Monday, April 02, 2007

c'mon party people

The KMSU Spring Pledge was amazing, and Shyboy Tim and I want to celebrate the occassion with you guys - the folks responsible for making the goal!!!


Wait that sounds silly. Try this out - Tune in on Friday for our Shuffle Function listener appreciation party. The itinerary for the morning goes as follows:

Six to Seven AM
Tim and I will be spinning vinyl only, and not just any old vinyl. We will be playing B sides of 45's.

Seven to Eight AM
Get ready for Shuffle Function Radio Roulette, but with a twist. We want you, cats and kittens, to come up to the station and be a part of this. You can draw a number out of the magic hat, flip the coin, and roll the 10 sided dice from Tim's bag of magic holding. YOU HELP CONTROL THE RADIO FATES OF SOUTHERN MINNESOTA, NORTHERN IOWA, AND THE WORLD.

AND AT 7:50ish AM, MacArthur's Park Sing-A-Long
Please join us in the studio for a good old fashioned sing-a-long of the finest song ever recorded. If you have an instrument, please bring it along (note I said have, not play, so if you haven't touched that trumpet under your bed for over twenty years - that's okay. This song is all about the drama, not musicianship). Be sure to be at KMSU by 7:45 if possible.

OH YEAH - The Request Ride will be available all morning long.
You will probably have to ride it unaccompanied, unless we can get Scooter Polanski. But he works hard for his money, so there are no promises.

We really would like to see you guys on Friday - you are what this is all about and we love being able to attach faces to the voices we hear every morning. If you have questions about where KMSU is located, call us or drop us an email at We are located on the second floor of the Alumni Foundation Building, which is located north of the European style shopping mall that contains Chipotles, Tune Town, and the Hub.

We hope to see you then - and don't forget to bring your instruments, as well as your Radio Roulette Mojo.


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