Saturday, February 16, 2008


February 29th is Freaky Friday, and as we mentioned earlier, Shuffle Function has declared that day to be HALLOWEEN IN FEBRUARY. We came up with this idea live on the air while thinking about how to mark a day like Leap Year on the radio. You know how much we dislike the commercial side of holidays, but there is just no such thing as too much Halloween.

From 6 to 8 a.m. on the morning show we will be playing Halloween music and passing out trick or treat candy at the station (the good stuff - not pencils, apples and tooth brushes). AND if you show up to trick or treat in costume, you will get an extra special SHUFFLE FUNCTION TREAT. As Shyboy Tim said, showing up at work dressed like Wonder Woman or Frankenstein in February is not easy to justify to your boss. If you need a note for school or work, we will supply you with one.

I've got some video clips to share with you - and they will reawaken that Halloween Spirit in us all. See you February 29th trick or treaters!!!

This is simply the best television show ever, or it was for me at the age of seven. The Origianl Ghostbusters WARNING: this song is catchy, it will stick in your head longer than that whistling song!!

This is real, I kid you not. In fact the other two parts you can find at you tube.

If this doesn't get you into the Halloween spirit, then I just give up. Vincent Price. Tim Burton. Happy February Halloween.

Last but not least, Dario Argento's masterpiece 'Suspiria'. I love this clip because it ends at about the exact same time that I couldn't take it anymore. I begged Shyboy Tim and Scooter Polanski to stop playing it. Intense doesn't even begin to describe this film.

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