Saturday, March 29, 2008



Preparations have been underway for months now, and the big day is almost upon us. Thursday, April 10th and six p.m. is when it all starts, and we carry on for 24 hour straight until April 11th at six p.m. There's all kinds of stuff planned that we'll be unveiling closer to the date, but we have some pretty cool premiums lined up for you guys, so please prep your credit cards and checkbooks!

Please give what you can to help keep KMSU alive and kicking on your radio dial. It's no secret how amazing this station is, and how rare it is to find programming like this anywhere, let alone in your own backyard.

Stay tuned for further details!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


It's frosty this morning, and there's gonna be a buttload of snow coming our way, so why shouldn't things be weird around here? This morning we've been visited by this fly that seems fearless, and it doesn't move when I tap a pen right in front of it. It just keeps staring with those million fly eyes. And then there's this thing:

Is it a worm? Is it a piece of plastic? It looks organic, and I aint touchin' it. The fly is missing now, so we don't have a picture of it. Sorry. AND NOW THERE'S GONNA BE SNOW! Sheesh.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I heard someone say this when looking at an average sized book: "It's so thick! I only have FIVE WEEKS to read this!"

Seriously, people! When did five weeks become an unreasonable time frame for reading a book? It seems like the biggest concern some people have is whether or not the book is longer than 200 pages. At any given time I have at least two books that I'm reading, and I friggin' love it! And some of them even have more than 200 pages!

So for all you folks out there that dig the written word, here's some stuff I've been reading lately. Admittedly it is heavy on the pop culture, but that's how I roll.

by Gregory Gibson

This is the story of Bob Langmuir, a rare book dealer that stumbles across a foot locker that holds a collection of memorabilia related to the legendary New York attraction called Hubert's Sideshow. The footlocker apparently was owned by the man that ran the place for a few years. Also in the foot locker was a collection of previously undiscovered photographs by Diane Arbus, who spent an important part of her career documenting the people that worked at Hubert's, and it turns out the man that owned this trunk was the middle man between her and the Sideshow folks.

The story is about Bob, but it is also about Arbus, as well as the world of sideshows. In addition to that, it is about obsession and how it can destroy a person. The book also gives insight into the art world, and you find out just what on earth makes an image valuable.

UPDATE: The author left a comment on the blog! Thanks, Greg! Also, if you would like to see the actual photos, they are being auctioned on August 8th in NYC. Take THIS LINK and you will go right to the page for the auction.

by David Hajdu

There was once a time in the history of comic books where they were regarded as the most significant menace to youth in this country. The leading critic of them even went so far as to declare they were worse than Hitler. Thank goodness time brings perspective.

This is the story of the comic book witch hunts of the 50's, and the industry and lives it changed forever. My favorite part of this story involves EC comics, and its publisher Bill Gaines. EC put out some of the most influential and creative comics of its time, and as a result it was right in the bull's eye of the scare.

The Ten Cent Plague is a great read for fans of comic books, as well as people interested in American History.

by Wax Poetics Magazine

I'm a full time music geek, but there are some genres where I consider myself a novice, despite my affection for them. Mainly Jazz, Funk, and Hip Hop. That's where Wax Poetics comes in. This is a friggin' great magazine, with amazing and informative content dealing with all those genres, but it also gets into the art of DJ'ing, digging, and production. Plus, the photos kick ass, too. Every issue is a treasure trove of information, and I never finish one without feeling like I've learned something.

This book reproduces some of the magazine's great interviews in the exact form they were presented in the magazine, complete with discographies. Even though I have never heard of 95% of the people in this book, I know that by the end of it I will feel the urge to collect their entire bodies of work.

This is a great book, but spendy at $39.95. The magazine is quarterly, and is higher priced, but worth every cent. You can check them out at

by Joe Bonomo

Another great book about another band that should have been huge but never seemed to catch a break. The Fleshtones are an amazing band, and one that I fell in love with from the first moment I heard them. Then for about 20, I lost track. In the last four years they've put out some of the best music of their 30 year career, and now their history has finally arrived.

