Friday, April 11, 2008

Hour SEVENTEEN of Pledge Drive a Go Go

10-11am playlist:

1. Go Home Productions--A Slim McShady
2. Bob Dylan--Everything is Broken
3. Ben Folds--Not the Same
4. Beck--Loser
5. Prince--I Can Never Take the Place of Your Man
6. Little Richard--The Girl Can't Help It
7. U2--New Years Day
8. Walker Kong--Andy Warhol and the Honey Bees
9. They Might Be Giants--Cyclops Rocks
10. De-T-Roit--Keg Party Tonight

During this hour, Tim became a new man. His Mom, Dad, nieces and nephew came to the station to give Tim a haircut. Apparently, there was more of Tim's hair on the floor than there is on Tim's Dad's head. Amazing!

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