Monday, March 24, 2008

one more thing I'd spend money on if I had a million dollars

A few weeks ago some of the hippest bands and film makers converged at SxSW (that's South By Southwest) for a weeks worth of geeky bliss. The "Most Awesome Radio Station (Other Than KMSU)" WFMU was there for the first time, and hosted some amazing acts. When I read that one of their bands would be HALF JAPANESE, my jaw dropped. We play them on the show all the time, but you may have caught the brilliant documentary about them as well, 'Half Japanese: The Band That Would Be King'. Or perhaps you remember the nights when Mankato's own The Rythmaplex Project covered the Half Japanese song 1,000,000 Kisses. If this is not ringing any bells for you, here is a montage of clips from that film that will wet your whistle and leave you wanting more.

WFMU has posted the complete Half Japanese SxSW show on their blog, and I strongly suggest you give it a listen. You can find it here:

They performed a cover of the 13th Floor Elevators song "You're Gonna Miss Me", but I have been unable to find any video of that performance. You can however hear it if you listen to the full show. I did find a clip of them performing "Firecracker".

Jad and David Fair of Half Japanese are inspirational to me, and with the KMSU Spring Pledge Drive coming up, they serve as a reminder of great bands you would never, ever hear on commmercial radio. Long live Free Form Radio stations like KMSU and WFMU!!


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