Sunday, October 21, 2007


The day of reckoning is at hand...

What you see above is the nerve center of the Shuffle Function Conglomocorp. This impenetrable space is the home of Shelley's vast collection of Ktel compilation LPs. Four hundred of them, to be exact. We roll them out twice a year: During the 24 Hour Pledge Drive a-go-go, and at Halloween time. Yes, Halloween time, because leaving our playlists up to the radio gods is the scariest thing we can imagine.


What is Shuffle Function Radio Roulette, you may ask? Well, we take Shelley's previously mentioned collection of Ktel compilations and throw our destiny to the random determination of dice and drawn numbers. We have absolutely no idea what we will be playing, because it is all determined by chance.

Each of Shelley's albums has a number on it. That number is then thrown into an actual magic hat. We draw numbers to determine what record we will play, then we flip a quarter to determine whether we play Side A or Side B (it is all vinyl kids!). After that, it takes a roll of the ten sided die from my magic bag of holding, and we are able to find out what we are playing.

Sounds like fun right? Well, usually it is. Last year, however, the show's songs were SO BAD that we actually decided to tape a "do over" show to see if we couldn't be spared. We left an offering of sweets and flowers at the radio tower, and prayed that it would be better the second time around.

It wasn't. It was the roughest show we've ever endured.

So pray for us this coming Thursday. We think we've been very good to the Radio Gods this year, and hopefully we'll be rewarded with a stellar playlist that can only be delivered by randomly selected songs off of Ktel records.

Good luck, people.

Also, don't forget to swing over to for info about the KMSU Twelve Hour Film Festival! We had a great response for it during the pledge drive, but there are still a few seats left and we'd like to fill them for the inaugural year. Twenty bucks gets you six great films from noon to midnight, Saturday, November 3rd. The t-shirts are gone, guys! You had to pledge to become a shirt wearin' VIP during the pledge drive, but you can still see the films.


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