Saturday, September 23, 2006


Thanks to everyone that called in and requested songs in your best pirate voices last Tuesday. It was a very successful Talk Like A Pirate Day. I hope you used your pirate names with honor.

Cap'n Abigail and First Mate Ginny took the whole day even further by hitting the streets of Mankato in full on pirate garb. PROOF!

Here they are raiding the racks of the Good Ship Tune Town, and no doubt finding treasures galore.

In other news, Gilmroe Girls Season Seven starts Tuesday. We've been running through worst case scenarios on the show to try and prevent any shocks that may have resulted from the apocalypse that was the Season Six finale. Some of you guys have submitted some whoppers. Dark dark whoppers. Keep sending the worst case scenarios in! We'll get through this season, but only if we stick together! Send them to


Tuesday, September 19, 2006


World Traveler Kelly snagged this shot in Paris outside a home that Ernest Hemingway once lived in. Got any cool photos of your Shuffle Function shirt in exotic locations? E-mail them to us at and we'll post them.

Thanks Kelly!

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Hey! Cool! I just checked the TV guide listings for Tuesday the 26th, and channel 18 on Mankato's cable system is listed as CW. Phew. Does anybody know where to get a cheap VCR/DVD-R recorder?


Saturday, September 16, 2006


Wow! Time really flies. It seems like it was only 365 days ago that it was Talk Like A Pirate Day, and now here it is again! This Tuesday the 19th we'll be marking it in the most predictable of ways: by talking like a pirate. Here's the official page for Talk Like A Pirate day, where you can find out why on earth this day even exists, as well as links to things like pirate talk translators and glossaries that will help you with your pirate speak on this, the most pirate-y of days.

Some ground rules: You must talk like a pirate if you are requesting a song, otherwise we will not be able to decipher your mysterious lubber speak. Also, if you send us at e-mail request at it will have to be written as if a pirate were writing it. Otherwise, again, you are taking up valuable time that could be otherwise spent speaking like a pirate.

Don't forget to call us so we can give you your official pirate name for the day. It should make all your business dealings pretty interesting, huh?

The station #s: 507-389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810. YAAAAAAAARGH!



The main reason that I never watch TV anymore is because I'm just too damn busy. I realized not long ago that I haven't even turned on my TV since the Season Six finale of Gilmore Girls, which is astonishing for a couch potato like me. There's just been too much radio work going on, I've become addicted to YouTube, and there are quite a few very cool internet shows that have been distracting me.

Some of my favorite internet programs:

The thing that makes Hope so hilarious is that she's just SO DAMN EMO. If you are serious about your emo, you may not care for this show. I, however, am not serious about my emo, therefore I laugh big ass belly laughs at Hope's emo-ness.

The Words Are Dying
Hiders and Seekers
True Self

This is a website that posts animations of how films really should have ended. My favorite so far is their newest, and it shows how the original Superman film should have ended. I can't figure out how to link directly to their films, and you'd need the DiVX codec and player to view them, so here are some YouTube links. Some suck in the quality department, quite frankly, but they are still hilarious.

Willy Wonka
The Blair Witch Project
Lord Of The Rings
Star Wars

This is one to watch if you are gearing up for the Tenacious D film like the gang at Shuffle Function is. Jack Black is believable in his undies and computer monitor headgear as a computer turned man, in this series that follows him and his human counterpart as they get into a series of sometimes hilarious situations. Only a few of these episodes are on YouTube, so follow the link to the original Computerman page to view all six episodes. And don't get your hopes up. Also, if you aren't a Jack Black fan you probably don't want to bother. Otherwise, GET READY TO LAUGH!

This is a lovingly brutal fictionalized history of Yacht Rock, that genre that exemplifies all that is smooth in music and usually features bands that have had their pictures taken on yachts. Super funny, and sadly no longer in production. Luckily we have ten episodes available to us. Perfect for ironic fans of Michael McDonald.


Well, I think this is all the distraction I can drum up for this round. Drop us a line at with any other internet shows that we may be missing out on, and we'll post them on the site (provided they don't suck).



The season premiere of Gilmore Girls season seven is less than two weeks away, and things are not all well in Shyboy Tim land. First, this season is likely the last, and it is helmed by someone other than a Palladino. Second, I went in to pay my cable bill several months in advance so I don't have to worry about it during the season, and the lady at the Charter desk said that she heard the new CW network WILL NOT BE ON THE MANKATO CABLE SYSTEM!

Yeah, I know!

