Monday, April 28, 2008


Hello Radio Heroes -

Be sure to run to your mailboxes the next couple of days, because your pledge drive premiums are on the way. If you ordered the Harry Smith Box Set or World Cafe Cds, you will have to tough it out a few more weeks. The elves are busy making them, and so your patience is appreciated.

If you receive an envelope from KMSU or the University itself, please don't just toss it in the trash thinking it to be junk mail. In all likelihood it is the bill for your pledge. Thanks again for pledging your support to community radio and KMSU. It means the world to us, it really does.

On a final note, I came across this you tube clip at a great blog called "I'm Learning To Share". You can find it on the on-lines at

This clip of course reminded me of Strangers With Candy. This was the only You Tube post I could find of this scene, so I apologize for the 'pixeled' version. But this is priceless!! Stephen Colbert and leather pants!!

Have a SWAGTASTIC DAY everyone -



APRIL 21, 2008 (958)
1. Molly Hatchet - flirting with disaster
2. Retribution Gospel Choir - what she turned into
3. Yo La Tengo - sugar cube
4. Snake and Jets Amazing Bullit Band - favorite
5. The Cure - close to me
6. Foi Chen - th lngr u wt
7. Public Enemy - who stole the soul?
8. Some Girls - is this what I've been waiting for
9. Guided By Voices - teenage f.b.i.
10. Raconteurs - hold up
11. The Kills - cheap and cheerful
12. Tiny Masters Of Today - hey
13. English Beat - save it for later
14. The Breeders - over glazed
15. Sly and The Family Stone - dance to the music
16. The Cure - let's go to bed
17. The Monkees - she hamgs out
18. Bo Diddley - the shape I'm in
19. Elvis Presley - rock-a-hula baby

APRIL 22, 2008 (959)
1. The Who - long live rock
2. The Beatles - mother nature's son (mono)
3. Murdochs - old xylophone
4. Syd Barrett - octopus
5. Okmoniks - it's not you
6. Sid Laurentis - Nola
7. Duke Spirit - the step and the walk
8. The Child Ballads - cheel bone hollow (pop half life)
9. Matthew Sweet - sick of myself
10. The Fleshtones - screaming skull
11. The Undertones - teenage kicks
12. Yoko ONo - death of Samantha
13. Foals - the french open
14. Glen Campbell - rhinestone cowboy
15. Jerry Lee lewis - rock n roll
16. Devo - mongoloid
17. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - dead right
18. Roger Collins - foxy girls in Oakland
19. Rolling Stones - sway
20. Modern Lovers - road runner

APRIL 23, 2008 (960)
1. Rolling Stones - bitch
2. The Replacements - if only you were lonely
3. Taj Mahal - ain't that a lot of love
4. The Libertines - up the bracket
5. Roy Orbison and The Teen Kings - domino
6. Flat Duo Jets - pretty thing
7. The Replacements - temptation eyes
8. The Replacements - 20th century boy
9. The Replacements - heartbeat it's a lovebeat
10. Roy Orbison and The Teen Kings - go go go
11. Marcus - help!
12. Sammy Davis Jr. - Witchita lineman
13. The Replacements - you're getting married
14. The Zombies - this will be our year
15. Canned Heat - goin' up the country
16. The Replacements - I will dare
17. Rolling Stones - can't you hear me knockin'?
18. Roy Orbison - ooby dooby
19. The Replacements - don't turn me down
20. The Replacements - within your reach
21. The Replacements - we're coming out

APRIL 24, 2008 (961)
1. Dave Clark Five - can't you see that she's mine
2. Bobby Darin - splish splash
3. Six Organs Of Admittance - shelter from the ash
4. Nada Surf - see these bones
5. Black Lips - oh, Katrina!
6. Rotary Connectio - tales of brave Ulysses
7. R.E.M. - king of the road
8. Bark Bark Bark - I love you but I don't
9. Arlo - nerf bear bonanza
10. Mouthfull of Bees - teh now
11. White Stripes - ball and biscuit
12. The Who - my generation (live at Leeds)
13. The Dirtbombs - ever lovin' man
14. Dr. Dog - we all belong
15. Carole King - I feel the earth move
16. Nina Simone - I think it's going to rain today
17. Nico - heroes

APRIL 25, 2008 (962)
1. The Morning After Girls - always mine
2. Spiritualized - this little life of mine
3. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - lie down here (and be my girl)
4. Black Keys - strange times
5. James Brown - super bad
6. Elvis Costello - watching the detectives
7. The Good The Bad and The Queen - herculean
8. Sonic Youth - superstar
9. Daddy Livingston - Rudy (a message to you)
10. Leonard Nimoy - I walk the line
11. The Shins - girl inform me
12. William Shatner - common people
13. Lothar and The Hand People - machines
14. Clinic - the witch (made to measure)
15. Shuggie Otis - inspiration information
16. Soft Boys - underwater moonlight
17. U2 - where the streets have no name
18. Young Fresh Fellows - the ballad of only you and the can prevent forest fires
19. The Breeders - bang on

Friday, April 25, 2008


Grind-Fu Cinema is just over a month away, gang! Really, who can resist free science fiction, and all around cinematic badness? Not us, and hopefully not you!

SATURDAY, MAY 31st @ 7:00 pm


Bring your own junk food, sodas, water, BUT ABSOLUTELY NO BOOZE, and check out the new series of double features we'll be screening on the last Saturday of the month through the summer. If there is enough interest we'll see about extending the series run, so we hope you'll all turn out for some relatively unusual cinema.

Most films will most likely be suitable for most audiences, however, so don't be discouraged if you are unable to attend in May.

Wiecking Center is located on the corner of Val Imm Drive and Ellis Avenue on the campus of Minnesota State University, Mankato. There's plenty of parking in the back, too.

If you have any questions at all about the films or Shuffle Function Grind-Fu-Cinema, drop us a line at See you on Saturday, May 31st @ 7 p.m.!

Monday, April 21, 2008


While listening to new music today I invented a little game to pass the time. It involves the internet - You Tube in particular. I don't want to go into the whys of it, but I began by watching a clip of a man singing the theme to The Last Unicorn, as the movie plays in fast forward behind him. You can see the magic for yourself below:

Needless to say, I wanted to see if this fella had some more tunes in him and so I clicked on his channel. There I found a list of his favorite You Tube clips, and the idea of the game was born. What would happen if I kept following the FAVORITES links? What would I stumble across? The answer is solid gold diapers, but see for yourself.

From the Last Unicorn we find ourselves in space with a soundtrack by Neil Young:

Clicking off of the FAVORITES in Peace Driven and Granny Panties list I found this snappy little dance tune. As Mick said, something terrible always happens when we play this song:

In this private dancer's list of favorites I then found this special gem. I feel compelled to warn you though - this may be the most red spandex you have seen since 1984. Watch it is small doses.

