Thursday, February 08, 2007


Of the Newport Coldsnaps, no doubt.

Last year we had a contest to name the winter storm that was on the way. Out of all the entries, the one that won was Owen Bennett Jones. Yes, we named the storm after BBC News favorite OBJ. We decided at that point that we'd name any winter storms after BBC News personalities.

Well, this year we haven't had much in the way of winter storm action, but we do have this ungodly coldsnap. We realized that this may be our only shot to name something after a BBC News personality, so from now on this coldsnap is called Claire Balderson-Coldsnap.

When you are talking to people about the weather and urging them to dress appropriately, use phrases like "Hey, it's Claire out there!" or "It's Claire, so beware!" or something like that. You'll be honoring a beloved news personality, while showing that you care.

And hey... It's Claire out there.


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