Wednesday, May 23, 2007


It seems hard to believe that Shelley and I have been doing Shuffle Function for six years. Even after all this time, doing the show is the best part of our day. If it seems like we are having a good time on the show, it is because we are having a good time. Radio has so much possibility, and KMSU lets us flex our creative muscles trying to figure out ways to best exploit the medium. Our anniversary shows are just one example of this.

In years past we've featured in depth profiles and interviews with the Legendary Stardust Cowboy and BJ Snowden. We've been fortunate enough to talk to DIY legend Daniel Johnston about his love of the Beatles. This year we've managed to snag another dream interview. One that we've been wanting to do for at least the last couple of years.

Thursday, May 31st at six p.m., Shuffle Function celebrates its sixth anniversary with an evening with Red Shadow (the Economics Rock and Roll Band)!

Yes, kids, we are profiling the one and (literally) only economics rock band, and we're featuring an interview with one of Red Shadow's founding members, Beta Hat (aka Ev Ehrlich). We'll get the lowdown on how this unique and fascinating band came about, what their influences were, and how they created their music. Our interview with Ev is the most fun we've ever had with an interview, and we think you'll really enjoy it. We'll be featuring lots of Red Shadow favorites from both their albums (available at as well as world premiering a recent composition from Beta Hat and fellow Red Shadow member Delta X.

You may not be able to snowmobile your way down the forest trail to inner peace, but you can have a pretty good time finding out about the band that pointed that fact out to you!

WHAT: Shuffle Function Turns Six: An Evening With Red Shadow (the Economics Rock and Roll Band)!
WHEN: Thursday, May 31st 2007 @ six p.m.
WHERE: KMSU 89.7 fm, KMSK 91.3 fm, or

Yours in radio,

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Hello radio fans -

This week has a couple of important dates that Shyboy Tim and I plan on celebrating.

Tuesday, May 22nd is Morrissey's birthday. The Smiths were a band that was the soundtrack to my life in high school and college. Many special events, or memories that I have of that time are associated with one Smiths song or another. I plan on spinning both solo Morrissey and The Smiths on Tuesday (after having traded Tim a months worth of running the boards on the morning show). If you have any requests, drop us an email at or call us during the morning show at 389 - 5678, or 1-800-456-7810.

Thursday, May 24th is Bob Dylan's birthday and thanks to our day sponsor Dianne, KMSU will be playing Dylan all day long. Shyboy Tim and I will once again be running the boards and celebrating the extensive discography of this legend. The Dylan frenzy will also include our 6 p.m. show. So once again, if you have a favorite song you'd like us to add to the playlist, email us at or call us throughout the day with your request.



Tuesday, May 15, 2007



Tonight is significant for a couple of reasons. Reason number one is that the Gilmore Girls series finale is this evening. After five years of undying adoration followed by two years of bewilderment and disappointment, the world of Stars Hollow is going the way of Mayberry. I have managed to avoid spoilers and story summaries for the ender, so I'm filled with a bit of dread but mostly hope that they won't screw it all up. The last couple of years have been a real wringer for even the most die-hard of GG fans, so I think all we can ask is that they don't make us feel shame for sticking with the show until the very end.

At least Lorelei and Christopher aren't together anymore. That's a plus.

Reason number two is that tonight The Legendary Stardust Cowboy is playing in NYC. However, tonight is just a warm-up for the big gig he's playing as part of the David Bowie curated High Line Festival. The Ledge will be sharing the bill with Daniel Johnston (both The Ledge and Daniel have been featured on our anniversary shows; both have webpages you can access from this blog) and the gig is pretty high profile.

All The Ledge needs is a break. Maybe a producer from Late Night with Conan O'Brien will see him or something, give him some national exposure. Bowie has been great about acknowledging his debt to The Ledge lately, and has booked him on a couple of shows he has put together, plus recorded one of his songs for his Heathen CD. Send all the positive vibes you can out NYC way so that The Ledge can catch that break and finally hit the big time.

For those of use that cannot make the shows, here are some clips of The Legendary Stardust Cowboy that are on YouTube. Enjoy!

Laugh In, 1968

Live, November 2006 (he's wearing a music geek t-shirt!)

