Monday, February 04, 2008


Tomorrow is a big day for Minnesotans as well as 23 other states. I have heard it referred to as "Big Tuesday", "Tsunami Tuesday" and oddly "Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday". Not sure what three of them have to do with the political process, but it sure sounded funny. I have been participating in the caucus's since 1986, when I was a senior at West and Mr. Schimmel gave us extra credit for attending. I've attended at least the precinct caucus ever since. I say this only because I think every one should give it a try. It is such an exciting and inspiring way to contribute to our political life. In a world where so many people say "I don't make a difference" or "It just makes me angry I avoid it", I can't help but think you would feel differently if you actually participated. You will get hooked, I promise, especially in a Presidential Election year.

So where do I go if I want to vote Republican? or Democrat? or Green Party? What time does the caucus begin? All of this information can be found at this great web site:

You will be asked to enter your zip code, and then choose your County. Then you will be asked to choose your town, and then finally input your street address. You will then be shown all of the information you will need regarding times, locations, and party affiliations. Simple Simple Simple (I am keeping with the three word theme).

If you have any questions, try these websites: , ,

You can also check the daily paper, or give us a call in the morning. Again I would like to refer you to the previous blog entry for the "How To Caucus" youtube clip. It really explains things nicely, and I think it will put all of you first time caucus goers at ease.

It will be an exciting and long night, and I applaud those of you who plan on participating. See you there!!!


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