Thursday, July 31, 2008


JULY 21, 2008 (1023)
1. Redd Kross - saragone
2. David Bowie - fame
3. The Black Keys - remember when (side b)
4. The Beatifics - crazy lovesick heart
5. Dirty On Purpose - like bees
6. Devo - peek a boo
7. The Beatles - (Iwant you) she's so heavy (stereo)
8. Murdocks - old xylophone
9. Barry Adamson - the beaten side of town
10. The Faces - debris
11. Love As Laughter - all parts of me
12. Marianne Faithfull - desperanto
13. Daniel Johnston - fish
14. Awesome Colour - come and dance
15. Lou Rawls - season of the witch
16. Lemuria - pants
17. Pete Townsend - rough boys
18. Eddie Cochran - 20 flight rock

JULY 22, 2008 (1024)
1. U2 - love comes tumbling
2. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - satan said dance
3. Talking Heads - i zimbra
4. Pixies - debaser
5. Public Image Limited - careering
6. Tom Waits - red shoes by the drugstore
7. The Hold Steady - lord, I'm so discouraged
8. Wilco - I'm always in love
9. The Handsome Family - moving furniture around
10. Health Disco - triceratops (acid girls remix a)
11. Two Hours Traffic - backseat sweetheart
12. Hindu Love Gods - raspberry beret
13. Sigur Ros - inni mer syngur vitleysingur
14. The Band - the shape I'm in
15. The Cure - close to me
16. The Ting Tings - that's not my name
17. King Khan and The Shrines - took my lady to dinner
18. Comix - touche pas mon sexe
19. Data Rock - fa fa fa

JULY 23, 2008 (1025)
1. Benji Hughes - why do these parties always end the same way
2. Middle States - winds of eiderdown
3. Vancougar - obvious
4. Lorreta Lynn w/Jack White - Portland, Oregon
5. John Lennon - how do you sleep?
6. Pere Ubu - 30 seconds over Tokyo
7. Blind Shake - jolly Joes
8. Graham Coxon - standing on my own again
9. Soft Boys - only the stones remain
10. Fleet Foxes - ragged wood
11. Legendary Stardust Cowboy - I walk a hot wind
12. LCD Soundsystem - North American scum
13. Rolling Stones - can't you hear me knockin'?
14. Dead Kennedys -let's lynch the landlord
15. Deadly Syndrome - eucalyptus
16. Supergrass - sun hits the sky
17. Bingo Gazingo w/ My Robot Friend - your'e out of the computer
18. Bonnie "Prince" Billy - cursed sleep
19. Big Star - the ballad of el gordo

JULY 24, 2008 (1026)
1. Nick Drake - at the chime of a city clock
2. James Jackson Toth - the park
3. Sly And The Family Stone - wanna take you higher
4. Otis and Carla - tramp
5. Bill Boyce - hooters galore
6. CSS - rat is dead (rage)
7. Captain Beefheart - safe as milk
8. Samantha Crain - the river
9. Ryan Adams and The Cardinals - this is it
10. Cat Stevens - trouble
11. Ireen Sheer and Gavin Dupont - du bist das, was ich will (don't go breaken my heart)
12. Dandy Warhols - love song
13. My Morning Jacket - evil urges
14. Al Green - take me to the river
15. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - today's lessons
16. Talking Heads - memories can't wait
17. Mirah - lonesome sundown
18. They Might Be Giants - exquisite dead guy
19. Louis Armstrong - skokian

JULY 25, 2008 (1027)
1. U2 - stories for boys
2. U2 - gloria (live)
3. Mr and Mrs Marys - our way
4. Vancougar - obvious
5. U2 - boy girl (live)
6. Muddy Waters - I just want to make love to you
7. War - low rider
8. Middle States - winds of eiderdown
9. Nick Lowe - cruel to be kind
10. Bruce Springsteen - spirits in the night
11. U2 - two hearts beat as one (clube version)
12. Benji Hughes - why do these parties always end the same way?
13. LCD Soundsystem - jump in the fire
14. U2 - crash trampoline and party girl
15. E.L.O. - Mr. Bluesky
16. Plastiscenes - alchemie
17. New Order - working overtime
18. U2 - Saturday night
19. U2 - a day without me

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Yeah, so they're all the vinyl anniversary. You're dealing with music geeks here.

