Monday, October 08, 2007


You may have noticed that the pledge drive is upon us. We do this a couple of times a year to raise funds to keep KMSU on the air, and then the rest of the year you don't have to worry about being plagued by our desperate pleas for your help, let alone commercials!

So why should you donate? Well, if you find that KMSU is a part of your day, then you probably realize that this station is the kind of station that is hard to come by. Most of its programming is locally produced by people from your communities and do this because they love what they do. Yes, this station truly is a labor of love, and we think that comes through in the music we play and the subjects we present.

Unfortunately, this labor of love is expensive to keep on the air, even if it is manned mostly by volunteers! Because we are a public station we cannot sell our airtime for advertising. We're funded by businesses that underwrite our airwaves, and by the generosity of folks like that you that appreciate the kind of diversity and unique programming that you can only find on 89.7/91.3 fm.

Also, there's swag!

$25 - Finders Keepers 4: 13 Audio Icepicks Of Love!
The latest collection of audio oddities lovingly compiled by Shuffle Function artisans. This collection is sure to be either the life or death of the party, depending on how cool your friends are!

$50 - Classic Shuffle Function T-Shirts
We have a selection of classic Shuffle Function shirts available in a variety of sizes. Round out your collection and be the coolest kid on the block with your Music Geek shirt!

This is the premium we are the most excited about for the fall pledge drive! Pledge $50 to KMSU, get this shirt, and you can get free admission to the KMSU Twelve Hour Film Festival! This a day of film and escape from the Rat Race that KMSU has put together for all of us to celebrate film and the greatest radio station around! Go to for all the information you will ever need and then pledge!

$65 - Rag and a Coaster Combo!
Get a Shuffle Function or Film Festival t-shirt and the Finders Keepers 4 CD at a bargain basement premium level! Shuffle Function passes the savings on to you!

$100 - Program Director For A Day!
How would you like to control the radio destiny of Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa? Well, now you can! This premium lets you come in some morning from six to eight in the morning and run the show! We just push buttons and talk too much. You also get a Shuffle Function t-shirt, the Finders Keepers 4 CD, and two CDs of your show as proof that you actually got up this early! WHAT A VALUE!

$125 - KMSU Film Festival T-Shirt/Program Director Combo! BEST VALUE!
At his level you get to be Program Director For A Day AND the KMSU Film Festival T-Shirt, which gets you into the film festival for free! This truly is your best value as a supporter of KMSU! CALL NOW!

Every pledge made to the station makes a difference. A ten dollar pledge is just as important as a $100 pledge at a station like KMSU. Don't worry if you can't swing a pledge at a swag level, because your help will still make a big difference.

Call: 507-389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810 and pledge now!
Write: with your name, address, and pledge amount. We'll fill out the paperwork and send you a bill! It's all about making this as simple as possible for you. PLEASE NO CREDIT CARD INFORMATION!

Thank-you for your support. Your generosity is humbling and inspiring.

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