Wednesday, May 23, 2007


It seems hard to believe that Shelley and I have been doing Shuffle Function for six years. Even after all this time, doing the show is the best part of our day. If it seems like we are having a good time on the show, it is because we are having a good time. Radio has so much possibility, and KMSU lets us flex our creative muscles trying to figure out ways to best exploit the medium. Our anniversary shows are just one example of this.

In years past we've featured in depth profiles and interviews with the Legendary Stardust Cowboy and BJ Snowden. We've been fortunate enough to talk to DIY legend Daniel Johnston about his love of the Beatles. This year we've managed to snag another dream interview. One that we've been wanting to do for at least the last couple of years.

Thursday, May 31st at six p.m., Shuffle Function celebrates its sixth anniversary with an evening with Red Shadow (the Economics Rock and Roll Band)!

Yes, kids, we are profiling the one and (literally) only economics rock band, and we're featuring an interview with one of Red Shadow's founding members, Beta Hat (aka Ev Ehrlich). We'll get the lowdown on how this unique and fascinating band came about, what their influences were, and how they created their music. Our interview with Ev is the most fun we've ever had with an interview, and we think you'll really enjoy it. We'll be featuring lots of Red Shadow favorites from both their albums (available at as well as world premiering a recent composition from Beta Hat and fellow Red Shadow member Delta X.

You may not be able to snowmobile your way down the forest trail to inner peace, but you can have a pretty good time finding out about the band that pointed that fact out to you!

WHAT: Shuffle Function Turns Six: An Evening With Red Shadow (the Economics Rock and Roll Band)!
WHEN: Thursday, May 31st 2007 @ six p.m.
WHERE: KMSU 89.7 fm, KMSK 91.3 fm, or

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Anonymous said...

Hey, any chance of there being a digital archive of the 6th anniversary show with B-Hat?

Tondog said...

I recorded it if you want it. Email me at tondog (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll be glad to send it to you.

ShuffleFunction said...

If anyone would like a copy of the interview, please feel free to email Tim and I at

please include a mailing address, and we will set you up!!!


The T-Dude said...

I love the fact that you guys have found Red Shadow. Beta Hat is one funny guy and the two albums are a ton of fun as well. Blood Sucker and Free-Market Election days are my personal favs.

Keep up the good work.