Sunday, October 26, 2008


Your hosts with the real star of the show!

On Grind-Fu Saturday it was something like 58 degrees and sunny, and in its wake a blustery gray chill has descended upon the land. It's amazing what the right combination of films, film geeks, and baked goods can do to the environment!

Thanks to everybody that showed up for the final Grind-Fu of 2008. We had a good mix of faces new and old, all sitting with vomit bag at the ready, enjoying three insanely unique films. As always, the audience approached the films with a great attitude, and a splendid time was had by all.

The draw for the night was the Blood Trilogy, but the real star of the evening was the celebratory cake, or as I like to call it: The Dessert of Ishtar. Please induldge this series of photos, because I honestly haven't been this excited to see a cake since my fifth birthday!

On the slab!

On the way!

The ceremonial altar of Ishtar!

Top Detail

Bottom Detail

Service with a smile!

A truly unique cake fit for a truly unique evening of cinema.

The Grind-Fu gang will be taking a well deserved rest for the holiday season, but we intend to bring back the double features in the Spring of 2009. It has a been a blast for us to put these together and to share these films with other film geeks that enjoy movies on the edge of the mainstream.

Thanks again for all your support and feedback, and we'll see you when the weather starts getting nice again!


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