Sunday, March 11, 2007


The day is fast approaching! This coming Thursday, March 15th @ 6 p.m., is the "Shuffle Function 24 Hour Pledge Drive A-Go-Go 5: Goin' Sleepless? Huh? Hrrrmmmm Hisssss!" (yes, that is the full name for it.)

Preparations are in place, vinyl has been selected, caffeine has been purchased, shirts have been printed, swag has been selected, work work work work. In addition to all this work, Shelley and I are also working our 40 hour a week day jobs (you know, the ones that support our radio habit), so we're torn and frayed as it is. Even then, we're filled with excitement. Not only do we get to take over the station for 24 hours straight, working hard for what we truly believe in, but we get to talk to you guys. Your calls and your pledges are better than caffeine, and they really get us going. Without them we'd never make it, and more to the point the station would never make it.

We've had many many crucial pledge drives since Shuffle Function began, and without exaggeration I'd have to say that this upcoming drive is the most significant. Yes, we were lucky enough to get a transmitter donated, but it costs serious bucks to get it installed and tuned and whatever the hell it is they do to transmitters to make them work. Like 50,000 serious bucks. We'd be lucky if we could make two thirds of that during a full year of drives. Throw on top of that the fact that the old crippled transmitter has left us off the air for days at a time and you've got a serious problem.

Please, if you regularly contribute to the radio cause, consider throwing a little bit extra our way. If you haven't contributed to KMSU before, please take the time to do so during this drive. Every pledge counts. If you can't afford to pledge at a higher level, we'll take whatever you can manage. Swing by the station and drop off a fiver, set up a lemonade stand, start up a 'dude jar' and throw in quarters whenever you say 'dude'. Whatever you can do to help keep this independent voice alive and well and serving the community is appreciated.

There's plenty of time to preach once the drive hits, so I'll knock it off for now. Check back later this week for swag items and levels, including the new design for the latests Shuffle Function t-shirt.


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