Sweat is at times inspiring, at times heartbreaking, but it is always a great read. It is the hope of everyone at the Shuffle Function Conglomocorp that we will some day scrape together enough cash to have a dream double bill of The Fleshtones and The Legendary Stardust Cowboy right here in Mankato. All we need is the cash.

So please, will one of you folks out there with cash read this book and become inspired enough to realize this dream? Thanks in advance.

by Paul Drummond

The 13th Floor Elevators were a great band that could have become unstoppable if... well, if everything that happened to them had happened exactly the opposite of how it went down. LSD, mental illness, poor management, and a crummy record deal: All the trademarks of a classic american music story, but with seemingly more of all of those things to a ridiculous degree.

Reading this you will understand exactly how Roky ended up such a mess. It's a tough read, because the whole time I was really rooting for them, but they were either screwed at every turn or were screwing themselves. You aren't going to be inspired by this, just heartbroken, but it is still worth the read.

If you wanna be inspired, read The Fleshtones or Wax Poetics book. Or maybe The Bible or Hunter Thompson.

Alright... you only have five weeks to read something. What are you gonna do?


Monday, March 24, 2008

one more thing I'd spend money on if I had a million dollars

A few weeks ago some of the hippest bands and film makers converged at SxSW (that's South By Southwest) for a weeks worth of geeky bliss. The "Most Awesome Radio Station (Other Than KMSU)" WFMU was there for the first time, and hosted some amazing acts. When I read that one of their bands would be HALF JAPANESE, my jaw dropped. We play them on the show all the time, but you may have caught the brilliant documentary about them as well, 'Half Japanese: The Band That Would Be King'. Or perhaps you remember the nights when Mankato's own The Rythmaplex Project covered the Half Japanese song 1,000,000 Kisses. If this is not ringing any bells for you, here is a montage of clips from that film that will wet your whistle and leave you wanting more.

WFMU has posted the complete Half Japanese SxSW show on their blog, and I strongly suggest you give it a listen. You can find it here:

They performed a cover of the 13th Floor Elevators song "You're Gonna Miss Me", but I have been unable to find any video of that performance. You can however hear it if you listen to the full show. I did find a clip of them performing "Firecracker".

Jad and David Fair of Half Japanese are inspirational to me, and with the KMSU Spring Pledge Drive coming up, they serve as a reminder of great bands you would never, ever hear on commmercial radio. Long live Free Form Radio stations like KMSU and WFMU!!



MARCH 17, 2008 (934)
1. Rolling Stones - jumping Jack Flash
2. Ladyhawk - I don't always know what your'e saying
3. Cat Power - Willie
4. The Low Frequency In Stereo - Jimmy Legs
5. Seventeen Evergreen - music is the wine
6. They Might Be Giants - one dozen monkeys
7. Joe Jackson - stepping out
8. Secretary Bird - imaginary you
9. Spoon - two sides/monsieur Valentine
10. Sonic Youth - inceinerate
11. The Whigs - can't hear you coming
12. Public Enemy - B side wins again
13. Gene Pitney - a heartbreaker
14. Yo La Tengo - moby octopad
15. The Beach Boys - sail on sailor
16. The Kills - cheap and cheerful
17. Guided By Voices - glad girls
18. George Harrison - wah wah
19. Sammy Davis Jr - spinning wheel
20. Duane Eddy - have love will travel
21. White Blue Yellow and Clouds - seeing stars
22. Charlie Feathers - I can't hardly stand it

MARCH 18, 2008 (935)
note: Power Outage caused us not to go on the air until 6:30ish
1. Mission Of Burma - academy fight song
2. Ferraby Lionheart - small planet
3. LadyHawk - I don't always know what your'e saying
4. John Cale - Paris 1919
5. Charles Douglas - statecraft
6. Ben Folds Five - don't change your plans
7. Jerry Murad's Harmonicats - positively 4th Street
8. Grant Hart - 2541
9. Beat Happening - other side
10. Golden Bears - golden bear revival stomp
11. Brian Jonestown Masscare - not if you were the last Dandy on earth
12. Caspar and The Cookies - Sid from Central Park
13. Beck - devil's haircut
14. LeTigre - TKO
15. Los Campesinos - broken heartbeat sounds like breakbeats