This coming Tuesday, July 29th, The Shuffle Function Morning Show turns four! Why, it seems like only yesterday we were starting off the show with constant proclamations about how tired we are, and how crazy the presidential election was. Guess what? It's the same damn thing four years later!

You know what else is the same? WE STILL GIVE AWAY STUFF TO CELEBRATE! We have once again assembled some super-sweet grab bags to give away to the lovely folks that are up so bloody early listening to us!


Between the hours of six and eight a.m. we will be giving away one of these grab bags every half hour. Now, some shows would just do a "first caller" or trivia thing, but we're not going to give them up that easily. If you want to win one of these prized grab bags, you need to sing our theme song LIVE ON THE AIR! When we prompt you, the first caller to get through and sing the Shuffle Function Morning Show theme over the phone and across Southern Minnesota will be the big winner!

We've had some lovely performances over the years from you guys, so get the station number on speed dial and get ready to win!

Here's a link to THE THEME so you can study up and learn the lyrics. Scroll down the page to listen.


Your alarm clock goes off and it's way to early to get up.
I know you were out late or something, and should really hit the snooze,
'cause it's too early in the morning.
Boy, would another few minutes of sleep really do it!

Just sleep in today.
I'm sure you have some sick days left at work.
Tell them you've got the plague.
It works every time. Every time!
And I'll cover for you, 'cause I'm that kind of guy.

Well, no I'm not, but I listen to Shuffle Function
with Shyboy Tim and Shelley
(enemies of commercial radio).
Their show is almost as good as sleep.
It's pop music as pornography.

.atsap tseb eht sekam nataS

Tell them your car broke down.
Tell them you're all snowed in.
Just get your sleep. Just get your sleep.
Tell them your car broke down.
Tell them you're all snowed in.
Just get your sleep,

or at least listen to Shuffle Function
with Shyboy Tim and Shelley
(two music geeks on the radio).
Their show is almost as good as sleep.
It's pop music as pornography.

So come listen to Shuffle Function
with Shyboy Tim and Shelley.
It's pop music as pornography.

Oh, Shuffle Function!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Movies and Pajama Parties

Hey radio fans -

I just wanted to quickly direct your attention to a little further down the line. That's right, scroll on down past the new playlist I put up from last week and check out the info on the upcoming Grind-Fu Cinema.

And although I will be go into further detail about these soon, here is teh upcoming agenda for August's Shuffle Function Pop Music Pajama Parties:

August 7th - our covers show

August 14th - the music of Yo La Tengo

August 21st - the music of Devo

August 28th - the music of Yoko Ono (going out to you Carl)

see you at the movies on July 26th !!!!



JULY 14, 2008 (1018)
1. Setting Sun - overjoyed
2. The Who - my generation
3. Tres Bien - your graceful soul
4. Tiny Masters Of Today - hey Mr. DJ
5. 13th Floor Elevator - slip inside this house
6. The Breeders - bang on
7. The Make-up - they live by night
8. The Clinic - the witch
9. Black Angels - black grease
10. Mavis Staples and Bob Dylan - gonna change my way of thinking
11. XTC - respectable street
12. The Monks - oh how to do now
13. Bo Diddley - say man
14. Beck - gamma ray
15. Elvis Presley - wearing that loved on look
16. Dan deacon - the crystal cat
17. Atmosphere - like the rest of us
18. The Suburbs - baby heart beat
19. Regina Spektor - carbon monoxide
20. Fleet Foxes - ragged wood

JULY 15, 2008 (1019)
1. Wayne County and The Electric Chair - thunder
2. Sloan - believe in me
3. Velvet Underground - waiting for my man
4. Ronnettes - be my baby
5. No Age - here should be my home
6. Whatfor - sooner late than never
7. The VonBondies - night train
8. N*E*R*D* - everyone nose (all the girls standing in the line for the bathroom)
9. Tall Firs - hairdo
10. Parliament - mothership connection (starchild)
11. Joy Division - she's lost control
12. Elvis Costello and The Imposters - turpentine
13. Paul Revere and The Raiders - kick
14. Baskerville Twilight - smash
15. Daniel Johnston - live and let die
16. Beatles - a day in the life (stereo)
17. The Beastie Boys - gratitude
18. The Rolling Stones - when the whip comes down
19. Dondero High School Acapella Choir - I love rock and roll
20. Dead Kennedys - moon over Marin

