Friday, April 11, 2008

Radio Roulette in Hour NINETEEN

You never know what you will hear during Radio Roulette--totally random radio. Here is the list from our past hour:
1. Greg Kihn Band--Jeopardy
2. Hall and Oates--Did It In a Minute (it skipped and so it had to go)
3. Spirit--I got a Line on You
4. Johnny Paycheck--Jukebox Charlie
Brought to you by the Request Ride!!
5. Wet Willie--Keep on Smiling
6. Harry Chapin--Cat's in the Cradle
7. Bob Dylan--Serve Somebody
8. Jigsaw--Love Fire
9. Hensen Cargill--Skip a Rope
10. Eddie Grant--Electric Avenue

Whew!! That is great radio.

Matching Grants for this hour:
Reverend Dan from "WE WANT THE AIRWAVES" (listen to this show on KMSU Tuesdays at 2pm)
The Sugar Room--Located in old town in Mankato--check it out along with
Blue Bricks Bar and Eatery--Located in Downtown Mankato--another awesome hangout!

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Tom & Chantill said...

Our thanks to Gully for making our Request Ride a fun and safe experience. It was well worth the $20. At no time were any limbs ripped from torsos.
-Tom & Chantill
(of Tom & Chantill fame)