Soundcheck, 2002

Public Access Television

The Legendary Stardust Cowboy: Hero, Legend, Force Of Nature.

O.k. everybody! Time to tense up!


Monday, May 14, 2007


MAY 7, 2007 (710)
1. The Incredible Moses Leroy - fuzzy
2. Taxi Taxi - family doctor
3. Faux Jean - chartruse skirt
4. Ronnie Cook and The Gaylads - goo goo muck
5. Cat-A-Tac - needles and pins
6. Dungen - mon amour
7. Rolling Stones - loving cup
8. The Bad Plus - Tom Sawyer
9. The Goddard H.S. Stage Band - in a gadda da vida
10. White Stripes - icky thump
11. Judson Fountain - garbagecan from Thailand
12. Velvet Underground - head held high
13. Bright Eyes - four winds
14. Pete Townsend - let my love open the door
15. Quintron - place unknown
16. Half Japanese - this could be the night
17. Rolling Stones - happy
18. Carla Thomas - I like what you're doing (to me)
19. Mike Sophia - cow
20. Yo La Tengo and Daniel Johnston - speeding motorcycle
21. Apples In Stereo - energy

MAY 8, 2007 (711)
1. April March - chick habit
2. Beach Boys - 409
3. Sly and The Family Stone - running away
4. Sonic Youth - turquiose boy
5. Manhatten Love Suicides - evil side
6. Irving - death in the garden/blood on the flowers
7. Beach Boys - shut down
8. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - not what you wanted
9. Brian Jonestown Massacre - servo
10. David Vandervelde - nothing no
11. Brian Jonestown Massacre - oh lord
12. Ronnie Prophet - Eleanor Rigby
13. Wilco - impossible Germany
14. The Go - summers gonna be my girl
15. Radio City w/Vajka - the hop
16. Iggy Pop - china girl
17. Elliot Smith - thirteen
18. Air - the word hurricane
19. Beach Boys - sail on sailor
20. Phantom Planet - california
21. New Order - ceremony

MAY 9, 2007 (712)
1. Bright Eyes - hot knives
2. Guided By Voices - girls of wild strawberry
3. Superdrag - relocate my satelite
4. Hold Steady - party pit
5. Kiss On Katy and Mack - chirpa chirpa cheep cheep
6. Goon Moon - lay down
7. A Frames - death train
8. Red On Green - gravity talks
9. Eames Era - Benjamin
10. Dan Deacon - the crystal cat
11. Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich - hold tight
12. XTC - senses working overtime
13. Camera Obscura - Lloyd, I'm ready to be heartbroken
14. The Free Design - I found love
15. Devin Davis - giant spiders
16. The Shins - pressed in a book
17. West Indian Girl - what are you afraid of?
18. John Cale - twilight zone
19. Michael Yonkers Band - kill the enemy
20. The Flamin' Groovies - slow death

MAY 10, 2007 (713)
Bono's birthday
1. Of Montreal - forecast fascist future
2. Rolling Stones - emotional rescue
3. Troy Hess - please don't go topless mother
4. The Hotwalls - duty bound
5. The Specials - ghost town
6. U2 - Sunday bloody Sunday
7. U2 w/Leonard Cohen - tower of song
8. Robbie Robertson w/U2 - testimony
9. Jandek - slinky parade (on vinyl!!!!)
10. U2 - Gloria
11. U2 w/Patti Smith - dancing barefoot
12. U2 - pride
13. U2 - in God's country
14. U2 - love and peace or else
15. U2 - even better than the real thing
16. U2 - I will follow
17. U2 - all I want is you

MAY 11, 2007 (714)
1. The Good The Bad and The Queen - herculean
2. Dungen - svart ar
3. Peter Bjorn and John - young folks
4. Fujiya and Miyagi - ankle injuries
5. The Light Footwork - pirate karate
6. Ryan Adams - nobody girl
7. Red Shadow Economic Rock and Roll Band - stagflation
8. Elvis Costello and The Attractions - you belong to me
9. Pink Mountaintops - cold criminals
10. The Kinks - love me til the sunshine
11. Wilco - either way
12. The Band w/The Staples Singers - the weight
13. Flying Burritto Brothers - do right woman
14. Red Shadow Economic Rock and Roll Band - understanding Marx
15. Yo La Tengo - point and shoot
16. Belle and Sebastian - le pastie de la bourgeoise
17. Ryan Adams - shakedown on 9th street
18. Arcade Fire - antichrist television blues
19. Velvet Underground - foggy notion

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Who is the best worst actor/director.............................Sofia Coppola!!!! We heard a number of convincing arguments for both Sofia and Quentin, but in the end it was a landslide. Sofia Coppola is the best worst actor/director.