So, I'm hoping she is on crack. The reason this may be incorrect is that it looks like the former WB affiliate that was broadcast in the area (KMWB 23) appears to be going CW. This, according to the CW website. Hopefully CW23 will be on channel 18 where the WB was. If not... well, no matter how the season turns out I'd still rather see it and be disappointed than not see it at all.

So... if you are a Gilmore Girls fan you may want to call your cable or satellite provider and find out what the deal is. It will really suck if Tuesday the 26th rolls around and there's just infomercials.

Also, Tuesday the 19th sees the release of Gilmore Season Six on DVD. Yes, you can now relive the glory of Sparks playing live on a Stars Hollow street corner AND see Lorelei's ultimate betrayal whenever you feel like it! SWEET!



I just looked back over the blog and it looks like it's been about a month since we last posted anything useless beyond the playlists. Apologies. It's been a madhouse around here, and even our assistant Dullard Fawning has been too tied up to help us beyond the norm.

State of the radio show:

About a month ago we were all set up to MC an open comedy mic thing at the Coffee Hag (where I'm enjoying a tasty mocha as I write) for the Old Town Street fest. Plugged it relentlessly on the show, etc. Anyway, there were signals crossed somewhere and there was a magician there instead. As a result, no MC duties for us. We're very sorry if anybody came down to check out the show, but I understand that the magician was very good, so hopefully that made up for it. We went down to check out the Rhythmaplex Project, who were playing at the Oleander stage, and they were brilliant as usually. Incidentally, they're going to be playing THIS FRIDAY THE 22nd at The What's Up, with the band Aviette. We've played some Aviette on the show and they sound very promising, so it should be a good show.

The night all the tornados hit the area, we were up at the Minnesota State Fair to check out The Magic Numbers/Sonic Youth/Flaming Lips at the Grandstand. There was a hideous rain storm that threatened to stop the show before it started, but luckily Wayne Coyne is a can do guy and convinced the fair folks to hang in there. Just before the original official start time hit, the rain broke and the sun came out and it turned into a pretty nice day. The downside was that The Magic Numbers' gear was flooded and they couldn't play a full set. The upsides are two fold, however. 1) Sonic Youth was amazing, and I would kill to see them play a full set where they are the headliner. 2) Flaming Lips was a blast. A big indulgent spectacle, and musically strong. They even let The Magic Numbers come out and play a few songs, so that was nice.

School is back in session at MSU, so the requests in the a.m. are coming in hard and heavy, which is great. Over the summer things tend to slow down a bit in that department, so all the new voices and enthusiasm are a much needed shot in the arm. Keep the great calls coming! The numbers are 507-389-5678 and 1-800-456-7810. You can also drop us a line at with anything you want to hear.

A couple of programming notes:

Melons left for Utah for a few months, so the Mothership Connection is off the station right now. The word is she'll be back in November, so hopefully she'll be back on the air and the late Saturday night lineup will be restored. Until then a couple of longtime KMSU supporters stepped in at the last minute to try and keep funk on the air. Tuesdae With An E and Papa T are tag teaming on Night Train And The Search For The Saturday Night Groove, which you can hear at ten, just before The Five Count. So far they've received some positive feedback, and if you'd like to drop them a line to say 'hi' you can do so at

There's also a new host on Minnesota Music Scene, which you can hear Fridays at six p.m. Edgar from The Rhythmaplex Project is the new voice, and if you are in a Minnesota band that needs to be heard, he'd love to hear your demo or CD. He's been toiling in bands long enough to know that it is tough to break into "the machine" and get your music heard, and he wants to do what he can to help. Drop him an e-mail at and let him know what you have, or you can just send your stuff to him at:

Minnesota Music Scene
c/o KMSU Radio
AF 205
Minnesota State University
Mankato, MN 56001

You can also give him a call during the show. Edgar really wants to help develop the local music scene, and you can be a part of it! As he likes to say about MN Music Scene: "this is your show".

In other news, Gully has been on vacation for the last two weeks and will be back this coming Monday. Welcome him back! The fall pledge drive is also coming up in October, so please be generous and throw your support towards your local independent radio station. We're looking at major expenses with a new broadcast tower, not to mention all the other insane costs that it takes to keep your radio home alive and kicking. Thanks in advance!

Sorry about the lack of updates. Things are getting back to normal, slowly but surely.



Hey, all. It's been a helluva long time since we've had just random stuff on the blog, but this is of the utmost urgency:


Here's a Quick Time Link! Of couse, it is laced with nasty language, so if you are sensitive or a wuss, please don't listen.