I think this game could go on all night, but I am going to stop it here. Feel free to play your own version and see what you come up with - just follow the FAVORITE TRAIL.

Thanks again you guys for all of your pledges. KMSU listeners are the like Catsup cake with mustard on top!!


Sunday, April 20, 2008


APRIL 14, 2008 (953)
1. Flying Burritto Brothers - hot burritto #2
2. Scotland Yard Gospel Choir - pins and needles
3. The Sterns - second chance
4. Wilco - James Alley Blues
5. Jean jaques Perrey - gossipo perpetuo
6. Breeders - bang on
7. Greg Summerlin - shine on where you want
8. Beck - last fair deal gone down
9. Carl Douglas - kung fu fighting
10. Starland Vocal band - afternoon delight
11. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - lie down here and be my girl
12. headlights - on April 2
13. David Thomas - way down the old plank road
14. Two Ton Don Baker - I like stinky cheese
15. The Kills - sour cherry
16. Bunny Siegler - theme from five fingers of death
17. Sly and The Family Stone

APRIL 15, 2008 (954)
1. Lou Rawls - you've made me so very happy
2. Clinic - the witch made to measure
3. The Counts - trick bag
4. Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick and Tich - hold tight
5. Ramones - I wanna be your boyfriend
6. Pancho sings - I left my heart in San Francisco
7. David Bowie - life on mars
8. The Ramones - I don't wanna grow up
9. Barry Adamson - spend a little time
10. X Ray Spex - oh bondage up yours
11. Snake and KJ's Amazing Bullit Band - ten cities beyond
12. Wilco - James Alley blues
13. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - boring fountain
14. The Ramones - do you wanna dance
15. Black Box Revelation - I think I like you
16. The Duke Spirit - the step and the walk
17. Black Keys - strange times
18. Flaming Lips - the w.a.n.d.
19. Ramones - medley from Rock N Roll High School

APRIL 16, 2008 (955)
1. Velvet Underground - run run run
2. Coralie Clement - indecise
3. R.E.M. - living is the best revenge
4. Figurines - let's head out
5. Heavenly States - lost in the light
6. Joy Division - no love lost
7. Mark Carroll - idiot world
8. The Beatles - bad boy (stereo)
9. Missy D and teh Melody Crew - missy missy D
10. Headlights - cherry tulips
11. Ween - someday
12. Kelley Stoltz - the sun comes through
13. Von Bondies - save my life
14. Trashwomen - dates on me

APRIL 17, 2008 (956)
1. Style Council - my ever changing moods
2. Afghan Wigs - Mr. Superlove
3. New Pornographers - mass romantic
4. Ben Folds Five - narcolepsy
5. Cat Stevens - tea for the Tillerman
6. Half Japanese - miracles happen every day
7. King Horror - Loch Ness Monster
8. Jason Anderson - July 4th, 2004
9. X - see how we are
10. Dandy Warhols - Minnesoter
11. Blur - girls and boys
12. Oasis - rock and roll star
13. David Thomas - fishing blues
14. Johnny Cash - when the man comes around
15. The Cure - boys don't cry
16. Joe Jackson - happy loving couples
17. Meryn Cadell - the sweater

APRIL 18, 2008 (957)
THIS IS THE LAST DAY OF THE SPRING KMSU PLEDGE DRIVE, DESPERATE TIMES WARRANT DESPERATE MEASURES. Tim and I played crappy songs until someone called and pledged to stop it or prevent it. This ** will denote that we had to hear the whole song befor being saved. Thank you radio heroes for keeping my naseau at bay!!!

1. David Bowie - look back in anger
2. Black Keys - same old thing
3. Husker Du - eight miles high
4. Stooges - I wanna be your dog
5. Butthole Surfers - who was in my room last night
6. Maureen McGovern - there's got to be a morning after**
7. John Parr - St Elmo's fire (man in motion)**
8. Barbara Streisand - evergreen** (this was as bad stretch)
9. Johnny Cash - cocaine blues
10. Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band - born to run
11. John Cale - perfect
12. Sonics - strychnine
13. MC5 - ramblin' rose
14. Charlene - I've never been to me (stopped)
15. Tom Waits - going out west
16. Lanie hall - send in the clowns (stopped)
17. Lou Reed - hanging round
18. Albert Morris - feelings (stopped)
19. Replacements - Alex Chilton
20. Easy Beats - sorry


APRIL 7, 2008 (949)
1. Nick Cabe and The Bad Seeds - today's lesson
2. The Kinks - everybody's gonna be happy
3. Black Before Red - teenage America
4. Ryan Adams - somehow someday
5. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - in this home on ice
6. Aloha - body buzz
7. The Rutles - cheese and onions
8. Carolyn Crawford - good and plenty
9. Tom Waits - I don't wanna grow up
10. Don Cavali - gloom uprising
11. The Smiths - ask
12. Morrissey - how soon is now?
13. Akron/Family - Ed is a portal
14. Thurston Moore - fri/end
15. A Frames - death train
16. Animal Collective - peace bone
17. Pink Floyd - interstellar overdrive

APRIL 8, 2008 (950)
1. BC Camplight - blood and peanut butter
2. Black Sabbath - planet caravan
3. Architecture in Helsinki - hold music
4. Little Richard - brown sugar
5. The Shaggs - Shaggs own thing
6. From Bubblegum To Sky - operation big beat
7. Pere Ubu - birdies
8. The OohLaas - snow shoes
9. Friends Like These - 7th St Queen
10. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - dig lazurus dig
11. James Brown - funky president/ people it's bad
12. Hallelujah The Hills - wave backwards to Massachussettes
13. War - low rider
14. Bob Dylan - Isis
15. Deadboy and The Elephantman - misadventures of dope
16. The Clash - guns of Brixton
17. LCD Soundsystem - jump in the fire
18. Frankie Goes To Hollywood - relax
19. Wall Of Voodoo - Mexican radio
20. Led Zeppelin - communication breakdown
21. Shooby Taylor - stout hearted man

APRIL 9, 2008 (951)
1. Morrissey - first of the gang to die
2. Big Star - September gurls
3. Jonathan Richman - no one was like Vermeer
4. The Beatifics - this year's Jessica
5. Mr. Miller and The Blue Notes - Mrs. Brown you've got a lovely daughter
6. The Hold Steady - massive nights
7. Sam and Dave - soothe me
8. The Raconteurs - old enough
9. Carl Perkins - matchbox
10. Wilco - Jmes Alley Blues
11. Hi Fi Guys - rock and roll killed my mother
12. R.E.M. - living well is the best revenge
13. Carl Perkins - dixie fried
14. The Breeders - it's the love
15. David Thomas - way down the old plank road

APRIL 10, 2008 (952)
1. The Fleshtones - love yourself
2. Beck - last fair deal gone down
3. The Go - help you out
4. unknown - nightengale
5. The Heavy - that kind of man
6. Graham Parsons - $1,000 wedding
7. LCD Soundsystem - New York I love you but....
8. Them - I can only give you everything
9. Husker Du - charity chastity prudence and hope
10. David Bowie - DJ
11. Lou Reed - see that my grave is kept clean
12. Tom Waits w/Kronos Quartet - way down in the hole
13. Leonard Simmons - somewhere my love
14. Low Frequency In Stereo - 21
15. Troubled Hubble - I'm pretty sure I can see molecules
16. Jean jaques Perrey - cosipo perpetuo
17. Elvis Costello - the butcher's boy

APRIL 11 th was a part of teh Shuffle Function 24 Hour Pledge Drive A-Go-Go. The playlists have already been posted for this.


