Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Well, kids, the pledge drive starts tomorrow. It's the time where we come to you and beg desperately for your financial support to keep good ol' KMSU on the air in this desolate corporate radio landscape. We only hold these drives a couple of times a year, and only for about twelve days per drive, so we try not to get in your face too much when asking for your donations. However, we truly do rely on your financial assistance to keep the station going.

This drive is particularly crucial. With the arrival of the new transmitters comes all the additional hidden costs of installing it. Sadly, it isn't as easy as finding a wall socket and just plugging it in. This is a high tech piece of equipment requiring special gear, and a radio engineer that can fine tune it to our particular station's needs. We're looking at about 50,000 dollars worth of work on just the transmitter alone. This isn't even including the new tower we need.

KMSU simply doesn't have this kind of money, but we're hoping that you guys will throw in and keep the radio dream alive. Now, if you listen to KMSU at any point during your day, you are likely doing so because we provide the kind of programming you simply can't find anywhere else, and most of it is produced by people from your neighborhoods and towns that adore what they present and believe in the idea of community driven radio. For most of you, simply keeping the station going is reward enough for your generosity, but sometimes it doesn't hurt to sweeten the pot a little.


Now, in addition to all the items you'll see here, we'd also like to let you know that the first 100 people to pledge $50 dollars or more will get the exclusive Shuffle Function Do-It-Yourself Spy Kit at absolutely no additional cost! You know why? Because we like you.

$25 - Finders Keepers 3: The Sound Of No Hands Clapping CD
Yes, it's yet another pile of insufferable sounds lovingly compiled by Shuffle Function artisans. Yodelers, misguided true believers, musical saws, and more! Guaranteed to be the life of the party or the end of the party, depending on the circles you run in.

$50 - Shuffle Function and KMSU t-shirts
We have a brand new Shuffle Function design for the spring pledge drive that announces the Shuffle Function Camp For Wayward Music Geeks! Available in Summer camp yellow and available in all sizes, this music geek shirts says "Hey, world, look at me! No, over here!"

Also available is the classic black and white KMSU ring tee. All the cool kids have them, I know, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't get a second one in case of emergencies!

In addition to your choice of shirt, you will also receive special instructions on how to perform the secret hand shake that will save radio! This handshake can only be performed by people wearing Shuffle Function or KMSU t-shirts, and must never be leaked to the commercial radio world! KMSU and its listeners are depending on you!

$65 - Rag and a Coaster Combo
For the smart shoppers out there we've created the Rag and a Coaster Combo. For a mere $65 you can get your choice of t-shirt, as well as the Finders Keepers 3 compilation! Maybe this one will loosen up those purse strings, eh?

$75 - The Exclusive Music Geek-O-Nista Package
Seriously, the R&G Combo wasn't enough? Well how about this limited time package available only during the 24 Hour Marathon? We still have a few of our older shirt designs laying around taking up valuable office space at the Shuffle Function Corporate Offices, and we're ready to make more room! You get the brand new Shuffle Function t-shirt and your choice of one of the old shirt designs for a mere $75! Size and quantity are limited on these shirts, which are no longer being produced. Check out the designs!

$100 - Shuffle Function Program Director For A Day!
Would you like to know what it feels like to hold the musical destiny of not just Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa, but the entire world in the palm of your hand? Would you like to experience unparallelled power and god like influence? Well, we would, too! Unfortunately, we can only help you with the musical destiny part. As Programmer Director you will be allowed to play whatever you want on the radio! We just push the buttons and talk too much, but you... you will be the voice of KMSU for two full hours on the Shuffle Function Morning Show! You will also receive a Shuffle Function t-shirt, a copy of the Finders Keepers 3 CD, and a CD copy of your show to amaze your friends with. Pretty sweet, huh?

$100 - KMSU Day Sponsor
Dedicate an entire day of programming to mark a birthday anniversary, graduation, or other special event. In the past we have had folks ask us to play Bob Dylan all day on Dylan's birthday, or they have dropped off albums that they'd like us to add to the day's playlist. KMSU hosts will also announce regularly that the day is sponsored by the donor, and personalized messages can be read as well. This is a unique way to support the station and have fun with radio!

There's also a bunch of station related swag that you can find on the kmsu.org web page, so go check that out of none if this stuff floats your boat.

Don't forget the the 5th Shuffle Function 24 Hour Pledge Drive A-Go-Go begins this coming Thursday, March 15th, at six p.m. and comes to a sleep deprived caffeine edged conclusion on Friday, March 16th at six p.m. Nothing keeps us going during the drive like your calls and pledges, so please give generously!

Thanks for everything. KMSU listeners are the best.

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