Monday, March 05, 2007

Shelley Enters the 21st Century

I am making my first blog post on my new laptop computer, and from an unkown spot other than my home!!! These are exciting times Shuffle Function listeners.

Once again I thank you all for your patience regarding Winter Storm Judy Swallow's hatred for the KMSU tower. After a few days of static, we are pleased to once again be on the air. Be sure to pass all of this info along to your friends, neighbors, family, extended family, complete strangers and any one else that you can think of. With the Pledge Drive right around the corner, this is not a great time to loose our listeners. But thank you hearty listeners, your patience is rewarded - you get to once again listen to local volunteer radio hosts playing the music they love. In this radio wasteland, it is well worth the wait.

Thanks again - and scroll on down to information on the upcoming SHUFFLE FUNCTION 24 HOUR PLEDGE DRIVE A-GO-GO. It will cure whatever ails ya!!!

now off to surf the net -


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