MARCH 19, 2008 (936)
1. Conway Twitty - you've never been this far before
2. AC/DC - it ain't no fun waiting round to be a millionaire
3. Paul Westerberg - c'mon c'mon c'mon
4. Elf Power - all the world is waiting
5. Breeders - cannonball
6. Oh No Oh My - our mouths were wet
7. We Are Wolves - fight and kiss
8. The Clash - white riot
9. John Cale - halelujah
10. Charles Leonard - funky driver on a funky bus
11. LCD Soundsystem - big ideas
12. Lou Reed - hanging round
13. 2 Many DJ's - no fun pushin it
14. Night anopy - boom! it's spring
15. Guitar Wolf - Fujiyama attack
16. Stereolab - free design
17. KC and The Sunshine Band - get down tonight
18. Ten Years After - I'd love to cahnge the world

MARCH 20, 2008 (937)
1. The Byrds - hickory wind
2. Flat Duo Jets - everybody's movin'
3. The Suburbs - baby heart beat
4. Heavy Hearts - attrition
5. Sonic Youth - candle
6. Green On Red - gravity talks
7. Gutter Twins - each to each
8. Hugh Masekela - loving you is sweeter
9. Eddie Ray - wait a minute
10. France gall - daddy da da
11. Del The Funky Homosapien - bubble pop
12. Public Enemy - brotheres gonna work it out
13. Flat Duo Jets - hoy hoy
14. Dean Carter - jailhouse rock
15. The Fleshtones - communication breakdown
16. Plants and Animals - Lola who?
17. The Beatles - the ballad of John and Yoko (stereo)
18. Carl perkins - honey don't
19. Elf Power - new lord
20. They Might Be Giants - one everything
21. Amen Corner - expressway to your heart
22. The Beach Boys - I know there's an answer

MARCH 21, 2008 (938)
1. Moritz - bohemian rhapsody
2. Nina Simone remix by Jazeems All Styles - funkier than a mosquitoes tweeter
3. The Thrills - deck chairs and cigarettes
4. Syd Barrett - golden hair
5. Cat-A-Tac - credit whore
6. Parlaiment - flashlight
7. The Humans - warning
8. The Beatles - come and get it (demo)
9. JayMay - grey or blue
10. Donovan - season of the witch
11. Arcade Fire - keep the car running
12. Roky Erickson and The Aliens - don't shake me Lucifer
13. Flaming Lips - the w.a.n.d.
14. Strokes - last night
15. Smash - wild rock music


MARCH 10, 2008 (928)
1. Johnny Cash - I still miss someone
2. Limbeck - trouble
3. The Beatles - you won't see me (stereo)
4. The Delgadoes - everybody come down
5. David Bowie - Jean Genie
6. Team Genius - sing song
7. Dandy Warhols - boys better
8. James Iha and Kazu Makino - the ballad of Bonnie and Clyde
9. Leonard Cohen - waiting for the miracle
10. Legendary Stardust Cowboy - hey baby of mine
11. Grand Archives - crime window
12. The Creation - making time
13. Ice Palace - trampolining
14. Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs - alone again or
15. Emperor X - edgeless
16. Kelley Stoltz - the Birmingham eccentric
17. Sonics - you've got your head on backwards
18. James Brown - give it up or turn it loose
19. Roy Orbison - chicken hearted
20. Flat Duo Jets - mexicali baby
21. The Raveonettes - lust
22. April March - chick habit
23. Vampire Weekend - a punk
24. Elvis Costello and The Attractions - (I don't want to go) to Chelsea

