Friday, March 16, 2007


Four hours of all vinyl. Here is the list:
1. John Lennon--Instant Karma
2. War--Baby Brother
3. The Byrds--8 Miles High
4. Rolling Stones--Start Me Up
5. Instigators--Full Circle
6. The Fleshtones--Right Side of a Good Thing
7. Bo Diddley--Elephant Man
8. Mr. Airplane Man--Ask for Water
9. Spinal Tap--Gimme Some Money
10. Donovan--Hurdy Gurdy Man
11. Ozzy Osbourne--Iron Man/Children of the Grave
12. Firehose--Brave Captain
13. Rolling Stones--You Can't Always Get What You Want
14. Bay City Rollers--Saturday Night
15. Wall of Voodoo--Mexican Radio
16. Lou Rawls--You've Made Me So Very Happy
17. Rush--Tom Sawyer
18. Modern Lovers--Roadrunner
19. DC3--Theme from an Imaginary Western
20. Richard Harris--Mac Arthur Park
21. Pete Townshend--Face Dances Part Two
22. Staple Singers--Life During Wartime
23. Velvet Underground--Rock-n-Roll
24. The Beatles--Tomorrow Never Knows
25. Nick Lowe--And So It Goes
26. Yono Ono with the Polyphonic Spree--You and I
27. Husker Du--Divide and Conquer

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