Friday, March 16, 2007

Have you made a pledge yet?

I you have not made your pledge to KMSU yet, get on the phone and make a contribution. You can also pledge online. You keep public radio ALIVE AND WELL!

11pm to 12 midnight

1. Suburbs-Baby Heartbeat(2:40)
2. Public Enemy-You gonna git yours(4:03)
3. New Young Pony Club-Ice Cream(3:07)
4. Ben Folds-Annie Waits(4:20)
5. Evolution Control Commitee- Rocked by rape(4:27)
6. Sonic Youth-Teenage Riot(6:54)
7. Pete Townsend-Rough Boys(3:59)
8. Shuffle function Shoppe Players and the Ragtime Band - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
9. Black Angels-Black Grease
10.Maceo + The Macks- Across The Tracks
11. National Fuel Gas Distribution Company - Cookin' With Gas

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