MARCH 11, 2008 (929)
1. Dictionaroke - easy
2. The High Strung - the luck you got
3. Go Home Productions remix of The Stooges - TV eye
4. The Burgundy Runn - stop
5. Matthew Sweet - girlfriend
6. Bonnie "Prince" Billy - I came to hear the music
7. B52's - funplex
8. Delorean - heather remind me how this ends
9. The Beatles - while my guitar gently weeps (mono)
10. R.E.M. - star 69
11. Kelley Stoltz - the Birmingham eccentric
12. Omega Watts w/Othello - long ago
13. Buddy Rich - the beat goes on
14. Lou Reed and John Cale - nobody but you
15. The Heavy - set me free
16. Say Hi - blue time
17. Goddard High School Stage Band - inna gadda da vida
18. Joy Division - warsaw
19. Prince - pop life
20. Prince - nothing compares to you
21. Jim Carroll - those are people who died
22. Elliot Smith - thirteen
23. David Bowie - I took a trip on a Gemini spacecraft
24. William Shatner - the way to handle a woman

MARCH 12, 2008 (930)
1. The High Water Marks - good I feel bad
2. Mission Of Burma - heart of darkness
3. Pere Ubu - heaven
4. Bob Dylan - I want you
5. Television - venus
6. Wilco - impossible Germany
7. Lou Reed - perfect day
8. Jerry Lee Lewis - whole lotta shakin' goin' on
9. Marvin Gaye - gotta give it up pt. 1
10. Little Richard - slippin' and slidin'
11. Nada Surf - I like what you say
12. The Kinks - sunny afternoon
13. The Ramones - beat on the brat
14. The Dramatics - what you see is what you get
15. Angela Simpson - Lennox Ave.
16. James Brown - soul power
17. The Whigs - right hand on my heart
18. Bad Finger - no matter what
19. The Evening Rig - taking mine
20. Devo - uncontrollable urge
21. The Fleshtones - love yourself

MARCH 13, 2008 (931)
1. Mel Smith - pretty plaid skirt
2. Times New Viking - faces on fire
3. The Heavenly States - pretty life
4. Lightning Dust - jump in
5. Chuck Berry - Havanna moon
6. The Booty Olympics - anyone but you
7. Beck - Debra
8. State Bird - cathedral tunes
9. The Beatles - hey bulldog (stereo)
10. Nas - it ain't hard to tell
11. British Sea Power - a trip out
12. Shooby taylor - you tell me your dreams and I'll tell you mine
13. The Big Sleep - bad blood
14. Nick Drake - time has told me
15. The La's - there she goes
16. Spinal Tap - rainy day sun
17. Ben Folds Five - battle of who could care less
18. Pink Floyd - see Emily play
19. Sugar Hill gang - rapper's delight
20. Arcade Fire - antichrist television blues
21. Kip Tyler and His Flips - jungle hop

MARCH 14, 2008 (932)
1. The Go - summers gonna be my girl
2. Sparks - metaphor
3. John Cale - sudden death
4. Squirrel Nut Zipper - hell
5. Shipwreck - house of cards
6. The Outsiders - Jack the Ripper
7. Legendary Stardust Cowboy - down in the wrecking yard
8. The Velvettes - he was really saying something
9. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - nobody's baby now
10. Talking Heads - slippery people
11. The Robocop Krauss - you don't need a doctor
12. LCD Soundsystem - no love lost
13. The Fleshtones - shadow line (to J Conrad)
14. The Fleshtones - side one of Speed Connection II
15. The Fleshtones - communication breakdown
16. The Fleshtones - all around the world
17. The Fleshtones - feels good to feel
18. The Fleshtones - side two of Speed Connection II

Thursday, March 13, 2008



April 10th, six p.m. - April 11th six p.m.
KMSU 89.7 fm or KMSK 91.3 fm
Available online @

Spring is upon us, true believers. Temperatures are becoming bearable, snow is thawing, and the KMSU Spring Pledge drive comes to you and asks for your big time financial help.

Every Spring Shelley and I throw ourselves at you and broadcast LIVE for 24 hours straight, with NO SLEEP, and only the basic human needs of CAFFEINE and ROCK AND ROLL keeping us going. Why do we do this? Why do we beat ourselves into radio submission, reducing ourselves to drooling pile of radio funk? Because we believe in KMSU! We believe in KMSU so much that the misery of depriving ourselves of sleep for 24 hours straight is nothing... NOTHING compared to the misery of a world without a radio station like this in the community.

