Sunday, November 23, 2008



I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to listen to the audio clip off of my mystery test pressing album (scroll down a bit to see the full story and listen to the first track if you haven't heard it yet). I have had a lot of great suggestions and ideas, but no clear cut answer as of yet. A number of folks have suggested early Steely Dan, Chicago Transit Authority, an off-shoot of War, and several other similar well established bands. I agree there are musical similarities, but after looking into each of these band's discographies, I came to realize that there is no way that a band like Steely Dan could have a complete unreleased album just floating around out there somewhere. The more I look into this mystery test pressing record, the more I am convinced that it has to be a regional band that was really pretty good but not good enough to have had a major label release. This makes my job all the more difficult, but my resolve to figure it out has only strengthened.

Over this last week nearly 600 people have listened to the audio clip from my mystery album. I think this is how I will eventually solve the mystery - eventually someone out there will recognize a lyric or a hook. The more ears that hear this, the better my odds become.

I have a couple of new tracks for you to listen to from my Keysor - Century mystery test pressing album. The first is another vocal track, and the last track is entirely instrumental. It is a very good example of what the band sounded like, and I have to admit that I was wrong in assigning a horn section to this band. There is none - just a whole lot of congas!!

The two songs run together in this track. Please give it a listen and see if either son rings a bell or jogs your memory. If it does, please leave a comment, or email us at and don't forget to pass this link along to the music geek in your life!!

Scroll on down the blog past last weeks playlist post for the first track I posted, and a full explanation of the mystery record.


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