Sunday, January 06, 2008


If you have brothers and sisters, than you know there are some words or songs that you can sing or speak in public that leaves most folks scratching their heads and confused, but your family will know exactly what it is that you are referring to. Because my sisters and I watched HBO constantly back in it's early days (I think I saw David Bowie's Serious Moonlight tour at least 100 times!!!), I can sing this - "Gonna build a mountain in my living room. Gonna build a mountain, and it's gonna be keen" - and they will join right in. Everyone else in the room just stares.

Closet Cases of The Nerd Kind is where this reference originated. HBO would use it as filler when they had a few random moments between movies or Robin Williams Stand Up Comedy Specials. I absolutely loved this short film, and would often impersonate the "Famous French Scientist" with my friends. I think my love for Closet Cases is an early warning of my nerd and geek like tendencies (that and all the Star Trek fiction I read in junior high). Thanks to You Tube, I have been reunited with this clip. Having not seen it in probably 25 years, I couldn't believe how much of it I remembered!!! It is pretty cheesy I will give you that, but I adored this as a kid, and if you have been looking for it all these years too, well look no further. Here it is, in two parts, Closet Cases Of The Nerd Kind.

Enjoy the flashback- Shelley

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