MARCH 31, 2008 (944)
1. The Gestures - run run run
2. The Beatles - leave my kitten alone (demo Mono?)
3. AC/DC - it ain't no fun (waiting round to be a millionaire)
4. Devo - satisfaction
5. Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass - limbo rock
6. Feist - 1,2,3,4
7. The John Doe Thing - broken smile
8. White Blue Yellow and Clouds - seeing stars
9. AC/DC - tnt
10. Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass - this guys in love with you
11. Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks - real emotional trash
12. Camera Obscura - Lloyd, I'm ready to be heartbroken
13. Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass - the girl from Ipanema
14. Carolyn Crawford - good and plenty
15. T Rex - jeepster
16. Mission Of Burma - academy fight song
17. Cheap Trick - she's tight

APRIL 1, 2008 (945)
for our April Fool'd Day Joke, all songs were played backwards
1. Sea Wolf - your'e a wolf
2. The Beastie Boys - sabotage
3. Sleater Kinney - rollercoaster
4. Deerhoof - milkman
5. Talking Heads - once in a lifetime
6. Joy Division - love will tear us apart
7. Claudine Longet - I think it's gonna rain today
8. LCD Soundsystem - give it up
9. Free Design - kites are fun
10. The Ramones - blitzkreig bop
11. They Might Be Giants - take out the trash
12. Big Star - September Gurls
13. The Beatles - old brown shoe (stereo)
14. The Who - my generation
15. Public Enemy - can't truss it
16. Bob Dylan - Maggie's farm
17. Robert Pollard -dancing girls and dancing men
18. The Sex Pistols - bodies
19. Peter Bjorn and John - young folks
20. The Fendermen - mule skinner blues
21. The Cramps - TV set
22. The Fleshtones - jet set Fleshtones

APRIL 2, 2008 (946)
1. Rosemary Clooney - come on a my house
2. Monade - regard
3. The Makes Nice - not give it away
4. Serge Gainsbourg and Brigette Bardot - Bonnie and Clyde
5. TV John Langworthy - The Legendary Bard
6. Thunder and Lightning - bumpin' bus stop
7. Raveonettes - blush
8. The Ting Tings - great DJ
9. Air - playground love
10. Serge Gainsbourg and Brigette Bardot - comic strip
11. Electric Prunes - I had too much to dream last night
12. The Clash - gates of the west
13. Dirtbombs - pretty princess day
14. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - lie down here and be my girl
15. Devin Davis - giant spiders
16. Serge Gainsbourg - requiem pour un con
17. Yoko Ono w/Cat Power - revelations
18. Frank Sinatra - coffee song
19. Doris - beatmaker
20. Les Wilson - hey good lookin'
21. The Specials - ghost town

APRIL 3, 2008 (947)
1. Tom Waits - blind love
2. The 5th Dimension - wedding bell blues (marry me Bill)
3. Talking Heads - naive melody (this must be the place)
4. Kelley Stoltz - speak to the girl
5. A.C. Newman - on the table
6. Sloan - friendship
7. Georgie James - Henry and Hanzel
8. The Television Personalities - my dark places
9. Stereolab - Cybelle's revery
10. Magnetic Fields - all I want to know
11. The Concretes - sugar
12. Soundtrack Of Our Lives - sister surround
13. Wolfmother - white unicorn
14. Persephone's Bees - nice day
15. You Say Party We Say Die - dmgakr
16. LeTigre - Les and Ray
17. Palomar - bury me closer
18. They Might Be Giants - guitar
19. Half Japanese - 1,000,000 kisses
20. Pixies - velouria
21. Robert Pollard love is stranger than witchcraft
22. The Replacements - can't hardly wait

APRIL 4, 2008 (948)
1. The Beatles - while my guitar gently weeps (mono)
2. Maryonettes - lost
3. The Sands - listen to the sky
4. She and Him - why do you let me stay here
5. Plimsouls - a million miles away
6. Stark Effect - bunny rabbits, satan, cheese and milk
7. Rolling Stones - monkey man
8. The Specials - monkey man
9. The Monkees - going down
10. The Who - anyway, anyhow, anywhere
11. Elvis Costello - this is hell
12. Redd Kross - dancing queen
13. Hives - tick tick boom
14. Scott McKay - rolling dynomite
15. Wire - I am the fly
16. Plutouis - somethings wrong with Stephen
17. Robyn Hitchcock and The Egyptians - Madonna of the wasps
18. Susan Christie - I love onions
19. Ike and Tina Turner - he's the one
20. Victor Lunberg - open letter to my teenage son


MARCH 24, 2008 (939)
1. Talking Heads - pulled up
2. She and Him - I should have known better
3. Kelley Stoltz - to speak to the girl
4. Velvet Underground - cool it down
5. Los Straightjackets w/Big Sandy - all day and all of the night
6. The Who - I can't explain
7. The Hold Steady - party pit
8. Tiny Masters Of Today - hey Mr. DJ
9. Simian Mobile Disco - hot dog
10. Ween - friends
11. Pixies - debaser
12.Wilco - heavy metal drummer
13. Wire - three girl rhumba
14. Walker Kong - Andy Warhol and the honey bees
15. Kraftwerk - man machine
16. The Western States - the restless sea
17. The Breeders - drivin' on 9
18. Paul Westerberg - dyslexic heart
19. X - adult books
20. Frank Zappa - San Ber'dino