If you listen to KMSU at any point during your day, then you know that this is a station that provides you with something you can't find anywhere else on the radio dial. The honest truth is that radio like that cannot exist without the financial support of our listeners. We really hope that your belief in this station and its place in the community and on the radio dial is great enough that you will make a donation to keep it alive.

The pledge drive starts on the 9th of April, so there will be plenty of time for begging, and sonnets, and sermons about virtues of KMSU and community supported radio. We'll save them for the drive. We just hope you'll tune in during the 24 Hour Pledge Drive A-Go-GO and give your support. We have a bunch of stuff planned, and we have some unique swag all lined up to hopefully convince you to part with some of your hard earned cash. We'll get into it all later.

Right now, all you have to do is mark your calendar and start your training. Sleep is for suckers and commercial radio, true believers!


Wednesday, March 12, 2008


This is one of the weirder things we've seen around the Shuffle Function conglomoplex in a while. A town in Argentina is being stalked by a gnome with a distinctive sideways walk!

Very weird.

In other non-gnome related news, don't forget to to tune into Shuffle Function: Unbound @ six p.m. to find out when the 2008 Shuffle Function 24 Hour Pledge Drive a-go-go will occur! It's part of the Spring Pledge Drive, and we hope that you guys will take a stand and pledge your financial support to keep truly independent public radio alie and well in Southern Minnesota.

Monday, March 10, 2008


Hello Shuffle Functioneers -
If you have caught the morning show as of late, then you know that I am about to take off for a quick weekend in Tennessee. I will be seeing my neice Sarah perform the ballet Giselle, catching up with my sister AND DRINKING LOTS OF SWEET TEA. My favorite beverage in the world has got to be the Big Teas available at Pal's Sudden Service in the Tri-Cities area of Tennessee. Here is a link to their web site, where you can drool over their menu and gawk at their incredible drive-thru architecture:
I was going to bring along my recoding equipment and get some audio of the Pal's experience, but these gals beat me to it!!! Before you watch, a few things to note. The accents. I am not exaggerating mine now am I?!! And check out the size of the teas. Now that's what I'm talking about.

I will be flying back to Minnesota next Monday, hopefully with an armfull of vinyl, a drawl, and stories about Sweet Tea. The moring show on Monday the 17th is taped due to my absence, but Tuesday we will be back into the swing of things.



MARCH 3, 2008 (923)
1. Bosstweeds - faster pussycat kill kill
2. Born Ruffians - barnacle goose
3. The Swimmers - pocket full of gold
4. Belle and Sebastian - stars of track and field
5. Diggable planets - rebirth of slick
6. Ladyhawk - I don't know what you're saying
7. Jet Powers - go girl go
8. Throw Me The Statue - with your girlfriends car
9. Project Jenny - boogie fever
10. Dave Clark Five - can't you see that she's mine
11. The Beatles - please mr. postman
12. Kelley Stoltz - to speak to the girl
13. Bob Dylan - most likeley you'll go your way and I'll go mine
14. The Smiths - this handsome devil
15. Stephen malkmus and The Jicks - out of reaches
16. Friends Like These w/ Craig Finn - 7th St Queen
17. They Might Be Giants - I should be allowed to think
18. Wings - silly love songs
19. The Fleshtones - I am what I am
20. The Record Machine - I saw the lioght
21. Soft Boys - only the stones remain

MARCH 4, 2008 (924)
1. They Might Be Giants - one everything
2. Jaymay - gray or blue
3. David Byrne - make believe mambo
4. Pavement - gold soundz
5. Los Campisinos - don't tell me to the math(s)
6. Robert Parker - barefootin'
7. The Heavy - that kind of man
8. The Heavy - brulpocket lament
9. Electric Light Orchestra - Mr. Blue Sky
10. Rizzo - alley
11. Faulty Chromosome - Jackie -O
12. They Might Be Giants - high 5
13. Quicksilver Messenger Service - Dino's song
14. Jim White - crash into the sun
15. Chemical Brothers - do it again
16. The Gutter Twins - each to each
17. Plants and Animals - lola who?
18. The Polyphonic Spree - wig in a box
19. Pixies - is she wierd?
20. Smiths - the boy with the thorn in his side
21. David Brent - freelove freeway

