Tuesday, December 25, 2007


I have some free time on my hands, since my family is getting together next week to celebrate Christmas, and I am going to use it to show off my new skill set - posting You Tube clips. It is a high tech world, and I am a high tech girl!!!

This is a two-fer-one deal. This first clip is from the classic Jack Nicholson flick 'Five Easy Pieces'. This is your reference point for the following clip.
(Oh - for those EXTREME Shuffle Function listeners playing along at home, you may recall our out of context use of Jack's line about holding the chicken in our Pop Music Pajama Party spoofing of 'The Shining' called 'The Shuffle Functioning')

The following clip was last years second place winner for the Premium Grain Belt Commercial Contest. It stars Rich Kronfeld from the short lived brilliant TV show that would still be on the air if I won the lottery, 'Let's Bowl'. I miss that show, and still curse Comedy Central for their stupidity. But I digress..........enjoy!!!

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