MARCH 25, 2008 (940)
1. The Go - blue eyes woman
2. The Beatles - in my life (stereo)
3. Don Cavali - gloom uprising
4. Fin Rigins - hraka
5. White Hinterland - dreaming of the plum trees
6. Wall Of Voodoo - mexican radio
7. The Beatles - and your bird can sing (stereo)
8. Head Of Femur - jetway junior
9. Velvet Underground - waiting for my man
10. Odetta - hit or miss
11. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - dig lazurus dig
12. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - today's lesson
13. Dirtbombs - ever loving man
14. Bunny Siegler - theme for 5 fingers of death
15. O'Jays - backstabber
16. Miou Miou - dans le miroir de tes yeux
17. Raveonettes - attack of the ghost riders
18. The Who - I can't reach you
19. Evan Voytas - bad attitude
20. Nick Lowe - so it goes
21. The Beatifics - almost something there
22. Dick Kent - Gretchen's New Dish (original)

MARCH 26, 2008 (941)
1. Sea Wolf - your'e a wolf
2. R.E.M. - don't go back to Rockville
3. Cat Power - crossbones style
4. Gruff Rhys - gwn miwn
5. The Greenhorns - pattern skies
6. The Breeders - tnt / huffer
7. Guided By Voices - everybody thinks I'm a raincloud (when I'm not looking)
8. Holly Golightly - virtually happy
9. The Strokes - hard to explain
10. MC5 - skunk (sonically speaking)
11. New Order - age of consent
12. Sea and Cake - up on crutches
13. Jonathan Richman - buzz buzz buzz
14. Negativeland - announcement
15. The Stooges - TV eye
16. The Hives - hate to say I told you so
17. The Monkees - Mary Mary
18. The Mighty Lemondrops - my biggest thrill

MARCH 27, 2008 (942)
1. Neil Young - tonight's the night
2. Be Your Own Pet - the Kelly Affair
3. Carrie Nations - sweet talkin' candy man
4. Redd Kross - lady in the front row
5. Allison Krauss and Robert Plant - rich woman
6. The Heavenly States - lost in the light
7. The Bee Gees - nights on Broadway
8. T Rex - bang a gong
9. Light FM - stormtroopers
10. Billy Schuh and The Foundry - buy/sell/trade
11. B52's - funplex
12. Nico - heroes
13. Lou Reed - all through the night
14. The Heavy - that kind of man
15. Wayne County and The Electric Chairs - thunder
16. Nada Surf - who's authority
17. Yo La Tengo - tighten up
18. John Cale - turn the lights on
19. Yardbirds - boom boom
20. Sex Pistols - no fun

MARCH 28, 2008 (943)
1. Fiery Furnaces - navy nurse
2. Jarvis Cocker and Kid Loco - I just came to tell you that I'm going
3. Frank and Nancy Sinatra - somthing stupid
4. Nancy Sinatra - sugar town
5. Jayhawks - take me with you when you go
6. Hot Chip - and I was a boy from school
7. The Good The bad and The Queen - northern whale
8. Vampire Weekend - a punk
9. Richard Hell and The Voidoids - love comes in spurts
10. The Breeders - bang on
11. Laura Viers - secret someones
12. Rilo Kiley - silver lining
13. Van Morrison - ringworm/you say France and I whistle/want a danish?
14. Whiskey Biscuit - Santa Anna river delta blues
15. Wilco - I'm always in love
16. Louis Armstrong - skokian
17. Doodletown Pipers - spanish flea
18. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - pangea
19. Sonic Youth - Reena

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Shuffle Functioneers,

We did not manage to stop tomorrow ladies and gentlemen. Shyboy Tim and I do not like to resort to these kind of tactics, but during tomorrow morning's show we will be pulling out all the stops, playing dirty, and hitting below the belt.

This posting is the equivalent of looking up to the sky and seeing the bat signal. Tomorrow morning we will need all the Radio Heroes Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa can muster. It is the last day we have to pitch for this station, and it is time to take no radio prisoners.

389 - 5678 or 1 - 800 -456 - 7810

I am sick to my stomach thinking about the show tomorrow morning. I can't summon up much of a St. Crispin's Day speech, I have to go vomit.

See you in the morning :)


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Oh SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Close............

Hey Radio Fans,

I just wanted to give you an update as to where we are with the KMSU Spring Pledge Drive. After talking with Gully and consulting my fuzzy math calculator we believe we are over the $17,000 mark. That leaves just three thousand until we hit the goal of $20,000. We are slowly inching our way there, and a big thank you to those of you who have pledged.

If you haven't yet called 389 - 5678 or 1-800-456-7810 to pledge, please do it sooner rather than later. We could end the Pledge Drive earlier if we meet our goal - and that would be awesome.

Thanks!! Shelley

Monday, April 14, 2008


As of six a.m. KMSU is within 5000 dollars of hitting the pledge drive goal, and it is only Monday! If we hit that number we can call the drive off early! Please, if you haven't pledged yet, consider doing so now. Every pledge makes a difference, and we have some super cool swag for folks pledging at $25 and up. CLICK HERE TO SEE IT ALL!

Thanks again for everything you guys have done to ensure that KMSU stays on the air. If you have pledged, then you are a radio hero. If you have not, then you'll find that it is incredibly easy to become one. Call 389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810 and make a difference in your community.


Sunday, April 13, 2008


SATURDAY, MAY 31st @7:00

Ever since the Twelve Hour Film Festival last fall we've been looking for something else we can do to get film geeks together doing something different than going to to standard Hollywood fair. Finally inspiration has hit:


The last Saturday of the month through (at least) August, we'll be presenting FREE double features of Horror, Science Fiction, Kung Fu, Sword & Sandle, and whatever else we find that fits the bill. There will be good films, baaaaaaaad films, cheesy films, violent films, but most importantly there will be FILM!

Bring snacks and sodas (no booze or you will be asked to leave) and settle in for an evening of unconventional cinema! Remember to set the last Saturday of the month off and join us for Shuffle Function Grind-Fu Cinema!

Both features starring SONNY CHIBA!

If you have any questions about Grind-Fu Cinema please don't hesitate to ask. You can email us at or call us during the morning show at 389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810.


Here's Tom and Chantill (of tom and chantill fame) living the American Dream in the Request Ride, and Gully as chief ride engineer. Thanks for renewing your membership, kids!

The pledge drive is still going on until April 20th, so please pledge if you haven't. We know a good chunk of you stepped up and did your part already, but it's a sad reality of Public Radio that a large percentage of the folks that listen to it on a regular basis don't take that extra step and make a contribution to the cause. Please consider taking that extra step. If you have never contributed, I can promise you that you'll feel better for doing so. Your gift not only keeps a unique radio presence alive on the FM dial, but we believe you are also performing a community service by pitching in.

Call 389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810 and take that step. Become a radio hero.


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Magic Math vs. Fuzzy Math

Hello Radio Heroes!!!

After catching up on my sleep I am back at the scene of the crime answering the phones for The Supreme Ruler Of Sound (aka Steve and his Reggae Dreadbeat radio show). As you can see below I had a chance to update the last few hours of the Shuffle Function 24 Hour Pledge Drive A-Go-Go. I also sat down with all of your pledge forms and added up the grand total of the marathon.