The Soundtrack: November 14th
The Film: NOVEMBER 17th! Begin the line-up now, D-ciples!

More to follow.


Monday, September 11, 2006


SEPTEMBER 5, 2006 (542)
1. Sonic Youth - candle
2. New Grenada - emergency brigade
3. Joe jackson - is she really going out with him?
4. XTC - senses working overtime
5. Pere Ubu - heaven
6. Frank Black - if your poison gets you
7. Persephone's Bees - nice day
8. Village Green - wrap your love around me
9. Joy Division - she's lost control
10. Electralane - two for joy
11. The Vaselines - son of a gun
12. Elvis Costello and The Attractions - pump it up
13. LCD Soundsystem - disco infiltrator
14. Beck - nausea
15. Lou Reed - perfect day
16. Black Sabath - war pigs
17. The Pixies - winterlong
18. Cannoise - born in Chicago

SEPTEMBER 6, 2006 (543)
1. AC/DC - dirty deeds done dirt cheap
2. Tullycraft - rumble with the gang debs
4. Ecstatic Sunshine - ramontana
5. Tom Tall - stack o records
6. Matthew Friedberger - holy ghost language school
7. Rose Melberg - Irene
8. Mark Mallman - who's gonna save you now?
9. Dave Thomas - drunken sailor
10. Pere Ubu - birdies
11. R.E.M. - fall on me
12. Stereolab - young lungs
13. Simon and Garfunkel - sounds of silence
14. Velvet Underground - I heard her call my name
15. Bob Dylan - like a rolling stone
16. Broadcast - illumination
17. Architecture In Helsinki - do the whirlwind
18. Modern Lovers - road runner
19. Camera Obscura - if looks could kill
20. Tom Wilson - all American boy

SEPTEMBER 7, 2006 (544)
1. Guided By Voices - huffman prarie flying field
2. Echo and The Bunnymen - the cutter
3. 13th Floor Elevators - slip inside this house
4. EEls - trouble with dreams
5. Jesus and The Mary Chain - just like honey
6. Buddy Holly - rave on
7. Raveonettes - here comes Mary
8. Amen Corner - expressway to your heart
9. Pretty Girls make Graves - the number
10. The Zombies - care of cell 44
11. Foghat - slowride
12. Yo La Tengo - the room got heavy
13. Benni Hemm Hemm - I could love you in a wheelchair baby
14. Buddy Holly - not fade away
15. The Whigs - can't hear you coming
16. Buddy Holly - everyday
17. The Adolescents - everyday
18. They Might Be Giants - New York City
19. Buddy Holly - well alright
20. American Holidays - lightning souls / here for good
21. Dressy Bessy - stop foolin'
22. Buddy Holly - oh boy

SEPTEMBER 8, 2006 (545)
1. Johnny Cash - hey porter
2. Bedroom Walls - Mandy
3. Nick Lowe - cruel to be kind
4. Mando Diao - god knows
5. Warren Zevon - disorder in the house
6. George Harrison - wah wah
7. Dirtbombs - got to give it up
8. Madness - one step beyond
9. Patsy Cline - walkin' after midnight
10. Go Home Productions - rapture riders
11. Jimmie Hendrix - foxy lady
12. The Replacements - we'll inherit the earth
13. Keith Moon - my generation
14. Keith Moon w/Ringo Starr - intro (outake)
15. Keith Moon - lies
16. Golden Bear - golden bear revival stomp
17. The Rapture - first gear
18. Friends Like These - Karen
19. Devin Davis - giant spiders
20. Razorlight - hold on
21. Bob Dylan - hwy 61 (revisited)
22. Pixies - debaser
23. The Stooges - TV eye

Thursday, September 07, 2006


AUGUST 28, 2006 (538)
1. Yo La Tengo w/Daniel Johnston - speeding motorcycle
2. Yo La Tengo - mr. tough
3. Quintron - place unknown
4. Golden Smog - beautiful mind
5. Pajo - who's that knocking
6. Foundry Field Recordings - buried beneath the winter frames
7. The Greenhornes w/Holly Golightly - there is an end
8. Rythmaplex Project - as Jad Fair
9. Sebadoh - Kath
10. Jandek - god came between us
11. Half Japanese - movin' on up
12. Kelly Stoltz - wave goodbye
13. Daniel Johnston - walking the cow
14. Harry Merry - the appetite gets satisfied each bite
15. Beck - girl
16. Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash - girl from the north country
17. Sonic Youth - reena
18. The Beakers - fig. 21
19. Legendary Stardust Cowboy - sliderule
20. Paul Westerberg - knockin' on mine
21. New Standards - love is the law
22. Handsome Family - drunk by noon
23. The Minders - don't you stop
24. 13th Floor Elevators - you're gonna miss me

