62'
4. Thee Headcoatees - cara lin
5. The Fleshtones - I am what I am
6. The band - loving you is sweeter than ever
7. The Jayhawks - waiting for the sun
8. Frank Black - Johnny Barleycorn
9. New Order - krafty
10. Mates Of State - punchlines
11. Dressy Bessy - stop foolin'
12. The Band - the night they drove old Dixie down
13. Belle and Sebastian - act of the apostle
14. Morrissey - in the future when all is well
15. Preston Scholl Of Industry - get yr crayons out
16. Robbie Robertson - showdown at big sky
17. R.E.M. - bittersweet me
18. Low - when I go deaf
19. The Band - across the great divide
20. Jonathan Richman - I was dancing in a lesbian bar
21. The Brunettes - mars loves venus
22. Wilco - shot in the arm
23. unknown - I sing about blue


1. Tom Waits - the piano has been drinking
2. Blue Max - face to face with the blues
3. Maple River band - chicken coop scoot
4. Maple River Band - northern lighhts
5. Maple River band - alcohol
6. John Lee Hooker - boom boom
7. Allman Brothers - leave my blues at home
8. B.B. King - the thrill is gone
9. Coop and Scheidel - turkey blues
10. David Bromberg - sharon
11. Charlie Musselwhite - chan chan (Charlie's blues)
12. John Mayall and The Bluesbreakers - on top of the world
13. Boz Scaggs - come on home
14. Studebaker John And The Hawks - shake
15. Grateful dead - friend of the devil
16. Elvin Bishop - struttin' my stuff
17. Coop and Scheidel - graduation blues
18. Eric Clapton - another ticket
19. Boz Scaggs - T Bone Shuffle

JULY 7, 2006 (502)
1. Harry Merry - rock n roll postman
2. Brian Jonestown Massacre - sailor
3. The Fiery Furnaces - benton harbor blues
4. Thin Lizzy - whiskey in a jar
5. Elle Bandita - kloot
6. Rufus and Carla Thomas - night time is the right time
7. Jandek - the way that you act
8. Keith Richards - take it so hard
9. Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan - black mountain
10. Beat Happening - indian summer
11. Matthew Sweet - sick of myself
12. The Stooges vs. Salt N Peppa - no fun pushin' it
13. The Dondero High School A Capella Choir and Pop Concert Instruments - more than a feeling
14. The Chambers Brothers - time has come today
15. The Cramps - mad daddy
16. Legendary Stardust Cowboy - dynamite
17. The Minutemen - political song for Michael Jackson
18. The Beach Boys - god only knows
19. The Go - summers gonna be my girl
20. Jane's Addiction - jane says
21. Quicksilver Messenger Service - what about me?
22. Nirvana - where did you sleep last night?

Monday, July 10, 2006


Oh man, are you guys gonna dig Friday morning's Shuffle Function! We are going to be presenting the glory of pop music favorites... COVERED BY A HIGH SCHOOL A CAPELLA CHOIR! That's right, on Friday we are going to be presenting only songs covered by the Dondero High School A Capella Choir during their annual Pop Concerts.

If you haven't heard these wonderful wonderful WONDERFUL recordings before, then brace yourself. The Dondero kids covered a wide variety of popular songs, and they perform them with the kind of enthusiasm that you would expect from choir kids performing songs they love. One of the things about them that has really struck Shelley and myself is that their choices of songs are not entirely expected (other than the fact that they perform Aquarius/Let The Sunshine in at every show). You'll hear Weezer, Peter Gabriel, Boston, Lou Reed, Elvis Costello... well, you get the idea. My favorite cover of theirs is when they do Sweet Jane, as performed by the Cowboy Junkies, channeled through the Natural Born Killers soundtrack. They actually perform the Mickey and Mallory dialogue that was included on the soundtrack CD! Wonderful wonderful stuff.

If you want to brush up and actually have songs to request, then you are in for an even bigger treat: Eight of their concerts are available for free download from Comfort Stand Recordings, an online record label. Listen to them, find your favorites, then call the show Friday morning and request your favorites! If you don't want all eight double disc recordings, just try out the "greatest hits" collection that is also available. I guarantee you will want to get all their music after you hear them!


After you are done exploring the treasures of Dondero High, check out the rest of the Comfort Stand recordings. I'd suggest the collection of Joe Meek demos for starters, but everything is terrific.

Happy listening!


Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Thanks to everyone that showed up to be a part of the KMSU Flatbed-o-radio during the St. Peter 4th of July parade. You put a gorgeous face on this ol' radio station, and here's photographic evidence of that!

Here's most of the KMSU team patiently awaiting the start of the parade.
(photo by Jim Scheller @ NuStar Reality)

Generalisimo Gully desperately trying to be taken seriously.

Here's Al Franken, in town to support the Walz campaign, signing Shelley's CD containing Frank Black's cover of Atlantis. Al does the spoken intro on that song.

Shyboy Tim and Shelley F things up Old School as Nathan from Maverick at the Movies looks on. He's probably wondering why we went to the movie RV.

Your valiant KMSU staffers trying to figure out how to run the radio.

Working the crowd into a frenzy... WITH CANDY!

We have another parade coming up this Saturday, so you guys should all come out and be a part of the action again. Wear your KMSU or MSU swag and help us represent radio by the people for the people. YOU are the station and everybody out there needs to know it!

The Details:
North Mankato Fun Days Parade
Saturday, July 8th
Line up starts at 10:30 on Webster Avenue, parade starts at 11-ish.
We're #84 in the line-up.

It'll be the float with the kick ass music coming from it. Hope to see you there!