Are you sitting down?

KMSU made $11,125 from 6 p.m. Thursday night to 6 p.m. Friday.

If you were listening, you know that we topped our total from last year, crushing it actually, and none of that was possible with out our amazing KMSU listeners. You never fail us, and Tim and I can't begin to tell you how much that means to us. Together we do make great radio.

We have a bunch of pictures to post from the end of the marathon. When things started rockin', the blog postings got pushed aside in order to answer the phones. So keep coming back to see the end of the story.

Thanks again everyone who called in and pledged their support to independent public radio.

During the last hour I was so exhausted and excited that I compared the pledge drive calls to a "big ketchup cake with mustard on top". If anyone has a recipe for this - please let me know.


Hour TWENTY FOUR of the Pledge Drive A-Go-Go

5 to 6 p.m.

1. DJ PAUL V - lipgloss/tequila
2. Stooges - shake appeal
3. Rufus Thomas - do the funky chicken
4. Husker Du - eight miles high
5. William Shatner - rocket man
6. The Pugz - Mari in love
7. Rolling Stones - jumpin' Jack Flash
8. Modern Lovers - road runner
9. Legendary Stardust Cowboy - New Jersey Turnpike
10. Stumpus Maximus and The Good Ol' Boys - please release me
11. Elvis Costello - what's so funny about peace love and understanding?

Hour TWENTY THREE of the Pledge Drive A-Go-Go

4 to 5 p.m.

1. Replacements - I will dare
2. Velvet Underground - all tomorrow's parties
3. Flat Duo Jets - hoy hoy
4. Red Shadow Economic Rock N Roll Band - understanding Marx
5. Public Enemy - your gonna get yours
6. Dee -Lite - groove is in the heart
7. The Who - a quick one (while he's away)
8. The Ramones - Judy is a punk

Hour TWENTY TWO of Pledge Drive A-Go-Go

3 to 4 p.m.
1. Camper Van Beethoven - take the skinheads bowling
2. Michael O'Donoghue - what if Ed Sullivan were tortured?
3. Beatles - helter skelter (mono)
4. Frank Black and The Catholics - six sixty six
5. Flying Burritto Brothers - close up the honky tonks
6. Dictionarioke - easy
7. Peter Zaremba's Love Delegation - shama lama ding dong
8. David Bowie - look back in anger
9. Spinal Tap - give me some money
10. MC5 - ramblin' rose
11. Mel Smith and The Long Riders - pretty plaid skirt (and long black socks)
12. Think - once you understand

Hour TWENTY ONE of Pledge Drive A-Go-Go

2 to 3 p.m.
1. Joy Division - love will tear us apart
2. Cheap Trick - surrender
3. Chemical Brothers w/Fatlip - salmon dance
4. Soft Boys - queen of eyes
5. Nick Lowe - cruel to be kind
6. P.I.L. - public image
7. Quuen - your'e my best friend
8. Sea Wolf - your'e a wolf
9. Sea Ray - revelry
10. Modern Lovers - I'm straight
11. The Legendary Stardust Cowboy - standing in a trashcan, thinking about you

Friday, April 11, 2008


The marathon ended forty five minutes ago, and thanks to a six dollar donation from Chuck, who co-hosts Minnesota Music Scene, we were able surpass and go on to crush last year's all time record for dollars raised during a Shuffle Function 24 Hour Pledge Drive A-Go-Go! We're grabbing some food right now, because quite frankly after you've been up for 24 hours an additional hour or two doesn't seem to make much of a difference.

We'll get the final playlists, as well as photos of my haircut, up on the blog in the following days. Right now, I've got my eyes on a burger and my brain focused on bed.



ShyBoy Tim and I are moments away from going into hour 23 of the Shuffle Function 24 Hour Pledge Drive A-Go-Go, and we have just decided to throw caution into the wind and go for it. Thanks to Sugar Daddy Philip we are now in teh neighborhood of breaking some records - records that we thought impossible to top. It is going to go down to the wire folks, and we are creeping closer and closer.............................

If you have not pledged yet, please consider doing it now. We are so so close. Please dig deep into your pockets and help KMSU out. The phone numbers are 389 - 5678, or 1-800-456-7810.

Keep tuning in. Keep pledging.

Together we make great radio!!!!!!!

Hour TWENTY.....FOUR more to go!

More music, more money, more fun. Here is the line up from the 1-2pm hour:

1. Larry Ellis and the Black Hammer--Funky Thing Part 1
2. Raveonettes--You Want the Candy
3. Zombies--This will Be Our Year
4. Paul Westerberg--Make Your Own Kind of Music
5. Joe Hill Louis--Gotta Let You Go
6. Velvet Underground--Sweet Jane
7. Laura Viers--Secret Someones
8. Jonathan Richman--I Was Dancing in a Lesbian Bar
9. Rolling Stones--Respectable
10. LCD Soundstream--Jump In the Fire
11. Leonard Simmons--Somewhere My Love

And, our matching grant provider for this hour........The Wine Rack and Cafe. What an cool place. Be sure to visit if you have not already been there and go back for more good wine, if you have been there. Such wit on such little sleep.

Radio Roulette in Hour NINETEEN

You never know what you will hear during Radio Roulette--totally random radio. Here is the list from our past hour:
1. Greg Kihn Band--Jeopardy
2. Hall and Oates--Did It In a Minute (it skipped and so it had to go)
3. Spirit--I got a Line on You
4. Johnny Paycheck--Jukebox Charlie
Brought to you by the Request Ride!!
5. Wet Willie--Keep on Smiling
6. Harry Chapin--Cat's in the Cradle
7. Bob Dylan--Serve Somebody
8. Jigsaw--Love Fire
9. Hensen Cargill--Skip a Rope
10. Eddie Grant--Electric Avenue

Whew!! That is great radio.

Matching Grants for this hour:
Reverend Dan from "WE WANT THE AIRWAVES" (listen to this show on KMSU Tuesdays at 2pm)
The Sugar Room--Located in old town in Mankato--check it out along with
Blue Bricks Bar and Eatery--Located in Downtown Mankato--another awesome hangout!

Hour EIGHTEEN of 24 hours of live radio

Shyboy Tim and Shelley are hanging in there and still playing great music.
Here is the playlist for the 11am-Noon hour:

1. The Good, The Bad, and the Queen--Herculean
2. Free Design--2002: A Hit Song
3. The Shins--Pressed in a Book
4. Elmore James--Rollin' and Tumblin'
5. Nick Lowe--Heart of the City
6. Television--Marquee Moon
7. Bee Gees--Nights on Broadway
8. Space--Ballad of Tom Jones
9. Erika Eioen--I Want to Marry a Lighthouse Keeper
10. Pizzicato Five--Twiggy Twiggy
11. Hallelujah the Hills--Wave Backward to Massachusetts

And, a matching grant this hour from Kato Cab! Thank you to Kato Cab--be sure to call them for a ride whenever one is needed. Just call 388-RIDE.

