Sunday, June 01, 2008


A big thanks to everyone who attended the first Shuffle Function Grind-Fu Cinema Saturday night. The Street Fighter managed to beat all the baddies, catch his kick-ass breath, and entertain us all. Tune in to the morning show for news of next months Double Feature (here's a hint: it is super sweet).

This week Shyboy Tim and I mark our seventh year on the radio at KMSU. Shuffle Function is a labor of love for the both of us, and it is still a blast for me to share with you a crazy record I picked up at the thrift store, or to play the first five tracks from a favorite artist's new release. We are celebrating the occasion with a great band, The Fleshtones. We will be dancing to their music and interviewing the legendary Peter Zaremba. Be sure to tune in to KMSU 89.7 fm this Thursday night at 6 p.m., or listen in on-line at If you scroll down a bit, past last week's playlist you can watch a number of Fleshtones videos we've already posted, but I came across this clip today and I think you'll dig it too. Peter Zaremba hosted the I.R.S. Cutting Edge on MTV, and in so doing introduced many of us to bands we still love to this day. Here's a clip of Peter Zaremba introducing The Replacements on The Cutting Edge.

Last week one of my favorite comedians passed away, Harvey Korman. I grew up watching the Carol Burnett Show and laughing along with my family at the brilliant ensemble cast. Last year I got my hands on about 90 episodes of the show, and fell in love all over again with Harvey Korman. I have lots of favorites when it comes to Harvey's skits, but what really made me identify with him was when he broke up laughing at Tim Conway's or Carol Burnett's shenanigans. It is impossible not to join in with his laughter - it was just so easily transparent how much fun he was having. That enthusiasm is infectious.

Okay, I just have to share one classic Carol Burnett Show skit with you. I love You Tube. You can relive some of your favorite childhood memories with it, and here is one of them. Harvey Korman as Robert Shaw's character in Jaws, Tim Conway cracking him up with a classic ad-lib, and over the top prop destruction - this clip has everything (except Carol Burnett!!)


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