JULY 16, 2008 (1020)
1. Paul Westerberg - dyslexic heart
2. Wolf Parade - bang your drum
3. The Shins - phantom limb
4. The Village Green - wrap your love around me
5. Brendan Canniing - churches under the stairs
6. Plants and Animals - Lola who?
7. Johnny Cash - give my love to Rose
8. The Dutchess and The Duke - back to me
9. Silver Jews - open field
10. The Moods - masquerade
11. The Smiths - taht joke isn't funny anymore
12. Supergrass - diamond hoo hah man
13. Black Kids - I'm not going to teach your boyfriend how to dance with you
14. The Adolescents - everyday
15. Fiery Furnaces - pricked in the heart
16. Ryan Adams and The Cardinals - easy plateau
17. Neil Young - ordinary people

JULY 17, 2008 (1021)
1. Nina Simone - funkier tahn a mosquito's tweeter (Jazeem's All Styles Remix)
2. Donovan - hurdy gurdy man
3. Hold Steady - lord, I'm discouraged
4. Bonnie "Prince" Billy - so everyone
5. Flying Burritto Brothers - six days on the road
6. Flaming Lips - psychiatric explorations of the fetus with needles
7. Devo - gut feeling
8. The Feelies - let's go
9. Wire - outdoor miner
10. Jeff Tweedy - crack a smile
11. Lackthereof - what a fool believes
12. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - lie down here (and be my girl)
13. Sonic Youth - kool thing
14. Public Enemy - brothers gonna work it out
15. James Brown - there was a time (Kenny Dope Remix)
16. Staples Singers - heavy makes you happy (sha na boom boom)
17. Eux Autres - le project citron
18. April March - chick habit
19. Legendary Stardust Cowboy - relaxation
20. Husker Du - turn it around
21. Guided By Voices - I am a tree
22. The Feelies - slipping into something
23. Bob Dylan - absolutely sweet Marie

JULY 18, 2008 (1022)
1. Parson Red Heads - county line
2. The Rolling Stones - rocks off
3. Georgie James - need your needs'
4. Nico - little sister
5. Grandaddy - summer stay
6. The Concretes - fiction
7. Sugar - changes
8. The Beatles - helter skelter (stereo)
9. X - the world's a mess/it's in my kiss
10. The Stooges - no fun
11. Velvet Underground - all tomorrow's parties
12. Frank Sinatra - I've git the world on a string
13. XTC - that's really super, supergirl
14. The Beatles - cry baby cry (stereo)
15. Talking Heads - what a day that was
16. Marvin Gaye - got to give it up (pt 1)
17. Elvis Costello and The Attractions - Oliver's army

Tuesday, July 15, 2008



SATURDAY, JULY 26th @ 7:00 pm



Another Grind-Fu Cinema is around the corner, gang! Bring your own snacks and food, grab the friends and associates, and meet up at Wiecking 220 Auditorium on the campus of Minnesota State University, Mankato, for a night of great film!

We're throwing a Grind-Fu Cinema Double Feature together every last Saturday of the month through October, so mark your calendars and plan accordingly. It's an excuse to get together with other folks that love film and geek out, Grind-Fu style!

"I'm the new boy in town! Where can I go?"

Wiecking Center is located at the corner of Val Imm and Ellis on the campus of Minnesota State University, Mankato. There's loads of parking behind the building.

If you have any questions at all about Grind-Fu Cinema, please drop us a line at We hope to see you there!

