Tuesday, July 10, 2007


It's not a big secret around these parts that the folks at the Shuffle Function Conglomoplex have grown to love Yoko Ono. Yeah, she's abrasive and often inaccessible, but it's not often revealed that she's also written some amazing pop songs. The recent collection of collaborations with uber hip indie folks, Yes, I'm A Witch, is a pretty good place to start if you'd like to explore her stuff a bit more. The versions of her songs on this collection are reimagined and many times more pallatable than her original versions, and make an excellent gateway to the world of Yoko Ono.

Much less palatable are her works you can find on Ubuweb, a fascinating internet archive of films and sound recordings. You can find some of Yoko's less accessible recordings on here, as well as a collection of her short films. Even better, you can download them. Shweet.

Other fascinating sound recordings:

John Cale (with The Velvet Underground)

Aw, the list goes on and on. Go check them all out.

A few fascinating films on Ubuweb:

Now how much would you pay? The answer: NOTHIN'! Now go waste some time, kids!


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