Monday, April 21, 2008


While listening to new music today I invented a little game to pass the time. It involves the internet - You Tube in particular. I don't want to go into the whys of it, but I began by watching a clip of a man singing the theme to The Last Unicorn, as the movie plays in fast forward behind him. You can see the magic for yourself below:

Needless to say, I wanted to see if this fella had some more tunes in him and so I clicked on his channel. There I found a list of his favorite You Tube clips, and the idea of the game was born. What would happen if I kept following the FAVORITES links? What would I stumble across? The answer is solid gold diapers, but see for yourself.

From the Last Unicorn we find ourselves in space with a soundtrack by Neil Young:

Clicking off of the FAVORITES in Peace Driven and Granny Panties list I found this snappy little dance tune. As Mick said, something terrible always happens when we play this song:

In this private dancer's list of favorites I then found this special gem. I feel compelled to warn you though - this may be the most red spandex you have seen since 1984. Watch it is small doses.

I think this game could go on all night, but I am going to stop it here. Feel free to play your own version and see what you come up with - just follow the FAVORITE TRAIL.

Thanks again you guys for all of your pledges. KMSU listeners are the like Catsup cake with mustard on top!!


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