Little Shop Of Horrors

A Bucket Of Blood

Monday, July 14, 2008

No Wave, Byron Coley and Me (and FFF Dave)

Hey Shuffle Functioneers,

This Thursday night we will be airing an interview that Dave from Free Form Freakout(heard every Thursday at 2 pm)and I conducted with Byron Coley. I know !!! Yes it is THAT Byron Coley that you saw in Jandek On Corwood, Half Japanese:The Band That Would Be King, and the Rocky Erickson and Minutemen documentaries. He and Thurston Moore just wrote a book about the No Wave music scene of New York in the late 70's. It is a brilliant book (with tons of great photos too), and we were very happy to talk with Byron Coley about it. Tune in this Thursday night to hear the interview and some tunes from musicians featured in the book. The show starts at 6 p.m., and don't forget that you can listen on-line as well at

Here is a great clip of the authors discussing No Wave, and a chance to peek at some of the photos. Note that Byron Coley is sporting a Sun Ra t-shirt!!

Thanks too to Dave for helping out with the interview chores!!


Saturday, July 12, 2008


JULY 7, 2008 (1013)
Syd Barrett's died on this day two years ago, and so everything is his unless noted.
1. golden hair
2. Pink Floyd - see Emily play
3. wouldn't you miss me (dark globe)
4. no good trying
5. two of a kind
6. Pink Floyd - lucifer Sam
7. Pink Floyd - jugband blues
8. Pink Floyd - shine on you crazy diamond
9. waving my arms in the air
10. I never lied to you
11. opel
12. Pink Floyd - interstellar overdrive
13. dolly rocker
14. gigolo aunt
15. wined and dined
16. baby lemonade
17. Pink Floyd - Arnold Layne
18. if it's in you
19. Pink Floyd - wish you were here
20. octopus
21. golden hair (instro)

JULY 8, 2008 (1014)
1. Beck - chem trails
2. Rocky Erickson - I think of demons
3. The Remains - don't look back
4. Nethers - green jean jamboree
5. The Beatles - rain (stereo)
6. Yoko Ono w/Flaming Lips - Cambridge 1969/2007
7. Bonnie "Prince" Billy - for every field there's a mole
8. The Kinks - Victoria
9. The Icicles - crazy
10. Duffy - rockferry
11. Beck - gamma ray
12. Free Kitten - erected girl
13. Donald Fagen - new frontier
14. Beck - girl
15. Steinski - lesson 2 (James Brown mix)
16. Tim Hutt - the lottery song
17. No Age - cappo
18. Black Lipstick - corporate happy hour
19. Silver Jews - jukebox

JULY 9, 2008 (1015)
1. The Who - instant party
2. Whyoak - warning
3. The Bridal Shop - from seas
4. The New Standards - all the young dudes
5. Go Home Productions - strungout king
6. John Lennon and The Plastic Ono Band - cold turkey (IDC remix)
7. The Republic Tigers - made concrete
8. Big Star - in the street
9. Lou Reed - power of positive drinking
10. Damnbuilders - shrine
11. Grant Hart - 2541
12. AC/DC - dirty deeds done dirt cheap
13. Lee Hazelwood - these boots were made for walking
14. White Stripes - ball and biscuit
15. From Bubblegum To Sky - a soft kill
16. The Explorers Club - do you love me?
17. Bill Smith - Mack the knife
18. Rolling Stones - 2000 light years from home
19. The Clash - complete control
20. Replacements - dose of thunder
21. John Cale - turn the lights on

JULY 10, 2008 (1016)
1. The Style Council - my ever changing moods
2. Bitter:sweet - trouble
3. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - today's lesson
4. Afghan Whigs - debonair
5. Ice Palace - trampolining
6. The Raconteurs - hold up
7. Beck - devil's haircut
8. The Owls - daughters and sons
9. Yoko Ono w/Polyphonic Spree - you and I
10. Aimee Mann - freeway
11. The Db's - amplifier
12. Bauhaus - St. Vitus dance
13. Black Diamond Heavies - fever in my blood
14. Sammy Davis Jr. - hi heeled sneakers
15. King Kahn and The Shrines - land of the freak
16. Los Banditos - stagger Lee
17. R.E.M. - living well is the best revenge
18. The Hold Steady - sequestered in Memphis
19. Nick Lowe - heart of the city
20. Joey and His Friends - River Kwai March

