Sunday, August 10, 2008


We've had a blast with all the Grind Fu Cinemas so far, but this is one of those that really REALLY gets us excited for what is in store for you. Three of the most notorious films by the world's greatest alcoholic transvestite director! Some folks may call these films bad, but the simple fact is that they are all incredibly entertaining, so they most definitely are not failures in that department. They are simply some of the most unusual films to be shown in Mankato... ever.

The best part is that it is all free. No admission charge for you at all! Just bring your friends and junk food and be at Wiecking 220 Auditiorum on Saturday, August 30th @ 7:00 pm. After that it's four hours of mind bending cinema.

Grind Fu Cinema is held the last Saturday of every month through October. Write to for more information.

I'm the new boy in town! Where can I go?

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Jeffrey Beaumont said...

I can't wait for this.