Monday, March 10, 2008


Hello Shuffle Functioneers -
If you have caught the morning show as of late, then you know that I am about to take off for a quick weekend in Tennessee. I will be seeing my neice Sarah perform the ballet Giselle, catching up with my sister AND DRINKING LOTS OF SWEET TEA. My favorite beverage in the world has got to be the Big Teas available at Pal's Sudden Service in the Tri-Cities area of Tennessee. Here is a link to their web site, where you can drool over their menu and gawk at their incredible drive-thru architecture:
I was going to bring along my recoding equipment and get some audio of the Pal's experience, but these gals beat me to it!!! Before you watch, a few things to note. The accents. I am not exaggerating mine now am I?!! And check out the size of the teas. Now that's what I'm talking about.

I will be flying back to Minnesota next Monday, hopefully with an armfull of vinyl, a drawl, and stories about Sweet Tea. The moring show on Monday the 17th is taped due to my absence, but Tuesday we will be back into the swing of things.


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