Friday, April 11, 2008

Hour FIFTEEN--we reached our first hurdle!

OK, amazing music and amazing support. We reached our $5000 challenge (thank you so much Shy Dad Charlie for that last $15!!) and that means that TIM IS CUTTING HIS HAIR AND BEARD!

music from the 8-9am hour:
1. Bobby Vinton--My Melody of Love
2. Cheap Trick--If You Want My Love
3. Velvet Underground--Rock and Roll
4. Pete Townshend--Slit Skirts
5. Foghat--Slowride
6. KC and the Sunshine Band--I'm Your Boogie Man
7. Richard Harris--MacArthur Park

our wonderful sponsors of matching grants for this hour:
Patrick's in St. Peter--This is Shelley's favorite hang out spot.
Gully, Station Manager at KMSU--You gotta love it when KMSU's own employees are pitching in to make the haircut happen!
Cactus Tattoo--Anyone interested in putting "Music Geek" on their bodies? Cactus Tattoo can do that (our whatever else you may want on your body) for you.
St. Peter Food Co-op and Deli--This is THE best Co-op in the land. The fabulous produce, the delicious deli and the knowledge that you are supporting the local economy--is there any other way to shop for groceries??
Thank you to everyone. This was an amazing end to the hour. As I write this, Tim is shaving away. He just asked, "Do I go for the 8 inch side burns or the mustache?" Decisions, decisions.

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