Friday, July 20, 2007

Oh Happy Day

Greetings from VacationLand,

I have been in the Twin Cities visiting with family most of the week, and yesterday I had a chance to visit a couple thrift store and vinyl shops. I found something at Hymie's Vintage Records in Minneapolis (don't know about this place? you need to !!!! here is a link to a great article: ) that I have to tell you about. I have been looking for a copy of WattStax ever since falling in love with Stax and it's music. You must have heard me go on and on about the movie by now, if you listen to the show. I have often found really beat up copies, or copies with one record missing, but yesterday I found a great copy at Hymie's for $6.66 !!!! I bought some more treats (that I will be sharing with you all probably next week) but when I went to check out, the always awesome and helpfull owners said these magic words, "I have a copy of the second soundtrack in the basement, would you like that too?"

I couldn't help myself, I did a little handclap and jumped up and down!!! The owner just laughed, explained that she often got that reaction, and went down to fetch me the album. So I now own both WattStax albums on vinyl!!! It makes for a happy Shelley.

See you on Monday -


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