Hour SEVENTEEN of Pledge Drive a Go Go

10-11am playlist:

1. Go Home Productions--A Slim McShady
2. Bob Dylan--Everything is Broken
3. Ben Folds--Not the Same
4. Beck--Loser
5. Prince--I Can Never Take the Place of Your Man
6. Little Richard--The Girl Can't Help It
7. U2--New Years Day
8. Walker Kong--Andy Warhol and the Honey Bees
9. They Might Be Giants--Cyclops Rocks
10. De-T-Roit--Keg Party Tonight

During this hour, Tim became a new man. His Mom, Dad, nieces and nephew came to the station to give Tim a haircut. Apparently, there was more of Tim's hair on the floor than there is on Tim's Dad's head. Amazing!

Hour SIXTEEN of real radio

The songs from the sixteenth hour (9am-10am):

1. Hold Steady--Stuck Between Stations
2. Stevie Wonder--Uptight, Everything's Alright
3. Danielson--Potty Mouth
4. Dirtbombs--Ode to a Black Man
5. Beagle--Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes
6. Jackson 5--I Want You Back
7. Ramones--Let's Dance
8. Beatles--Money (stereo)
9. Nina Simone--Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
10. New Order--Blue Monday
11. Bow Wow Wow--I Want Candy
12. Daniel Johnston--Fish
13. Buddy Holly--Well Allright


Hey Shuffle Functioneers -

In about half an hour we will be begining our second round of Shuffle Function Radio Roulette. All 400 K-Tel records are being dragged in as I type and the magic hat and coins are getting warmed up. If you pledge during the noon hour, you can pick a number and determine the radio destiny of Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa. It was a lot of fun last night at 9 pm, so cross your fingers and knock on something you like to touch.

Call us at 389 - 5678 or at 1 - 800 - 456 - 7810

Thanks Vinyl Lovers!!




Thanks everybody for making my mom so happy! She'll be up at the station about 10:30 to give me my trim. There is nothing more riveting than a haircut on the radio.

Please keep the pledges coming! It's getting rougher for us to keep it together, especially for me now that my secret weapon with "the ladies" is going away. Call 389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810 and keep this dream that is KMSU alive and kicking on your FM dial.


Hour FIFTEEN--we reached our first hurdle!

OK, amazing music and amazing support. We reached our $5000 challenge (thank you so much Shy Dad Charlie for that last $15!!) and that means that TIM IS CUTTING HIS HAIR AND BEARD!

music from the 8-9am hour:
1. Bobby Vinton--My Melody of Love
2. Cheap Trick--If You Want My Love
3. Velvet Underground--Rock and Roll
4. Pete Townshend--Slit Skirts
5. Foghat--Slowride
6. KC and the Sunshine Band--I'm Your Boogie Man
7. Richard Harris--MacArthur Park

our wonderful sponsors of matching grants for this hour:
Patrick's in St. Peter--This is Shelley's favorite hang out spot.
Gully, Station Manager at KMSU--You gotta love it when KMSU's own employees are pitching in to make the haircut happen!
Cactus Tattoo--Anyone interested in putting "Music Geek" on their bodies? Cactus Tattoo can do that (our whatever else you may want on your body) for you.
St. Peter Food Co-op and Deli--This is THE best Co-op in the land. The fabulous produce, the delicious deli and the knowledge that you are supporting the local economy--is there any other way to shop for groceries??
Thank you to everyone. This was an amazing end to the hour. As I write this, Tim is shaving away. He just asked, "Do I go for the 8 inch side burns or the mustache?" Decisions, decisions.

Hour FOURTEEN--all vinyl, baby!

Another hour of quality vinyl:

1. Neil Young--Cinnamon Girl
2. The Fuzztones--Strychnine
3. Los Bandidos--Brand New Key
4. Rolling Stones--Undercover of the Night
5. Francoise Hardy--Suzanne

This hour we had three matching grants. Our wonderful sponsors are:
Tune Town (THE place to buy music in Mankato)
The Coffee Hag--What an awesome name for a coffee shop!! Great name, great place, great atmosphere.
Modern Garage--Our Haiku sponsor. Thank you so much Joe!

It is HAIKU time--Thank you to Joe's Modern Garage!!

Thank you to Joe's Modern Garage and to all of our haiku writers. Here is original poetry--created on the spot by our very talented and creative listeners. With each haiku worth $50--we just made $250 (moving much closer to the haircut).

Haiku 1 (keep in mind these are in no particular order of quality, creativity, relativity or time called in):

They rock it for me
Shy Boy Tim and Shelley
C'mon rock ain't free

Haiku 2 from Stacy:
Here I am at work
Wishing I could be with you
Shuffle Function Rocks

Haiku 3 from Rebecca:
Precluding the Trash
KMSU radio
Thank you and goodnight

Haiku 4 from Reverend Dan:
What the public needs
independent radio
supported by you

Haiku 5:
A pillow held in
By lack of new fresh music
Lets feathers fly out

Thank you to all of our poets!

Hour THIRTEEN--we are over the half way mark!

It is all vinyl radio this morning!! Again, where else is it all vinyl radio?? Here is the list for the 6am-7am hour:
1. DC3--Theme from an Imaginary Western
2. Firehose--Brave Captain
3. Lou Rawls--I Just Want to Make Love to You
4. Donovan--Hurdy Gurdy Man
5. Doldinger--Nexus
6. The Long Ryders--Looking for Lewis and Clark
7. Talking Heads--Wild Wild Life

A HUGE thank you to The Hub for the matching grant.
This is Carrie of Team Sister and I want to thank The Hub for all of their amazing support from year to year with the pledge drive. They are THE best coffee shop around. I highly recommend the "Jamaican Me Crazy" blend. I live in the Cities and every time I am in Mankato, I go to The Hub to buy a cup of joe. It is all good in at The Hub.

Hour TWELVE-Matching Grants A-Go-Go!


HURRAY!! We met 'Matching Grants' from "The Fillin' Station" and "Once Read"! Thank You so much for your support!

