Sunday, August 31, 2008

I've Got Blisters On My Fingers!!!!!!

After a night of three Ed Wood films and sweet and spicy tofu, I thought I'd recover by entering in the morning show playlist, only to discover we were a month behind. I am not a skilled typist (and easily distracted to boot) but after hours of labor I have finally updated the blog with our playlists. Phew!!!! But this means there is one important message that is now residing far, far below the entry you see here - THE LEGENDARY STARDUST COWBOYS MAILING ADDRESS.

The Ledge is celebrating a birthday September 5th, and we would love for you to make a cowboy's day by sending him your best wishes. The Legendary Stardust Cowboy's mailing address is as follows:

Norman Odam (aka The Legendary Stardust Cowboy)
P.O. Box 730742
San Jose, California

Be sure to tell The Ledge that Shuffle Function sent ya!!


If you have been listening to the show, then you know that I am on a big Monty Python Flying Circus kick as of late. I am sure that many of you are familiar with their famous Dead Parrot sketch (as seen below)

but you are probably not as familiar with this version of it:

You are thinking "What in the Sam Hill is this??!!!" right? The description on the clip itself gives you a great explaination, so I will simply include it.

"This is a video created by a Nigerian email scammer who thinks he is producing a video for a scholarship payment from a victim he tried to scam. Unfortunately for this particular scammer, the "victim" fought back and created a fake video production company with promises of cash!

It has to be noted that the two people who appear in this video are probably not scammers themselves. More than likely they are amateur actors paid to do the work on the scammer's behalf. Even though their acting is petty shaky, they do seem to have had previous experience!"

I only wish I'd thought of such a thing!! Shyboy Tim and I get proabably ten annoying scam emails a day.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow, Labor Day, for a full day of your truly playing work related music for our day sponsor The Career Development Center on the campus of Minnesota State University Mankato. There will be prizes!! But if you have the day off - then i suggest you get a nap in. Halloween is right around the corner and we all know the decorating and holiday shopping involved with that.


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