Wednesday, July 04, 2007


All American music from an All American boy: Tom Wilson!

For Scooter Polanski...

Mow that lawn, All American Boy
Rake those leaves, All American boy
Rake Those Leaves
And, oh, how you can ride a bike
brush your teeth
take a hike
brush them till they shine
wear braces to get them in a line

he bravely has a his tonsils out
He earns the badge of an Eagle Scout
In Sunday school he is devout
All American, all american, all american

Cook a meal, all american boy
get your sleep, all american boy
get your sleep
and oh, how you can jog so far
wipe your nose learn guitar
and for a smile sincere
have check-ups twice a year

he shines his shoes if they have a scuff
he turns his head if he has to cough
he never tears a fly's wings off
all american all american all american

Swim those laps, All-American boy
make that call, All-american boy
Make that call
And how you pay your bills on time
Write that song
Save a dime
sometimes take a loss
and don't forget to floss

He pays his rent, he pays his tax
he wins a hand with a pair of jacks
he eats his meals between his snacks
All American, all American, all American

buy the food, All american boy
Read a book, all american boy
Read a book
And oh, how clean you keep your clothes
comb your hair
strike a pose
sail into the wind
and don't be so thin skinned

And Oh how well you pay your dues
Dry your eyes
read the news
Write your friends tonight
Be careful what you bite
Let yourself be good
And don't do what you should
All American, All American, All American, All American boy

Have a great fourth of July, everybody!

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