I plan on putting the last weeks playlist up very soon, but before I do, and in case you missed it - we are celebrating Shuffle Function's sixth year anniversary at 6 pm May 31st. We always try to plan a special show for our anniversary, and this year is no exception. We will be featuring the music of the Red Shadow Economic Rock N Roll Band, and an interview with co-founder Ev Ehrlich, aka Beta Hat. Tim and I had a blast talking with Ev, and we can't wait to share this show with you - so mark your calendars and tell your friends and neighbors!!!

oh - and go see Grindhouse, featuring the runner up for best worst actor/director, Quentin Tarantino!!!


Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Sofia Coppola...

...or Quentin Tarantino?

Don't get us wrong! We love the movies they directed. All we're saying is that sometimes people should stay behind the camera.

So, who is the worst director actor? Let us know at! We'll be taking your votes until this Friday. Vote often, just like you would in a presidential election!

Congratulations to all the folks that were able to actually get tickets to the Francis Ford Coppola appearance at The Walker. You're much luckier than us. Sniff...


Monday, May 07, 2007


APRIL 30, 2007 (705)
1. Susan Christie - I love onions
2. The Village Green - bullet in the head
3. My Red Cell - she's leaving
4. The Dirtbombs - got to give it up
5. The Beatles - I want you (she's so heavy)
6. Wolf and Cub - march of clouds
7. Regina Spektor - hotel song
8. Air - playground love
9. Fatback Band - king Tim the third
10. White Stripes - I'm lonely but I'm not that lonely yet
11. The Who - young man blues
12. Lou Rawls - you've made me so very happy
13. The BarKays - soul finger
14. George Harrison - what is life
15. The Free Design - I found love
16. Richard Swift - kisses for the misses
17. Beat Happening -other side
18. The Decemberists - the sporting life
19. Talking Heads - girlfriend is better
20. Flying Burritto Brothers - six days on the road

MAY 1, 2007 (706)
1. The Smiths - that joke isn't funny anymore
2. U2 - two hearts beat as one
3. Peter, Bjorn and John - young folks
4. XTC - season cycle
5. Atari Star - this is where I often pause
6. The Go Betweens - streets of your town
7. Daniel Johnston - don't let the sun go down on your grieviance
8. T Rex - elemental child
9. Robert Pollard - love is stronger than witchcraft
10. Frank Black - headache
11. The Breeders - drivin' on 9
12. Pixies - debaser
13. Joy Division - transmission
14. Cramps - new kind of kick
15. Firehose - honey please
16. They Might Be Giants - ana ang
17. The Fuzztones - ward 81
18. Talking Heads - this must be the place (naive melody)
19. Buzzcocks - ever fallen in love

MAY 2, 2007 (707) KEN De' GUEST is the PD4 a day!!!

1. It's a Beautiful Day - Bombay calling
2. TV On The Radio - province
3. Blue Man Group - persona
4. World Leader Pretend - bang theory
5. The Chieftans - withina mile of Dublin
6. Zero 7 - when it falls
7. Dirty Vegas - ghosts
8. Gomez - black eyed dogs
9. Yann Tiersen - la vaise d'Amelie
10. Joni Mitchell - people's parties
11. It's a Beautiful day = white bird
12. Air - mer du japon
13. Interpol - obstacle 2
14. The Concretes - fiction
15. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - the skin of my yellow country teeth
16. Ry Cooder and Manuel Galban - bolero sonambulo
17. West Indian Girl - still lost
18. Luna - pup tent
19. The Connels - start
20. Modest Mouse - one chance