AUGUST 29, 2006 (539)
1. Jerry Lee Lewis - I saw her satnding there
2. Torres - don't you know
3. Wovenhand - dirty blue
4. Judson Fountain - my next door neighbor is a wicked witch
5. Camera Obscura - Lloyd, I'm ready to be heartbroken
6. Brian Jonestown Masscare - Johnny Marr is dead
7. Herschell Gordon Lewis - suburban roulette
8. John Cale - I keep a close watch
9. Ronnie Dawson - rockin' bones
10. Replacements - within your reach
11. B.J. Snowden - in Canada
12. Bob Dylan - spirit on the water
13. Calvin Johnson - leaves of tea
14. Lou Rawls - season of the witch
15. Black Angels - black grease
16. X - see how we are
17. The Tyde - too many kins
18. Morrissey - I will see you in far off places
19. Elvis Costello and The Attractions - (I don't want to go to) Chelsea
20. From Bubblegum To Sky - some kind of fanatic
21. Legendary Stardust Cowboy - I walk a hot wind

AUGUST 30, 2006 (540)
1. David Byrne - you be jesus
2. Patra Haden - I can see for miles
3. Bonnie "Prince" Billy - cursed sleep
4. Elizabeth Harper - trouble in the palace
5. Paul McCartney and Wings - silly love songs
6. Guided BY Voices - teenage F.B.I.
7. Jarvis Cocker and Kid Loco - I just came to tell you that I'm going
8. The Dramatics - get up and get down
9. Moussa Doumbia - Kleya
10. Velvet Underground - all tomorrow's parties
11. The Cramps - papa satan sang Louie
12. Bo Diddley - mama don't allow no twistin'
13. Mono Puff - devil went down to Newport (totally rockin')
14. Sex Pistols - pretty vacant
15. Joy Division - digital
16. The Plugz - el clavo y la cruz
17. Luie Luie - el touchy
18. Meryn Cadell - the sweater
19. Legendary Stardust Cowboy - relaxation
20. Cludine Longet - I think it's gonna rain today
21. Frank Black Francis - monkey gone to heaven

AUGUST 31, 2006 (540)
1. Ben Folds Five - she don't use jelly (loungapalooza)
2. Ivy League - p is for Penelope
3. Art Brut - formed a band
4. Fiery Furnaces - single again
5. Nashville Teens - tobacco road
6. Beatifics - last thing on my mind
7. The Grates - gravity won't get you high
8. Be Your Own Pet - we will vacation (you will be my parasol)
9. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Dudley
10. Husker Du - divide and conquer
11. Led Snooplin - drop it like it's a whole lot
12. Georgina Dobson and Cupboard Simon - the message
13. The Positions - summer nights
14. Eux Autres - le project citron
15. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - are you the one that I've been waiting for?
16. David Brent - free love on the free love freeway
17. The Specials - concrete jungle
18. World's Most Dangerous Polka Band - too fat polka
19. Elvis Presley - blue moon of kentucky
20. The Suburbs - rattle my bones
21. Hurricane lamps - tell me you miss me
22. Coralie Clements - in decise
23. Rolling Stones - can't you hear me knockin?

SEPTEMBER 1, 2006 (541)
1. Sugar - the slim
2. Soft Boys - underwater moonlight
4. Sloan - underwhelmed
5. The Shins - pressed in a book
6. Pajo - we get along mostly
7. Stereolab - noise of carpet
8. Guided BY Voices - back to the lake
9. Cat Power - crossbones style
10. Handsome Family - your great journey
11. M. Ward - to go home
12. John Cale - reading my mind
13. The Wedding Present - red shoes by the drugstore
14. Yo La Tengo - point and shoot
15. Stranglers - (get a) grip (on yourself)
16. The Headlights - hi ya
17. Talking Heads - found a job
18. The Clash - clampdown
19. Gang of Four - sweet Jane
20. Saturday Looks Good To Me - all over me
21. The Jam - David watts
22. the Pixies - gouge away
23. Golden Smog - 5/22/02
24. Loose Fur - hey chicken