Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Listener Appreciation Day For You Guys Day (Take 2)

Scroll down a few posts if none of this makes any sense to you, but due to technical difficulties (with the campus, not KMSU!!!), our second hour of Shuffle Function radio Roulette was cut off in it's prime, and MacArthur Park went unsung. We plan on doing it all over again this Friday. Now I know we are only asking for trouble because this Friday is April 13th. But lets' see what happens!!

Again, all of you are invited to join us in the studio to play Radio Roulette with us. That's right - you get to pick a number from the magic hat, flip the coin, and roll the dice. And please grab your instrument and join us for the last ten minutes of the show to sing a little dittie about cake and rain. You know the one - THE BEST SONG EVER MADE!!!!

We hope to see you all on Friday - email us at shufflefunction@hotmail.com if you have any questions!!

Shelley and Shyboy


Jeremy said...

WOW!!! thanks guys that was one hell of a "Mac Carther's Park" finish!! Richard is weeping happy tears now. Fortunately, I was parked at work in my car, singing along to the big finish - it's such an awesome song!

Tony said...

I was there singing it with Shyboy, Shelley, and Dave. It was INTENSE to say the very least. I am so pumped up right now that I just can't concentrate on anything else but hitting that high note at the end, very poorly. That was such a great show today, and we have the Radio Gods to thank for that.

Jeremy said...

Indeed, it was a great show! Radio Roulette gives the show a mysterious feel that you can't find anywhere on the radio dial. It keeps the show fresh and exciting - even when luck takes a wrong turn and corny K-TEL songs have to be played, it's still great.