Friday, April 06, 2007


Sorry this took a while to post. Tim and I both had to go directly to our other jobs that support our radio habits, and neither of us has had a chance to write anything till now.

Here's the story morning glory:

So we were minding our own business, playing B sides and K-Tel records, and appreciating KMSU's listeners, when suddenly someone cut the stations underground wires and takes us off the air!!! And not just us - the entire Alumni Foundation Building was without phones and the on-lines too. I can't help myself, I need to say it one more time. OH MY GOD THIS MORNING SUCKED. NO - IT HURT, THAT'S WHAT IT DID. IT HURT !!!!!

I realize that apologizing for something that I had nothing to do with is ridiculous, but I am so sorry. We plan on rescheduling the Listener Appreciation Day For You Guys Day sometime next week. We will let you know on Monday. Although we did get to play our hour of B sides, we didn't get to play Shuffle Function Radio Roulette, or sing MacArthur Park together, and that is something that we really want to do.

So please stay tuned - and once again I apologize for the dead air. At least this time it had nothing to do with our aging sewing machine of a transmitter or ice storms, if there is an upside to all of this.

Have a great weekend you guys, drive safely if you are hitting the road Jack, and we will talk to you all on Monday morning.


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