JULY 11, 2008 (1017)
1. Madness - one step beyond
2. Mates Of State - punchline
3. Kelly Stlotz - to speak to the girl
4. The Beatles - I've got a feeling (stereo)
5. 386DX - anarchy in the UK
6. Health Disco - triceratops (acid girl remix)
7. Okmoniks - it's not you
8. Neil Young - down by the river
9. Tom Robinson Band - 2-4-6-8 motorway
10. Violent Femmes - crazy
11. Judson Fountain - the old woman of haunted house
12. Social Distortion - another state of mind
13. Modern Lovers - I'm straight
14. Gloria Jones - tainted love
15. Grandpaboy - MNPLS
16. Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass - Tijuana taxi
17. Nirvana - where did you sleep last night

Sunday, July 06, 2008

it's the end of the world as we know it, and so I'm reading books and watching movies

Hey guys,
Thanks to everyone who made the KMSU parade scene. We had a lot of fun (except for blowing out the microphones and music anytime we wanted to talk above a whisper). Four hours out in the sun and little to no rest and relaxation all week prompted me to hit the sack for the rest of my 4th of July where I obliged my crazy doomsday fascination. I can't really say why I am obsessed with the end of the world in pop culture, although I think growing up in the 80's with Reagan didn't help things, but I watched 3 movies all about the end times. For those of you who may also find themselves into this kind of thing, but not on the "join a cult and live in caves" level, here are some of my entertainment recommendations.

The first film I watched was The Mist. I wanted to see this when it came out last year but never had a chance to. I grew up devouring Stephen King books, and this movie is based on the one story of his I was too scared to ever finish. I know that his movies have had a checkered past with hitting the big screen, but this movie had Andre Braugher from Homicide in it, as well as Toby Jones who played Truman Capote in Infamous (the other movie that came out at about the same time as Capote). Tim had warned me that the ending sucked, and boy he isn't kidding, but I am not going to give it away. The film is definitely worth sitting through even though the last 3 minutes manage to stink up the joint. This story basically hits all of my scared crapless buttons - the characters are seperated from family and who knows what has happened to them, there are monsters everywhere, and finally you know that surviving is probably just pointless if this is what the world has come to. Minus the last minute of the film, The Mist is really very good. I thought I'd try to finish reading the story of The Mist, having kept all my Stephen King books, only to discover that it must have scared me so much that I got rid of it. I'll have to hunt it down now..............

The second movie I watched was called The Signal, and I really enjoyed it. It is made by three film makers who each take on a segment of the film to direct. It's definitely dark, but I think that Michael O'Donoghue would laugh his keister off at some of the odd situations that pop up. Essentially, the "signal" causes people to become homicidal (unlike The Happening where people become suicidal), and it is transmitted over your TV, radio, telephone, or any other means of mass communication. As with The Mist, the terror arises in identifying with these everyday people and watching them try to survive in a world gone mad. What would I do in this situation? Where would I go? My worst case scenario thinking goes wild with these thoughts, and there is really no way to answer them. It didn't help that the directors of the film also included some more worst case scenarios in the extras of the DVD. They include a number of short films on other people affected by the "signal" in a TV studio, a Best Buy type store, and the darkest one - a family trying to find the highway in their car (if the kids would only have turned off their radios). Skip The Happening and rent The Signal, you can thank me later when you rent The Happening.

The third movie I watched wasn't so much an end of the world film as an end to a particular family's world. It was pretty horrible though, and I don't know if I should even mention the name of it. It was just tttoooooooooooooo slow. I will give you one hint though: if you find yourself watching a trailer of a film that stars Tim Roth, and you say "wow, I love Tim Roth, and I haven't seen him in anything for a really long time. And look - it's that kid from Hedwig and The Angry Inch!" just skip it. Don't bother.

All right, that's enough doom and gloom for one posting. I just finished reading Riddley Walker about the world thousands of years after we managed to blow oursleves up with an atom bomb, and now I'm reading On The Beach. It's all daisies and puppy dogs with me - but what can I say, we are atracted to what scares us.



