Thursday, May 22, 2008


The nearly 20 year wait is finally over! The new Indiana Jones movie is in theaters TODAY and the gang at Shuffle Function is going to take it all in on opening night. Anticipation is high, and there's plenty of anxiety over whether or not it will dissappoint, but we're all looking forward to what the film holds in store for us.

Here's a cool Indy treat for you: The first ten minutes of the legendary shot-for-shot remake of Raiders Of The Lost Ark! Over the course of 6 years during the 80s a bunch of kids remade the film direct to video. It was shot out of sequence, they are noticeably older in parts, and one of the cast members even had his very first kiss during filming! It has been spoken of and rarely seen for years, and bootlegs DVDs have been evasive.

Well, thank goodness for the YouTubes and the InterWeb! HERE'S THE FIRST TEN MINUTES and it is amazing! These kids were 12 years old when they started this, and the creativity they show in recreating the film is remarkable. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

It was taken off...waaaaaahhhhhhaaaaaaaaa!!!!


Try again. I just watched it on Sunday and it works.