MAY 3, 2007 (708) *Day Sponsor = Tom
1. Nick Drake - northern sky*
2. Rufus Thomas intro/Johnny Taylor - take care of your homework
3. Sly and The family Stone - dance to the music
4. Jimmy Cliff - you can get it if you really want*
5. Ice Palace - trampolining
6. Flaming Lips - the W.A.N.D. *
7. Jim Noir - tell me what to do
8. Sonic Youth -Reena
9. James Brown - get up off of that thing (release the pressure)
10. Nina Simone - ain't got no/I got life (groovefinders remix)
11. Tom waits - jockey full of bourbon
12. Smiths - how soon is now?*
13. Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons - oh what a night
14. The Icicles - crazy
15. Camper Van Beethoven - take the skinheads bowling*
16. James Brown - super bad pt. 1 and 2
17. Johnny Taylor - Jody's got your girl and gone (live)
18. Mr. Rosso - I'm eighteen
19. Badfinger - no matter what
20. Guided By Voices - teenage f.b.i.
21. William Shatner - together*

MAY 4, 2007 (709)
1. Lou Reed - kill your sons
2. Albert Hammond, Jr. - call an ambulance
3. Dinosaur, Jr. - pick me up
4. Led Zeppelin - dazed and confused
5. His Master's Voice - this black hat rage
6. Von Bondies - lack of communication
7. Ken Bower - I will survive
8. Captain Beefheart - moonlight in vermont
9. John Cale - dirty ass rock and roll
10. Count Five - psychotic reaction
11. Smiths - this charming man
12. Warren Zevon - poor poor pitiful me
13. Hockey night - for guys eyes only
14. Devo - the day my baby gave me a big suprise
15. Beatles - bad boy
16. Dondero H.S. Acapella band and Choir - satellite of love
17. Beatifics - almost something there
18. Television - see no evil
19. Shooby taylor - folsom prison blues


APRIL 23, 2007 (700)
(please note we had a day sponsor that requested 50's rock and Sun artists)
1. Roy Orbison - chicken hearted
2. Malcolm Yelvington and The Star Rythym Boys - drinking wine spo-dee-o-dee
3. Elvis Presley - I'm left, you're right
4. Chuck Berry - 30 days
5. Billy Lee Riley - flying saucer rock n roll
6. Rolling Stones - bitch
7. Carl Perkins - let the jukebox keep on playin'
8. The Bostweeds - faster pussycat! kill! kill!
9. Jerry Lee Lewis - whole lotta shakin' goin' on
10. Rusty and Doug Kershaw - diggy liggy lo
11. Little Richard - slippin' and slidin'
12. Roy Orbison - tryin' to get to you
13. Buddy Holly - that'll be the day
14. Bobby Vinton - blue velvet
15. Rolling Stones - sway
16. Johhny Cash - get rythym
17. Link Wray - rumble
18. Bo Diddley - pretty thing
19. Elvis Presley - blue moon of kentucky
20. Howlin' Wolf - moanin' at midnight
21. Roy Orbison - go!go!go!
22. The Trashmen - surfin' bird
23. Jerry Lee Lewis - breathless
24. Little Richard - long tall Sally
25. Billy Riley and His Little Green Men - red hot
26. Johnny Cash - cry cry cry
27. Buddy Holly - oh boy
28. Roy Orbison - ooby dooby
29. Eddie Cochran - twenty flight rock
30. Charlie Rich - lonely weekend
31. Jackie Brenston and His Delta Cats - rocket 88
32. Gregory Dee and The Avantees - olds Mo William
33. Nat County and The Braves - woodpecker rock
34. The Novas - the crusher
35. Roy Orbison - domino

APRIL 24, 2007 (701)
1. Dick Dale and the DelTones - let's go trippin'
2. Harry Belafonte - midnight special
3. Georgie James - cake parade
4. John Cale - dead or alive
5. Tom Waits and Crystal Gayle - Tom's piano intro to once upon a town
6. Kelpie - merlock 2
7. Marlbaoro Chorus - what you're momma said
8. The OhSees - invitation
9. Matthew Sweet - girlfriend
10. Elvis Costello - waiting for the end of the world
11. David Bowie - this is not America
12. Nico - evening of light
13. Petty Buka - pooka pooka pants
14. The Atari Star - double predestination
15. Incredible Bongo Band - raunchy 73'
16. Little Richard - brown sugar
17. Husker Du - friend you've got to fall
18. Sonic Youth - ca plan pour moi
19. Stan Ridgeway - don't box me in
20. TheBand - the night they drove old dixie down