1. Zumpano--Let's Fight
2. I Baronetti--Soulfinger
3. Lack Thereofs--What A Fool Believes
4. Stark Effect--Stop, I'm Watching TV
5. Gabby Glaser--Spirit of Long Island
6. Beastie Boys--Shake Your Rump
7. Mohammed Raffi--Tan Pa He Chan Ho
8. Devo--Peek-A-Boo
9. The Fleshtones--Let's Go
10. Nada Surf--I Like What You Say
11. Guided By Voices--Official Iron Man Rally Song
12. The High Numbers--I'm The Face
13. Mommas & The Poppas--Creeque Alley
14. Bill Boyce--Hooters Galore

Hour ELEVEN-24 Hour Pledge A-Go-Go


1. James Brown--Get Up Offa That Thing
2. Grant Hart--Let Go
3. R.E.M.--Superman
4. Yoko Ono--Walking On Thin Ice
5. The Flaming Lips--Everything's Exploding
6. The Sex Pistols--God Save The Queen
7. Casey Kasem--Death Dedication
8. Edwyn Collins--A Girl Like You
9. Coltrane Motion--Dozier Holland Dozier
10. Evolution Control Committee--Don't Miss The Great Snatch
11. Stan Ridgeway & Stewart Copeland--Don't Drop The Soap For Anyone Else But Me




1. Iron Butterfly
2. The Simpsons
3. Mongo Santa Maria
4. Incredible Bongo Band
5. Kreed

Remember to watch "Manhunter"-Directed by Michael Mann tonight!


The Request Ride is open for business! Pledge $20 and you can hear your request while you ride the ride! Operators are standing buy to take your generous pledge!

Hour NINE-JANDEK:Sounds of Insomnia


1. Down In Mirror
2. Falling Down Deep.
3. 24
4. Rain In Madison
5. Runaway
6. You Wake Up Dead Men
7. You Painted Your Teeth
8. God Came Between Us
9. Om
10. Lavender


Witness team sister as they prep and pimp the brand new Shuffle Function t-shirt! Call 389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810 and pledge at the $50 level and you can improve your wardrobe!



1. The National Fuel Gas Distribution Company--Rappin' with Gas
2. The Pixies--Allison
3. Ramones--Do You Remember Rock n' Roll Radio
4. Ramsey Lewis Trio--The In Crowd
5. Rush--Limelight
6. The Suburbs--Rattle My Bones
7. Radiohead--Body Snatchers
8. The Partridge Family--Somebody wants to love you
9. Go Home Productions--Passenger Fever
10. Black Sabbath--A Hard Road
11. Bellport High School Jazz Rock Ensemble--Dialogue

Hour SEVEN...Hair Peace!


1. Velvet Underground--Sister Ray
2. Bauhaus--Bela Lugosi is Dead
3. Brother Theodore--House by the Cemetary
4. Sonic Youth w/Lydia Lunch--Death Valley '69
5. Nico--The End

Hour SIX of the Pledge Drive A GoGo

11pm to Midnight

1. Enghlish Beat--Mirror in the Bathroom
2. Stereolab--Escape Pod from the World of Medical Observations
3. PJ Harvey--Down by the Water
4. Claudine Longet--I Think it's Going to Rain Today
5. Yo La Tengo--Big Day Coming
6. They Might be Giants--Anang
7. Cramps--Surfin' Bird
8. Sweet Trip--Chocolate Matter
9. PGTY Booka--Let's Talk Dirty in Hawaiin
10. Replacements--20th Century Boy
11. Guitar Wolf--Jet Generation

Team Sister says that the phones have to ring soon--we are falling asleep here!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hour FIVE....19 to go!

and the fun continues......
1. Tiny Masters of Today--K.I.D.S.
2. Gito Gito Hustler--Natural Love Love Star
3. Frank Zapa and the Mothers of Invention--Plastic People
4. Teen Machine--Yummy, Yummy, Yummy
5. Roky Erickson and the Aliens--I think of the Demons
6. Spectors--Out of Order
7. Talking Heads--Once in a Lifetime
8. Feelies--What Goes On
9. Generation x--Kiss Me Deadly
10. Graham Bond--The Nazz
11. Tom Waits--Red Shoes by the Drugstore

I think Tim's hair is getting longer--we need money!!


Here is the deal--Tim will cut his hair and shave his beard if we receive $5000 in pledges by the end of the vinyl hour (9am). Right now we have $1145 in pledges. So, $3855 to go. Call or e-mail NOW. Oh! and you get cool swag.

Hour FOUR Shuffle Function Radio Roulette

Crazy Random Radio
1. David Bowie--Breaking Glass
2. Tom Jones--It's Not Unusual
3. Mini Pops--Karma Chameleon
4. Liberace--Boogie Woogie
5. Blondie--One Way or Another
6. Mac Davis--Baby Don't Get Hooked on Me
7. Napoleon XIV--They're Coming to Take Me Away
8. Eddie Money--Baby
9. Hall and Oates--You Make My Dreams Come True
10. The Hollies--He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother

"Where else but on Shuffle Function would you hear this random of radio??" asked one team sister to the other.
"No where, certainly not on commercial radio, silly. It must be independent radio!" the other team sister replied.


Hour THREE of Pledge Drive a Go Go

More music...
1. Andrew Gold--Lonely Boy
2. Ben Folds--Annie Watts
3. Calvin Johnson--Rabbit Blood
4. Hasil Adkins--No More Hot Dogs
5. Jonathan Richman--Velvet Underground
6. Jerry Lee Lewis--High School Confidential
7. David Brent--Free Love Freeway
8. The Decemberists--16 Military Lives
9. Devo-- (Can't Get No) Satisfaction
10. Fuzztones--Ward 81
11. The Beatles--You won't see me (stereo)

And now it is time for the Radio Roulette in hour four...

The Pledge Drive continues....hour TWO

7 to 8pm

1. Brian Jonestown Massacre--Swallowtail
2. David Vandervelde--Jacket
3. Lou Reed--Kill Your Sons
4. Belle and Sebastian--Suki in the Graveyard
5. Irving--Turn of the Century
6. Ze Malibu Kids--Your Bed
7. The New Creation--Sodom and Gamorrah
8. Ramones--Sheena is a Punk Rocker
9. Oneida--All Arounder
10. Leonard Cohen--Waiting for the Miracle

Make a pledge....Make a pledge.....Make a pledge.......

Pledge Drive A Go Go Hour ONE

Here is the music from the 6-7pm
1. Ira Glass/Konnichwa
2. Ledge Intro
3. Stooges--I Wanna Be Your Dog
4. Rolling Stones--Bitch
5. John Cale--Dirty Ass Rock n Roll
6. Kelley Stoltz--To Speak to the Girl
7. Smiths--That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore
8. Stiff Little Fingers--Suspect Device
9. The Fleshtones--All Around the World
10. Le Tigre-- Hot Topic
11. Yoko Ono with Flaming Lips--Cambridge 69/2007
12. Bo Diddley--Black Soul
13. The Legendary Stardust Cowboy--Dynamite

Pledges are coming in....anyone for a Request Ride?

