Sunday, November 16, 2008

We Need Your Help With This Mystery Track Music Geeks

Several years ago while visiting a used record store in the Twin Cities, I got my hands on about 6 crates of records that were heading to the dump. The record store didn't want them, and the woman who carried them all in said they had belonged to a friend who'd recently passed away and she wanted nothing to do with them. I'd been watching the whole thing from a distance, and had seen the store clerk pull out and return The Concert For Bangladesh box set, the George Harrison "All Things Must Pass" box set and some Beatles albums, so when I heard the woman ask for the where abouts of the closest garbage dumpster, I just had to step in.

In one of the crates I found a test pressing album hand dated for "4-22-74". The record was recorded for the Keysor-Century Corporation (the logo is the photo featured above in the clip), and has a number assigned to it - 42415. That is the only form of identification that I can find, all though there are numbers etched into the record itself. I share all of this information with you because I am desperate to find out who the band is on the record. Normally when I come across these kind of "mystery albums" it is simply a recording of someone's great aunt playing the organ, or a recording of a school band, but this "mystery album" is amazing!! This is not amateur hour, this is a big band - with back up singers, b3 organs, a horn section, a huge rythym section and a smoking guitar player, and I have no idea who they are!!

That is why I am asking for your help. There are nine tracks on the entire album, but I am sharing one of them with you in the movie clip above. I have no idea what the song is called, I just refer to it as "shuck and jive", but it is a good example of the other songs heard on this "mystery album". The vocalists sound so very familiar, but nobody has ventured a guess. I think it sounds very West Coast musically, but the soulfull vocals lean towards a Muscle Shoals, Philly sound as well. When I listen to it I dream that it is some long lost demo recording of a great regional band that never hit the big time, but is being rediscovered by record labels like Numero or Light In The Attic. Yes - it is just that good.

I have had this record for several years and have played it for a number of music geeks and KMSU radio hosts, but it still remains a mystery. Give the clip above a listen and if you have an answer or would even care to hazard a guess please let me know by adding a comment on the page, or emailing us at . Please feel free to share this link with anyone that you think might be able to help. Normally I wouldn't go to this kind of trouble for a "mystery album" find, but the music on this is just incredible. Thanks for your help - I can't wait for your feedback!!


I've had several suggestions to check out the excellent Century Discography found at . I have already been in touch with Bob who runs the site, and the information on his site actually originated from me about a year ago when I first tried to hunt this record down. The "Note-ables" suggestion came from someones guess at who the band might be, but has essentially proven to be a dead end. Thanks again for all the feedback and ideas - I am more determined than ever now to solve this mystery!!



shelley said...

I should also add that I have been in touch with Bob at the forbiddeneye Century Discography website, and the info he has posted with this record # and "The Note-ables" actually came from me when I first contacted him. The "Note-ables" for the band was initially a guess that someone had suggested, but has turned up to be a dead end.

Thanks for the good leads though so far!! I am determined to figure this out.


Thee Erin said...

Numero Group is a Chicago label that specializes in exhuming long-lost music.

Have you run this by someone there?

shelley said...

I just sent off an email to Numero - good idea. Thanks for the suggestion, the music on the entire album is right up their alley!!


Timmy said...

This group, sounds a lot like a tame version of WAR. I think your guess as to "west coast sound" is a good lead. I'm not that knowledgable about Funk/discoey/R&B groups from the early 70's, but that certainly sounds like a lead for this group to me. Good luck!

Joan B. said...

Kind of reminds me of Steely Dan.

rongtolas said...

I know it lacks the (really) huge horns, but it sounds like "Chicago" to me...I had a college roommate who played their albums CONSTANTLY!!AaAArgh! But that's who the lead singer reminds me of.

WebGyver said...

Why not run this by our national music historian & researcher Nick Spitzer? Just an idea, but the man digs up records like and recording artists from the past like no other.

Or check with Paul Mahwinney at:

For what it's worth.

Tony said...

I've seen the Century logo on LPs made of high school and college bands, jazz labs, church groups, etc. here in North Carolina.

Perhaps "The Note-ables" are from a Chicago or mid-west high school or college?

my word verification today is "weedgie"

Tony said...

I meant to add "from the late 60's and early 70's"

cool search though. I'll keep my ears peeled.


Chad said...

Cool stuff. Sounds kinda like Shuggie Otis but with a bigger band.