Friday, April 11, 2008

Hour THIRTEEN--we are over the half way mark!

It is all vinyl radio this morning!! Again, where else is it all vinyl radio?? Here is the list for the 6am-7am hour:
1. DC3--Theme from an Imaginary Western
2. Firehose--Brave Captain
3. Lou Rawls--I Just Want to Make Love to You
4. Donovan--Hurdy Gurdy Man
5. Doldinger--Nexus
6. The Long Ryders--Looking for Lewis and Clark
7. Talking Heads--Wild Wild Life

A HUGE thank you to The Hub for the matching grant.
This is Carrie of Team Sister and I want to thank The Hub for all of their amazing support from year to year with the pledge drive. They are THE best coffee shop around. I highly recommend the "Jamaican Me Crazy" blend. I live in the Cities and every time I am in Mankato, I go to The Hub to buy a cup of joe. It is all good in at The Hub.

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