MARCH 5, 2008 (925)
1. The Fleshtones - American Beat 84
2. Icarus Line - gets paid
3. Imperial Teen - one two
4. Redd Kross - only a girl
5. Beastie Boys - root down
6. Grinderman - depth charge Ethyl
7. Average White Band - pik up the pieces
8. Tom Waits - sea of love
9. Dallas Orbiter - bzzjh
10. The Fleshtones - love yourself
11. Ral Partha Vogelbacher - silver mines
12. Fujiya and Miyagi - collarbone
13. Black rebel Motorcycle Club - the likes of you
14. Bonzo Dog Doo Da Band - I'm going to bring a watermelon to my baby tonight
15. Patsy Cline - she's got you
16. The Who - pictures of Lily
17. Bob Mould - wishing well
18. Think - once you understand
19. Andrew Gold - lonely boy
20. English Beat - tears of a clown

MARCH 6, 2008 (926)
1. Wilco - nothingsevergoingtostandinmywayagain
2. The Band - it makes no difference
3. The Parson Redheads - say goodnight
4. They Might Be Giants - Mr. Excitement
5. Comix - touche pas mon sexe
6. The Stooges - no fun
7. The Forty Fives - superpill
8. The Fleshtones - pretty pretty pretty
9. The Raveonettes - Aly walk with me
10. Violent Femmes- American music
11. Tut Tut - marquee(KC's theme) / pins on your purse
12. XTC - senses working overtime
13. Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks - gardenia
14. Goldffrapp - clowns
15. Pelle Carlberg - I love you, you imbecile
16. A Certain Ratio - do the du
17. LCD Soundsystem - all my friends
18. Daniel Johnston - I saw her standing there

MARCH 7, 2008 (927)
1. Glenda Wright - help me make it through the night
2. AC/DC - problem child
3. The Heavy - that kind of man
4. Why? - fascist palmistry
5. Rose Kemp - metal bird
6. Neil Young and Crazy Horse - hey hey my my (into the black)
7. Jerry Reed - east bound and down
8. David Bowie - changes
9. Fire Engines - big gold dream
10. Frank Sinatra - teh coffee song
11. Sonic Youth - bull in the heather
12. Redd Kross - dancing queen
13. Rolling Stones - dead flowers
14. Nada Surf - I like what you say
15. Johnny Cash - 13
16. Bellport High School Jazz Rock Ensemble - dialogue

Monday, March 03, 2008


FEBRUARY 25, 2008 (918)
1. King Of Prussia - shades of hippiedom
2. Supergrass - goin' out
3. Mable John - your good thing (is about to end)
4. Georgie James - need your needs
5. Magnetic Fields - epitaph for my heart
6. The Husbands - tell me your love is only mine
7. George Harrison - blow away
8. Robert Pollard - the right thing
9. The Swimmers - pocket full of gold
10. The Beatles - old brown shoe (stereo)
11. Nick Drake - pink moon
12. Headlights - catch them all
13. Nada Surf - I like what you say
14. Andre Demay and Natan Herlberg - comix touche pas mon sexe
15. The Beatles - it's all too much (stereo)
16. Bo Diddley - heart o matic love
17. Bob Dylan - leopard skin pill box hat
18. George Harrison - what is life
19. Sonics - strychnine
20. Velvet Underground - foggy notion