If you have any questions about the parades, or anything else, drop us a line at


Saturday, July 01, 2006

Rest Up That Candy Tossing Arm!!!

Hey KMSU listeners - please don't forget about the parades!!! This upcoming week is all about parades, and candy, and music and parades, and candy. You get the picture. Scroll on down to to find out all of the details.
We sure hope that you can join us for the festivities!!!



JUNE 26, 2006 (493)
1. The Clash - train in vain
2. Iggy Pop - night clubbing
3. Sloan - underwhelmed
4. Bob Mould - wishing well
5. Bob Dylan w/The Band - hwy 61 revisited
6. Girls With Attitude - funtime is a great time
7. R Stevie Moore - you and me
8. Johnny Cash - if you could read my mind
9. Higgins - difference
10. The Clash - safe european home
11. Elvis Costello and The Attractions - accidents will happen
12. Isaac Hayes - never can say goodbye
13. Alan Singly and Pants Machine - bruises
14. The Lyrics - so what
15. Epsilons - just want to love you girl
16. Go Home Productions - strung out kid
17. Jim Carroll Band - people who dies
18. Eux Autres - le project citron
19. Wolf Mother - witchcraft
20. Eagles Of Death Metal - cherry cola
21. LCD Soundsystem - disco infiltrator
22. Puffy Ami Yumi - call me what you like (if you like rock n roll)

JUNE 27, 2006 (494)
1. Ben Folds - landed
2. The Flaming Groovies - slow death
3. The Husbands - tell me your love is only mine
4. The Continental Co-ettes - I don't love you no more
5. Fat Boy Slim - rockafeller skank
6. Ray Charles - mess around
7. Young Marble Giants - n.i.t.a.
8. Human Television - ten minutes
9. Jarvis Cocker w/Kid Loco - I just called to tell you I'm going
10. Hank Williams III - D Ray White
11. Hasil Adkins - she said
12. X - world's a mess/it's in my kiss
13. Sonic Youth - turquiose boy
14. Husker Du - divide and conquer
15. Joy Division - transmission
16. The Jesus and Mary Chain - sometimes always
17. Social Distortion - ball and chain
18. Velvet Underground - stephanie says
19. The Suburbs - music for boys
20. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - over and over again (lost and found)
21. Jaqueline Taieb - 7 heures du matin

JUNE 28, 2006 (495)
1. David Bowie - dj
2. Radio City featuring Bajka - the hop
3. Animal Collective - did you see the words
4. Coreen Bailey Ray - some kind of fantastic
5. From Bubblegum To Sky - some kind of fantastic
6. Eastern Youth - jet man
7. R.E.M. - crush with eyeliner
8. Of Montreal - the partys crashing us
9. The Who - going mobile
10. Replacements - left of the dial
11. Johnny Cash - 5 feet high and rising
12. Bo Diddley - I don't like you
13. Don Willis - boppin' high school baby
14. Fat daddy Holmes - chicken rock
15. Tom Tall - stack-o-records
16. Edwyn Bruce - rock boppin' baby
17. Bob Montgomery and Buddy Holly - down the line
18. Bobby Lee Trammell - Shirley Lee
19. New Standards - new pollution
20. The Who - I can't reach you
21. Yo La Tengo - raw power
22. Black Flag - tv party
23. Foundry Field Recording - battle brigade pt 1
24. Pink Floyd - lucifer sam
25. Unknown - carry on my wayward son

JUNE 29, 2006 (496)
1. Roxy Music - more than this
2. New York Dolls - chatterbox
3. Loose Fur - pretty sparks
4. Sleater Kinney - rollercoaster
5. Little Richard - the girl can't help it
6. Etta James - tell mama
7. Lulu - the boat that I row
8. Harry Merry - rock and roll postman
9. LCD Soundsystem - too much love
10. Hank Williams III - pills I took
11. Johnny Cash - further on up the road
12. Oneida - up with people
13. The Electric Soft Parade - a cold world
14. Harry Merry - the appetite gets satisfied each bite
15. The Concretes - fiction
16. Daisy Spot - leinazza
17. Blanket Music - cat corps
18. Sugar Cubes - birthday
19. Elvis Presley - fool such as I

(Carl is the Program Director for the Day)

1. Mike Flowers Pops - wonderwall
2. Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass - mexican shuffle
3. Richard Cheese - another brick in the wall
4. Louis Prima - 5 months 2 weeks 2 days
5. Stereo Cocktail - these boots were made for walking
6. Senor Coconut - smoke on the water (cha cha cha)
7. Piero Umilani - mah na mah na
8. Esquivel! - mini skirt
9. Dean Martin - you're nobody till somebody loves you
10. The Moog Cookbook - smells like teen spirit
11. Stan Getz w/ Joao and Astrud Gilberto - the girl from Ipanema
12. Mrs. Miller - up up and away
13. Dimitri From Paris - sacre francais
14. Johnny Mandell - marina (from Caddyshack soundtrack)
15. Flinstones Jazz
16. Frank Sinatra - something
17. Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass - spanish flea
18. James Taylor Quartet - mission: impossible
19. Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot - Bonnie and Clyde
20. Quincy Jones - what's new pussycat?
21. Louis Prima - just a gigolo/I ain't got nobody
22. Pizzicato Five - twiggy twiggy
23. Pavement - 5-4=unity
24. Stereolab - ping pong
25. Sergio Mendes and Brasilla 66' - little help from my friends
26. Beatles (George Martin) - hard days night
27. Stereo Cocktail - summertime
28. Chuck Barris - theme theme from Gene Gene
29. Blow Up - wild elephants (elephant walk)
30. Sid Bass - powerhouse
31. Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass - whipped cream