Friday, March 16, 2007

Haiku Time

Joe from the Modern Garage called at 8am with a challenge. Could KMSU listeners come up with 5 original haikus within an hour? Joe agreed to pay $50 a haiku and our listeners stepped up to the challenge! Here are the five haikus:

1. Send us your money
KMSU needs you bad
Local radio.
--by Tony

2. Early this morning
Saw a modern day warrior
With a Mean, Mean Stride.
--by Alex

3. For Shuffle Function
Haiku 50 bucks a piece
gotta love that Joe
--by Jim

4. The KTM is busted
The land of Norton calls
to the isle of man he must go.
--by Rodger

5. Samurai in tights
Hormonal imbalances might
revealing his sword.
--by A. Leslie

Thanks to all of our poets. You have raised $250 for KMSU!

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