APRIL 25, 2007 (702)
1. They Might Be Giants - till my head falls off
2. Superdrag - comfortabbly bummed
3. David Bowie - Jean Genie
4. Mandrew - your turn
5. Leonard Cohen - Suzanne
6. Dinosaur, Jr. - we're not alone
7. Charles Gonzales - Olivia has got her eye on you
8. The Kinks - everybody's gonna be happy
9. The Old Soul - p is for protein
10. U2 - one tree hill
11. Ted leo and The Pharmacists - la costa brava
12. Smith - baby, it's you
13. LCD Soundsystem - too much love
14. Fiery Furnaces - single again
15. Joy Division - no love lost
16. Lack Therof - what a fool believes

APRIL 26, 2007 (703)
1. Beatles - a taste of honey
2. The Husbands - sha la Daniel
3. Average White Band - pick up the pieces
4. Black Diamond - I'm a believer
5. Wall Of Voodoo - Mexican radio
6. The Hotwalls - the killing
7. Tommy James - hanky panky
8. Nobody and The Mystic Chords Of Memory - when the end meets the begining
9. The Whigs - can't hear you coming
10. Tin Machine - you belong in rock and roll
11. Miho Hattori - barracuda
12. Nick Andrews - lady L
13. Caspar Hauser - fossil
14. Ben Folds Five - best imitation of myself
15. Jimmi Hendrix Experience - I don't live today
the next set is ShyBoy Tim's attempt to remove the WKRP In Cincinnati theme from my head:
16. Little Eva - locomotion
17. Dionne warwick - do you know the way to San Jose?
18. Barry Man - who put the bomp in the bomp bomp bomp?
19. Gene Pittney - it hurts to be in love
20. Manfred Mann - doo wah ditty
and it kinda worked!!!
21. Robyn Hitchcock and The Venus 3 - cause it's love (St. Parrelelogram)
22. Replacements - kiss me on the bus
23. Replacements - seen your video
24. Replacements - can't hardly wait
25. Replacements - I will dare
26. Replacements - all he wants to do is fish
27. Replacements - route 66
28. Replacements - Alex Chilton
29. Replacements - within your reach

APRIL 27, 2007 (704)
the first half hour we played blues for Coop, who was to be the PD4 a Day, but called to say he got held up in meetings - but no fear, he is rescheduling!!
1. Muddy waters - got my mojo working
2. Roy Milton - hop skip and jump
3. John Lee Hooker - shake it baby
4. Big Bill Broozny - nobody's business
5. Slim Harpo - I'm a king bee
6. Sonny Boy Williams - from the bottom
7. Staple Singers - respect yourself
8. Golden Smog - starman
9. Dandy Warhols - down like disco
10. Count Five - psychotic reaction
11. The Last Words - the kids are allright
12. Camper van Beethoven - take the skinheads bowling
13. Beach Boys - sloop John B
14. The Knickerbockers - lies
15. Red Shadow Economic Rock and Roll Band - understanding Marx
16. Paul Westerberg - make your own kind of music
17. Talking Heads - happy days
18. The Clash - train in vain
19. Foghat - slowride
20. They Might Be Giants - put your hand inside the puppet head
21. Spoon - sister Jack
22. Ben Kweller - untitled

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Opps, it did it again!!!

Hey Shuffle Functionteers -

Last week the second hour of World Cafe forgot to work it's way into the schedule, and our 6 pm Shuffle Function show aired from 5 to 6. Tonight we were taken off the air after half an hour - but for a very good reason radio listeners. For a long time the old sewing machine of a transmitter has been running at about 36 % power. Superman Marv, our station's magic man with the equipment is switching out some tired parts for new parts, and the end result should be [drum roll please] 100 % POWER!!!!!

So we apologize for the interruption in your regularly programmed rock, and we hope to see you next week at the same bat channel and same bat time - 6 pm Thursdays, or as we like to refer to it, the warm up hour to Gary.

And please note: next Thursday night we plan on announcing the festivities for our 6 year anniversary show. Big doings in are in the works radio fans!!!!