Wednesday, March 26, 2008


It's frosty this morning, and there's gonna be a buttload of snow coming our way, so why shouldn't things be weird around here? This morning we've been visited by this fly that seems fearless, and it doesn't move when I tap a pen right in front of it. It just keeps staring with those million fly eyes. And then there's this thing:

Is it a worm? Is it a piece of plastic? It looks organic, and I aint touchin' it. The fly is missing now, so we don't have a picture of it. Sorry. AND NOW THERE'S GONNA BE SNOW! Sheesh.



tom(ot&cf) said...

Anybody lose a shoelace?


It does look like a shoelace, but the entire thing is about one inch across. I suppose the close up creates a similar impression to that of the classic Loch Ness Monster photo that was recently debunked. BUT THIS IS NOT A HOAX! IT IS ALL TOO REAL AND IT IS VERY CLOSE!

Anonymous said...

This paranormal sighting is PHENOMENAL! What you have here is the famed Treble Cleft Worm. Rarely seen in tends to invade radio stations with higher than usuall quality programing. The best thing to do is play late 70s disco glam rock which will cause the cesation of said phenomena.