JUNE 30, 2008 (1008)
1. Jim Nabors - you are the sunshine of my life
2. Wilco - shot in the arm
3. Devo - the day my baby gave me a big suprise
4. Pink Mountaintops - cold criminals
5. They Might Be Giants - someone keeps moving my chair
6. Ramones - blitzkreig bop
7. Husker Du - you can live at home
8. Guided By Voices - best of Jill Hives
9. Mouthfull Of Bees - old gold
10. Pavement - gold soundz
11. M Ward - to go home
12. Sam and Dave - soothe me
13. Dean Carter - jailhouse rock
14. Tom Waits - the earth died screaming
15. Pixies - gouge away
16. The Slickers - Johnny too bad
17. The Clash - wrong em boyo
18. The Beatles - I'm only sleeping (stereo)
19. Nick Drake - at the chime of a city clock
20. Whatfor - I can barely breathe here
21. David Vandervelde - jacket
22. Johnny Cash - cocaine blues
23. Elvis Presley - pork salad annie
24. Sleater Kinney -- rollercoaster
25. XTC - season cycle

JULY 1, 2008 (1009)
1. Husker Du - don't want to know if you are lonely
2. Parliament - flashlight
3. Ting Tings - that's not my name
4. Johnny Cash - I hung my head
5. Okay - tragedy
6. John Cale - all my friends
7. Nina Simone - the pusher
8. Nomads - coolsville
9. King Khan and The Shrines - took my lady to dinner
10. Heloise and The Savoir Fare - pick and choose
11. Stooges - no fun
12. Lou Reed and The Primitives - do the ostrich
13. No Age - here should be my home
14. Gene Vincent - be bop a lula
15. Atmsophere - like the rest of us
16. Velocity Girl - pop loser
17. RX - white lines
18. R.E.M. - crush with eyeliner
19. Rolling Stones - have you seen your mother, baby standing in the shadows
20. Laibach - sympathy for the devil

JULY 2, 2008 (1010)
Program Director For The Day is U Thant!! See the photo at the top of the blog.
1.Roger Miller - oo de lally
2. Flipper - ever
3. Belle and Sebastian - suki in the graveyard
4. Helen Reddy - delta dawn
5. Skip Spence - all come to meet her
6. Bruce Springsteen - 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)
7. Morrissey - your'e the one for me fatty
8. Cat Stevens - sitting
9. Scott Walker - lights of Cincinatti
10. Wings - Magneto and The Titanium Man
11. The Shangri-las - bull dog
12. Marie Queenie Lyons - see and don't see
13. Blondie - Sunday girl
14. Bruce Springsteen - old man tucker
15. Jonathan Richman - the beach
16. The Strangeloves - I want candy
17. Prince - alphabet street
18. Shocking Blue - venus
19. Wipers - telepathic love
20. Don Covay - take this hurt off me
thank you friends of Mr. Clean!!
JULY 3, 2008 (1011)
1. Icky Rennett - jack rabbit
2. Data Rock - fa fa fa
3. Unknown - Queen medley
4. P J Harvey - when under ether
5. Del The Funky Homo Sapien - bubble pop
6. Los Tempieros - me atre paste
7. LCD Soundsystem - I'm loosing my edge
8. Screaming Lord Sutch - Jack The Ripper
9. James Brown - make it funky
10. The Black Keys - strange times
11. Beulah - a good man is easy to kill
12. Joy Division - love will tear us apart
13. The Fleshtones - all around the world
14. Go Home Productions - Shannon Stoned
15. Bonzo Dog Band - look out there's a monster coming
16. Duffy - mercy
17. Lacktherofs - what a fool believes

JULY 4, 2008 (1012)
1. Half Japanese - firecracker
2. The Feelies - real cool time
3. Sonic Youth - pink steam
4. Ben Folds - Zak and Sara
5. Ween - learnin' to love
6. L.A. Tool and Die - Jesus saved me at the record show
7. Fiery Furnaces - single again
8. Prince - pop life
9. Talking Heads - uh-oh love comes to town
10. Flaming Lips - the w.a.n.d.
11. The Breeders - the saints
12. Jason Anderson - July 4, 2004
13. Tom Waits - Kentucky Avenue
14. Norah Jones - not too late
15. Nik Frietas - all the way down
16. The Trachtenburg family Slideshow Players - eggs
17. Afghan Whigs - 66
18. Paul Westerberg - we may be the ones
19. Camper Van Beethoven - Jack Ruby
20. The Feelies - fa ce la
21. They Might Be Giants - take out the trash
22. Guided By Voices - bulldog skin
23. The Fleshtones - jet set Fleshtones