FEBRUARY 26, 2008 (919)
1. Johnny Cash - Deliah's gone
2. Flying Burritto Brothers - older guys
3. British Sea Power - canvey island
4. John Lennon and The Plastic Ono Band - power to the people
5. Written in the Sand - U.F.O. disaster
6. The National - apartment story
7. E.L.O. - evil woman
8. Regina Spektor - on the radio
9. Johnny Cash - rusty cage
10. William Shatner - rocket man
11. Grand Archives - the crime window
12. Alabama Kid - rocking jalopy
13. The Fleshtones - love yourself
14. The Fleshtones - feels good to feel
15. The Raveonettes - you want the candy
16. Johnny cash - 5 feet high and rising
17. The Coral - who's gonna find me
18. Dionne Warwick - I'll never fall in love again
19. The Roughnecks - your'e driving me insane
20. Ben Folds - protection
21. Whitsundays - the ways of the sweet talking boys
22. Elvis Costello and The Attractions - I don't want to go to Chelsea
23. Kit Ream - introuniversal jam/don't be so holy poly over my souly
24. Cat Power - hey Aretha

FEBRUARY 27, 2008 (920)
1. New Standards - love is the law
2. Magic Numbers - love me like you
3. Lou Rawls - you've made me so very happy
4. Kings of Leon - the bucket
5. Wreckless Eric - whole wide world
6. Thao with The Get Down Stay Down - bag of hammers
7. Grandaddy - summer stay
8. Ryan Adams and The Cardinals - this is it
9. Modern Lovers - road runner
10. Bingo Gazingo - rock the rock
11. Roger and The Gypsies - pass the hatchet
12. Quintron - place unknown
13. The Monkees - for Pete's sake (stereo and mono played simulataneously)
14. The Bird and The Bee - so you say
15. Quintron and Miss Pussycat - love is like a blob
16. The Archies - sugar sugar
17. The Blank Tapes - I saw the satellite
18. The Rolling Stones - sway

FEBRUARY 28, 2008 (921)
1. Troy Hess - please don't go topless mother
2. Gorillaz - Bill Murray
3. Dandy - people get ready/let's do rock steady
4. Gaby Glasser - spirit of long island
5. Ike and Tina Turner - sexy Ida (pt 1)
6. Beach House - some things last
7. T Rex - ride a white swan
8. The Beatles - rip it up/shake rattle and roll/blue suede shoes (mono)
9. Vampire Weekend - cape cod
10. Kiss - love it loud
11. Propellerheads - history repeating
12. Louie Louie - touch of the pharoahs
13. Rolling Stones - no expectations
14. Jens Lekman - the opposite of hallelujah
15. Lunch Buddy Program - taxes
16. Call Sound Call Noise - weights and measures
17. Chubby Checker - my mind
18. Heavenly States - lost in the light
19. The Evening Rig - little Miss Miserable
20. Husker Du - turn off the news
21. The Replacements - answering machine
22. The Legendary Stardust Cowboy - I walk a hot wind

FEBRUARY 29, 2008 (922)
1. The Shaggs - it's Halloween
2. The Monacles - the spider and the fly
3. Round Robin - I'm the wolfman
4. Ghost in the Invisible Bikini trailer
5. Roky Erickson - bloody hammer
6. The Coffin Lids - creepy crawl
7. Bobby 'Boris' Pickett - monster mash
8. The Ventures - the 4th dimension
9. Bigfoot and Wildboy theme
10. The Cramps - human fly
11. Don Raye - headless horseman
12. Screaming Lord Sutch and The Savages - Jack The Ripper
13. Jeff Barry - the face from outer space
14. The Ghouls - Bela be good
15. Flametricksubs - creepy dead folk
16. Merv Griffin - house of horrors
17. Merv Griffin - screaming memees from Planet X
18. The Fuzztones - ward 81
19. Batman Label - look out for the batman
20. Antsy Pants - vampire
21. Ted Cassidy - the lurch
22. Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - big baby
23. Roy Clark - spooky movies
24. Buck Owens - it's a monster holiday
25. The Five Blobs - beware of the blob
26. Judson Fountain - Halloween Night
27. Frankie Stein and His Ghouls - monster motion
28. The Cramps - surfin' dead
29. The Munsters - the Munster's theme
30. Deadbolt - Billy's dead