Sunday, April 06, 2008


It's the week of the pledge drive, the week of THE MARATHON, and the time to start thinking about helping out your favorite radio station with your financial assistance. Stations like KMSU can only exist in your community when people like you make a donation to keep it operating.

We're a non-commercial radio station, which is why you never hear lousy commercials during your favorite shows. Because we don't charge for commercial time, we need to hold pledge drives a couple of times a year to remind you that your help is needed. Hey, we don't like having to hold pledge drives anymore than you like having to listen to them, but they are a necessary evil.

We realize that these are wintery economic times, and for a station like KMSU it is ALWAYS a wintery economic time. Please realize that ANY donation makes a difference with us. Ten dollars is as significant and 100 or 1000 dollars. For those of you that donate at certain pledge amounts... WE HAVE SWAG!


So named because it is the 5th in the series, Finders Keepers 5 brings you more sadistic sounds and fractured frequencies guaranteed to be the life or death of any party, depending on how cool your crowd is. Excellent for breaking the silence or keeping drinks off of a table.

The first ever DVD assembled by by Shuffle Function Artisans! Witness horribly misguided public access performances, all for your visual satisfaction. This is the first of what we hope will be many DVD compilations, so be sure to get the first one and start your collection!

You're saying to yourself "Shyboy Tim and Shelley, this is Sophie's Choice! I can't possible choose only one!" Well, you don't have to worry about that. Get both of them and save ten bucks! You, my friend, are a smart shopper AND you have excellent taste in radio!

Printed on a screaming red t-shirt, this design lets the world know that you rock the radio, as well as the fashion world, and says "stay the hell away from me, because my ancient radio ninja techniques aren't to be messed with". Sizes Small through XX-Large. Please specify size.

Save ten bucks by getting a T-shirt and your choice of Finders Keepers 5 or Crypt of Underground Neanthropic Television DVD! Cripes, you are one thrifty bugger, aren't you?

This is one heck of a deal. You get a shirt, you get your choice of the CD or DVD, PLUS you get to control the playlist of the morning show! You come on with whatever you wanna play, and we just push buttons and talk too much. Just when you think this is enough, we also give you a CD copy of your two hours as proof that you were actually up so bloody early! Step right up and pledge! This premium is limited to 20, so act fast!

There's also some KMSU swag for you, too:

Quantities are limited on this, so act fast!

Many listeners have collected these throughout the years, and it is a great way to show your support for both of these wonderful shows.

At this pledge level a listener can sponsor an entire day of programming on KMSU. This is an unique way to commemorate a significant event, whether it be a birthday, graduation, anniversary, or the music of a favorite musician or genre. Use your imagination and we can make it work. Througout the day a personalized dedication will also be read by the various radio hosts. This is a great way to support independent public radio.

This set is incredible! It has great folk music covered by an insane roster of musicians: Steve Earle, Wilco, Beth Orton, Elvis Costello, Nick Cave, Van Dyke Parks, Lou Reed, Sonic Youth, Petra Haden, Philip Glass, DJ Spooky, Marianne Faithfull... The list seriously goes on and on with remarkable musicians. Plus, it looks kick ass on your shelf. PLEDGE NOW!

The drive starts on Wednesday, April 9th, six a.m., so look over this list and make the hard decisions that make supporting KMSU such a worthwhile experience! We'll talk to you then.

Saturday, April 05, 2008


With the Shuffle Function 24 Hour Pledge Drive A-Go-Go now just days away, I would like time to stand still. Well, not completely still because that would be a really long work day, but slow down enough for us to catch up. As Tim said in the last post, we are nearly done. But there are a ton of little details that need to be wrapped up. I recently watched the film 'The Darjeeling Limited', by Wes Anderson. There are three things that you will always find in a Wes Anderson movie; details, killer soundtrack, and scenes shot in slow motion (technically I guess Owen Wilson and Kumar Pallana too). I think Wes Anderson could slow down time for me and allow me to catch up. There would probably be a Rolling Stones song playing in the background too.

If you see this Mr. Anderson - you know what to do.
This is what I'm talking about:

from 'Rushmore' (the best version I could find of this is in Italian. go figure)

from 'The Darjeeling Limited'

from 'The Life Aquatic'

from 'Royal Tennenbaums'

I couldn't find a clip from Bottle Rocket, but I bet you get the idea.

Come back tomorrow and get a sneak peek at the Swag that will be available for the Spring KMSU Pledge Drive (which starts on Wednesday). I think these may be the best batch of premiums we've offered yet!!


Thursday, April 03, 2008


Less than one week until THE MARATHON! Even though we're pretty much ready, we're in full on "what are we forgetting" mode. But something that we know for sure is what we'll be doing when during the whole darn thing!


This is as fresh as we're ever gonna get during this thing, so enjoy it! Only 24 hours to go until bedtime!


We always get great feedback whenever we do Radio Roulette, and this will be your first opportunity to experience the random selected joy/horror that awaits. For those of you who haven't heard Shuffle Function Radio Roulette before, we take Shelley's 400+ vinyl Ktel compilations and number them. Then we draw a corresponding number out of an actual magic hat to determine what record we play. Next, we flip a coin to determine the side, and roll a ten sided die from the magic bag of holding to determine the song. It is completely random, and if you know anything about Ktel compilations you know that there is a high probability of being a brutal playlist. You have been warned.


The best time to experience the haunting and unusual sounds of Jandek is when you should really be asleep. The sleepless state we will be in gives his music the perfect edge. Since last year we've even seen him in concert, so we'll be filling you in on what a unique experience that was.


Three hours of vinyl is the bacon-and-eggs of the airwaves! Because we're spinning only vinyl you'll hear a lot of stuff that we might not normally play, and that's part of what makes this part such a blast. Odds are you'll probably hear MacArthur Park at least once, so feel free to swing by the station and join us for the sing along! And then, of course, make your pledge.


The game so nice we played it twice! Here's your second chance to live life on the radio edge. Depending on how the first round went, this could be our big chance for redemption, so cross your fingers, gang!


From here on it we're existing on the magic healing powers of caffeine, rock and roll, and your pledge calls! Keep them coming throughout the drive, because they inspire us to keep going in the name of community supported radio!

There you go! Mark your calendars, because April 10th, six p.m., is nearly here! Plan accordingly, dress appropriately, and get your rest, because the Shuffle Function 24 Hour Pledge Drive A-Go-Go is almost here!

Check back on Sunday, because we'll be presenting the super sweet swag for you!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Thanks to everybody for being such good sports this morning with our April Fool's prank. In case you didn't tune in, we played every song backwards for two hours and acted like it must be a problem with the station hardware. We promise that things will be back to normal on Wednesday!

Watch your backs, people!