Friday, April 11, 2008

It is HAIKU time--Thank you to Joe's Modern Garage!!

Thank you to Joe's Modern Garage and to all of our haiku writers. Here is original poetry--created on the spot by our very talented and creative listeners. With each haiku worth $50--we just made $250 (moving much closer to the haircut).

Haiku 1 (keep in mind these are in no particular order of quality, creativity, relativity or time called in):

They rock it for me
Shy Boy Tim and Shelley
C'mon rock ain't free

Haiku 2 from Stacy:
Here I am at work
Wishing I could be with you
Shuffle Function Rocks

Haiku 3 from Rebecca:
Precluding the Trash
KMSU radio
Thank you and goodnight

Haiku 4 from Reverend Dan:
What the public needs
independent radio
supported by you

Haiku 5:
A pillow held in
By lack of new fresh music
Lets feathers fly out

Thank you to all of our poets!

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