FEBRUARY 18, 2008 (913)
1. The Replacements - can't hardly wait
2. Yoko Ono - nobody sees me like you do
3. LeTigre - tell you now
4. Sam Philips - when I fall
5. Ferraby Lionheart - small planet
6. The Evening Rig - these them eyes
7. The Thrills - your love is like Las Vegas
8. Islands - rough gem
9. R.E.M. - radio free Europe
10. The Capitols - cool jerk
11. The Replacements - I will dare
12. Yoko Ono - walking on thin ice
13. Magnetic Fields - drive on driver
14. XTC - life begins at the hop
15. Camera Obscura - Lloyd, I'm ready to be heartbroken
16. Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - it just wasn't the same somehow
17. The Replacements - seen your video
18. Big Star - mod lang
19. The Replacements - left of the dial
20. Half Japanese - better than before
21. Yoko Ono w/Polyphonic Spree - you and I
22. Komeda - catcher

FEBRUARY 19, 2008 (914)
1. Talking Heads - love ->building on fire
2. The Soft Boys - tonight
3. Dr. Dog - my old ways
4. Of Montreal - everyday feels like Sunday
5. Jeff Tweedy - crack a smile
6. T Rex - jeepster
7. Viva Voce - one in every crowd
8. U2 - love comes tumbling
9. The Kinks - love me till the sun shines
10. The Vaselines - son of a gun
11. R.E.M. - supernatural superserious
12. Cat Power - stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis blues again
13. Ladyhawk - the dugout
14. Nous No Plus - monokini
15. Los Straightjackets w/Cesar Rosas - all day and all of the night
16. White Stripes - hotel Yorba
17. Daniel Johnston w/Yo La Tengo - speeding motorcycle
18. The Smiths - William it was really nothing
19. Sugar - my favorite thing
20. The Stooges - TV eye
21. The Beatles - savoy truffle (stereo)

FEBRUARY 20, 2008 (915)
1. Ramones - howling at the moon (sha la la)
2. Creedence Clearwater Revival - I heard it through the grapevine
3. AC/DC - rocker
4. Numbers - fantasy life/if you want me
5. Sly and The Family Stone - stay
6. David Byrne - she only sleeps
7. Nick Lowe - I love the sound of breaking glass
8. Louie Louie - el touchy
9. Kraftwerk - home computer
10. LCD Soundsystem - jump in the fire
11. Daniel Johnston - fish
12. Leaving Trains - dumb as a crayon
13. Kiss Her For The Kids - country
14. Noonday Underground - London
15. Carry Nations - find it
16. Go Home Productions - jet lady Joe
17. AC/DC - (it's a long way to the top) if you want to rock and roll

FEBRUARY 21, 2008 (916)
1. Television - friction
2. A.C. Newman - the battle for straight time
3. Ben Folds - Zak and Sara
4. Social Distortion - ball and chain
5. The Wedding present - red shoes by the drugstore
6. Brian Jonestown Massacre - satellite
7. Minus 5 - got you
8. Bjork - there's more to life than this
9. The Wannadies - friends
10. The Ramones - I wanna be your boyfriend
11. B52's - private Idaho
12. Pere Ubu - 30 seconds over Tokyo
13. The Damned - new rose
14. British Sea Power - apologies to insect life
15. The Cure - a forest
16. Talking Heads - road to nowhere
17. Fujiya and Miyagi - ankle injuries
18. The English Beat - mirror in the bathroom
19. The Clash - Rudie can't fail
20. Public Image Ltd. - rise
21. Devo - sloppy

FEBRUARY 22, 2008 (917)
1. The Specials - monkey man
2. Thurston Moore - never day
3. South Ambulance - worry ambulance
4. The Duke Spirit - the step and the walk
5. Big Star - watch the sunrise
6. Rolling Stones - she's so cold
7. Rock Plaza Central - my children be joyful
8. Born Ruffians - barnacle goose
9. Little Eva - locomotion
10. Peter Gabriel - red rain
11. Joe jackson - king pleasure time
12. Eels - your lucky day in hell
13. Bob Dylan and The band - like a rolling stone
14. Nico - janitor of lunacy
15. The Raveonettes - you want the candy
16. The Heavenly States - the system
17. Velvet Underground - hey Mr. Rain
18. Dondero High School Accapella Choir - shock the monkey